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The alm-givers will intercede tomorrow

By: Ayatullah Shaheed Syed Abdul Husayn Dastaghaib Shirazi
Everyone who was a generous person in this world will remain so in the Hereafter too. So much, so that even in the Purgatory (Barzakh) he benefits others. What to say about the Day of Judgment?
You have heard that a believer intercedes. Which believer? A believer, who besides having Faith and good deeds was also generous and charitable. He will intercede. But what about the one who held fast to his wealth and deposited millions and billions in banks? What he has to do with intercession? He has made yokes of pythons for himself. He has himself closed the doors of Paradise. How can he get them opened for others?

Remembering hunger and thirst of the Judgment Day
(And remember by your hunger and your thirst the hunger of the Day of Judgment and its thirst

Thanks to God Who brings Ramadhan gradually in summer. "The fast in summer" has more benefits in the Hereafter. God has promised that the one who fasts for Him gets two joys: One, at the time of breaking the fast and another, at the time of his death. He will be given the water of Kauthar by the hands of the Victorious Lion of Allah, Ali bin Abi Talib.
God is ‘Shakoor’ that is He is the best appreciator, especially when a youth, early in the age of his maturity, comes up to obey his Commands (Whose Commands are also for the purification and fortification of the man himself). He does not take even a drop of water for sixteen hours in hot season. Despite his thirst, he restrains himself. How will the appreciator God deal with him?

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