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Hazrat Shees (A.S.)

Hazrat Adam a.s got ill and called his son Shees a.s (Heptullah) and said: O my son! Soom I am going to die as I am not well. The Almighty God sent me a revelation to appoint you as my successor and prophet. I have written my last will and I am loyal and firm on my promise, all the assignments of the prophecy which are in the caseI am emitting it to you. It consists my last will, the secrets of Knowledge, The great name of God .You possess it and do not reveal it to anyone and the next year open the case on the same day and read it and practice upon it. In the scripture, the entire rules and laws of religion and the worldly matters are mentioned. Shees a.s got the succession of Adam a.s and the prophecy.
Among the children of Adam Shees a.s was the most wise and erudite which was arousing the feeling of envy among his brothers. They were paying him his share from the food grains.
In the middle of the year when the food grain was getting insufficient for the brothers Shees a.s was helping them with his own food grain.
The Almighty God bestowed Shees a.s heavenly books and prophecy to teach his brothers the right pth. God granted him a son by the name Anush who became the successor of his father.
Hazrat Shees a.s lived for thousand years and 40 days. All his life he spoke in the Syriac languageییand 5o heavenly scriptures were descended upon him.
Hazrat Shees a.s ascribed the authority of Kaaba and performed too many hajj and Umrah and got ill in the age of 912 and made Anush his successor and ordered him to lead a pious and spiritual life.
Shees a.s was living on the mountain of Abu Qaes and the Qabeel was living a down the mountain and the generation of Shees possessed the prophecy of God. Hazrat Nuh a.s was from his generation whereas Qabeel acquired the throne of monarchy. They were mostly engaged in transgressions and oppressions finally they were drowned by the torment of God.
Adam a.s was 230 years old when Shees a.s was born some historians wrote that then he was 500 years old. The grave of Shees a.s is near his fathers last resting place in Qara abu Qaes.
~* Sons of Shees a.s *~
Shees a.s was living a very simple life. He got a son by the name Anush. Shees a.s was died when his son reached the age of adulthood. The successor of Anush was Qeenan who lived for 800 years and then Mahlail became his successor who lived for 924 years.
They lived a very simple and honoured life with all the social graces, manners, and other attainments of polite society. At that period the people were under the rule of this family. The last prophet Nabi akram Muhammad sallallaho alaihi va ala alihi was from the generation of the prophet Shees a.s who attained the most cultured education and brought up without any morally impure vileness and this sequence of succession reached to the Abdullah bin Abdul Muttallib, the grandfather of Hazrat Muhammad sallallaho alaihi va ala alihi. The name of Anush was also Reesan and his successor was Qeenan and he was the first person who planted the date palms and donated to the poor and the needy the alms and lived for 950 years. Anush was the contemporaneous of Tahmurath the son of Qabeel and Qeenan was the successor of Anush and Mahlail was the son and successor of Qeenan who was the caliph of the city of Babul and as the population of Babul increased, the people migrated outside the Babul. Mahlail migrated with the children of Shees a.s to the Khuzestan near Karkha River.
He preached the people towards the unity of God and excellence in virtues and his age reached to 924 years and he gave the case of the assignments of prophecy to his successor Yarad ی he was the son of Mahlail and he was the prophet and his heavenly rule was in the Shush. He planted many trees in this area and subdivided the river into canals and streams and invited the people towards the straight path.
And he trained and accustomed the people to eat fish and chicken. His father was 60 years old at the time of his birth and he lived for 962 years and like his forefathers he led a devotional and sacred life.
~* the chain of Adams generation *~
Adam, Shees, Anush, Qeenan, Mahlail, Yarad.

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