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Sayings of the Holy Prophet

O Ali! Jibril gave me a news about you which made me happy and glad Thus the Jibril a.s said: O Muhammad SAVA God expressed to me: Convey my salaam to Muhammad SAVA and inform him that Ali a.s is the chief of the Guidance and the light in the darkness of misguidance, he is a proofÍ̀Êfor the people of the world
He is the greatest truthful and the grand analyst who define the difference between the truth and falsehood .
I swore by my honour that I will not take the person into the fire who
loves Ali a.s and submits himself to him and his successors. I will not send the person to the Paradise who had left his guardianship and did not submitted himself before him and the person who left his successors.
The prophet Sava stated: Jibril a.s came to me and said: O Muhammad SAVA your Lord orders you for the friendship and guardianship of Ali a.s
The Prophet SAVA said: Jibril a.s brought a green leaf of a tree and it was written on it in the white colour.
I made essential for my creatures the attachment to the Ali a.s and give this massage of mine to them.
Jibril a.s stated from Mikail and he quoted from Israfil and he described from LauháæÍ‘Stone board’ and Lauh from Pen and Pen from the Almighty God declared that the friendship of Ali a.s is a strong and secure fort, the one who enters it, he or she will be safe from my torment.

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