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Obscenity and adultery cuts off family relations

By: Ayatullah Shaheed Syed Abdul Husayn Dastaghaib Shirazi
In some advanced countries, social life has become so much disintegrated that the very idea of relationship has been nullified. Who is the father? Who is the mother? No one knows about brother and sister, aunt and other relatives. Free sex and liberty to do all kinds of unlawful deeds is rampant. A few years ago a periodical reported that every year five thousand unlawful children are born only in London. Five thousand fatherless babies are being handed over to the state. Such was the condition twenty years ago. What must be the figure today? I do not know. Then these illegitimate ones became the chief of organizations and heads of institutions. What did they bring on the helpless citizens, a hard fist indeed!
One of my acquaintances quotes, in foreign lands, it has become a system that some millionaires bequeath their wealth to their dogs. I was very much astonished to hear this. So I asked, "Do they have children of their own?" He replied, "Yes, they have, yet they make will in favor of dogs because, they do not believe that their children are their own offspring." Then, is it not important for Muslims to know the value of Islamic laws and act accordingly? Your family relations are connected with you. You are one. This world’s as well as that Hereafter’s well-being is in maintaining these good relations with your near and dear relatives.

Industry without Spiritualism
Do not think that these foreigners who build missiles and space ships are all right from the spiritual angle also. In the matter of humanism, spiritualism, in real life, in real comfort and tranquility they are of no value.
One of my friends narrated to me that his acquaintance was ill and confined in a London hospital for a period of time and he relates that: Another Englishman was also in bed beside me. During this long period of time no one came to see me because I was a foreigner there, an Iranian in London. So I could not expect any visitor. But what was strange was that no one came to see this unfortunate Englishman also. Then one day, I saw two young men who came to him. They only held the ill person’s hand to observe his nerve, said to him a word and went away. Thereafter no one came to visit him until he died. The hospital staff took away his body. Thereafter I inquired about this from to the nurse. I asked, "Did the deceased have no relatives in London?" The nurse replied, "Why, he did have." I again asked, "How is it that during this long period no one ever came to see him? Did he not have any family members?"
The nurse replied, "They had come one day." I inquired, "Who and when?" The nurse said, "The two youths who had come on such and such day were his sons." I asked, "Why did they not come today for his funeral?" The nurse replied, "The sons had asked the doctors whether there was any chance of their father’s survival? The doctors told them that he was not likely to survive. So the sons sold their father’s body for a hundred dollars to the hospital for research. They only took the money and went away." O Muslims! Listen to this so that the shameless behavior of these foreigners, these materialists may not kill you also spiritually. You must never be awed by the dazzle of their material progress in industry and crafts etc. By God! Just throw a glance on their spiritualism. How much anarchist have they become due to this irreligiousness? This is no life at all. That’s all.
Let us move ahead. Our aim in the holy month of Ramadhan should be to remain attached with relatives. You must remain closely attached to your parents in the first degree. Thereafter, be intimate with all others who have become near and dear to you through your father and mother. Thereafter other family relations must be looked after and cared for. O Muslims! Listen to what your Prophet says.

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