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Discipline of Hazrat Abul Fazl Abbas, a perfect example

By: Ayatullah Shaheed Syed Abdul Husayn Dastaghaib Shirazi
You know Abul Fadhl was the brother of Husain. How much he respected Husain? Allaho Akbar (God is Great). Though he is the brother of Husain, after all, Husain is the Imam. There is a lot of difference between an Imam and an ordinary person. It is written: When Abul Fadhl addressed Husain, he never said, "O Brother!" He always used to say, "My master! My master!" etc. For giving him due respect he never sat in the seat of Husain. During the eve of Ashura (10th Mohurrum), he moved around the tents of ladies in such a way that the honorable ladies would know that Master Husain had a devotee (one who would sacrifice himself for the master), so that the ladies might be at rest. All these ladies were afraid that tomorrow Husain would remain alone. Abbas (Moon of Bani Hashim) also wanted that the ladies should rest assured that Husain did have a devotee like the moon of the Hashimites.
O Muslims! You also should never fail to be respectful in front of God, His Prophet, Qur’an, Divine Commandments, the scholars and the Sayyids. The companions of Husain, with all this respect, still doubted whether Husain was pleased with them or not? So the Moon of Bani Hashim, Ali Akbar and all other people of Bani Hashim never took any step without the permission of Husain, the Imam. When they went to the field, they would ask, "O Master! Do you allow us to go forward or not? They have strength, they also have a sword in hand and yet they would not move unless permitted."
O Shia Muslims! You should never do anything without the permission of your Imam. You must have certainty of the Imam’s pleasure and agreement. When the Moon of Bani Hashim came to his brother, he said, "O Brother! The clamor of the thirsty children has compelled me. Do you allow me to go and get some water for them?" The master gave the permission. He took up the water skin on his shoulders, went forward and stood before the army of Yazid and cried, "O people! I inform you that now no one has remained from the companions of Husain. In these tents are only women and children. I tell you that these women are burning due to thirst."
There is no power or might except by Allah.
Surely those who lower their voices before Allah’s Apostle are they whose hearts Allah has tested for guarding (against evil); they shall have forgiveness and a great reward. (49:3)
God, for maintaining discipline and respect when facing the Prophet, says: When you talk to the Messenger, never raise your voice over his voice.
Normally, while talking, when one wants to show superiority, he raises his voice. All of you, in front of the Prophet, are in a lower rank. All of you are like slaves who must obey him. He is sent by the Lord of the universe. Whenever you want to say something to him. Keep your voice low, lower than his voice. Do not raise your voices, as you do while talking with one another, when you are facing the Messenger of Allah. Know his dignity. It is a sign of your own greatness. Just see who is facing you? Whom you are addressing? Realize your limits. If you make your voice louder than the Prophet’s, all your deeds will go in vain. It means, We order you to maintain the respect of Muhammad. If you show disrespect to him you spoil your own deeds.

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