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Charity cultivates generosity

By: Ayatullah Shaheed Syed Abdul Husayn Dastaghaib Shirazi
Moreover, it generates a perfect virtue. Until a man becomes kind he cannot approach the real needless ones. Do you wish to face the source of generosity, that is, Ali bin Abi Talib, taking with you your miserliness? Strange! How can you get nearness to Ali when you are a miser? These charities take you nearer to Ali and so their benefit reaches only you. Whatever you gave, you gave for yourself. You have uplifted your own existence. In this way you can be nearer to the Most Generous One, the Lord of the worlds. Until you have not inculcated generosity in yourself, how can you, tomorrow, benefit from Divine Mercy? It is not possible for man to reach the source of virtues unless and until he inculcates in him those high virtues. A miser is far away from Paradise, away from God, and away from the Progeny of Muhammad.
O Muslims! Appreciate the Divine Commands and responsibilities. Whatever is there in it, it is only for your benefit. Whatever is made unlawful for you, it is banned so that you may not be harmed; that you may not be at a loss. Otherwise, in the words of the poet: Even if the whole world becomes denier, His greatness will not be affected.

Patience brings growth and draws limitless reward
For example, the God Almighty says in the Holy Qur’an: Be patient, Allah is with the patient ones. So it is for you that God has said: I will give you the reward; I will recompense. He further says: And if you are patient it is better for you. Firstly, it is good for your body. When you resort to this patience you get tranquility. Impatience brings you nervous and restlessness making you ill. From the otherworldly view also you lose its benefit. But if you are patient you will get a healthy body and heart with a good life and you are given the promise of Paradise in the Hereafter. After death, Paradise is the property of the patient ones. Every deed there has a measure and weight but, for patience, there is no measure. Reward of patience is immeasurable, limitless. Patience is the remedy for your illness. If you will show patience, you will get limitless reward from God.
For making patience easy, look at those who are in a more difficult situation than you are in. Everyone who is in a calamity will find another one in a worse condition. Look at him and say: Thanks God. For example, you are living in a rented house. Then look at the one who does not have any money even for paying rent. Do not look at the one who has both a bungalow and a garden. Never look at the richer in worldly matters. Always look at the one who is in a more difficult position than you so that you can be patient. You will benefit. This was a marginal comment. The first sentence has ended. The summary of its first meaning is that all the difficulties are from the Lord of the worlds. It is His mercy towards His servants, which results in a good end and keeps one from greater harms. It is not to put one in trouble by caring for others – God forbid. It can never be so that Muslims should be put to trouble for the sake of Muhammad.

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