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Raise hands for supplication

By: Ayatullah Shaheed Syed Abdul Husayn Dastaghaib Shirazi
O Muslims! It is necessary to supplicate with your hands raised in this best month of Ramadhan and in the best hours after Prayer. In these hours, raise your hands before Almighty Allah and ask from Him. He has sworn by His might and honor that He will not chastise those who pray and make prostrations. In this holy month whenever one who offers fast and after prayer, says, "O Allah, here I am, O my Lord! Whenever you call me, I am ready to answer your call." He says, "Ask whatever you want." The prayer of one, who fasts for God, is always answered. O Allah! Our request is pardon all those of our sins, which are likely to make us leave this world hungry and gather us hungry and thirsty in the Grand Gathering on the Day of Judgment. In hell, the heat is so much that one is ready to drink the boiling water. O Allah! Due to the bounty of this holy moth of Ramadhan, make our hearts cool with the sweet and cool water of the Pond of Kauthar. Our Lord! Erase all our sins, which come between us and the Pool of Kauthar. O God! Make us clean and pious. This is the month of piety in which God makes all pious and holy. Whatever comes from You makes us pure and makes us say: Please forgive. Do you not forget dawn prayers? Lighten your heart before God in the early morning solitude. Put your needs and troubles before Him. Complain against Satan who creates doubts in your hearts. God too will be so kind to you that your eyes will brighten.

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