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Actions and Duties of a Pregnant Women in Islam

By: Fatima Zabeth Beenesh
1. The first and foremost important thing the expecting lady must observe besides doing her vajibat(performing pillars of Islam) is to keep herself cool minded, happy and cheerful always. That is the healthiest food for her.
2. The luxurious food brings all kinds of ailment for human beings. We should always avoid the luxurious food at least share that food with those who cannot afford it.We should always be careful to share our food with our fellow beings. Like this way we may gain the favors of God and turn our food eternal before God.
3. Since childhood we were taught to salute Imam Husain alaihis salam. When we drink water we must say "salam bar Husain alaihis salam and the shuhada of karbala" but in the rat race of life we often forget this recitation.
4. We must always while eating our food must remember the companions of Imam Husain alaihis salam, the women and children of karbala. While we sit to relish our delicious food this way the food will enter our blood with the love of Imam Husain alaihis salam and ahlulbayt alaihum salam.
5. The tear for our martyred Imam wipes out all our sorrows and grieves of life, and gives fresh spirits to our life. Always remember the event of Karbala and give Imam Husain alaihis salam every day the eyes full of tears.
6. Every day remember Imam Zamana Hazrat Mahdi alaihis salam and pay salute (salaam) to him.
7. Offer namaaz e Shab which is 11 rakat and read Ziyarat e Ashura.
8. For the well being of the baby during the pregnancy, the best thing is mother should read the Holy Quran as much she can.
9. She must strictly avoid watching horror and sinful movies, listening to music specifically the music which thrills the person and creates high degree of excitements.
10. One should strictly avoid eating the outside food, and must eat one’s own food as she knows that the money of the food is halaal. The money of the food must be halaal.
11. The expecting mother must avoid 'Geebath' back biting which leaves very evil effect on one and all.
12. The expecting mother must not leave fasting unless it is not good for her or her baby. When doctore advices she must not fast.
13. The pregnant mother should always be in Vazu 'ablutions.
14. Whenever she gets time she must recite tasbih of salavath and the names of Allah.
15. The expecting mother should always remembers name of 'Imam Jafar Sadiq" as at the time of pregnancy it makes the baby intelligent.
16. Reading Hadis Kisa is very useful for easing the pains of delivery.
17. At the time of delivery pains the attendees of the conceiving mother must recite Sure Qadr.

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