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He fetches people from love for world to love for God

By: Ayatullah Shaheed Syed Abdul Husayn Dastaghaib Shirazi
Is Muhammad a seeker of pomp, rank, fame and name etc.? Curse of God on him who has such a bad opinion about the Holy Prophet. A Prophet and an Imam has to have twenty virtues one of which is that he should have no love for material things. If one has even an iota of worldly love he can never attain messengership. Messenger means one who draws people towards the Hereafter. One, who has worldly love, draws people towards materialism.
In Dua Nudba you recite: "And after You took promise from them to renounce all the stages of this despicable world, and its superficial attractions and allurements. Then they accepted the promise."
The very first condition for the Messengers and for their legatees is piety in the world. If they give importance to the world, if they look at the pleasures, position and status in the world and to kingdom and rule, then their reach is low. It is possible that a doctor gives medicine to others but he himself is sick. The Messenger and the Imams are spiritual doctors (physician of soul). They want to relieve people from the love for world and to draw them towards love of Allah. What I mean to convey is that all these orders are for Muslims themselves.
If you cared for the respect of Muhammad it is only for your benefit. Your reward increases thereby. Your knowledge of God and Truth multiplies. Your Faith becomes stronger. When you utter the holy name of Muhammad and send Salawat on him, never imagine that Muhammad has any need of it. It is only for you. O believers! Come shoulder to shoulder with angels. As the angels get closer to Allah through Salawat on Muhammad, you too may obtain nearness to God. As many times you send Salawat on Muhammad your sins drop down in that proportion. Your distance from God decreases and you get closer to Him. For example, the Prophet says that if you send Salawat once to me I send ten Salawats to him. All the Commandments of Islam are like this.

The reward of Prophethood for the faithful themselves Love for the near kindered.

"Say: I do not ask of you any reward for it but love for my near relatives"
What is the reward or recompense of messengership? Friendship and affection for the progeny of the Holy Prophet. This matter stands till Resurrection. Is it for the benefit of the Sayyids? Is it for personal benefit that it may be draw an allegation against the Holy Prophet? No, it is never so. Rather it is for the benefit of only Muslims so that through the bounty of the friendship with the Sayyids and the progeny of the Holy Prophet they may attain nearness to the King of the world of existence, Muhammad and the Progeny of Muhammad. Muhammad has control over the entire world.
The cause of creation and the aim of its end is Muhammad. The accountability on the Day of Judgment is with Muhammad. Paradise and Hell are in the control of Muhammad. At that time we would want to have the help and intercession of Muhammad but then we refrain from helping his progeny! Affection for the relatives of Muhammad is for our own good. (Say: I do not ask of you any reward for it but love for my near relatives). What we are saying is that you must befriend the progeny of the Prophet not just to maintain respect for him and honoring his children for any personal desire. The recompense, which is asked from you, is affection for the Prophets relatives and it is only for you. If you befriended a Sayyid and gave him honor and respect for the sake of his grandfather then, to that extent, you have got nearness to the king of the world of existence. Otherwise you may respect him or you may not, as you like. The Sayyid is a Sayyid and so also the master. It makes no difference for his mastership. He is the prince. But you get nearness to him through respect for him.

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