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Gives preference to his own likes

By: Ayatullah Shaheed Syed Abdul Husayn Dastaghaib Shirazi
Sometimes the pushing forward is in the matter of ones likes and dislikes. Man makes his desire outpace the wish of God and His Messenger. He gives more importance to his pleasure than to Gods pleasure and the pleasure of the Messenger. One pushes back what God likes. There are many examples. Everyone faces such situations. For instance, suppose it is the holy month of Ramadhan. The climate is hot. Ones heart is not at all prepared to remain without food, cigarette and tea etc for sixteen hours. The heart says: Eat as a number of people who are healthier than you are not fasting. You are a weak fellow. There are other examples also. What is the Gods command? Gods pleasure is that you should observe fast; that you should nourish spiritualism; that you should adopt the road leading you to Him. A number of Muslims are there in every city that, without any genuine cause, put their desire forward and push back what God desires. They eat in Ramadhan and they are not afraid also!
It is time for prayer. He says: I have other work. Is the prayer not work? Put Gods work behind and the work of your desire and passion ahead!

Be not forward in the presence of Allah and His Apostle
If you make every desire of your heart outpace Gods wish, know for sure that you put your own self to loss. Be attentive to this point. If your desires conflict with what is desired by God, then it is indeed a very serious and dangerous situation. Who is the one who gives preference to Gods wish? For example, two persons are busy talking, in a dispute. What is Gods pleasure? It is Forgiveness. What is the inclination of the heart? If he has slapped you once, you slap him ten times. Now you obey Gods wish or your hearts desire? Who do you put forward, God or your heart? It is of course difficult that man must be put to a test while being under the influence of greed, passion and anger. Do you obey God or do you obey your heart and the Satan? If you outpace God and His Prophet you are destroying yourself. You are destroying your Faith and Religion. You are removing them. After two or three verses, it is shown that mans heart is hurt. In the matter of talking, God and His Prophet say: Do not speak. Your heart says: Do speak and insult him, as you know what he said to you. Now you also tell him and give him hard replies. You must give the first place to God and His Prophet and push the desires of your heart back.

Secrecy even after separation
One knows the secrets of another fellow. One preserves it. It must be preserved. His heart says: Speak out, whatever you know. But what do God and His Messenger say? They recommend patience, honesty and fulfillment of the covenant. You two were friends for quite a long time. You knew each others secrets also. The Holy Prophet says, "Assemblies are trusts." You have no right to expose the secrets of your friend until you breathe your last; even if your friendships breaks down or companionship ends. At last, God and His Prophet say: Do not speak. Your heart says: Speak out! You hear a bad word. Your heart says: Why dont you reply? Give him ten bad words. But what does Quran say? The righteous (Faithful) people keep away from nonsense. It is necessary that your desires, your demands, your opinions must be controlled. They should be pulled back. Muhammad should be on the lead. He should always be ahead of you. You have to be his followers. The community is behind their chief. Do not be the followers of the Satan. Do not be under the control of your own desires and passions. Do not push back God and Muhammad.

God is Hearing, Wise
Fear God. Know that God is present, seeing everything. Beware in the matter of following others. If you go against God, the loss of both this world and the Hereafter is for you.
God is all hearing. You have ears. So you can hear. Then God Who created these ears does not hear? How strange! You, who are a creation made up of a little earth, can know. But the God Who created you and all does not know? He knows all the elements, which made you up. He knows what is in the depths of your heart. He is aware of what is going on in your mind.

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