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Prophet Hazrat Lut (A.S.)

Translated by Fatima Zabeth Beenesh
3422 years after Habuth (descent of Adam a.s from Heaven)
The story of Lut a.s( Lot ) was mentioned in the following chapters of Quran
1-Surat Al-'An`ām (The Cattle) - سورة الأنعام,2- Surat Al-'A`rāf (The Heights) - سورة الأعراف,
3-Surat Hūd (Hud) - سورة هود,4- Surat Al-Ĥijr (The Rocky Tract) - سورة الحجر,
5- Surat Al-'Anbyā' (The Prophets) - سورة الأنبياء, 6-Surat Al-Ĥaj (The Pilgrimage) - سورة الحج,
7-Surat Ash-Shu`arā' (The Poets) - سورة الشعراء,8-Surat An-Naĥl (The Bee) -سورة النحل,
9-Surat Al-`Ankabūt (The Spider) - سورة العنكبوت,
10-Surat Aş-Şāffāt (Those who set the Ranks) - سورة الصافات,
11-Surat Al-Qamar (The Moon) - سورة القمر,12-Surat Qāf (The Letter "Qaf") -سورة ق,
13-Surat Şād (The Letter "Saad") - سورة ص,14-Surat At-Taĥrīm (The Prohibtiion) -سورة التحريم
The Holy Quran presented by the last prophet Hazrat Muhammad SAVA mentioned the Ugly practises, the details of the prophet Lut’s a.s people, the character of the wives of Nuh a.s and Lut a.s living with their pious and godly husband and the torment of God’s wrath for the idolaters.
Hazrat Lut a.s bin Haran bin Tarikh was of swarthy complexion with Black eyes, extremely powerful and well built. He lived for 80 years and his grave is in Syria . Sara wife of Hazrat Ibrahim a.s was his sister and he was born circumcised.
Some narrators stated that he was the maternal cousin of prophet Ibrahim a.s. and Lut a.s was migrated to Syria from Babul with prophet Ibrahim a.s. When Sara and Lut a.s were very young they brought faith on Ibrahim a.s. Later prophet Ibrahim a.s married his sister Sara.The living source of Lut a.s was cattle rearing. Finally he was settled in the Hebron in Shamat which is near Baitul Maqdas.
Al-'Ankabut [29:26]
29:26 But Lut had faith in Him: He said: "I will leave home for the sake of my Lord: for He is Exalted in Might, and Wise."
In the story of prophet hazrat Ibrahim a.s it was mentioned that he send many pious and learned people to many places to invite the people towards the religion of truth. One among them was prophet Lut a.s who was sent to lead the people of Mutakifath in Syria which was consist of many towns. The largest among them was Sodom .
The people of Sodom got addicted to Pederasty. Their religion was idol worshipping. Hazrat Lut a.s was sent by Ibrahim a.s to a place in Jordan , a land with the abundant water which was like a garden. He lived near the Sea of Karamith in the city of Sodom .
Hazrat Lut a.s invited the people towards One God and monotheism and prevented them from the act of pederasty and idol worshipping. While he was with the people of Sodom he married a girl from that tribe and got some children with her.
For thirty years Lut a.s taught them the high morals and to worship One God but it was of no effect and their generation was reaching to an end because of their evil act of pederasty. The angles of God descended to the Lut a.s and brought the wrath of God for his people.
So much stones were pelted like rain upon them that all of their high rise buildings became upside down and demolished.
After the calamity he migrated with his family to the place of Ibrahim a.s and lived there till his last breath.
It is written in the history that the information of the calamity was first conveyed to Ibrahim Khalil a.s ‘The friend of God’.
Ibrahim a.s enquired Jibril a.s: If some pious people are happen to be present among them, will the people be inflicted by the calamity?
Jibril a.s replied: If by chance a single pious man ‘momin’ with high morals exists among them, surely the calamity will be ceased.
Ibrahim a.s pleaded for their forgiveness and he was addressed by God: Ibrahim stop your intercession for those people. I am their creator and I know better than you that to what extent they are shameless and adamant in their practises.
Jibril a.s reached the abode of Lut a.s and the prophet expressed: 11:77 and he exclaimed: "This is a woeful day!" -
The angels came as guest to the house of Lut a.s he said to his wife: Bring whatever eatables you stored and serve the guests so that I can pardon your bad deeds.
The wife of Lut a.s named Walifa or Wahila or Waliha was among those ill character people. Whenever the guest were arriving in her house, if it was the day time she used to climb the stairs and create the smokes on the roof of the house and when it was the night hours she used to ignite the fire on the roof top to inform the people that the guest had arrived in the house of Lut a.s and inviting the people to tease them.
When the angels of torment arrived she went atop the roof and by creating the fire informed neighbourhood that the guests arrived and they gathered around the house.
11:78 And his people came running to him, impelled towards his house [by their desire]: for they had ever been wont to commit [such], abominations. Said [ Lot ]: "O my people! [Take instead] these daughters of mine: they are purer for you [than men]! Be, then, conscious of God, and disgrace me not by [assaulting] my guests. Is there not among you even one right-minded man?" -
The people said: Do not we told that you are not allowed to bring any body in your house as a guest?
And they wanted to create the nuisance for the guests and began to tease them.
Lut a.s requested his people: Fear God and do not degrade me before my guests. Is there anybody among you who is respectable and peace loving?

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