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Life of Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.)

Translated from Farsi by Fatima Zabeth Beenesh

Migration of Ismail a.s and the construction of Kaaba
Ibrahim a.s was born in Babul and after releasing alive from the fire of Nimrud he went to Syria and from there to Egypt where Firaun gifted Bibi Hajira to Sara. Ibrahim a.s purchased Bibi Hajira from Sara and Ismail a.s was born to Hajira a.s.
Sara drowned in the ocean of sorrows as she could not conceived a child and she always used to be dishearten and gloomy. Her sorrowful condition caused hurt to Ibrahim a.s Khalil a lot and he complained to God painfully. The Almighty God ordered Ibrahim a.s to separate his wives. He asked the God: Where shall I take Bibi Hajira and Ismail a.s? God addressed Ibrahim: Bring them to my house as whoever visits that place, he or she will be in peace and security.
Jibril a.s mounted both Bibi Hajira and Ismail a.s on the Pegasus and guided them towards Mecca.

14:37 "O our Sustainer! Behold, I have settled some of my offspring in a valley in which there is no arable land, close to Thy sanctified Temple.
Hazrat Ibrahim a.s brought his wife and son to Mecca. She hanged her cloak on a tree and Ibrahim a.s built a house for them under its shade. When Ibrahim a.s was returning back, Bibi Hajira asked him: Now you are going back but to whom you entrusted us? Who is our care taker? Here there is no water or vegetation. From where shall we eat and drink? Ibrahim a.s replied her: The one who told me to left you here; he himself is your caretaker and he will provide your food and drink.
Ibrahim a.s left them and viewed with a loving glance at his wife and baby, far away from the hillock of Kadi gada and raised his head towards the Heaven and supplicated: O Lord! To obey your command I am leaving my young wife and baby son in the desert with no vegetation and water, near your house, to establish Namaz. O my Lord! incline the hearts of the people towards them; bless them the fruits of Heaven so that they render you thanks.

14:37 "O our Sustainer! Behold, I have settled some of my offspring in a valley in which there is no arable land, close to Thy sanctified Temple, so that, O our Sustainer, they might devote themselves to prayer: cause Thou, therefore, people's hearts to incline towards them and grant them fruitful sustenance, so that they might have cause to be grateful.
Arabia and the Kaaba was the House of Adam a.s Father of the Human kind At that time Kaaba was devastated because of the storm of Nuh a.s but the foundation of it was Intact. Ibrahim a.s entrusted them to the God and House of God. He left his wife and newborn baby alone in the lap of the mountain. Bibi Hajira glanced at her husband ruefully. She spent the night alone and silently in grief, supplicating with God.
The sun appeared in the morning and there was not any neighbour or a house in the surroundings, not water or food. She felt thirsty and went to Safa Mountain from there she saw water on the Marwa Mountain. She ran towards Marwa and from there she saw water on Safa Mountain then she returned towards Safa and this way she ran and roved from Safa to Marwa and Marwa to Safa seven times in the yearn of water. God ruled out a custom for the pilgrims of Haj to perform seven rounds of tread from Mountain Safa to Mountain Marwa and Marwa to Safa.

The Rising of Spring of Zam Zam
Ismail a.s felt thirsty, as the habit of a baby while crying, he had beaten his feet on the ground and at mark of his feet, a spring of water gushed out. Bibi Hajira thanked the God blissfully and began to arrange the stones around the water as the streams of water were flowing with force. Jibril a.s descended and instructed Bibi Hajira: Say Zam Zam means Be Slow, Be Slow If she would not have recited these words the water would have been ruined that place. The stream of water moved till the mountain of Safa. The tribals of Jarham who were inhabited in the area of Zulmajaz came to Mecca; they noticed the water and got delighted. The people gradually started to visit there to quench their thirst and satiate their cattle.
They were asking Bibi Hajira about the event of the commencement of spring Zam Zam. She used to reply: It was the prosperous effect of the child for which the water appeared. They appealed: Give us permission to live near the water and satiate our cattle. We will pay an amount of our profit to make our income lawful.
Hajira replied: I have no objection. Those people came and settled there.
Similarly the days passed and Ismail a.s was grown up. Every person was paying Ismail a.s a big part of his cattle and he was endowed with a herd with large number of cattle. Ismail a.s was earning his livelihood by taking the herd for grazing.
Ibrahim a.s was living with Sara in Baitaul maqdas. After a period of time once again he visited Mecca to meet Bibi Hajira. But Sara instructed Ibrahim a.s: Go to meet your son Ismail a.s but you must not get down from your horse.
Ibrahim a.s went to Mecca from Baitul Maqdas. There he observed people were inhabited there, many houses are erected and numerous herds of cattle were present there. No one recognized Ibrahim a.s. except Bibi Hajira. She introduced Ibrahim a.s to his son Ismail a.s and told him: This is your father.
And requested Ibrahim a.s to come down his horse, he replied: I promised Sara not to demount from the saddle of the horse. Bibi Hajira washed the feet of Hazrat Ibrahim a.s by putting his feet on a stone. Bidding farewell to them Ibrahim a.s returned back to Sara at Baital Maqdas( Jerusalem).
There in Baital Maqdas Ibrahim a.s had a dream that he is sacrificing his son Ismail a.s. He expressed his dream to Sara and said: I have not any son other than Ismail a.s. give me permission to visit Mecca and sacrifice my son.
He came to Mecca and instructed Bibi Hajira to get Ismail a.s ready.
She combed his hair and applied perfume on his new garment and dressed him elegantly. Ibrahim a.s a kept a knife and a rope with him and both left Bibi Hajira.

Dream of Ibrahim (A.S.)
Ibrahim a.s said:

37:102 And [one day,] when [the child] had become old enough to share in his [fathers] endeavours, the latter said: O my dear son! I have seen in a dream that I should sacrifice thee: consider, then, what would be thy view!
Ismail a.s replied:
[Ishmael] answered: O my father! Do as thou art bidden: thou wilt find me, if God so wills, among those who are patient in adversity!
These two sentences are manifesting the state of both the father and son who surrendered and consented with the will of God. The father wholeheartedly uttered the revelation of the Just God to Ismail a.s which he received in his dream to sacrifice Ismail a.s.
And the son Ismail a.s confidently with a brave heart obeyed the order of his father and with all the respects he told his father: My father, please be patient and be calm.
Both the father and the son left the Kaaba and went towards the mosque of Al khaif and reached the Mina (where the pilgrims of hajj offer their sacrifice).
The son requested his father: I have three wishes.
The father enquired: Tell me, what they are?
Ismail a.s replied: My first wish is that please first tie up my hands and feet so that my blood do not colour you dress which may upset my mother and make me a sinner......
My second wish is that when you visit back home please convey my salaam to my mother.....
My third wish is that when my friends visit the garden of the flowers, they remember me and please you perform the order of the God quickly.
Ibrahim a.s tied the feet and hands of Ismail a.s. laid him on the ground, took out his knife and with all his might pressed the knife on the throat of Ismail a.s. But the knife was not piercing his throat.
He sharpened the knife then put it on his throat and pressed it again. But the knife was not penetrating into the throat. Third time he tried and pressed the knife into his throat but did not cut it.
In a fit of rage he hit the knife on the stone which was broken into two pieces. Ibrahim a.s got astonished and said: O knife you had broken a hard stone but you did not cut the tender throat like a flower.
Ismail a.s said: Dear father! Please do it soon, sharpen your knife more to cut the throat easily.
A drop of blood dripped from the knife. It pleaded: O Ibrahim! You tell me to cut the throat where as the Almighty God commands me not to cut.
Ibrahim a.s heard somebody was reciting Allah o Akbar, Allah o Akbar when he raised his head he saw Jibril a.s. who said:
37:105 thou hast already fulfilled [the purpose of] that dream- vision! Thus, verily, do We reward the doers of good: -
Your dream became true, your sacrifice is accepted.
37:107 And We ransomed him with a tremendous sacrifice,
I have send you an offering as a thanking. When Ibrahim a.s looked around he saw a black and white sheep and he sacrificed it there. And with its meat he provided meal for the people. Weaved a blanket with its wool for Bibi Hajira and placed the blanket in the box of testament. The blanket was given to the last prophet hazrat Muhammad SAVA on his advent. He made a dress with it and he wore it till his death. Ismail a.s was a sacrifice and a sheep was send at his place.
The other sacrifice was Abdullah for whom a camel was sacrificed to bring into existence the last messenger of God.
The prophet said: I am the son of the two sacrifices.
Gazali writes God remembered the sacrifice of Ibrahim a.s a great sacrifice. Since 3370 years the sheep was nurtured in Heaven to give ransom at the place of Ismail a.s. As in the loin of Ismail a.s the holy sperm of the last prophet hazrat Muhammad SAVA was present and this sacrifice was called the great sacrifice Zibh Azeem.

The House of Kaaba and the water of Zam Zam
When Ibrahim a.s completed the task of sacrifice, he entrusted the Ismail a.s to Bibi Hajira, thanked the God and offered alms to the poor and destitutes, returned back to Bibi Sara.
A period of time passed, Jibril a.s descended and declared: O Ibrahim a.s build The House of Kaaba. He asked: Where shall I build it? Jibril a.s guided and instructed: This is a cloud of rain, where ever it stands you build the Kaaba there. Ibrahim a.s started his journey; he moved and reached the spot where there was Kaaba and the grave of Hazrat Adam a.s.
22:26 For, when We assigned unto Abraham the site of this Temple, [We said unto him:] Do not ascribe divinity to aught beside Me! and: Purify My Temple for those who will walk around it, and those who will stand before it [in meditation], and those who will bow down and prostrate themselves [in prayer]. -
Ibrahim a.s found the place of The House of Kaaba, he prayed: O Nourisher! from were shall I bring the stones. The God addressed him: Bring them from the five mountains 1- The Mountain of Mina 2- The Black Mountain 3- The Mountain of Judi 4- The Mountain of Safa 5- The Mountain of Qubais.
Jibril a.s was carrying the stones and providing them to Ibrahim a.s. when the first stone was laid it appeared the name of prophet Muhammad SAVA As they were laying the stones, on each stone, one by one a name of the spiritual imam was inscribed on them. Ibrahim a.s raised his hands to plead God and said:
2:127 And when Abraham and Ishmael were raising the foundations of the Temple , [they prayed:] "O our Sustainer! Accept Thou this from us: for, verily, Thou alone art all-hearing, all-knowing!
O The Providence! As you declared, you performed according to your power, extent and our obedience. Accept our practice, you are best who pays us attention and wise. Then moved high his hands and pleaded:
2:126 And, lo, Abraham prayed: "O my Sustainer! Make this a land secure, and grant its people fruitful sustenance - such of them as believe in God and the Last Day." [God] answered: "And whoever shall deny the truth, him will I let enjoy himself for a short while -but in the end I shall drive him to suffering through fire: and how vile a journey's end!"
O The Providence! Establish this house a place of peace and amity and nourish the inhabitants of this place with fruits who ever brings faith in you and the judgement day bestow them your blessings. And those who are the unbelievers they will not achieve the favours of God as the abode of infidels is Hell.
Thereupon the Jibrail a.s descended, Ibrahim a.s asked: What kind of good deed shall I perform? Jibril a.s replied: Give food to a hungry people. Cover those who do not have dress, provide home to the homeless, treat with favours, those who are under your command, reach for help, those who are weak and disabled, bestow presents and honour the poor. Then Ibrahim invited all the inhabitants of the neighbourhood.
Soon after Jibril a.s indicated the location of Hajral Aswad which was hidden in the Mountain of Abu Qubais. This stone was from the Heaven and now it is on the same place where it was installed by Ibrahim a.s.
The effect of this stone is such that it never gets hot in the fire, never sinks in water. Previously it was white but by the touch of infidels it turned into black.
Later its door was constructed towards the west called Babe Mustajab
and its roof was built by wood. Bibi Hajira hanged her cloak upon the door and began to live in that house till the time when Ibrahim a.s was commanded to perform circumambulation around the Kaaba with Ismail a.s and accomplished the Hajj. It was the eighth of Zilhaj Jibril a.s arrived and taught Ibrahim a.s the manners and customs of Hajj and led them towards Mina, Mashar, Arafat, Rami Jam rat, instructed them about sacrifice, it was described:
22:27 Hence, [O Muhammad,] proclaim thou unto all people the [duty of] pilgrimage: they will come unto thee on foot and on every [kind of] fast mount, coming from every far-away point [on earth], - Sure Hajj
O the Providence! My voice does not reach the people.
He was addressed by God: It is your duty to call the people for Hajj and it my duty to make your voice reach to the hearing of the people. Those who are present in the loin of their fathers and in the womb of their mothers will hear your voice and it is the proclamation of The Just God.
Certainly it happened similarly; today I the writer and you the reader are hearing the invitation of Ibrahim Khalil a.s. The particles of universe spread the heavenly tone of Ibrahim a.s in the atmosphere and saved it and we hear and obey the guidance of the Quranic words.
Ibrahim a.s ascended the mountain of Safa and called: O the children of Adam! All around the world and from everywhere come towards the Kaaba, the house of God. Labaik, Labaik Here am I, Here am I O our able master Ibrahim a.s arose the loud voices from the four directions of the world.
The people who were living nearby soon came and started to encircle the Kaaba, the treading ی between Safa and Marwa mountains and performed the hajj. The customs of respecting those signs of Omnipotent God were initiated since that period to our time.
Ibrahim a.s observed around the Kaaba and found that there was not any field of agriculture. He solicited to God: I am leaving my son here to look after the house of Kaaba and his mother is in the refuge of our house.
14:37 "O our Sustainer! Behold, I have settled some of my offspring in a valley in which there is no arable land, close to Thy sanctified Temple, so that, O our Sustainer, they might devote themselves to prayer: cause Thou, therefore, people's hearts to incline towards them and grant them fruitful sustenance, so that they might have cause to be grateful.
O my Lord! Fill this house with fruits, Jibril a.s reached Ibrahim a.s and guided him towards Taif where the various kinds of fruits were available.
Ibrahim built guest house there and the entire fruits of Mecca even today are supplied from Taif .
Thereafter he started his journey towards Syria and built guest house there as well. Kaaba became the a place of circumambulation of the pilgrims. In the period of the last messenger Muhammad Mustafa SAVA the new customs of hajj were introduced to hajjis.
~* Wives and children of Ibrahim a.s *~
He married two wives, one Sara his cousin, who travelled with him substantially. The second one was Bibi Hajira, who was gifted to Sara by Firaun.
In the Palestine Sara gifted Bibi Hajira to Ibrahim to conceive a child. Bibi Hajira became pregnant. Sara pierced a hole in the ears of Bibi Hajira and wore the ear rings that made her more beautiful. Sara got intolerable towards Hajira, as a slave was conceiving a child for Ibrahim a.s and she was unable to give birth a child.
She told Ibrahim a.s: Now it has become difficult for me to sight Hajira any more, better settle her in another house. Jibril a.s descended and expressed to Ibrahim a.s: Do same as Sara wanted from you. There Ibrahim started his journey from Baital Maqdas to Mecca which was a barren valley.
Ibrahim a.s left Bibi Hajira with her son there and instructed her: Be here till I come back.
And he returned to Syria and engaged himself in worship of Almighty God. Ibrahim a.s reached the age of 90 years but still Sara conceived no child and she was more than 70 years. She loosed all the hopes for giving birth to a child.
She possessed a beautiful calf and wore it a golden neck belt and earrings and looking after it like her own child, to satisfy her motherly instincts.
Some historians write: The age of Ibrahim a.s was 120 years and the age of Sara was 90 years. As it was told, without the guest Ibrahim a.s was never having his meals as it was the characteristic of Khalilullah. Since eight days not a single guest was visited him and Ibrahim did not touched the food. On the ninth day a group of twelve very handsome young men arrived as guests at his home. Like always, thinking them as human beings he welcomed them.
And told Sara: My dear wife! You serve the guest with whatever best food you like. Sara replied: This calf I love it very much like my own child, nothing is dearer to me like it. I will serve your guest with this calf.
Ibrahim a.s slaughtered and roasted the calf and spread a meal sheet before them to serve it.
11:69 AND, INDEED, there came unto Abraham Our [heavenly] messengers, bearing a glad tiding. They bade him peace; [and] he answered, "[And upon you be] peace!"-and made haste to place before them a roasted calf.
Certainly I have sent angels towards Ibrahim a.s to give him the glad tiding of a son. He roasted his calf and brought it to serve them. According to his custom he bowed his head for eating as he was too hungry and did not taken the meals since seven days and occupied himself in eating. He used to bow his head while eating to make his guest not to feel shy and not to avoid eating.
Sara from the outdoors watched that the guests were not touching the food. She said: O Khalilullah! Your guests are not having their food.
Ibrahim a.s raised his head and asked them: Why you are not eating the food. They replied: We are the angels of God and descended to the earth for the salvation of the prophet Lut a.s and we arrived at your house so that you have your food and do not remain hungry more than that and came to give you the good tiding of a son.
Ibrahim a.s told the angels: First you pay the cost of my food which I had prepared in the love of my guests.
They enquired: What is the price of it. He replied:
1:1 In the name of God, The Most Gracious, The Dispenser of Grace: -
Then Ibrahim a.s said: Recite
1:2 All praise is due to God alone, the Sustainer of all the worlds,
Jibril a.s declared: Observing such a righteous character of yours the Almighty Allah selected you as his friend and said: God had sent you the glad tiding of a son Ishaq a.s and after him his son Yaqub a.s.
11:71 And his wife, standing [nearby], laughed [with happiness]; whereupon We gave her the glad tiding of [the birth of] Isaac and, after Isaac, of [his son] Jacob. -
Sara got astonished and laughed and slapped on her face and uttered:
11:72 Said she: "Oh, woe is me! Shall I bear a child, now that I am an old woman and this husband of mine is an old man? Verily, that would be a strange thing indeed!"
I got old and my husband is also reached his old age. How can I conceive? It is from the wonders of the world. Meanwhile Jibril a.s expressed:
11:73 Answered [the messengers]: "Dost thou deem it strange that God should decree what He wills? The grace of God and His blessings be upon you, O people of this house! Verily, ever to be praised, sublime is He!"
O Sara! Are you surprised with the work of God? His blessings and abundance are always with you.
When Sara slapped her face with wonder, suddenly her period got started and then she got pregnant of Ishaq. Thousand generations of prophets came into this world from the loin of Ishaq.
Sara requested Jibril a.s to mention her more reasons and examples, though the angel was true but to confirm her, Jibril a.s commanded: Go and bring the bones of the calf. He gathered them and placed its skin upon it. And ordered it: Get up. The calf got up and ran towards its mother to suckle the milk.
Again Sara wished to present her some more reason for her satisfaction. It was a dry and lifeless date palm in the courtyard of Ibrahim a.s. jibril commanded the dried date palm to become green and pleasant. Of a sudden the fresh dates cropped up on that palm. Sara was addressed: The Omnipotent God can give life to the calf which was cooked and had the power to grow the dates from the dry and dead palm, similarly He can bestow you a child from Ibrahim a.s in the old age. You give the name of Ishaq (Isaac) to your child.
Sara possessed many flocks of sheep and goats and large properties of land and she presented them all to Ibrahim a.s.
Ibrahim a.s increased her wealth to such extent that no one was in the city to compare him specifically in farming, servants and escorts. When Nimrud threw him in the flames he did not burnt and he wanted to acquire his entire wealth as a penalisation. Ibrahim a.s complained to the judge of the court. The judge of Nimrud ordered: Whoever living in the country of Nimrud must return his belongings to Nimrud and Ibrahim a.s must leave for exile. Ibrahim a.s, Sara and Lut a.s went to Syria.
37:99 And [Abraham] said: Verily, I shall [leave this land and] go wherever my Sustainer will guide me! -
I am going towards the house of my God and may He guide me soon towards my aim.

Nimrud threw Ibrahim (A.S.) in the fire
Amiral mominin Ali a.s said: On Wednesday Nimrud threw the Ibrahim a.s in fire and the day when Nimrud died was Wednesday.
It is narrated that Ibrahim after coming out of the fire safely, invited Nimrud towards the one and only creator God. He replied: I will wage a war against your God and with all his army marched and prepared to attack the God. The Omnipotent God send the mosquitoes in such a gigantic number that the sky became dark.
They attacked the army of Nimrud and all of them ran away facing the swarm of mosquitoes. A single mosquito chased him and entered the brain of Nimrud and began licking his brain. He was requesting others to bang on his head, for the relieve of his pain and for forty years, until hid death he was in the same pain.
It was narrated by Hazrat Imam Zainul Abedin a.s that when they seated Ibrahim in the catapult to throw him in the flames. Jibril a.s brought him a shirt and he wore it. When he reached near the fire, it hurled itself away and the Narcissus flowers emerged. It was the same shirt worn by hazrat Yusuf a.s when his brothers were drowned him in the well. The eye sight of hazrat Yaqub a.s was regained by placing the same shirt upon his eyes. It was the same shirt which Saiyyid ush Shuhada Imam Husein a.s wore it on the day of tenth Moharram Ashura. Later Hazrat Imam Zainul Abedin a.s demanded that shirt from the Yazid lanatullah alaih who looted the shirt from the beheaded holy body of Imam Husain a.s.

The Scriptures of Ibrahim (A.S.)
In the first night of the month of Ramzan twenty scriptures were descended upon Ibrahim a.s. He educated the people according to the laws, customs and civility of those books.
Once Abuzar Gaffari RA enquired from the last prophet Hazrat Muhammad SAVA: What were the books of Ibrahim? The prophet of God replied: The whole numbers of books are stories, parables, metaphysics and advices which he explained and educated the people. It was written in the books, such as: O king! I did not send you to accumulate and enjoy the dainties, luxuries and wealth and make yourself diligent in it and be proud of it. On the contrary he sends you to reach the voices of the oppressed and help the poor and destitute.
Reprimand and criticize ones own self.
Every moment calculate and think over your good and bad deeds. Be thankful upon my immeasurable blessings. Supplicate your needs before me and cease your tongue from the needless talks to avoid from being gone astray. Acquire benefits from the lawful world and keep ready the provisions of your last journey. And in this world make your inner self reach to its perfection.
2:285 THE APOSTLE, and the believers with him, believe in what has been bestowed upon him from on high by his Sustainer: they all believe in God, and His angels, and His revelations, and His apostles, making no distinction between any of His apostles; and they say: We have heard, and we pay heed. Grant us Thy forgiveness, O our Sustainer, for with Thee is all journeys' end!
Ibrahim a.s was the first prophet who taught the mankind every way of living.
16:123 And lastly, We have inspired thee, [O Muhammad, with this message:] "Follow the creed of Abraham, who turned away from all that is false, and was not of those who ascribe divinity to aught beside God;
He was the first, when he was inflicted in calamity solicited God by the names of Prophet Muhammad SAVA; he was the first whom the God examined by life, wealth and children.
He was the first whose name was Muslim and he was called by the religion of Islam.
He was the first man who reached the physical maturity before reaching the adulthood.
He was the first who stood up for the invitation towards God with manifesting the reasons and proves.
He was the first who opened a free guest house and never ate his food without a guest.
He ate the bread mixed with the broth and wore the sandals footwear.
He was propelled in the fire which converted into the floral garden.
He was the first who gave life to death.
He was the first who pared his nails, trimmed his moustaches and left the beard long and migrated in the way of God.
29:26 And said: Verily, I [too] shall forsake the domain of evil [and turn] to my Sustainer: for, verily, He alone is almighty, truly wise!
He was the first who performed the ceremonial washing of pollution (Gusl e Janabat). He started the use of tooth pick.
He was the first man who purified himself with water and shaved the body hairs.
He was the first who fought the Holy war and hoisted the flag.
He was the first in whose face appeared the grey hair and hw was the first for whom jibril a.s brought Maeda (Food of heaven) for him.
He was the first man who was thrown by catapult in fire.

Migration of Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.)
Hazrat Ibrahim a.s after emerging alive out of the fire again turned to Nimrud, to invite him towards the Lord of universe. Nimrud realised that the presence of Ibrahim a.s may create difficulties for him to handle his kingdom. He ordered the exile of Ibrahim a.s.
Hence Ibrahim Khalilullah with prophet lut a.s and Luts a.s sister Bibi Sara(they were his cousins)and father Tarikh migrated in 2190 BC from Babul to Haran. There Ibrahim a.s married Sara and his father died there.
After that by the divine command Ibrahim a.s with Bibi Sara and her brother hazrat Lut a.s and along with the people who accompanied him in the Haran, they moved towards Kanan.
Kanan was named after Kanan bin Ham bin Nuh a.s. Ibrahim lived there for a period of time, when draught was outspread there, necessarily he proceeded towards the Egypt.
Firaun the king of Egypt called Ibrahim a.s and Bibi Sara and seeing her He got enamoured by the beauty of Bibi Sara. As he stretched his hands to touch her, his hands became lifeless. He felt awed and repented to God and pleaded the prophet and his wife to pray for him to heal his hands.
Bibi Sara prayed the Almighty God to return the hands of Firaun and he recovered. For the thanks giving he presented her a female slave and said: This is a gift for the acceptance of your prayers. She named her Hajira as she got her in the period of Hijrath(migration).

How the King of Egypt saw the Sara
At the time of migration from Kufa to Sham (Syria) and from Sham to Egypt, hazrat Ibrahim a.s made a box for Bibi Sara who was rich and beautiful. He placed Bibi Sara in that box which was provided with the means of air pass, for her breathing and she was totally concealed in the box.
They left for Egypt and reached the border of Qabti. The officer in charge of collecting the taxes claimed his share of money which Ibrahim a.s paid them. When they came across the box in which Bibi Sara was made to hide, ordered Ibrahim a.s to open it. He said: I will give you money and gold but I want you to leave this box.
They insisted to open the box and when it was opened, they saw a beautiful woman in it and asked: Who is she? Ibrahim replied: She is my wife and cousin.
The officer informed the king about the matter and he ordered to bring the box. Ibrahim a.s claimed: She is my wife I will not leave her alone even if I lose my life. They carried the box to the king, he ordered to open it. Ibrahim a.s said: This is my wife and I am devoted to her. I am ready to give all my belongings and money but I will not open this box.
But the king opened the box by using his force. Sighting the beauty and elegance of Bibi Sara, he extended his hands towards her. Ibrahim a.s cursed him and his hands became vapid.
He felt ashamed of his disrespect and said: O Ibrahim you have such a powerful God. Ibrahim replied: Yes! He is extremely respectful and the enemy of illegitimate deeds.
Firaun requested: O Ibrahim! Pray to God to give life to my hands. Ibrahim supplicated for him and his hand recovered their life.
But again the beauty of Bibi Sara invoked in him the desire to touch her, when he moved towards her with the evil intentions. Again his hands became motionless. Three times he pleaded to Ibrahim a.s to pray for him then his hands got the life once again and he bestowed a female slave Hajira (who later became the mother of prophet Ismail a.s) to Bibi Sara.
Firaun was terrified by the acceptance of their prayers, he revered and honoured them. He send many male and female slaves and cattle as a gift to Ibrahim and wished them to excuse him for his shameless act.
Ibrahim a.s with his wife, slaves and the cattle moved out of the Egypt to migrate towards the Palestine. From Palestine he went to Hebron which is famous as Quds Khalil. At last in 2077 BC Hazrat Ibrahim a.s died in the Hebron.
In Sur e Al e Imran the God of Kaaba, about the Ibrahim a.s and Ismail a.s when they constructing it, revealed: Certainly this house is built on earth to make it, the hope of the people. It was founded in Mecca and God appointed it holy and a guidance for the people of the world.
In the house of Kaaba there are evident signs of Almighty Gods power. Like Maqam e Ibrahim (Station of Abraham a.s) anyone who enters there he or she will be in peace. Every Muslim must visit the House of God to perform Hajj at least once in life time. One should travel according to his or her capability. Those who violates, the God is gratuitous.
In Sur e Baqara God the Almighty relates:
When I made the House of Kaaba the place of Good deeds and commanded the people to make the station of Ibrahim a.s (Maqam e Ibrahim a.s) place for namaz. Ibrahim a.s pledged a covenant to maintain the House of Kaaba clean so that people can perform circumambulation () the house and do the genuflexion (ј) and prostration ().
Ibrahim a.s prayed to God Almighty: Establish this house, a place of peace and bestow the dwellers of this place every kinds of fruits for those who brought faith in God and the day of Judgment. And grant the disbeliever respite and benefits for a short period of time. Finally he or she will be punished from the fire of Hell and it is a worst place of return.
2:126 And, lo, Abraham prayed: "O my Sustainer! Make this a land secure, and grant its people fruitful sustenance - such of them as believe in God and the Last Day." [God] answered: "And whoever shall deny the truth, him will I let enjoy himself for a short while -but in the end I shall drive him to suffering through fire: and how vile a journey's
When Ibrahim a.s was raising the foundation of Kaaba and Ismail a.s was helping him. He pleaded to God: O Lord! Accept my service; you are best listener and the knower. O my Lord! Establish the way of submission to me, my son and make my children the nation of the people who are completely submissive to God (Muslims). Grow us all together submissive to you. And reveal us the ways of hajj to follow and accept our repentance, as you are kind and forgive who repents.
2:127 And when Abraham and Ishmael were raising the foundations of the Temple , [they prayed:] "O our Sustainer! Accept Thou this from us: for, verily, Thou alone art all-hearing, all-knowing!
2:128 "O our Sustainer! Make us surrender ourselves unto Thee, and make out of our offspring a community that shall surrender itself unto Thee, and show us our ways of worship, and accept our repentance: for, verily, Thou alone art the Acceptor of Repentance, the Dispenser of Grace!
2:129 "O our Sustainer! Raise up from the midst of our off spring an apostle from among themselves, who shall convey unto them Thy messages, and impart unto them revelation as well as wisdom, and cause them to grow in purity: for,verily
O Almighty Lord! From my children appoint as prophet so that to read your verses to them. Teach them the way of right speech, nurture them in your way. Educate them your book and wisdom and purify them to make them cultured. Certainly conquest and power is only for you.
In the period of Hajj recite the name of God. I have decided for their nourishment, the meat of cattle to consume and give the needy to eat and cast away the uncleanness and evil from themselves. Fulfill the vows and perform the circumambulation (walk) around Kaaba, the ancient house of Adam, the father of Humanity.
These places of Hajj are endured by the worshipping and adoring the House of Kaaba. I made eating the quadrupeds lawful to you. In them they are some which I made unlawful to eat and prevent themselves from telling lie, Idolatry and uncleanness.
Remember the period when Ibrahim a.s pleaded to Almighty: O Benevolent God! Establish this city An abode of peace and engage my children in pious life and cease them from being idolaters. One, who follows me, belongs to me.
O God! Inhabit me in this valley where there is no vegetation and cultivation near your house whose respect is essential for all.
O Omnipotent God! Grant us ability to stabilize the practice of Namaz.
The hearts of the nation is at your grasp; turn them towards your house. Nourish them with good fruit and yield, to make them thankful to you.
O Lord! You are well acquainted, what is hidden and evident. I praise and thanks to the Lord who is merciful.
O Lord! You bestowed me in the old age Ismail a.s and Ishaq a.s. Verily the Lord is the hearer of all the prayers.
-Prophet Hazrat Ibrahim a.s
In Sur e Anbiya ی The Benevolent God addressed: Blasphemy and polytheism, before reaching its highest point I nurtured Ibrahim a.s in monotheism to hoist religiously the flag of God worshiping in the world, I know the status of his merits.
The people of his nation stated: Did you revolted against us? Again you started your childlike talk. Do you have any proof for your argument?
When Ibrahim a.s told his father His mothers father: What are these lifeless and ineffective images, which you worship and spend whole of your life in this baseless believe?
They replied: These idols are the Gods of our fore fathers which we worship. Ibrahim a.s expressed: You and your fore fathers are following the wrong path.
Ibrahim a.s taught them: Your father is one who created the heavenly bodies and the earth. Brought you from the non-existence to existence, certainly I am giving witness whole-heartedly and i am waiting a chance to break the Idols.
One day on an occasion of a festival all went to desert, no one was present there. Ibrahim a.s broke down all the idols except a big idol, which he left to give the witness.
They enquired: The one who crushed down the idols, he is a tyrannical and got informed about one youth by the name Ibrahim a.s.
They demanded: Bring him and let him give witness before us.
Ibrahim a.s was brought and they enquired from him: Did you break these idols? He answered: The biggest among them broke them. If it could speak, then ask the idol itself. And Ibrahim a.s added you who worship these idols are tyrannical, I am not. And he said further: You worship these idols which gives neither benefit nor loss. Your faces had gone black, spittle upon you that you adore beside the God.
They wholly decided: Burn the Ibrahim and seek help from our gods in burning him.
21:69 (Asad) [But] We said: O fire! Be thou cool, and [a source of] inner peace for Abraham!
I too commanded: O fire get cool and be secure to Ibrahim.
They proposed for the deceitfulness but for this kind of act we inflicted them deprivation and saved Ibrahim a.s. And lead the Ibrahim a.s and Lut (Lot or Jewish name Sodom) a.s towards such a land which was prosperous that was Syria (Sham) and blessed Ibrahim with Ishaq a.s and Yaqub a.s who were calling the people towards moral soundness.
21:72 And We bestowed upon him Isaac and [Isaacs son] Jacob as an additional gift and caused all of them to be righteous men,
O messenger remember with respects, when Ibrahim a.s manifested to his guardian who was called father by him: Why did you made the idols, your God. I perceive that you and your people are evidently in the perversion.
Ibrahim a.s sighted the hidden soul of the celestial powers of God, the heavenly kingdom and the earth; he reached the status of certainty

When the night darkened and he observed the stars he believed: They are my Gods and as the stars disappeared.
6:76 Then, when the night overshadowed him with its darkness, he beheld a star;., [and] he exclaimed, "This is my Sustainer!" -but when it went down, he said, "I love not the things that go down."
He expressed: I do not want the God who annihilates. As the moon became obvious he uttered It is my deity. And when the moon faded away from the vision Ibrahim a.s declared: The God who vanishes never guides. I may be misled by them.
In the morning when the sun appeared he indicated: This is the brightest and the extensive earth illuminating lamp. However when it was sunk, Ibrahim a.s mentioned: I hate the gods which sinks.
I pay attention to the God who created the heavens and the earth and I will not be in the group of polytheists.
Ibrahim a.s protested against his people and described about his creator and All Worshipped God: He is the creator of this vast world; I never fear those who are resolute to bring partners to Him. The knowledge of my omnipotent God surrounded his entire creation and his power is great that you are not realising the truth.
Why should I get frightened with you, when you are not bothered to associate a partner with God? For which you have no reason and logic. Who among you is in peace because of these idols? Do am I safe or are you safe? But you do not realise.
This is my proof and logic and I am the best learned, wise and clear sighted about the welfare, kindness and the excellent system of the God of universe.
Ibrahim a.s in his protest to Nimrud (Nimrod) claimed:
2:258 ART THOU NOT aware of that [king] who argued with Abraham about his Sustainer, (simply] because God had granted him kingship? Lo! Abraham said: "My Sustainer is He who grants life and deals death." [The king] replied: "I [too] grant life and deal death!" Said Abraham: "Verily, God causes the sun to rise in the east; cause it, then, to rise in the west!" Thereupon he who was bent on denying the truth remained dumbfounded: for God does not guide people who [deliberately] do wrong.
Do you not observe my God is the one who gives the life and death? Nimrud replied: I too can give life and death.
A person who was under the trail of death punishment Nimrud released him and ordered another innocent person to be killed. Ibrahim told: If you are true in your words then capture the sun to rise from the west. My Almighty God causes the sun to appear from the east.
Nimrud was struck dumb. Ibrahim a.s mentioned: I swear by God that he never supports the oppressors.

Status of Ibrahim a.s.
In monotheism he was the follower of Nuh a.s (Noah). He was chosen by God for his pure heart and asked his people: Whom do you worship? Is it worthy to adore the idols leaving beside the One and Only God?
When Ibrahim a.s planned and a decided to educate his people, he excused: I am not well and cannot come for the day out of the town for festival, you may go. When the entire town went out for the pleasure excursion, Ibrahim a.s found the idols temple vacant.
He asked an idol: Do not you want to eat? Do not you want to talk? How ineffective and vain are you. And hit hardly upon the head of an idol and broken all the idols with an axe.
The people got informed that the idols were broken. They were making haste to take the revenge. Ibrahim a.s enquired from them: Is this deserving to create the wooden images and worship them?
They said: He is talking absurd and they reached the conclusion, to put Ibrahim a.s in the fire as the Nimrud ordered them to burn him.
21:69 [But] We said: O fire! Be thou cool, and [a source of] inner peace for Abraham!
I made fire a garden of flowers for the Ibrahim a.s. Ibrahim announced I am going towards God, He guided me. O Muhammad SAVA, the last messenger, narrate the story of Ibrahim a.s before your nation.
Ibrahim a.s interrogated: Do you believe, these idols are worthy of worship? You adore the God who created this universe and nurture us with love and care. When we are hungry He provides us food. When we are thirsty He satiates us. When we are sick He cures us. When we die He grants us the eternal life. All the hopes are for the pardon and blessings of God.
Then Ibrahim a.s pleaded to the Sovereign God: O the Master! Help me overcome the polytheists and bestow me wisdom and knowledge. Join me with pious people; bless my name praiseworthy for the future generations. Resolve the Paradise my inheritance; forgive me and my paternal uncle who is among the misled people. My Lord! The day you bring the entire creation once again to life, please do not ruin and disgrace me. That day our wealth and descendants are of no vail. Only the heart which is pure and free of polytheism will acquire all the benefits.
That day the Paradise will be bestowed to the virtues people and the Hell will be given to the people who had gone astray from the right way. That day the unbelievers who were worshipping the idols will be told: Where are the idols which you adored? Now seek their help to defend yourself.
Be aware, except God no one will come to help you. That day the unbelievers and polytheists will be thrown, upside down in the Hell. The complete force of Satan will be his companions in the Hell. There they will be fighting and accusing each other by admitting: By God we were openly in the great deviation by worshiping the Idols. No one distorted us except the corrupt nation.
When Ibrahim a.s cast himself away from the idols then I too with my grace and mercy blessed him Ishaq (Isaac) and Yaqub a.s( Jacob or Jewish name Yaakov).
In Sur e Hud the God announced:
It was I who gave the glad tiding of son to Ibrahim. The angels saluted him: He replied: Salam peace be upon you and served them with a roasted calf, supposed them as human guests.
When he observed that they were avoiding eating the meals, he got frightened. They told: Do not fear, we are send by God and we came towards the people of the prophet Lut a.s (Lot or Sodom). First we convey you the good news of a son then we will go to prophet Lut a.s.
Sara the wife of Ibrahim a.s who was standing near the door, laughed. We gave the good tidings of Ishaq a.s and after him Yaqub a.s will be the prophet. Sara uttered: woe to me, shall I conceive a son as I get old? And my husband too reached his old age. It is astonishing.
The angels replied: Are you astonished at the command of God. The door of the Gods mercy and favours are opened for you and your family. The God is great and praiseworthy.
When Ibrahim a.s received the pleasant tiding of a son, he got himself freed from fear. Then he appealed in the favour of the people of Lut a.s. Ibrahim a.s was very tolerant, he deeply bemoaned before
God and expressed in grief and painfully pleaded for help, to excuse the people of Lut a.s.
11:76 [But God's messengers replied:] "O Abraham! Desist from this [pleading]! Behold, thy Sustainer's judgment has already gone forth: and, verily, there shall fall upon them a chastisement which none can avert!"
He was addressed by God: O Ibrahim cease yourself from this intersession because the wrath of God is already issued. That calamity cannot be made void.
In sur e Zariyat ی the Almighty God instructed: O the last messenger narrate the story of the Ibrahim a.s that how much he was hospitable. When the guests entered into his house they saluted and greeted him Salam. He replied their salutation in spite of not recognising them. Immediately he went to his wife Sara and roasted the calf and brought it to serve the guests. When they were not eating it, Ibrahim a.s enquired: Why do not you eat anything? They declared: We are angels you do not fear. We came to give you the joyful tiding of a wise son.
The wife Sara screamed and slapped herself and said: woe upon me! I am barren. They asserted her: God had promised you. He is Wise, all knowing and magnanimous.

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