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Three commands which Umar altered

By: Ayatullah Shaheed Syed Abdul Husayn Dastaghaib Shirazi
Qaushchi, the great Mulla who is a defender of Umar, says in Sharhe Tajreed that one day Umar went up the pulpit and said, "There were three orders effective during the days of the Messenger of God. I have withdrawn them and made them illegal. I think it is expedient not to keep and continue with them. The first is Mutah of women, which was in vogue in the Prophet’s time." This temporary marriage was permitted and was in practice in the Prophet’s time. Now, I do not like that it should continue any more. It has come to my mind that Mutah is illegal. The second is also a Mutah, the Mutah of Hajj. The third thing is the pronouncement of ‘Hayya alaa khairil a’mal’ (rush to the best of deeds), which, with a unanimous agreement of all Muslims, was being recited in the call for Prayer during the days of Prophet. It continued for two years in the rule of Abu Bakr also. When Umar became the caliph he said, "If you say, ‘Hayya alaa khairil a’mal’ (rush to the best of deeds; which is Prayer) people will not hasten towards Jihad. Then what is the importance of Jihad? So, henceforth, do not recite ‘Hayya alaa khairil a’mal’ otherwise, it is likely that people will remain stuck to prayer and will not proceed for Jihad."

Another innovation in the Morning Azan
More strange is that the Sunnis have written that once at the time of the Morning call for Prayer (Azan), Umar was fast asleep. He was late in coming to the congregation. So the Azan caller came to his bed and said, "As Salat khairum minan naum" meaning: Prayer is better than sleep. When he repeated these words once or twice, Umar got up. He became very pleased by these words. Instead of being harsh to him, he said: From this day onward, this must be recited in the Azan. (But they object to the Shias saying: I witness that Ali is the Wali of Allah [Aliyyun waliullaah]).
Therefore, till date the Sunni people recite: "As salaatu khairum minan naum" in the morning Azan instead of "Haiyya alaa Khairil Amal." What has Umar done? This is going ahead of God and His Messenger. What right have you, to go ahead of God and the Messenger like this? It is putting oneself ahead of God and the Prophet. You say no to what they have ordered. You say: What I say is right. Just realize your limit. You are a slave. You must submit. To whom? To God and to His messenger, who is His representative.
We can speak a lot about similar actions of this man in Islamic history; and which are still being followed whereby their adverse effects are even today visible as Muslims are blindly following such unlawful orders. But the discussion is very lengthy. Therefore, this much suffices. In brief, going ahead of God and His Messenger is unlawful.

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