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Take benefit of Repentance

By: Ayatullah Shaheed Syed Abdul Husayn Dastaghaib Shirazi
Do take the benefit of repentance or seeking forgiveness. Do not let yourselves go to the grave in your present sinful state. Repentance is the door of mercy or turning towards the truth that changes you. Darkness turn into light, black spots become bright. Fire turns to flowers. If you go to the grave in a sinful state, there is a volcano for you in your grave. If you go with repentance there is mercy and kindness.
Yusuf is a prophet and a son of a prophet. Divine quality is in his nature. One of the attributes of God is to accept apology. So he accepted the apology of his brothers. God also accepts and forgives. You also come. Seek pardon and be sure that He will forgive you. Say: O Lord! I was unwise and negligent; I was accosted by passions and lusts.
You are absolute Merciful, O Lord! Those who love the Merciful Lord turn to Him and those dislike Him turn away from Him
"O you who believe! If an evildoer comes to you with a report, look carefully into it, lest you harm a people in ignorance, then be sorry for what you have done. And know that among you is Allah’s Apostle… (49:6-7)"
It is mentioned that this Holy verse was revealed by Allah in the context of the transgressor Walid and Bani Mustaliq; that some Muslims provoked the Prophet to send an army for killing the tribe (Bani Mustaliq). Then this verse was revealed: O those who believe! If a transgressor who crosses all limits and who does not obey God’s commands brings any news to you, you must not be impressed by him. Perhaps you may, through ignorance, inflict undue harm – Walid came and brought for you such falsehood and untrue allegations. You have no right to believe them and to send an army for fighting. Make investigation and see that this man lies; he may be avenging his past dealings, he may be showing selfishness. That (the other) group may be faultless and may not have the alleged faults. So make inquiries.

Khalid goes for investigation
It is written in commentary of Qur’an that the Holy Prophet, in this dispute, sent Khalid and told him. Go and see how the behavior of these people is. Does Walid tell the truth? Have they left Islam or not? Khalid went alone, met the tribe and saw strange things! In the afternoon came the sound of the call for prayer (Allaho Akbar). Immediately after sunset also he heard this call. They all came and lined up in the mosque for prayers. Then he returned and informed the Holy Prophet of this. Walid became disgraceful and so also all those who had said that Walid told the truth and that army should be sent to Bani Mustaliq.
Almighty God now gives an eternal command for all time to come that believers must never accept any allegation against any believer until they became certain about the matter. If someone comes and says such and such Muslim has become a disbeliever or transgressor it must not be believed instantly. If you Muslims believe him at once, you know how dangerous it is. They say such and such man is a Sufi. Let it no be so that you should believe whatever he says. How do you know what is the intention behind such words, jealousy or hatred. Perhaps who did this wrong, did it for monetary gain. They did not get what they had hoped. Why should you give up your faith? He makes an error because of selfishness or Satanic misguidance but why should you believe him and give away your faith!

Undue benefit of people’s ignorance
Now what should be done if someone is like this? It was so in the time of Ali bin Abi Talib. Muawiyah took undue benefit of people’s ignorance. You must have heard that he propagated in Syria that Ali does not offer prayers. Did he not propagate this where Ali died? This is lying and falsehood. They told lies about the Holy Prophet too and people of Syria believed in it. Had you been there you would also have believed it. Today you accept whatever anybody says. Had you lived in those days in Syria you also would have said, "Yes! It is right that Ali does not pray." How is it that everyone in Syria accepts the word that Ali does not pray? Nobody went for inquiry. Their only foundation was that they heard a thing and believed in it instantly. Not only this, he also says that I heard it from a holy person.

Lying about Imam’s word against the Imam himself!
It is narrated that one day Ja’far bin Sadiq was sitting in a gathering in Masjid Khashaaf Haqaaiq. Some of his companions brought a traveler who was claiming that he was a scholar of traditions. He claimed, "I acquire traditions from every city I visit. I have learnt thousands of traditions by heart. I remember the words of all great men, even of Ja’far bin Sadiq." He did not know that he was talking to Ja’far bin Muhammad himself. The Imam asked him, "What do you remember from the words of Ja’far?" He said, "One of his sayings is, ‘If one is on a journey and one makes ablution without taking out the socks and does wiping (Masah) on those socks, it is sufficient.’" The Imam asked, "From whom did you hear this?" He replied, "From a man who says that he heard it from Imam Ja’far Sadiq." The Imam asked, "If Ja’far Ibn Muhammad says that he never said so?" He replied, "I will not believe it." The Imam said, "I am Ja’far bin Muhammad and I say that I did not say so." That man replied, "I will not believe it because I have heard it from a good man that you have said so. Now how can I believe you?"
Most of the people are like this.

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