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Remember the thirst of Imam Husain(A.S.)

By: Ayatullah Shaheed Syed Abdul Husayn Dastaghaib Shirazi
(And remember by your hunger and thirst the hunger of Husain and his companions and the thirst of Husain and his companions.)
I do not know how long that day was, of sixteen hours or seventeen; before breaking a fast. They were fasting in terribly hot sandy lands and the climate was terribly hot. You are in a shade now. But Husain and his companions were in scorching sun. How hot was the sun! They wore armors of iron. Iron itself creates heat. I do not know on which aspect I should speak. One more among many other things was the fighting itself; hitting and receiving wounds, running and running. Coming and going. All these things in hot sun create heat and result in thirst. They increase thirst. All afflictions cause thirst. I am unable to imagine how thirsty were Husain and his men. I may tell you what Ali Akbar had uttered. It is mentioned in books of Kerbala tragedy, that when he sent one hundred twenty or more of the enemies to hell it so happened to Ali Akbar that he could not bear any more. He hastened to Husain and said, "O father! I am almost killed by my thirst. The weight of iron (armors) has troubled me too much." Perhaps you will ask, "Did Ali Akbar not know that Husain had no water?" Why? Perhaps this youth thought his father might be permitted by God to help him miraculously. Husain was not permitted do anything in a supernatural way at that time. It is narrated that Husain put his tongue in the mouth of his thirsty son and said, "Young man! See, my mouth is drier than yours; I am thirstier than you."
Then he said, "Go back to the battlefield. I hope that before the sun sets, you will be gratified at the hands of your grandfather." Thus Husain had no hope of his son’s remaining alive any longer.

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