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Prophet Hazrat Moosa (a.s.) and Qaarun

Translated by Fatima Zabeth Beenesh
Who was Qaarun?
In Hebrew Qaarun is called Qurah. He was the son of Yasa bin Qahat bin Levi bin Yaqub a.s. and a cousin of Moosa a.s.
Qaarun was extremely beautiful, pleasant looking and rich man. He was characterized as pious and learned man of Bani Israil. People were respecting him after Moosa a.s.
Qaarun was one of the seventy people who went to the Mount Sinai with the Moosa a.s. At the beginning he was poor, penniless and needy. Then the Almighty God bestowed him affluence to test him and he acquired huge and limitless money. He was well aware of the science of alchemy and with the ability of this knowledge he possessed many treasures and appointed 40 strong and powerful men to take care and operate the keys of his treasures. Qaarun occupied such a status that he brought the whole tribe of Bani Israil under his control.
He made a throne of Gold and established an administration office and department for himself. Numberless assistants were designated as his treasurers. The excess of wealth and dignity created proud and arrogance in him. Getting superfluous wealth he began transgression and disobeying the God and the Prophet. His entire worshipping and devotion reversed into rebellion and haughtiness. Every resource of comfort was in his access. Hence in the day time he was occupied in frivolous enjoyments, drinking, singing and witticism. He built a guest house and entertaining receptions for his visitors.
28:79 And so he went forth before his people in all his pomp; [and] those who cared only for the life of this world would say, “Oh, if we but had the like of what Qarun has been given! Verily, with tremendous good fortune is he endowed!”
- On Saturdays when it was a public holiday, he was riding on the saddle of gold and wearing the dress made up of gold with four thousand slaves and one thousand female slaves with pomp and grandeur, passing through the people.
He wealthy people were coveting for his life style and watching him wistfully. The learned of Bani Israil forewarned: Do not get supercilious of this wealth and do not despise the path of truth. But it was of no avail.
Hazrat Moosa a.s sermonised him, Qaarun paid no heed. The prophet demanded him to donate some of the money in charity, however he refused.
Qaarun to accuse Moosa a.s paid a large amount of assets and gold to an evil and adulterant woman by the name Seeter. And instructed her: Tomorrow when Moosa a.s seated himself on the chair to sermonize the people. There you get up and declare that he had an illegal relationship with you and make him disgraceful. And relate that he had committed adultery with you.
Seeter received enormous wealth from Qaarun and when Moosa a.s got seated on the chair of preaching. The entire tribe of Bani Israil was present.
Hazrat Moosa a.s in his sermon stated: The person who commits fornication he or she will be stoned to death.
Seeter proceeded to start her accusation, as she wanted to commence her statement that, O Moosa you committed fornication with me and this law must be executed upon you, but she went dumb.
Here Qaarun came forward and declared: O Moosa the people are telling that you had committed adultery with Seeter.
As Seeter intended to confirm Qaarun but she started to tell the truth without any hold on her tongue.
Before all the people, she mentioned: Qaarun had given me a large sum of wealth to express that you had an illegal relationship with me.
I am an evil doing woman and I am going through a bad period but I will not accuse Moosa a.s and returned back the money which she received.
The money which Qaarun gave to Seeter, he presented that money to Moosa a.s and told him to donate anybody he pleased.
Hazrat Moosa a.s preached him: O Qaarun have fear of this rebellion and accusation which you have imposed upon the God and His messenger and spending your life in fun and frolics.
The next day Qaarun with his tribe and the Moosa a.s with his companions gathered in the “Congregation Tent”.
Moosa a.s was addressed by God: Tell the people to keep themselves away from the Qaarun, I want to destroy him.
Moosa a.s ordered: O people get away and away from the Qaarun, soon the Earth is going to engulf him.
Qarun laughed and made a mockery of Moosa a.s. The messenger of God got ireful and commanded the Earth to grasp him.
The Earth splitted and Qaarun with his throne plunged into the earth till his calf.
Qarun expressed: What is this way? You are behaving?
Moosa commanded: O Earth engulf the Qaarun.
Qaarun got irritated. Again Moosa a.s ordered: O Earth swallow him more.
This time he was forcibly pushed into the Earth until his knees.
Qaarun got distressed and started requesting and began to cry and plead. He appealed Moosa a.s to grant him a grace period. But Moosa a.s was infuriated. The spectators were very much moved with the lamentation of Qaarun. They wholly took to their heels.
The earth engulfed Qaarun along with his companions, family and treasurers and again enclosed itself. As if there was not any Qaarun nor his pomp, magnificence, dignity and glory.
Some of them said: Moosa a.s penetrated Qaarun in the Earth to acquire his possessions.
Hazrat Moosa a.s commanded the Earth to swallow the entire treasures of Qarun.
28:81 And thereupon We caused the earth to swallow him and his dwelling; and he had none and nothing to succour him against God, nor was he of those who could succour themselves.
Moosa a.s was addressed: O Moosa how many times Qaarun pleaded you to rescue his life.
Moosa responded: Seventy times.
God addressed and said: I swear by my almightiness if Qaarun was pleaded me for forgiveness, only once. On his request I would have forgiven him.
The fire descended from the sky and burnt the strong army of Qaarun and 250 people who were standing with the goblets in their hands, turned into ashes.
The translation of the Farsi couplet; Qarun was killed who was the master of 40 treasures Anushirwan never died who possessed the virtuous name.
When the occurrence of Qaarun was investigated, it was found that 14700 people were killed in the incident.
~* Generation of Yahud *~
Yahud are of eight sects.
1-farisiyan 2- katiban 3- Saduqiyan 4- Samiriyun 5- Hililiyun 6- Hebruriyun 7-Lirtinun 8-Safitiyun. These eight sects have different believes and faiths and altogether they became 71 sects.
5:26 Answered He: "Then, verily, this [land] shall be forbidden to them for forty years, while they wander on earth, bewildered, to and fro; and sorrow thou not over these iniquitous folk."
When Moosa a.s selected the commander of 12 tribes of the Bani Israil and ordered them: Attack the tyrants of Amaliqa. The Almighty God will assist you and consequently grant you victory. The city with its entire riches will come under your dominion.
Auj bin Anaq took them to the king of Amaliqa, when Bani Israil came back proclaimed: We will not encounter with these tall, well built and brave people. You and your brother go and wage a war with them. When you overcome them then we will accompany with you there.
Hazrat Moosa a.s cursed them for their disobedience. He was addressed by the God: For forty years they will wander in the desert of Tiya and the Holy land is illegitimated and prohibited for them by God. They wandered, perplexed on a part of land which was only 18 miles.
Every morning they were starting their journey with firm purpose to reach their destination, till night they were travelling a very long distance. And in the night they were on the same place from where they had started their journey in the morning.
Moosa a.s got anguished, he was addressed by God: This wandering was inflicted upon them for their disobedience.
Harun was died in the desert of Tiya . After one year Hazrat Moosa a.s passed away at the age of 120 years. The Irani kings Faraidun and Manuchahr were the contemporaries of Moosa a.s.
And the wandering of Bani Israil was continued the same way.
Two God fearing and virtuous men Yushe a.s and Kalib a.s gathered the youngsters of Tiya and attacked the Amaliqa and captured two beautiful cities of Ariha and Eeliyad which is now called Ba’albak and killed the tyrants of Amaliqa.
After Moosa a.s Yushe a.s was the Prophet of Bani Israil for 28 years who lived with them.
~* Death of hazrat Moosa a.s and Harun a.s *~"Maryam"
Hazrat Moosa in the desert of Tiya near the river Yarvin wanted to distribute the holy land between the Bani Israil and write his last will. This year was the 3868 year of Habuth.
The costumes of Hazrat Moosa a.s and Hazrat Harun a.s were retained in the box and kept in a tent. Maryam the sister of Harun was the wife of prophet Kalib a.s.
Harun a.s was died in year 3868 of Habut in Khatira Quds.

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