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Life of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.) from Seventh to Tenth Year of Hijrat

Translated from Farsi into English by Fatima Zabeth Beenesh
The Muslims got very satisfied. In this event there was no war but it was recognized as the biggest triumph in Islam as the people became close and group by group people openly started entering in the domain of Islam.
Abu Baseer who used to live in Mecca was a Muslims and was arrested by the Qureish but he ran away from Mecca to Medina. The infidels of Mecca demanded Abu Baseer and according to the treaty, the Prophet submitted him to the enemy. In the middle of the way to Mecca Abu Baseer killed a representative of Qureish and escaped back to Medina which created disturbance for the Qureish so the infidels of the Qureish demanded the prophet to keep Abu Baseer near him so that he dont create any disorders for them. Therefore, a term got terminated from the agreement of peace and other terms also came to an end one by one by time.
That year the law of Zihar (husband calling his wife as mother after divorce) got ruled out. The (ayat) of Divorce of Zihar got descended and compensation was resolved in the matter of Aus bin Samit and this is how the sixth year of the hijrat came to an end.

the seventh year of the Hijrat *~
In the fifth year of Hijrat the written invitation of Prophet Muhammad sallallaho alaihi va ala alehi began but later in the seventh year this written invitation began officially. It was decided to write the letters to the kings of that time to invite them towards Islam.
Prophet Muhammad sallallaho alaihi va ala alehi was told that it was the tradition that he must have the seal impression on the letters. The prophet ordered to make a ring studded with carnelian (aqiq) on which Allah, Muhammad, Rasool was engraved. The prophet used to imprint this stamp on the letters.
The letter to the emperor of Rome was sent by Vahiya Kalbi, the Vali (governor general) of Basra. The emperor living in Jerusalem (Baitul maqdas) believed the prophet and accepted Islam but did not reveal his faith to anyone.
The letter to the king of Iran Khusro Pervez was taken by Abdullah bin Hazafa Sahmi and the king of Iran tore apart the letter and threw it away. Prophet Muhammad sallallaho alaihi va ala alehi cursed him and his stomach was torn out.
The Qatbi king of Egypt extremely respected his letter, it is defined in the history that Amru bin Umaiya Zamiri carried the letter of Najashi to Ethiopia and the king accepted the faith of Islam and sent his son to serve the prophet. Therefore about 202 letters were sent to different places around Medina after the hijrat.
That year the war (Gazva) of Khaibar occurred which was captured by hazrat Ali Amirul momineen alaihis salam. This victory was among the most famous honors of hazrat Ali Amirul momineen alaihis salam.
In the month of Muharram Prophet Muhammad sallallaho alaihi va ala alehi with 1200 men, among them 200 horse men went outside Medina and alighted in the valley of Rajee. The forts of Khaibar were conquered after which the Muslims attained most of the food grain stores as a booty. The prophet distributed them among his companions.
One of the events of the seventh year was the peace treaty of Fadak which the Prophet gifted to Bibi Fatima alaihis salam his daughter which was later abducted and snatched away by Abu bakr and till the period of Umar bin Abdul Aziz it was in the possession of the usurpers.
That year a Jewish woman poisoned a calf meat (veal) with the intension to serve it to the prophet but the Almighty Allah protected the life of the messenger. On the same days Jafar bin Abi Talib by the command of the prophet migrated to Ethiopia. After the conquest of Khaibar many wars were fought in which Muslims got victory.
In the month of Zi Qadda Prophet Muhammad sallallaho alaihi va ala alehi with 2000 men progressed towards Mecca to perform the Umrah. All of the people of the Qureish vacated the holy mosque and stood at a corner as a spectators to watch how the Muslims perform the Tavaf (circumambulation), visited the Kaaba and all the ceremonies of the pilgrimage.
The messenger of Allah stayed in Mecca for three days and married Maimuna, daughter of Haris bin Abdul Muttalib with the intermediation of Abbas to strengthen the relationship and increase the love in their hearts. That year the power of Islam impressed the Qureish and the Muslims without any conflict and fight left Mecca.
The same year Sura e Fath (victory) descended and they prepared themselves for the victory for the upcoming years.

the eighth year of the Hijrat *~
The important event of that year was the conversion of Khalid bin Walid and Amr Aas towards Islam and their submission to Prophet Muhammad sallallaho alaihi va ala alehi after which there was no more capable commanders left in the army of the infidels.
In the month of Safar, Galib bin Abdullah bin Yashi attacked Banilmaluh and returned back victorious with abundant booty. In the month of Shaban the tribe of Bani Jasham waged a war against the prophet. Their chief was shot by an arrow and the rest fled away.
~* the (Gazva) war of Mutha *~
In Jamadil Awwal the war of Mutha occurred. Prophet Muhammad sallallaho alaihi va ala alehi sent someone to the king of Basri and the envoy of the prophet was killed. The prophet send an army of Muslims under the command of Zaid bin Harisa with 3000 men towards Basri and ordered: If Zaid bin Harisa would be killed then Jafar Bin Abu Talib would be your Amir and if he is killed then Abdullah bin Ravaha would become your Amir.
The Muslims received the information that the enemy had arranged a great army. For two days they halted in Maan to discuss but they did not fear the power of their enemy. Several times they were very less in number before their enemies but conquered them and moved forward.
They fought in Balqa where Jafar and Abdullah were killed and Khalid became the Amir of the army. Once again with a deep foresight they reorganized the defeated army and returned back to Medina. Prophet Muhammad sallallaho alaihi va ala alehi consoled them and expressed his affection to the son of Martyred Jafar.
Then they were informed that the tribe of Bani Qazaah well equipped themselves to fight a war against them. Prophet Muhammad sallallaho alaihi va ala alehi send an army of 300 under the command of Amr Aas and the Muslims conquered and the army settled down at the border of Mutha. The war tactics created awe in the hearts of the enemy and the other tribes too annexed in Islam.
In the month of Ramzan the prophet decided to conquer Mecca and moved with an Army. The cause of this decision was the attack of the tribe of Bani Bakr on Bani khazaaa who disobeyed the treaty of the prophet. In fact breaking the treaty was the main cause of the conquest of Mecca.
Bani khazaaa with a request approached Medina and prophet Muhammad sallallaho alaihi va ala alehi moved forward with the aim to conquer Mecca. Abu Sufyan got frightened with the consequences of the war and for the discussion of peace came to Medina but returned back without any conclusion.
Prophet Muhammad sallallaho alaihi va ala alehi with the Muhajir and Ansar (immigrants and supporters) proceeded towards Mecca with rapid movements. Abu Sufyan with two of his companions came outside to locate the situation. They observed a lot of fire was kindled which was a sign of large and massive army. Abbas viewed Abu Sufyan and made him to mount on his camel and brought him in the presence of prophet Muhammad sallallaho alaihi va ala alehi after which Abu Sufyan converted into Islam and pleaded his security from the prophet of Allah. The prophet replied: whoever takes refuge in Masjid e Haram and in the house of Abu Sufyan that person is safe and secure from the Muslim army. The prophet without any obstacle entered Mecca along with his companions with all magnificence and glory.
In the area of Khalid bin Valid the chiefs tried to cease the prophet which resulted in killing of 22 men of Qureish and 2 Muslims were also killed. Muslims chased them but the prophet prevented them but commanded the Muslims that those 12 persons are the severe enemies and must be killed. Prophet Muhammad sallallaho alaihi va ala alehi granted excuse to the rest of the people of Mecca.
Then they performed namaz, tavaf(circumambulation) and chanted together with a single loud voice Labbaik which trembled the infidels of Mecca and the door of Kaaba was opened. Ali alaihis salam stood on the shoulders of Prophet Muhammad sallallaho alaihi va ala alehi and broke down the idols on the roof of Kaaba, and cleaned the Kaaba and Masjid Haram forever from the worshipping of the idol.
Prophet Muhammad sallallaho alaihi va ala alehi leaned on to the hillock of Safa and preached the people inviting them towards obedience of Allah and there he pardoned the wrong doing and malpractices of the enemy.

~* the (gazva) war of Hunain *~
After 15 days they moved for the war of Hunain and there they contracted the treaty with the tribe of Havazan who got defeated and submitted themselves towards Islam. Before capturing the captives of the war and possessing the booty the prophet first broke and destroyed the idols after which he returned to perform the Umrah and later waged a war of Taif and conducted the congregations of prayers. The prophet appointed some people to teach the rules and laws of the Quran to the people. At the end of the year prophet Muhammad sallallaho alaihi va ala alehi invited the king of Bahrain towards Islam. That year Marya Qatbi, wife of prophet gave birth to a son by the name Ibrahim.

the ninth year of the Hijrat *~
In the beginning of the year the public officers were sent to collect the alms (Sadaqath) and the wars ended in the victory and conquests. The Arabs themselves arrived at Medina to accept the faith of Islam and submitted themselves to Islam in groups.
In the summer the war of Tabuk occurred, the traders informed that the people of Rome were planning to attack the Muslims. Prophet Muhammad sallallaho alaihi va ala alehi mobilized the tribes, and the well to do Muslims helped in an excellent way after which in an extremely hot season 30,000 Muslims started their journey for the war.
The prophet appointed Ali Ibn ABi Talib alaihis salam at his own place in Medina and said:

ی ی ی ی

Reaching the Tabuk they found out that the Romans did not intend to attack the Muslims and before the 30,000 mobilized army of Islam they submitted themselves and the Muslims returned back without any war.
That year in the month of Zi hajja Prophet Muhammad sallallaho alaihi va ala alehi first sent Sur e Baraat through intermediation of Abu Bakr to the infidels of Qureish. Jibril alahis salam descended and stated: the messenger or the relative of the messenger must perform this duty (conveying the Sur e Barat to the infidels). Hence Abu Bakr was called back and Ali Ibn ABi Talib alaihis salam with Sur e Baraat was sent to the infidels and they were given a respite of four months after which they were obliged to submit themselves or else they would be killed.
The event of that year was the death of Umme Kulsum, known as the daughter of the prophet who was the wife of Osman, and she was killed by severe beating by his husband Osman

the tenth year of the Hijrat *~
The most important event of the tenth year was hajjatul Vida and Gadeer e Khum and the appointment of imamat and khilafath. That year Jaish asama was established.
Hazrat Imam Muhammad ibn Ali ibn Husain, Baqir ul ulum stated: When the tenth year of Hijrat commenced, Jibril alaihis salam descended and said: Your creator conveyed you salaam and said: the Almighty will not grasp the soul of the prophet until he brings his prophet to the perfect state by appointing his proof in this world. You have to perform the next duty, by imparting the message by teaching the Muslims how to perform hajj and by introducing them your successor. Be aware that earth had never been without any successor of prophets. Now you first start the journey for hajj with those people who have the ability to perform.
Hazrat Muhammad sallallaho alaihi va ala alehi issued the command of Allah to spread around all the cities and villages of the Arabs to perform the last hajj with the prophet.

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