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The Sixth Year of the Hijrah

Translated from Farsi by Fatima Zabeth Beenesh
In the sixth year the number of wars increased and after the wars Prophet Muhammad sallallaho alaihi va ala alehi commenced to suppress the rebels of the surrounding areas. In the month of Moharram Muhammad bin Musallama with 30 horsemen at the place of Hazya (between Basra and Mecca) attacked the tribe of Qarta. A group was killed and the rest fled away. Muslims returned to Medina with 50 camels and 30 thousand sheep.
On their way back they arrested a passerby Shahama bin Asal, who belonged to Bani Hanifa and was the chief of Yamama. They brought him to Medina and tied him to the pillar of the mosque. The messenger Muhammad sallallaho alaihi va ala alehi after recognizing him untied him immediately and treated him with kindness. The respect and gentle treatment by Prophet Muhammad sallallaho alaihi va ala alehi created love for Islam and Shahama bin Asal converted into Islam after which he returned back to his own land. He repaid the prophet for his sympathy by stopping the export of the wheat to the polytheists of Mecca. The Qureish got disturbed and complained the prophet to issue the order for the export of wheat.
In the month of Rabiyal awwal and Jamadiyal awwal prophet came out of Medina to punish the tribe of Bani Lahyan. To conceal the matter from the people first he progressed towards Syria. After proceeding to some distance suddenly Prophet Muhammad sallallaho alaihi va ala alehi changed the direction of his route and swiftly went towards Aran which was the dwelling place of Bani Lahyan. When the Jews saw them they ran away on the mountains to hide themselves.
Prophet Muhammad sallallaho alaihi va ala alehi remained there for two days and then went towards Mecca to threaten the infidels of Qureish. He sent the other group with 200 horse men to Kara Ameem towards Medina. That year near Medina a group of Bani Qarara attacked and stole the she camel from the herd of the prophet. The messenger of Allah mobilized and gathered some Muslims in the area of Zi Yaqar to chase the thieves and get back his she camel. One Muslim by the name Al ghaba or Zi Aqar was killed. Some write that this happened after the event of Hudeibia.
In the month of Rabiyal awwal Akkasha bin Mahaz was appointed along with 40 men to suppress and arrest the tribe of Bani Asad at the place of Gamr Wazuq. When they reached the place all the Bani Asad tribe fled away and the Muslims returned with the booty of 100 camels.
~* Gazva (war) of Bani Salaba *~
In those days the tribes of Gaftan arrived in the limits of Medina and the cattle of the Muslims came to risk when Muhammad bin Musallama with 10(ten) men got appointed to ward them off. Muhammad bin Musallama and his men got arrested by Bani Salaba 34 miles from Medina in Zi Qassa, after which the Arabs killed all the Muslims except Muhammad bin Musallama who got wounded. The Muslims found him and brought him back to Medina.
Prophet Muhammad sallallaho alaihi va ala alehi along with Abu Ubaid Jarrah sent 40 men to chase Bani Salaba. The enemy hid himself in the mountains and the Muslims achieved some booty. In the month of Jamdiyal awwal the caravan of Qureish advanced to Syria through the sea shore when Zaid bin Harisa attacked the caravan in the area of Al Ais and acquired some captives and a large number of silver.
Abul Aas brother of Khadija (the first wife of the prophet) was among the captives who was arrested in the war of Badr. The Prophet wanted him to get released in respect of his wife (Khadija), and in return send Zainab (Khadijas niece) to them.
Abul Aas reached Mecca and in return sent Zainab with her brother Kanana to Medina but once again he got arrested by the Muslims but later got released. After returning to Mecca he collected all his business and returned back to Medina after which he converted into Islam. Later the Messenger of God Muhammad sallallaho alaihi va ala alehi married Zainab (Khadijas niece).
One day Zainabs camel was hit by spears from which she got affected and lost her expecting child after which she got ill and died after 2 years. Prophet Muhammad sallallaho alaihi va ala alehi ordered to persuade arrest and put the offenders into fire but later he changed his decision and ordered to kill them as burning is specifically in the hands of God.

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~* Gazva war of Bani Jazaam *~
In the last days of Jamadiyal awwal, the war of Hasmi occurred. After trading an Arab by the name Haniya who belonged to the tribe of Jazaam in the valley of Hasmi was returning back when he was looted the belonging of Vahiya kalbi. The tribe of Jazaam who were all Muslims tied by the vow to Prophet Muhammad sallallaho alaihi va ala alehi to help Vahiya and take back their possessions from the bandits. Vahiya demanded the prophet to kill the bandits.
Prophet appointed Zaid bin Haris along with 500 men for this purpose. In the morning they attacked on Jazaam tribe and killed and plundered them. They captured 1000 camels, 5000 sheeps and goats, and 100 womens and childrens were arrested. The chief of the tribe immediately reached Medina with the written agreement and pleaded for justice.
Prophet Muhammad sallallaho alaihi va ala alehi said: what will you do for those who were killed? The chief excused the compensation of the murdered men and a decision was made that their possessions and captives must be returned back by Imaam Ali alaihis salam and they must be treated with kindness.
~* the war (Gazva) of daumatul Jandal *~
In the month of Shaban prophet send 700 men with Abdur Rahman bin Auf to Daumatul Jandal to attack the Bani Kalb tribe. Prophet ordered to invite them towards Islam and if they agreed then Abdur Rahman must marry the daughter of their king.
Abdur Rahman stayed there for three days; the chief of the tribe accepted Islam and the rest of the people got ready to pay the Jazya tax. After which Abdul Rahman married the daughter of the chief and returned back.
In the month of Shaban Ali Ibn Abi Talib alaihis salam with 100 men attacked the tribe of Bani Asad who resided between Fadak and khaibar, but the enemy fled away. The Muslims attained 500 camels and ten thousand sheeps and goats.
Zaid bin Harisa got stripped by the bandits of the Jews when he was travelling to Syria for the transactions. When he reached Medina and narrated the entire event the prophet send an army to punish and suppress the enemy. Early morning in the month of Ramzan Zaid attacked the bandits where their caught their queen Dam Qarfa and punished them.
The same year Abdullah bin Anees in the middle of the night killed a Jewish trader Abu Rafe who used to live in Khaibar. A similar event happened in the third year. After the murder the Jews of Khaibar selected Yayasar as their administrator who allied with the tribe of Gaftan to revolt against Islam. Prophet sent Abdullah bin Ravaha along with three people to investigate this matter where Yayasar got killed along with 30 other men.
The same year the Arabs of Bani Areena came to Medina and converted into Islam. The prophet appointed them as the caretaker on the herds of their cattle but they killed the shepherds and took the herd with them. The prophet appointed Kazar bin Jabir with 20 men to chase them. They arrested those thieves and brought them to the prophet by tying their arms. The prophet ordered to mutilate their limbs and hang them so that nobody dares to steal in future.
The other event of that year was also that some prisoners were brought from Madyan and were sold in the bazaar. (Archaeological expeditions have discovered 'Midianite wares' in Iraq, Jordan, Arabia and the Negev desert in southern Palestine. Establishing the precise location of Midian is difficult)
Amru bin Umaiya Hamzi sought justice and demanded the murder of Abu Sufyan. They went to Mecca but could not recognize the infidels. That year the tribe of Bani Abees came to Medina and converted into Islam.
In the end of the sixth year in the northern Arabia, the wave of conversion towards Islam strengthened and the residents of that place bowed their heads before Islam except Mecca.

The Peace Treaty of Hudaibiya
In the month of Zi Qadda prophet travelled towards Mecca to perform the Umrah. During his journey he saw a dream that he entered Mecca and broken all the idols. The dream of the prophet was always final evidence in the matter . He consulted his companions and continued his journey for Umrah. During this journey some tribes joined them and Bani Aslam escorted the prophet.
In the beginning of Zi Qadda the prophet left from Medina to Mecca with 14000 Muslims, and 100 camels to sacrifice by making Abdullah ibn Umme Maktum as an administrator of Medina. He wore his ahram at Zul Halifa and by the slogan of Labaik Allahumma Labaik went towards Mecca and later alighted at Zi tawa.
The Prophet sent in advance some horse men in the domains of chief executives like Khalid bin Waleed and Akram bin Abi Jahesh. Basheer bin Safyan Kabi at the locality of Asfan he was informed that the people of Qureish in the skin of leopard came down with their wives and children.
Prophet Muhammad sallallaho alaihi va ala alehi felt regretful on the grudges, war mongering, riches, superfluity and the deprivation of the Qureish from the blessings of this world and Hereafter after which he turned his way from Mecca and reached Hudaibiya where he ceased his she camel.
The prophet sent his message through Badeel bin Raqa Khazaee who was just arrived from Mecca. Prophet Muhammad sallallaho alaihi va ala alehi said: We did not came to fight and kill our relatives but are here to visit the Kaaba and perform the Umrah. Badeel bin Raqa khazaee replied: the Qureish are also broken by the wars. The prophet said: Give us the liberty to visit the Kaaba and dont be a hurdle for us. If you accept Islam we will become your brothers but if you reject then we will compel to fight a war against you.
Badeel bin Raqa Khazaee went to the Qureish and stated the entire conversation. The unwise among them agitated to fight a war against the Muslims but the wise said: we will negotiate and converse with the Muslims. The Qureish sent some of their representatives to discuss with the prophet and the prophet sent Osman who was very respectable. Osman returned back very late so they began to proclaim that he was killed. The prophet decided to wage a war and under the acacia tree he started to take the oath of allegiance (baiath) from the Muslims where suddenly Osman returned back with Suhail bin Amar, a representative of Qureish with the confirmation of agreement of peace.
The treaty of abandonment of war for ten years was confirmed which had some conditions which outwardly appeared against the favor of the Muslims but inwardly profited the Muslims. After the confirmation of the agreement of peace Prophet Muhammad sallallaho alaihi va ala alehi with his companions returned back to Medina without visiting the Kaaba.
The great Prophet Muhammad sallallaho alaihi va ala alehi commanded all his companions to offer the sacrifices and shave their heads. The army of Muslims got extremely displeased for not visiting the Kaaba but the messenger of God promised them about their earliest victory after which the chapter (Sura) of Al-Fath descended from the heaven.
Al-Fath [48:1]

48:1 Verily We have granted thee a manifest Victory: The Muslims got very satisfied. In this event there was no war but it was recognized as the biggest triumph in Islam as the people became close and group by group people openly started entering in the domain of Islam.
Abu Baseer who used to live in Mecca was a Muslims and was arrested by the Qureish but he ran away from Mecca to Medina. The infidels of Mecca demanded Abu Baseer and according to the treaty, the Prophet submitted him to the enemy. In the middle of the way to Mecca Abu Baseer killed a representative of Qureish and escaped back to Medina which created disturbance for the Qureish so the infidels of the Qureish demanded the prophet to keep Abu Baseer near him so that he dont create any disorders for them. Therefore, a term got terminated from the agreement of peace and other terms also came to an end one by one by time.
That year the law of Zihar (husband calling his wife as mother after divorce) got ruled out. The (ayat) of Divorce of Zihar got descended and compensation was resolved in the matter of Aus bin Samit and this is how the sixth year of the hijrat came to an end.

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