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The Prophet Hud

Translated by Fatima Zabeth Beenesh
11:79 They answered: "Thou hast always known that we have no use whatever for thy daughters; and, verily, well dost thou know what we want!" -
Lut a.s stated with much anger: I am not strong enough to wage a war with you all.
Two of the angels, Jibril a.s and an angel said: There calamity is too near now. We will take you out of these people.
Lut a.s replied: They had surrounded the house.
The angels said: We will erect a poll of powerful light before you while you come out of the house with your family and the people will not be able to see you before the strong light of the pole.
Meantime some miscreants among the people had broken the door and entered the house and went forward to molest the guests.
Jibril a.s hit them with his big feather they turned blind and the angels announced the mishap is close by.
Lut a.s asked: When the mishap will occur?
The angel of God replied: At the dawn of the day when the sky is dark. You leave this place with your wife and family. Your wife belongs to that same character of her tribe.
There was a wise and learned man among them who was informed about the incident, he expressed to the people: Do not allow the prophet Lut a.s to leave our city, as long as he is among you the torment of God will not inflict you and as soon as the prophet Lut a.s vacate this place, the agony and suffering will be going to commence for the tribe.
11:81 [Whereupon the angels] said: "O Lot! Behold, we are messengers from thy Sustainer! Never shall [thy enemies] attain to thee! Depart, then, with thy household while it is yet night, and let none of you look back,[and take with thee all thy family] with the exception of thy wife: for, behold, that which is to befall these [people of Sodom] shall befall her [as well]. Verily, their appointed time is the morning [and] is not the morning nigh?" -
More and more people gathered there, Jibril a.s moved a highly powerful pole of light before them. Lut a.s and his family went out of their house before the eyes of the people. Jibril a.s said: Be careful never turn around and look back.
Meantime the wife turned back to see the Sodom and her tribe. A stone hit her; then and there she fell down and died. Till the morning so much stones were pelted from the sky that Sodom and all the towns around were got upside down. The gigantic stones were rising from the ground, high up and up and then hitting back on the ground. The entire domestic animals and the people were groaning and wailing as if the door of hell was opened wide and finally all of them killed and vanished.
Hazrat Ali ibn Abi Talib said: The tribe of Lut a.s left six habits among the people in the world.
1-Constructing arches in the building.
2- Darting the pebbles with the fingers towards the people to tease them.
3- They created the art and skill of archery
4- The habit of biting the chewing gum.
5- Leaving on the floor, the changed dirty dresses.
6- To leave open the collar bands and exposing the bare chest.
From the information of the history it is gathered that the people of Sodom were among the most obscene, wild and the unmannerly people of the world. They were dirty, without ablutions, characterless, abusive, miserly, fond of immodest funs, lacking shame and decency, rude and mostly engaged in robbery and banditry.
In the whole city of Sodom it was only a single house of a pious man that too was belonged to Lut a.s. And they forced him to leave that place and the calamity of Almighty engulfed them.
As mentioned by Hazrat Imam Baqir a.s: In the beginning they were the best people, the devil deceived them and they followed the immoral practises. As the result of the torment of Almighty God they were disgraced in the world and the hereafter.
Hazrat Lut a.s was buried in the village Kafr Barik three miles from the mosque of Khalil. In that village there are 60 graves of prophets and 20 among them were (γΡΣα) those who were sent on a mission.
As much as the cultures progressed, the people searched to a great measure in the life of the people of past, to find out apparently the facts of life.

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