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A deed done for God is not little

By: Ayatullah Shaheed Syed Abdul Husayn Dastaghaib Shirazi
If a man does anything, and if it is for the sake of anyone or anything other than God, then its reward is less as it is perishable. Any work which you do for getting its reward or recompense be it trade or any other job like farming, industry etc. every work which is other than a deed for God, its reward is less because everything is perishable. It lasts only upto the brink of the grave. You may do an extraordinary work for anyone, it will end at the time of death.
But if one works for the sake of Only One God, its reward will be full and perfect. It does not end with the arrival of death but death is the rising time of the reward of God. Now, pay attention to the meaning of this verse: O Arabs and non-Arabs! If you come and do the work for God, if your faith is in God, if your deed is for God, if your expense is for Allah "He will not diminish aught of your deeds." You will get the reward without any cut or decrease in it. Not only this, Allah will also multiply and increase it. Here there is no decrease as it is forever.

Between Yazid and Husain
Yazid followed Satan, desire, lust and greed. How long did its reward last? He remained for three years after Husain. He desired happiness and governance. This unfortunate fellow ruled for only three years. Thereafter he went to hell with his wretchedness.
Husain also did a deed or dealing, but with God. "He will not diminish aught of your deeds." Allah also, for any reason, did not belittle his deed. He granted an unending and unlimited reward. Now Husain is Sultan (the king). O gentleman and ladies! You know that Husain is the king of the world of grave and the higher one. We must not forget. Forty years ago a noble gentleman from Shiraz said: We some youths of about 18 to 20, were holding discussion sessions. Once it was the turn of one of our friends whose father was Husaini. We went to his house for holding a mourning meeting for Imam Husain too. After sometime, this friend of ours fell ill and died. His death shook the ground beneath our feet. After sometime, I saw him in my dream. He looked very happy and pleased. I told him, "O my friend! You went away and made us grieve very much." He replied, "Why do you grieve? I am at rest, in peace and pleasure. I am free from worldly anxieties and troubles. So you too should feel happy. You must also think of this eternal life, and should not worry as to why I died."
I had heard, that if someone undertakes washing of a body of the deceased, it (the body) replies to any question, which is asked to it. I held his hand and said, "I will not release your hand until you tell me what all you went through after your death." The body trembled and replied, "Please release me. It is not worth telling." I said, "Then please tell me the gist of what you have understood so that I may also follow the things which you did not know in the world and have understood now." He replied, "We did not know and recognized Husain in the world. We understood and knew here what a kingdom Husain is having here in the affairs of this eternal world." It amounted to the same sentence, which I had spoken, that is, God’s reward is different from the reward of Satan, greed, desire and passion. Whoever deals with God is never in loss. His reward is both full and perfect. Of course it has ranks. Husain’s deal with God was different.
"The believers are only those who believe in Allah and His Apostle then they doubt not and struggle hard with their wealth and their lives in the way of Allah; they are the truthful ones. Say
: Do you apprise Allah of your religion, and Allah knows what is in the heavens and what is in the earth; and Allah is Cognizant of all things. (49:15-16)"

Sit at the bank of a river and observe the passing of life
Amirul Momineen says, "How fast the hours finish days and nights?" (Morning, noon, midday, afternoon and night). Again another day. Days and nights pass so swiftly. How fast! The days complete a month. How fast indeed? (Sometime ago they were saying: it is the first of the holy month of Ramadhan. Today they are saying: This is the last Friday of the month of Ramadhan). Days are completing the months so speedily and months finishing the years so fast and years also are equally speedily and ending our dear life spans. Just sit on the bank of a river and look at the passing of life. What night is it today? Today is Friday eve, the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadhan. One day we had said: It is the first Friday. Today we are saying it is the last. A day will also come which will be the last Friday eve of our life. As today is also the last Friday of the holy month let us all keep death before our eyes.
"How fast are the hours of the day, how fast are the days in the month, how fast are the months in the years and how fast the years in a life."

Gifts for the dead on Friday eve
A story is quoted in Sabzwari’s Masabihul Qulub from a pious person who said: In the graveyard of Yazd, during a Friday eve, I saw in my dream the conditions of the dead in their graves (their Barzakh lives). Every dead one had received a gift and they were pleased with various gifts of eatables, drinks and costly robes suitable for them. But, among them, one person was seen gloomy and empty-handed. I became sorry to see his condition. So I went to him and asked, "What is your condition? Who are you and why nothing has reached you?" He replied, "These souls which you are seeing are from Yazd. Today is Friday eve.
The living relatives have made charities so all these persons are happy. I am an helpless alien. I am not from Yazd. I am from such and such city. A few years ago, my family and I were passing through this area, I fell ill en route, died and was buried here. I had no children. My wife spent my belongings and after sometime, took another husband. After marriage, she has forgotten me totally." I told him, "If I can do anything for you, I am here at your service."
He gave me directions and said, "Her husband is in such and such market of ironsmiths, at such and such shop and his house is at such and such place." (The dead are more or less aware of the condition of the living and know about them).
After rising up, this gentleman goes to the indicated place and finds out the house of the wife of that dead man. She asks from behind the door, "Who is it?" Then he asks, "Is this the house of such and such ironsmith." She replies, "Yes." He asks, "Has the owner of this house married the wife of a dead person named so and so." As he mentioned the name of the deceased who was not known here to anyone, except the woman. She asked, "How did you know the name of this person who is dead? Yes, I was his wife and she tells him what had happened after his death." That man explains, "Last night which was Friday eve I saw this helpless man empty handed and gloomy among all other happy dead persons.
He gave me your whereabouts. So I have come here to convey to you the complaint of your ex-husband as to why you do not remember him now?" When I told her this, she wept and said, "He says the truth. In fact, I have forgotten him. Ever since I took another husband, I have not donated anything (for his benefit in the other world). Please help me in this matter." I said, "I am at your service." She took off a golden chain from her neck and handing it over to me said, "Please sell this and utilize its proceeds in whatever charity you may think fit for the benefit of my late husband." I took that necklace, went to the market and sold it. From its sale proceeds I fed some hungry people and clothed some poor. Next week, on Friday eve, I saw that this dead person is, in his Barzakh life, happier than all other dead around him; that his gifts and presents are higher than those of others. When he saw me, he prayed for me and said, "May Allah grant you a good reward. I had to feel inferior among all here but now through your mediation, I am happier than before."
What I want to convey is that do not forget the dead on Friday eve so that God Almighty may reward your late parents on this Friday eve.

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