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The Virtues of Surat At-Takwir (The Overthrowing)

Selected from the book of Tafsir-e-Namumeh by of Ayatullah Nasir Makarim Shirazi
Translated into English by Fatima Zabeth Beenesh

The virtues of reciting this Sura
In the narration from the prophet of the Islam it is quoted: Those who desire the prophet to look upon them on the day of judgement he should read the Sura e Takvir.
Once prophet was asked: Why so soon the effects of old age appeared on your face? He replied: Sura e Hud, Sura e Waqiya, Sura e Mursilat, Sura e Naba and Sura e Takvir made me old. As the dreadful happenings of the doomsday are mentioned in these chapters which brings a man of enliven soul in the grip of the early old age effects. It is the fountain head of the awareness and creates the right believe and the virtues practise.
81:1 when the sun is wrapped up [in darkness]
81:2 and when the stars lose their light,
81:3 and when the mountains are made to vanish,
And when the pregnant she-camels shall be neglected;
The day when the scroll of the universe will be fold
In the beginning of this Sura, as we had mentioned, it pointed out shortly the tense and shocking happening of the end of the world and the commencement of the doomsday that the human being will be going through the mysterious revolutions. Altogether it indicated eight signs from among the other signs of the judgement days predictions.
81:1 when the sun is wrapped up [in darkness]
ʘی basically means to roll up or to fold up something. Any way here it gives the meaning that to put off the light of the sun and to get dark and the shrink down of its volume.
As we know at present the sun is a highly hot and burning sphere such that all its matters are compact gases and around it the burning flames are blazing. And there height is hundred thousand kilometres and in case if the globe of the world comes in the grip of one of its flames then within a moment it will be changed into ashes and transformed into handful of gas.
But at the end of the world and beginning of the judgement day this temperature of the sun will be reduced and finally vanished and all the flames will be gathered and it lighting will be put off and its volume will shrink away and it is the meaning of ʘی.
81:2 and when the stars fall, dispersing.
means to fall down and get disperse.
81:3 And when the mountains are removed
On the threshold and the entrance of the judgement day the mountains will pass through various stages first they move and in last phase they will change into dust.
Then it adds: In that period the most valuable thing will also be forgotten.
81:4 And when the pregnant she-camels shall be neglected;
means the pregnant she camel who is ten months pregnant and she is about to conceive her offspring in a short period of time and going to give abundant milk. The days when this ayat descended this kind of camel was the most valuable asset among Arabs.
is taken from the word ی which means to leave away without any guardian and shepherd. By this extreme fear and shock it is meant that every human being will forgets his or her valuable, useful and desirable asset.
81:5 and when all beasts are gathered together,
The animals normally keeps pace and distance with each other by the fear of each other but the intensity of fright and terror of resurrection days occurrence so immense that they gather together and forget everything. That day will wipe out the natural disposition of the wild animals; in that case the grave condition of man is clearly evident.
By another definition the above ayat is about the assembling of the wild animal in the court of the resurrection. They too in their scope of enlightenment and intelligence have some duties in this world. In the case if they had committed any injustice and cruelty to each other, in hereafter they will be enquired and the punishment will be imposed upon them.
The similar ayat is defined in the Sura e Anam and said:

Surat Al-'An`ām (The Cattle) -
6:38 there is not a moving (living) creature on earth, or a bird that flies with its two wings, but are communities like you. We have neglected nothing in the Book, and then unto their Lord they (all) shall be gathered.
81:6 and when the seas boil over,
means to start the fire and intensifying the fire. As we know today, the water is the compound of two substances oxygen and hydrogen and the both are highly inflammable. Probably in the appearance of the doomsday the water of the oceans will come under such a pressure that they will get disintegrated and broken up and ultimately transformed into a body of fire.
On that event everyone comes close to his or her own similar kind of people,
That day the virtues people will be with the virtues, the evils will be with evils, the people of right hand will be with the people of right hand (those whose file of deeds are given to their right hand) and the people of left hand will be with the people of left hand (those whose file of deeds are given to their left hand).
Contrary to the world where all kind of people are mixed in the society. Sometimes the believer is the neighbour of the polytheist. Often the virtues are the spouse of the evil person but the day of judgement is the day of final decision and the departing day. The rows of the people will totally depart from each other.
The ayat 7 to 11of Sura e Waqiya give witness to this fact that day you will be divided into three groups: the first group will be the people whose file of deeds will be given to their right hands. How blessed they are! And another group, they are the people whose file is given on their left hand, they are ill fated, how unfortunate they are! And the third group is foremost ahead of all, they are the people who are made themselves close to the Almighty.
In fact this aayat after describing the six great evolution which are the first stages of the doomsday.
The narrators interpreted that: The Arabs before the arrival of Islam, at the time of the babys birth were digging a grave and a man used to sit near it, if the new born was the baby girl. She was immediately thrown down to the man who was waiting near the grave and he would bury alive the baby girl and if the baby was a boy he was left protected.
The causes of this crime were many circumstances of that period such as: The woman was not having any social status in the civilization of the Arabs before Islam.
The crisis of high poverty was prevailing in the society as the girls were unable to produce material gains like the boys. As they were not taking part in the dacoits.
In their frequent tribal wars which were the rule of the day, it was possibility of the captivity of the girls and according to them they were the honour of their society which by going in the hands of the enemy may bring for them a patch of dishonour. It was one of the major reasons of the female genocide.
But in the extreme shameful manner this female genocide again appeared in the present advanced, modern and cultured society, get lawful in the name of the freedom of abortion and became popular. If the Arab was killing the baby girl before the birth now a days the girls had been killed before her birth in the modern advanced society.
Islam on the day of judgement will arrange a court exclusive for the punishment of the bloodshed of the innocent and helpless people which indicates the value of the woman in the Islam. The other point is that the Quran never said that the killers will be asked about their crime but the innocent girls will be asked: for which sin she was so brutally killed? Only the witness and affirmation of these innocent murdered people is sufficient for the court,

The definition
Everybody will know what we have done
The following ayat describe the second stage of the doomsday that is the phase of the manifestation and appearance of the next world and the counting of the deeds files of the human kind.
First it described: the moment when the file of the deeds will be opened.
The opening of the file of deeds before the eyes of the others is the matter of concern for the pious people and a punishment and pain for the evil doers.
Then it adds: the moment when the curtain of the heaven will be set aside.
Means to remove the skin of the animal and the other meaning is to turn aside the curtain. Regarding this ayat it means that the curtains of the materialistic world and the heaven will be turned aside, which are a hurdle for the people of the world to view them. The people are unable to see the facts of the existence such as heaven and the hell which exists in the world. Likewise in the following ayaat it is mentioned that the heaven will come near to the man and the flames of the hell will get more intense.
Yea the day of resurrection is the day of accession and attaining a thing permanently, the facts of the thing will appear and get open and the veil of the sky and the heaven will be turned aside. It is the second phase of the doomsday where the human beings will return to his or her new life.
Hence in the next ayat it adds: At that time when the hell will get more inflammable and volatile.
Hell will indeed encompass all who refuse to acknowledge the truth!
The hell exists today but the curtains and veils of the world are preventing us to sight it. Like according to the most of the ayat of the noble Quran the heaven is also ready to welcome the pious people.
For the same reason in the next ayat it said: and the time when the heaven will get closer to the pious people.
81:13 and when paradise is brought into view: -
Means coming closer and nearer by the viewpoint of the time of appearance and its means and the layouts is very easy and convenient in that place.
The thing which has to be noted is that: it does not say the pious will come closer to heaven but it defined the heaven will come closer to the pious and It is the most respectable sign in that ground.
Finally in the discussion of the last ayat in fact it completes the matter of all the above ayat and said: At that moment everybody will come to know what he had prepared before hand.
81:14 [on that Day] every human being will come to know what he has prepared [for himself].
This fact is revealed in many other ayaat of the magnificent Quran too, such as:

Surat Al-Kahf (The Cave) -
And they will find all that they did, placed before them, and your Lord treats no one with injustice.

Surat Az-Zalzalah (The Earthquake) -
99:7 And so, he who shall have done an atom's weight of good, shall behold it.
99:8 and he who shall have done an atom's weight of evil, shall behold it.
These ayat is the explaining about appearance of the human deeds which is presumed destroyed in the world but on that day all the peoples deeds acquires various faces and shapes and appears on the ground of the judgement day.

The order of aayat
Every man gets moved with these aayat though they are short but abundant in the meaning, they awakens the soul and rings in the ears of man. They sink into the thoughts and bring to visualise the end of the world and the start of another new world which are mentioned in short and briefly, featured them before our eyes. How beautiful and interesting are the aayat of the Quran and its interpretations. How meaningful and inspiring are its hints and expressions.
Does the solar system will get extinguished and disappeared?
Before anything we must get aware of the sun who is the focus of the life of our solar system comparing to the other stars of the universe it is medium in size but in its own place and in respect to the earth it is extraordinary gigantic. The volume of the sun is one million and three hundred times larger than the earth as the distance between them is more than one hundred and fifty million kilometre with us it looking like this present size.
He temperature of the sun is ascribed almost 6000 degrees centigrade and the temperature of its depth is attributed to some millions degrees.
If we want to weigh the sun and mention it by means ton then we should write the number 2 and then we must add 27 zeroes to it that is 2 milliards and milliards tons.
From the surface of the sun the flames of fire spreads out whose height sometimes reaches to the length of 160 thousand kilometres. The planet earth could be lost easily in between them
But the treasure of the suns temperature and lights is against all the suppositions of some scholars and it is not created by burning but according to the scientist George Gamow in his book The birth and death of Sun If the body of the Sun would have been made up of absolute coal stone it would had been burnt in the period of the pharaohs of the Egypt only the ashes have would been remained at its location. To guess any other type of fuel in the place of the coal stone the fate of sun would be the same.
The fact is that the concept of the burning flames exists in the sun is wrong. It is proved that the energy acquired in the sun is by the breakup of the atoms in the sun. We are aware that this energy is highly enormous and great. Hence the atoms in the sun are constantly in the state of breaking up and creating the radiation and energy.
By the calculation of the scientists, every second which is passing upon the sun, 4 million tons are getting reduced out of it and the volume of the sun is so extravagant that by passing thousands of years it is not changing in its appearance at all. But we must be aware that this process is effective in the destruction and mortality of the sun in a long period. And finally this enormous body gets slimmer and dimmer and at last gets dark and obscure. This procedure will happen to the other stars too.
Therefore whatever indicated in the above aayat regarding the sun getting darkened and its decay and deterioration are true and coordinating with the present knowledge of science. The Quran mentioned these facts in the era when there was not any scientific prove in the Arabian Island and not even in the other scientific circles of the world.

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