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Orders attached to Islam!

By: Ayatullah Shaheed Syed Abdul Husayn Dastaghaib Shirazi
I am compelled to discuss this belief. Since the time of Ibn Taiymiyah till today, these Wahabis who are now following him in Hijaz, have brought several innovations in Islam. One of such innovations is their saying that visiting and touching the grave is unlawful. Weeping over the dead is unlawful and so on. From where did you bring in these orders? Its precedent reaches Umar. What makes Umar entitled to put himself forward against God and His Prophet? How is it that many obey him too?

An unrecognized tradition of Prophet
A tradition was also concocted that Ayesha also did not accept (Weeping on him or her brings chastisement on the dead). They say: You Shias weep over Imam Husain. You beat your chests. All this is unlawful because the Prophet has said, "If someone weeps over a dead, the dead one is being punished." The answer to this is that the Holy Prophet did never say so. According to the sources of the Sunnis, the man who was first to make this thought effective was Umar. Al-Ghadeer, in its third volume give references from Sunni sources showing that one day, Ruqaiyaa, daughter of the Holy Prophet or Khadijah, expired in Medina. The young girl had suffered a lot in the house of Uthman, which culminated in her death. Finally they brought her body to the graveyard of Baqi. Fatima and other Hashemite women were weeping. Umar bin Khattab picked up a lash and began to whip the poor aggrieved women, one by one saying: Do not cry. The Sunnis also say that the Holy Prophet held the hand of Umar and said, "Leave them! Their hearts are aching. Let them weep." In fact Umar daringly stood up before the Holy Prophet. How strange! In the words of Amini (may God raise his status), "I do not know whether Fatima too was hit that day by that lash whereby it became a precedent for the latter hitting?" In brief, the trouble is not with only one or two or ten. These people who are not prepared to hear, flatly say: No. It is what you yourselves are saying. It is unlawful. Have you not seen that when someone tries to kiss the shrine of the Prophet of God, he is whipped? After all what is the source of such prohibition?

O you who believe! Be not forward in the presence of Allah and His Apostle, and be careful of (your duty to) Allah; surely Allah is Hearing, Knowing. (49:1)
That is: O Muslims! Do not push yourselves forward. Here there is much to speak about. We are all affected by it. We say: Such pushing forward pertains, sometimes, to ones opinion. A man imagines that his view or opinion is more sensible than what God and His messenger have said!

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