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Result of Patience, Thanking Allah and Good Deeds

By: Fatima Zabeth Beenesh
When I am bored Shaitan makes me feel like running away somewhere but I keep patience and thank Allah because Allah is always with me and after my death he will never make me bored with his pleasures
When I am sick and in pain Shaitan makes me to wish to be dead but I keep patience and thank Allah because he would give me result of patience in this life and after my death I would never get pain and sickness
When I live in poverty and tight handed Shaitan makes me feel to end my life but I keep patience and thank Allah because I am receiving continuous blessing in this life and will never be facing any poverty after my death for keeping patience and thanking him.
When I lose something important to me I keep patience and thank Allah because he is testing my patience, has better plans for me and would give me best in this life and life after death.
When I donít get what I work hard and planned for I keep patience and thank Allah because he has better plans for me
When I perform prayers Allah changes my destiny and makes it better than before because all he ask is to follow his commands to make our best destiny
When I forgive someone who hurtís me Allah forgive my sins
When I live tight handed in wealth I keep patience and thank Allah because they are others who are living in poverty and I am in much better position than them.
When someone shows racism to me I keep patience and thank Allah because the companions of prophets were also shown racism and I became one of them. I will get my best results from Allah in this life and here after.
I am always in touch with my relatives to be with them during their problems and happiness because I am companion of Imaam Mehdi a.s
When I wear Hijaab (women covering her body) I donít think that I am not able to dress well, donít look beautiful or be praised like other because I realize the sacrifice made by Bibi Zainab a.s after Ashura for hijaab. I am kaneez-e-Fatima Zehra a.s who will be protected by the daughter of Prophet Mohammed a.s in this life and after death.
I donít imitate any actors, politicians or musicians because I want to live like Imaan Ali a.s and die like Imaam Hussain a.s.
May God forgive all our sins?
All praises to all prophets and family of Holy Prophet Mohammed (S.A.W.) who showed us the right path.

To Secure Heaven after the Worldly Life
By: Fatima Zabeth Beenesh
1. First we have to gain the heaven in this world. We have to lead such a life that we feel the heaven here in this world. We need to set aside the curtains of materialistic life which covers our eyes to see the Heaven.
2. Our love of God must become such a way that we can feel every action and reaction of Allah with us. Let it be his love or wrath.
3. In one tray of balanced scale(tarazu) is this earthly life with its limited number of years and in the other tray of balanced scale there is an unending life with millions of years. That means every moment of this life is extremely precious so we must never loose a single moment of it, and gain everything from it.
4. The Almighty Allah defined the true believers as those who have
a) No fear in their hearts and
b) No agony or depression. So a true believer has no fear and no depression in heart. Erase the fear and agony from the heart just say Sub'hanillah and bimillah hir Rahman nir Rahim and make your heart prepare for the entering the paradise.
5. The terrible haraam food, it never let us enter in heaven. We must be very much careful about the morsels which we intake without thinking about its origin. In the qayamat all the haram food becomes fire for those who never cared and feared to eat it.
6. We must be very much punctual in performing our vajibat like namaz , fasting , Khums, zakat etc.

All praises to God
You have never left me alone but I always felt alone during problems
Because I never thought about you
You never hurt me but I followed my vein desires, did sins and hurt myself
Because I ignored your commands
I was under stress, worried, upset and depressed about my future
Because I did not believe that you have better plans for me and taking care of me
You never whispered evil ideas in me but shaitan did and I followed him
Because I did not read the meaning of Quran
I followed what people followed with time and age and felt very modern
Because I did not understand and followed life of our prophets and Imaamís as I thought those stories are for old generation and have no importance in our generation
Because I did not realize that God sent prophetís so that we can live like them and not the ignorant
I made someone as my ideal, lost my way in life, and suffered
Because I followed someone who did not follow the command in Quran
I desired enormous wealth and property and worked my entire life after it
Because I never noticed other beauties of life
I always compared my wealth with others and never thanked you for what I had
Because I did not wanted to be best in doing good deeds
I always thought about being the best in materialism
Because I did not give time to think about you
Now that I am dead I have realized that I had lived life of an ignorant
And now I have no chance to change as my temporary time is over
I am suffering every moment and on the judgment day I will be put into hell

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