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Were all the companions of the Prophet just?

By: Ayatullah Shaheed Syed Abdul Husayn Dastaghaib Shirazi
The Sunnis, especially the Wahabis, as one of their objections against the Shias, say that the Shias dare to offend the companions of the Holy Prophet while all the companions of the Prophet were just. The Shias consider them all bad and curse them.
In reply we say, "O Sunni gentleman! Why do you make allegations? May God curse the one who offends the true and real companions of Muhammad." In Sahifa Sajjadiya, the fourth supplication is for invoking blessings on the companions of the Holy Prophet. Our Imam sends Salawat on the companions of the Holy Prophet. We do not close our eyes and we do not send Salawat on all the companions indiscriminately. Likewise, we do not close our eyes and speak ill of all of them. We do not send Salawat on every Muslim of the Prophets time, who lived near or around him or remained in the mosque with him. May Allah forgive us Dust on our heads if we do like this. We are behind Imam Zainul Abideen. Our Imam has said: O! Lord Bless the companions of Muhammad. Thy peace and mercy on him and his descendants in particular, (Bless) those who were good companions of his.
Not everyone who became a Muslim, not everyone who came to the mosque was really a companion of Muhammad. No, instead, everyone who obeyed Muhammad, whoever became his follower and who did not obey his desires and passions, who never put off a compulsory or obligatory deed, who did not commit any unlawful deed was a true companion of the Prophet. Can we come and praise Walid, the transgressor, whom the Quran calls a transgressor. How can we say: Since he was one of the companions of the Prophet should we send Salawat on him? Even though after the Holy Prophet he makes mischiefs? You ask us: Why do you offend the companions of the Prophet? Was Walid a companion of the Prophet? No, he was a companion of Satan.

You are obedient not commanders
The following verse of Quran says so. It addresses the people:

"And know that among you is Allahs Apostle; should he obey you in many a matter, you would surely fall into distress (49:7)"
Know that Walid was not alone in lying and mischief making. A group of Muslims had also joined him. They instigated the Prophet and wanted that the fire of enmity should arise. God Almighty, in this verse, addressing Muslims says: Know that between you is the Messenger of God, Muhammad. How should you behave with Muhammad? You should come to him and say: O Messenger of Allah! What is your command?
So that he may issue orders to you. Not that you should come and start making a move saying: O Messenger of Allah! Walid has told the truth kill, and arrest. Suggesting things for the Prophet of God! If it so happens that Muhammad starts believing in whatever you say and begins to move and declares people disbelievers and transgressors and if he is impressed by you then you yourselves will be destroyed and you will fall into trouble, and be involved in reckless bloodshed and thus finally you will be oppressed. Muhammad is the Prophet of God. You must have Faith. What is the demand of true Faith? It is to obey Muhammad. You, instead, come with your ugly sins and want to instigate the Holy Prophet, to fan the fire of mischief and corruption in land. Just listen to this fine point.

God sent faith for you
God has favored some of you:

"but Allah has endeared the faith to you and has made it seemly in your hearts (49:7)"
The address is to "you", but what is meant is "some of you" as understood from the last part of this Holy verse:
"these it is that are the followers of a right way... (49:7)"
This is also accompanied with additional qualities:
"and He has made hateful to you unbelief and transgression and disobedience"
Thus it means: O Muslims! Rightly guided, successful and fortunate are those Muslims in whose hearts God makes Faith sweet and dear Faith becomes the most beloved thing in their sight, they never give preference to desires over Faith; that is, they do not sell faith in exchange of worldly benefits (whatever is in the world) so much so that they are ever ready to sacrifice their lives, but they would never part with Faith. This is a true believer. But Walid and his like were in a pit of hatred and enmity, which they had from pre-Islamic times against the tribe of Bani Mustaliq. What did they want? Why should blood of innocent people flow unnecessarily due to this hatred? Why should Muslims be branded disbelievers? This should never happen. You must be of those who love their Faith. So there also were such Muslims who loved Faith more than they loved their lives.

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