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Pulpit of Shaytan

It is in the narrations that on 17th of Razam mubarak when messenger of God ascended to Meraj and sighted every spot there and the same night returned back. In the morning of that night, the Satan visited the great spiritual leader and said: O prophet of God: Last night you went to Meraj and on the left of the fourth sky you observed a pulpit, which was broken, burnt and toppled. Did you recognised to whom belonged that pulpit?
The messenger replied:No, Whose pulpit was that?
The Satan replied: It is my pulpit which belonged to me. I was sitting upon it and the angels were sitting before it and I was talking about the devotion towards the God. The angel were amazed of my worship to God. When ever my rosary was falling down on the ground many thousand angels were getting up in a hurry to kiss the rosary and giving it back to me. I was believing that God did not created better creature than me. But once it happened against my wish and I was thrown away from the doorway of God and now nobody is worst and cursed than me in the presence of the One God.
O Muhammad do not be proud and never show haughtiness as no body can realize about the acts and affairs of God.
In his visit to prophet hazrat Yahya a.s said: I was among the archangels and for four thaousand years I did not raised my head from a single prostation but my consequence was such that I was thrown away from the rank of archangels and became cursed and excommunicated from the threshold of the Almighty God.

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