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Hazrat Hud (Alaihissalam)

3044 years after Habuth (descend of Adam a.s from the Heaven)
~* In sur e Aaraf the Almighty God addressed *~
64 ayat hazrat Hud a.s who was from the tribe of Aad, the God send him for their Guidance. Hud a.s announced: O people worship God and there is no God except the Benevolent creator. Be aware, pay heed to my words and if you do not practice on my words, you will not become pious and you will not be guarded against evils.
65 Mostly the people began to tell the Hud a.s that they suppose him a lunatic, fool, unwise and a liar. His people became unbelievers and they were deviated from the path of Hud a.s.
66 Hud a.s said: O People! I am not an insane and immature person but I am the one who is sent by God to guide you to the way of truth.
67 I came to denote the message of God to you. I am your cautioner, well wisher and sympathiser.
68 O people! Are you surprised that God selected a man and send that person to remind, guide and educate you, so that you get rid the horror of the judgement day.
O people! Have fear and do not forget that God after the destruction of the people of the prophet Nuh a.s made you his successor and bestowed you abundance in your creation, generation, breed, and affluences.
O people! Count the innumerable favours of God and be thankful and put efforts in the way of salvation.
69 The people of Hud a.s said: Do you came to make us worship the one God? And leave the idols which our forefathers were worshipping. We will not do this. If you are true then you pray the God to bring soon the torment which you are promising for the idol worshippers.
70 So in this situation on your request the wrath of God became necessary for you and your unclean thoughts is the cause of the torment.
O people! Do I ask you for the reward, for calling you towards the one God, protecting you from harm and guiding you towards the prosperity? For which you got steadfast to fight and protest with me, whereas there is no logic and truth in these Idols. Wait for the torment, upon your request I wanted affliction for you and it will reach soon.
71 As the moment of torment reached all of them gathered before Hud a.s and requested: O Hud save us. The God replied: I saved you and the people who are pious but those who denied my signs and disputed, they maligned and got attached to worthless idols and did not have faith in the miracle of God, I will destroy them all.
~* in Sur e Hud the the great God Addressed *~
50 For The people of Aad I send a person by the name Hud, a man from among them and made him their messenger. Hud a.s stated to his tribe: O people worship the one God, there is no God except He and be aware that whatever you all say about your idols and false Gods, is not more than a slanderous, derogatory and a false talk.
51 O People! I did not ask the reward for giving you the message of God and guiding you. My reward is with the God who bestowed me the life and send to you. Do not you have the wisdom and thought?
52 O people! Seek pardon from God and repent before him so that he send for you the rains and increase your power and strength.
O people! Seek advantage of this opportunity and do not turn off your faces from the God; it is a total loss in it.
53 The people replied: O Hud what is the proof of your prophecy? Bring us clear reason and proof so that we turn away from our Gods and recognise your God. We cannot abandon our Gods by hearing only a promise from you and we will not bring faith upon you.
54 we express only that our Gods had snatched away the capacity of your thinking. The prophet Hud a.s replied: I declare the Almighty God as my witness and you too give witness. I am disgusted with your Gods and I refrain myself from them.
55 You too, O people! Whatever you are planning to do for me just go ahead and execute it.
56 I am reliant upon my One and Unique God and I am leaning my faith upon him. My God is the one who holds the rein of every person in his hands. Every mover moves with his will and He is the one who Guides us.
57 O people! Every time you turned away your countenance from God, I fulfilled my duty and conveyed you my prophetic mission and completed my proves and I revolted to you firmly by the power of God. I am announcing the advent of a danger and now you deserve the torment.
Be aware God will demolish and raze you and the other tribe will come as your successor. Be mindful, no harm will affect to HUD me. As God had promised to protect me and the Benevolent God had the authority over everything and guard those whom He wishes.
58 The Almighty God declared: When I Issue the command, the punishment will descend upon the people and I with my favour and kindness will save the Hud and his companions and make them live in peace and protect them from the torture.
59 They were the people of Hud who refused the signs of God and tortured the prophets and turned aside their faces from their commands and followed every arrogant and tyrant.
60 Those people were afflicted by the curse of God in the world and hereafter and such a way, the God reveals to the people of right faith. Be aware the people of Aad became infidels and went far away from favours of God. O the faithful! Be conscious, the people of Hud are at far off distance from the privileges of God.
Likewise the prophet HUD was mentioned in Quran in Sur e mominin from ayat 32 to 41, in Sur e Shuara Hud a.s was stated in ayaat 122 to 139 and in Sur e Hajr was described about the Hud.
The name of Hud was Aabir and when he got the enlightenment, the people who went astray began to called him Hud. It is mentioned that he lived for 807 years. His contemporaries were the tyrant and idolater kings of the Aad and Samud.
In the year 1250 Hijri in the grave yard of Vaadi ul Islam two graves were emerged, one of them was the grave of Hud a.s and the another was the grave of prophet Salih a.s now it has a pinnacle and the tomb.
The people of Hud a.s were called Aad who were idolaters and dwelling in the Iraq , Iran , India , and Hazarmut. The Almighty God sent the prophet Hud a.s to guide them.
He invited the people towards the monotheism and worshipping the one God. His people were admitting: we believe him as a trustee, honest and authentic. Hud a.s announced: I am the messenger of God now, I had brought the same trust and truth to guide you towards the one God, leave the idol worshipping to live in prosperity.
As the people heard this they attacked to suffocate him, he was unconscious for a day and a night. When he got his consciousness back said: I had invited them towards the good deeds and beneficence and in return how they treated me?
The archangel Jibril a.s descended and said: The Almighty God conveyed you Salam and told you not to be disheartened and do not be sorrowful. God had imposed your awe and fear into their hearts and now they have no courage to harm you.
Hud a.s once again went among his people to guide them and said: Your oppression and arbitrary will end up in your great loss. Worship only one God who is the master of the universe.
They declared: O Hud! Once again you had started your preaching, take back your words and turn away from your sermons and seek excuse from us and if now we take you in our hands, you will forget our past beatings.
Hud a.s gracefully replied: Leave aside these words and please stop a while and turn towards your God as his torment is immensely painful.
These words left a wave of awe in their hearts and all of them gathered and agreed with each other to torture him. Suddenly Hud a.s shouted upon them many of them got unconscious and the assemblage dispersed.
O people if you live in blasphemy like the nation of Nuh a.s then I will curse you for the infliction of a painful punishment.
They replied: The Gods of the people of Nuh a.s were weak and feeble; our Gods are powerful and strong. The poor fellows were thinking that the overweight Gods could save them where as it is difficult for the fat people to do their own work.
The people of Hud a.s were idolaters there was not a single monotheist among them except hazrat Hud a.s who was inviting them towards the one God. The names of their Idols were Vada, Savaa, Yaghus, Nasra. The idolaters were corpulent, very strong and heroic.
They gathered around the Hud a.s cried and asked him: Do you kill us all? Hud replied: The one who is repentant and regretful will be saved and Hud a.s prayed in their favour. God addressed: We will not kill those who are repentant. You will not shed the tears for the sinners.

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