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Prophet Hazrat Nuh ( a.s.)

Translated by Fatima Zabeth Beenesh
1642-2592 years after Habuth
It is written in Sur e Hud
Nuh a.s was sent revelation by God that his people will never bring faith in him and they will not join him except a handful of people who already brought faith in him. He was told not to get aggrieved with his righteous deeds.
11:25 AND INDEED, [it was with the same message that] We sent forth Noah unto his It is written in Sur e Nuh the prophet Nuh a.s said: O God the Providence! Never leave alive unbelievers on the earth. If you leave a single infidel among them he will mislead your human creatures. Their children will acquire the misdeeds, adultery and lewdness of infidels.
It is written in Sur e Hud
The ayat which is written about the ship of the Nuh a.s: O Nuh! Erect a building of a ship before my eyes and act according to the revelation which I descend upon you. And do not recommend about the unbelievers. They are tyrant and they must be drowned.
Nuh a.s raised the building of a ship; the people of his tribe passing from there were gathering around and making mockery of him.
Nuh a.s stated: If you are ridiculing me, like you, soon we too will make fun of you. O My people: Soon you will face the result of refusing the verses of God. Within a short period of time Gods torment will inflict upon you and dissolve you forever, wait until the execution of his order.
Eventually the oven blazed then I ordered Nuh to mount in the ship with his followers and a pair of every creature. Leave those who went fast in blasphemy and those accompanied them. Except a small number of people, no one will bring faith to you.
Nuh a.s said: Mount on the ship by the name of God when it moves and stands. Undoubtedly my God, the Nourisher is alive and merciful.
The ship was about to start for its journey in mountain high waves. Nuh a.s called his son who was standing near the ship and said: My son! Come and ascend on the ship with us. Do not be among the unbelievers.
His son replied: I will take refuge upon the peak of a mountain, to save myself from drowning.
Nuh a.s warned him: Today no one is secure from destruction except those who obeyed the God and He will be only merciful upon them.
Meanwhile a wave broke down between them and he was submerged in the water. When the entire number of Nuhs tribe flushed in the floods the God addressed: O Earth! Swallow back your water O Sky! Take back your rains. By the command of the God the ship came to stand on the Mountain Judi. The tyrants are away from the blessings of God.
Nuh a.s pleaded: O my Lord! He was my son and a member of my family, your promise is true and just, you are the best judge and ruler.
He was addressed by the Omnipotent God: O Nuh! Your son was not the member of your family as his deeds were indecent and vicious. Do not ask anything which you do not have any knowledge about it. I inculcate the truth to you that do not be among the ignorant.
Nuh a.s beseeched for the pardon and said: O God the Provident! I seek refuge to you, for what I have appealed to you and possess no knowledge. If you do not forgive me and refuse to have mercy upon me, I will be among the most deprived.
Nuh a.s was addressed by the Almighty God: Get down from the ship by reciting my name. I had blessed you all the bounties and for the people who accompanied you. The infidels at the earliest will taste our painful chastisement.
10:71 AND CONVEY unto them the story of Noah-when he said unto his people.

The name and address of Nuh a.s
The name of Nuh a.s was Abdul Jabbar or Abdul Gaffar or Abdul Rahman or Abdul malik or Abdul Ala bin Lamak bin Mathushalakh bin Akhnuj bin Yazur Mahlail bin Qinan bin Anush bin Shees bin Adam.
His mother was Qinush binte Rakeel.
He was called Nuh a.s as he was reciting mournful songs for the sins of his people. Nuh a.s was born 1642 years after Habuth (descent of Adam a.s from Heaven) of Adam. The reason for his name was that he was a reciter of mournful songsNuh was inviting the people towards One God through his mournful songs and he was mournful of their incessant sins.
At the time of floods he was 940 years old. He got sons at the age of 500 years by the names of Haam , Sam and Yafis.
Nuh a.s was called the venerable old man of the prophetsی یas no prophet was lived a long age like him after Adam a.s. After the calamity of floods he lived for 350 years and totally he lived for 1290 years. His grave is in Najaf Ashraf in Iraq .
In Majmaal Bahrain ی it is written about Nuh a.s that he lived for 2500 years.
In the volume Kanzul Adeeb ی it was mentioned that the age of Nuh a.s was 1000 years and Taurat (Torah) writes his age 950 years.
He was the prophet with high and magnanimous spirits. He was fully aware of the logical reasons, powerful and clear sighted in the debate. With all these virtuous qualities he invited people for 950 years and except a few number of people no one accepted his faith. He was protesting the people with the excellence of morals, patience and tolerance. They were accepting his reasons but refusing his religion.
In that period idol worshipping was at its peak and intensity. The unwise people believed the idols, a means of obtaining their benefits and warding off their evils. They based every affair of their life to a certain idol. They were exclusively following their passionate desires.
The idols of Vad- Savaa- Yaghus- Nasar- Yaooq were from the period of Nuh a.s reached the Bedouin Arabs which were demolished by the command of the last messenger of God Muhammad SAVA by the holy hands of Amirul Mominin Ali a.s 1642-2592 years after Habuth (descent of Adam a.s from Heaven)
The Almighty God selected the Nuh a.s to guide the people towards monotheism. His people were idolaters and possessing a large number of idols. They were occupied themselves in the carpentry for the cause of their superstitions and and engaged in carving the immense number of idol figures.
Idol worshipping is the sign of the meanness, ignorance and imprudence. How a wise man with a common sense allow his conscious, by carving a piece of wood, to think it his God. The most servile people are those who wish to solve their problems through the stone and wood which they themselves figured and shaped it out.
Hazrat Nuh a.s in his young age was watching the idol worshippers, he was laughing upon them like an old father .He used to tie the idols to a rope and pulling them in the lanes and bazars.
He preached the people for 950 years and in that period only 40 women and 40 men joined his faith.
Some specified his period of preaching was 950 years and some counted that number as his entire age including his preaching.
Hazrat Nuh a.s was climbing on the skirt of the mountain and upon the heights he was inviting the people towards the One God. His voice was reaching from east to west and announcing: there is no God except Allah and I am the messenger of Allah.
The headstrong and obstinate idolaters, for not hearing the messengers voice were keeping their fingers in their ears with much hatred, Sometimes whenever they were catching hold of Nuh a.s, they were beating him to the verge of death. But after recovering his consciousness Nuh a.s again was revealing the truth to them and annoucing: O people the God is One and He is the originator of the entire creatures.
Once when he was descended from the skirts of the mountain, the people had beaten him so much that he got fainted, they wrapped him in a coarse carpet and carried him to his house. He was unconscious for the three days and then regained his health.
He painfully solicited: O God day and night I had invited my people towards you but they run away with me by abusing you.
The angel Jibril a.s approached him and said: The Almighty God is revealing that your people will not bring faith more than these faithful people.
But Nuh a.s was performing his duties and in the same manner and struggling with the infidelity and idolatry of the unbelievers. He was inviting the people towards the One God by bringing logical reasons, arguments and explanations. On the contrary it was of no effect upon their hearts.
On the black hearted people it is of no use to preach As the iron nail never enters into the hard stone The cold blooded crowd gathered around Nuh a.s and said: O Nuh! you and your companions have no value for us. We do not prefer you above us and you are not better than us in the wisdom and ability. We are not less capable than you in the matter of materials and far sightedness in life. You and your associates are totally liars.
But Hazrat Nuh a.s still calling the people by presenting the proofs and facing all the abuses and as usual he continued his mission with all his strength and enthusiasm. His people too with all their enmity expressed their grudges against him.
He sermonised them: The one who is most pious is nearest to God.
Surat Al-Ĥujurāt (The Rooms) -
49:13 Verily, the noblest of you in the sight of God is the one who is most deeply conscious of Him. Behold, God is all-knowing, all-aware. -
More than nine centuries there was conflicts and protests between Nuh a.s and the unbelievers among his people, between truth and falsehood, between monotheism and polytheism, between virtues and vices, between enlightenment and ignorance.
Whenever Nuh a.s was complaining about the people, God! The Creator of the universe was bidding him to observe patience, perseverance, tolerance and lenience while facing the teasing and tortures of his people. He was the prophet with high and magnanimous spirits.
~* Disappointment of Nuh a.s in the Guidance of this people*~
71:26 And Noah prayed: "O my Sustainer! Leave not on earth any of those who deny the truth: 71:27 for, behold, If Thou dost leave them, they will [always try to] lead astray those who worship Thee, and will give birth to nothing but wickedness and stubborn ingratitude.
For 950 years Nuh a.s invited generation to generation, preached each person from childhood to adulthood towards the one God but it left no effect on their hearts. He cursed them and begged the Almighty: O God! Impose upon them such a painful punishment so that not a single person among them is left alive.
This is a genuine narrative teaches us lesson about the human life. How the preach and sermon did not left any effect upon the stone hearted people? 950 years is not a short period, may be almost 10 generations had passed in achieving that purpose. They were mysterious people who did not brought faith in God.
Nuh a.s warned and threatened them about the descent of a punishment but all his efforts went waste. He lost his patience and cursed them: O Omnipresent God! If a single person among them is left alive he will misguide other human beings and make them corrupt too. They did not give birth except lewd and lecherous children.
When the people heard the curse of Nuh a.s they gathered and hugged their children and expressed: This man Nuh is mad.
~* the construction of a ship *~
Jibril a.s descended with seven dates and said: God! the Provident had accepted your prayers. At this moment plant the date seeds and leave them to grow into green trees.
And then the trees went dried, for ten times they became green and then got dried, then Jibril a.s instructed: 11:37 but build, under Our eyes, the ark.
Cut down the trees and shape the trunks into boards and create a ship and give its branches the shape of nails and attach the boards together. Likewise for consecutive years Nuh a.s was engaged in the construction of a ship.
54:13 but him we bore on that [vessel] made of [mere] planks and nails, -
While he was sawing the first slab, a name of Prophet Adam a.s was imprinted on it. On the second slab the name of Shees a.s (Heptullah) his son who was the successor of Prophet Adam a.s, on the third slab appeared the name of Idris a.s and on every slab a name of certain messenger of God was inscribed till 124 thousand slabs were cut and shaped. In the last slab the name of last prophet Muhammad SAVA appeared and Jibril a.s said: یʘNow your ship is completed with the name of the last messenger of God.
Jibril a.s was the engineer of the ship and Nuh a.s was cutting, shaping and joining the slabs with nails till it reached to completion.
The length of the ship was 1000 cubits (an ancient linear unit based on the length of the forearm, from elbow to the tip of the middle finger, usually from 17 to 21 in. (43 to 53 cm). The breadth was 400 cubits; its height was 40 cubits.
The people were coming and watching him and laughing upon his creation and calling him names. As the ship was on the land near a mountain there was not any sign of water, sea or ocean there.
They were asking him: What are you doing with that ship on the dry land?
He was replying: God the Almighty is going to send water from the sky to kill you all and I with my entire followers will sit in the ship so that not to get any harm of the calamity.
The people of Nuh a.s were giggling on him.
11:38 And [so Noah] set himself to building the ark; and every time the great ones of his people passed by him, they scoffed at him. [Thereupon] he said: "If you are scoffing at us-behold, we are scoffing at you [and your ignorance], just as you are scoffing at us.
~* the completion of the ship *~
Mainly they were three floors in it. The first floor was for wild and fearful animals. The second floor was for beasts of burden and livestock (the horses, cattle, sheep, and other useful animals and birds). The third floor was for Nuh a.s Himself and his companions.
One of the apostles of hazrat Isa a.s wished before the Prophet Christ to give life to one of the followers of the Nuhs a.s and to inquire about the ship.
Hazrat Isa a.s gave a stroke with his stick on the ground, a white beard man came out and they requested him to describe about the ship of Nuh a.s. The man informed them all about the details of the ship and hazrat Isa a.s told the bearded man to return back and the man went back after convaying the information of the ship and the floods.
Nuh a.s was addressed by the Omnipotent God: When you will observe the signs of calamity, immediately ascend upon the ship with family and the followers. And take with you every pair of animals till then wait for the commencement of the order of Almighty.
Nuh a.s built 90 houses for the animals and he was ordered: 11:40 We said [unto Noah]: "Place on board of this [ark] one pair of each [kind of animal] of either sex, as well as thy family -except those on whom [Our] sentence has already been passed -and all [others] who have attained to faith!"-for, only a few [of Noah's people] shared his faith.
The clouds turned out stormy and Nuh a.s warned the people that all of them were going to be killed, Except those who converted to monotheism. Else the entire human beings and the animals will be going to destroy and wipe out soon.
When the traces of floods started the Kaaba ascended upwards. Nuhs wife was baking the bread in a earthen oven; water began to gush out from it. That oven was situated on the right side of the tomb of the Kufa Mosque. The lady rushed in haste to inform the Nuh a.s. He with his companions soon went and settled down in the ship. Altogether their number was eighty men and women.
As-Saffat (The Rangers)
(37:77) 37:77 (Asad) and caused his offspring to endure [on earth]; They ascended on the ship on the first of Rajab and descended from it on the day of Ashura the tenth of Moharram and sailed in the ship for six months.
The Benevolent God selected Nuh a.s for his bright insight and high morals to guide the people.
Nuh a.s built the ship near the Mosque of Kufa with his own hands. According to the narration of hazrat Imam Muhammad Baqir a.s the ship was completed in 80 years. This statement rejects the others who mentioned more than 80 years for its building. The ship of Nuh a.s was equipped with all the needs of a house.

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