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Best of Recitals

Once I was in the service of hazrat ayatullah Baha'uddini RH, the late
ayatullah Akhund Mullah Ali Hamadani was there he was describing the effects and virtues of reciting salawat,He said: A man had been visiting me and as usual one day he came to me and a excellent perfume of scent was touching my senses of smell.The sweet odour which I was not percieved before.
I told Him: You Applied a nice perfume.
He replied:I didnot applied any perfume.
I said: Then what is the matter?
He said: One night I saw Nabi Akram SAVA in my dream. There were some people at his service.He asked us: Among you, who is sending for me more and more Durud and salavat? As I was the puntual reciter of salvat, I wanted to introduce my self but I stopped myself and thought may be there are some people here who send salavat and durud more than me.
The second time Nabi Akram SAVA repeated his question. I again thought the same way and kept silent.
Nabi Akram SAVA again for the third time repeated his question.
I said: Please Sir you announce about this.
He told me: Come forward. I went near, The prophet kissed upon my lips, and from that time I attained this perfume.
The ayatullah said: Whenever he was coming to me I was smelling that same perfume from him.
More than every thing, when he was knocking the door I was telling to people of my house: Please open the door that so and so person has arrived. I was recognising his fragrance as he was knocking the door.

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