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Hazrat Idris (A.S.)

1230 years after the Habuth (descend of Adam from heaven) His arose to the sky in 1690 years after Habuth.
Idris a.s, he was given this name as he was giving the lessons of the wisdom to the people and he was the first intellectual, enlightened and broad minded of that society.
He started the school of monotheism and guided the attention of the people towards Heaven, Earth and the Solar system. Hazrat Idris a.s was inviting the people towards the one God and his greatness. He taught, sermonized and trained seven people and sent them for the propagation of his mission and later they were increased to seventy people and subsequently they expanded to seven hundred in number and then they reached to thousand men.
When Idris a.s said: Come; let us select some people who will remain on the faith of monotheism.
Among them all, seven men were selected and they prayed to God and the others recited Amen!ی among them was Idris a.s too. Prophet Nuh a.s was from the generation of Idris a.s.
Idris a.s united the ruler ship and prophecy and the entire people became obedient to him. The people of hazrat Idris a.s were sailors and they were from the generation of Qabeel and they were polytheists and wine bibbers (the people who drink much wine). He was calling them towards the virtues and excellence of morals and prohibiting them from the fire worshipping.
Jibril brought him a scripture from the Heaven. He was the first person who stitched a dress and taught the art of stitching and sewing to the people and he was the first who observed the fasting the food for breaking the fast, iftar was descended from the heaven for him.
He started the custom of adoration and worshiping of God in the middle of the nightsand restricted the people from the adultery%.
Imam Muhammad Baqir said: The contemporary king of Idris a.s (Enoch, the bilical name) was a tyrant king who with the help of his wife was killing the pious men and usurping their belongings.
The Almighty God gave inspiration to Idris a.s to restrain him from his evil act and assure him the punishment of God for usurping the innocent peoples properties. Hazrat Idris a.s warned the tyrant king and said: If you do not return the usurped properties of the people, your kingdom will change into the poorest country, Honour will alter into dishonour and the wild animals will consume your body. The king sought the advice of his wife, the inauspicious queen advised him to kill the prophet Idris a.s some mentioned, the king was Kiumars.
Hazrat Idris a.s was affected with famine, he prayed to God and it rained but the people refrained to give him bread. The Almighty God raised him to the abode of God and blessed him the heavenly food. Some historians reported Idris a.s as Ahrama. He was tall, beautiful, strong and sturdy.
God enlightened him the knowledge of the past and bestowed him the scripture. The commentators writes that the scripture of Ibrahim a.s and Musa a.s was the same scripture which were previously descended to the prophet Hebtullah a.s son of Adam a.s.
They wrote Idris a.s was the first man who was literate and well aware of writing and reading and he executed the Islamic customs after the Shees a.s and taught the people how to stitch their dresses. In his period appeared the king Beauraseb who was from the generation of Qabeel. The Pharaohs of Egypt and mostly the kings of the world were from the generation of Qabeel.
Hazrat Idris a.s for the fear of enemies secluded himself from the people, in that period there was not any rainfall, a great famine occurred and the calamity intensified. They realised, it is a curse of prophet Idris a.s and it is the wrath of the God. Hazrat Idris a.s too cried and pleaded before the God and prayed for the rains. He was the prophet whose prayers were been urgently accepted before the Benevolent God and he saved him from the cruel king and ascended him to the Heaven.
He was the first teacher who was taught the names of God and he instructed those names to the children of Adam a.s. and instructed them the way and manners of living a materialistic and spiritual life. He taught the people to read and write to make them reach to the perfection in their faith and chastity.
Idris a.s taught a common man the manners of stitching, dressing, convenient living, eating, sleeping and the matters of wisdom and soul. He had the rights of a teacher upon the entire humanity.
His whole life he taught the people Astronomy, Geometry, Philosophy, Mathematics, Logic, The intellectual broadness and how to bring progress in the nation.
The son of hazrat Idris a.s was Barad who became the successor of Idris a.s and the prophet but with fear of the enemies he lived in the seclusion. He was teaching and preaching to the people.
He gave the case of all the assignments of the prophecy to his son Akhnuj and he became the chief and the guide of the people. God bestowed a son to the grandson of Idris a.s Akhnuj by the name Matushalakh who got the training of prophecy and adorned by the moral excellence of prophecy and became the messenger after his father. And he laid the foundation of a dominion and disciplined the people with the ways and manners of righteousness and invited the people towards the Unitarianism, oneness of God and the divinity and died at the age of 919 years and emitted to his son all the assignments of the prophecy and the great name of God to Matushalakh who for the fear of the tyrant and very powerful king of that period was mostly in concealment and disguise.
Lamak was the son of Maushalakh became his successor who reached to the status of the prophet; he invited the people towards the truth and the right deeds and lived for 870 years. The gap between the prophet adam a.s and Nuh a.s was 1642 years and Lamak was the father of Nuh a.s.
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