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Sign of Faith

By: Ayatullah Shaheed Syed Abdul Husayn Dastaghaib Shirazi
The summary of the past discussion is that Islam consists of two witnesses by the tongue but Faith is to believe from the depth of heart and to understand by mind and to have both hope from and fear of Almighty Allah. The result of Islam is purity of body, legality of marriage, inheritance and safety of life and property. But the everlasting fruits of the Hereafter are related to Faith. Now, has the faith any signs? So, let us see, after a life long claim of being Muslim, have we Faith or not and whether, at the time of our death, we will have Faith with us or not?
Hear the sign of Faith in the next verse: Those who have truly believed in Allah and then never doubted and participated in Jihad with their wealth and their lives in the path of God, are they who tell the truth (about their faith). A true believer and a righteous God-loving believer is he whose heart, first of all should have known Allah, he must have developed humility before Almighty Allah, his Lord to such an extent that, when someone says: Fear God, he should at once become attentive. When he is told: This is Gods command he must instantly accept it. "I believe in Allah and His Messenger." When he is told: The Prophet has ordered this, he at once bows his head as he has filled his heart with Faith and he does not say by tongue alone. Only oral utterance is Islam. "We have believed with our hearts."
O Allah! A group has uttered the two witnesses (Shahadatain) by their tongue so that they may be protected and benefit by the fruits of Islam and may get what they desire. O Allah! We have believed both by the tongue and the heart so that You may forgive and overlook our sins and let us taste the fruits of Faith from You and by You. O Allah! Please our hope is also You O God! When we say, "There is no god except Allah," our hearts are well aware of Your Oneness (Tawheed) and Faith in You. Our heart also know Muhammad when we say, "I witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah."

A believer has no uncertainty in his belief

"The believers are only those who believe in Allah and His Apostle then they doubt not"
Meaning: Then they have no doubt, hesitation or uncertainty. So long as there is only Islam, doubt and hesitation does not leave man. When Faith takes hold of the heart, peace and tranquility arrives. Then doubts, hesitations and uncertainties have no place. But if, Faith has not yet been established in the heart his condition becomes such that if one tells him: Stop doing this deed as it is against the wish of God, he, very fearlessly utters: Who has come from there (other world after death) to bring such news! This very thing is doubt. It means: I do not believe in the Hereafter where there will be questions and answers. Who has been there? Now, who is more knowledgeable than Muhammad? Is his knowledge less? Is the knowledge of Ali bin Abi Talib less? (This is ruthlessness, faithlessness). Once we are dead will we become alive again?

"What! When we die and have become dust and bones, shall we then indeed be raised?"
How can it happen?

"Far, far is that which you are threatened with."
Will the rotten bones become alive again?
Or another one says: When we go to the graves no voice comes out nor any news. There is a rotten and broken body. How can it be taste bounties or suffer chastisement? Such a fellow does not know what soul is? Such hesitation is due to the fact that Faith has not arrived. If there is faith it is always accompanied by security and tranquility.

"Those who believe and do not mix up their faith with iniquity, those are they who shall have the security and they are those who go aright."
In brief, it is said that if there is Faith without any doubt, if there is Faith, which protects the heart firmly in his beliefs then there is never a chance for disobeying Gods Commands.

Illiterate but with an enlightened heart
Here is a village farmer. When an educated scholar asked him, "Tell me how many principles of religion are there?" He said, "Five, the first being Oneness of God (Tawheed)." He was asked, "What does Oneness of God (Tawheed) means?" He replied, "It is that there is Only One God. There are not two gods. This whole universe has Only One Creator: "There is no god except Allah." The learned man wanted to fool the villager. So he asked him, "What is the proof? On what ground do you say so?" The villager retorted, "Do you want a proof of Gods Oneness? What do you mean by proof?" The learned man asked, "If someone says no, then what will be your reply?" He retorted, "By my life, I will hit a shovel, which is in my hand on his head to make it two."
How many philosophers are there and how many arguments do they bring forth! But there is nothing like Faith. No doubt. No hesitation of any kind. No place for anything contrary to it.
One of the great scholars was busy writing a book. His daughter asked him, "What book are you writing?" The scholar replied, "I intend to write a book showing proofs of the beginning and the end. I will quote evidences to prove that there is Allah and that there also is Hereafter (Life after death)." The daughter whose heart had the Noor or Light said, "There can be doubt in anything. But can there ever be any doubt about God and the Hereafter!"

"Their apostles said: Is there doubt about Allah, the Maker of the heavens and the earth?"
How certain she is in this matter. What a total and perfect certainty. The certainty is like that of a man who knows that, after some hours, the sun will set, should have a certainty that after death there must be questioning. It is the first rising of the world of requital. So a believer has no doubt at all about it. So long as there is a doubt in your mind, you do not know what is Faith. If you want to study this subject of doubt and uncertainty in detail it is discussed at length in the book Qalbe Saleem (The Perfect Heart). O Lord! You Yourself give us true and lasting Faith.
According to a narration, the Holy Prophet, in his daily supplications used to pray seeking refuge of God against every kind of doubt, polytheism and show off and lending ear to hearsay.

Threw away impure food articles but did not sell them

"And struggle hard with their wealth and their lives in the way of Allah"
There is nothing like faith (Iman) until and unless you part with your money.
In Shiraz, there was a man having little money. He was cooking soup or porridge and selling it to make out a living. May Allah shower His Mercy on him. It is noted that once, after cooking porridge, at the time of selling it he saw droppings of rats in it, might have been in sugar. Now the eatable had become impure.
What to do? This servant of God, did not mind and threw away all of it. He did not sell it to anyone. He parted with his money. Why? Dealing in an impurity is unlawful in Islam. It is prohibited for a Muslim to eat it. It is no joke that a man overlooks his self and parts with his wealth in the path of God, for Gods sake. You cannot succeed unless you part with your wealth and money. It is a trial.
One who has Faith parts with and sacrifices even his life. He will not part with even a penny unless he has hope from God. If he sacrifices his life, God gives him salvation. Salvation depends on the condition of Faith. The place of Faith is mans heart. The sign of faith is also in the heart.

"and struggle hard with their wealth and their lives in the way of Allah"
It is a struggle, which demands wealth and life. If you find that you are such and are able to part with everything for God then make a prostration of thanksgiving to Him. Say: Thanks to You, O God! There is Faith in my heart, which can make me sacrifice my life also. The one who, in front of God, thinks that he is something and who believes in My honor, my family, my name and my fame is the fellow who tries to make himself higher than God.

"And that do not exalt yourselves against Allah"
What a pride, what an ego, where is Faith in such a heart!

Destruction for the wealthy except those who spend
In Saduqs Tawheed, there is a detailed tradition, which is indeed worth reading and pondering over deeply. I am telling you a sentence from it. Abu Dharr said: The last Prophet Muhammad said, "All the wealthy persons of my nation are in destruction except those who spend their money freely in all the four directions as charity."
Permanently, from any side a good cause comes to their notice, they at once, without any hesitation, stinginess or shirking, start spending their money freely in charity and donations. If such a wealthy does not spend in charity for Gods pleasure, then his final abode is well-known. The money he kept unspent will bring him nothing except fire, repentance and wretchedness both in this worldly life and in the Hereafter.
﴿ .

"And (as for) those who hoard up gold and silver and do not spend it in Allahs way, announce to them a painful chastisement, On the day when it shall be heated in the fire of hell, then their foreheads and their sides and their backs shall be branded with it; this is what you hoarded up for yourselves, therefore taste what you hoarded."
You saw what did the rich person and the donkey do? One carried cruelty and the other gold. (Persian couplet)

"they are the truthful ones. (49:15)"
That is, those are the ones who tell the truth. They are such who believed in Allah and His Messenger and then entertained nothing like doubt or hesitation and strived with their lives, riches and wealth in the path of God. Yes, they are the true believers. They are telling the truth. They are who will get salvation, not those who express religiousness only by their tongue.

External show and hypocrisy before God!

"Say: Do you apprise Allah of your religion (49:16)"
Do you want to show your religiousness to God? You say: We are Muslim, we are pious, we offer prayer regularly in congregation? For whom do you say this? For God or for people? If it is for God, then God knows everything. He is not in need of your saying: Do you intend to remind God? Whereas God knows everything in the skies and on the earth. God has full knowledge of everything. If you also want to tell people, then your Faith is for people and you have nothing before God. The prayers you offered are for the people. You did not offer anything in the service of God. Why are you fooling or deceiving yourself, O Liar?

Muslims do not oblige Allah
Worse than this:

"They think that they lay you under an obligation by becoming Muslims. (49:17)"
The same Bani Asad who uttered such words of obligation. They said: O Muhammad! Others became Muslims only by themselves but we have come to you with our wives and children and became Muslim. If others have accepted Islam after fighting, we did not fight but have ourselves willingly become believers. We offer prayer. Please give us our full share from the Zakat money.
The Holy Quran says: The Islam, which is with these people has no value. Arriving recently they show their obligation to Muhammad. What is the motive behind your Islam? Is it religion? No, this is the faith, which has wealth behind its intention. You come morning and evening to offer prayers in the leadership of Muhammad. This is no Faith, which expresses obligation (telling him that you have obliged or favored him) and also say that We pray behind you. He (God) says: (O Muhammad)! Tell them: Do not oblige me with your Islam. If you have earned Faith, that too is from God, not from yourselves. So for that too, you have no right to show any favor: But it is Gods favor on you that He guided you towards Faith.
Here is an example for you: To make you understand that if one is lucky to become a Muslim, he cannot put obligation on God and His Messenger. Rather he is under obligation of both God and His Prophet.

Does a patient oblige his kind physician!
There is a kind and a loving doctor who also is wealthy. He announces: If any patient comes to me, I will treat him free of charge. He may go away after healing. A patient went to him. The doctor too deals with him in a pleasing manner. Then the patient tells the doctor: O Doctor! I have come for your sake. And he begins to show that he has obliged this physician who treated him gratis and without any greed for money. He heals him. He gives medicine to him free. Now, really, you are under the obligation of this doctor. But you are telling him that he is under your obligation! You are telling him that you have arrived to his hospital saying: "You may treat me. I did not want that anyone else should treat me. So, I came to you."

God has obliged you
If you are fortunate to get Faith, it is granted by God. He has treated your ignorance. Now you tell him: O God! I heard your Word and put faith in You. Who reminded you of it? The benefits of prayer, fasting and Faith are only for your good. Allah has obliged you. It is He Who relieved you of this illness of ignorance and cured you. For each and every good deed a man does, he is under obligation of Only One God right from the original Faith upto every religious deed. One who climbs up a pulpit and gives sermons has no right to cast a favor. Who are you to be able to guide anyone to the right path? Only if God wishes does He create effect in your speech.

"Surely, you cannot guide whom you love, but Allah guides whom He pleases, and He knows best the followers of the right way."
He is the molder of hearts. This matter does not concern you. Or there is one who spends million from his wealth for a good cause, but whose wealth is it really? O millionaire! What did you have fifty years back? Where was your first residence? A few square inches in the belly of your mother. You also know what your food was? Thereafter, out of all these impurities, you came out naked. No house, no life, when you were both hungry and thirsty. Thereafter it is Allah who gradually granted you the wealth, which you now possess.

"Whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth is Allahs"
The globe of the earth and whatever is there on it, is the property of Only One God. It is He Who has lent it to you.
Another thing: It is only Allah who gives you the opportunity to do a good deed and turns your heart towards good. Otherwise where you are and where is good! Where and how a deal with God! We are too small to say "May Allah bless" even once. Praise on pulpit, writing in a newspaper, giving a radio talk. How much wealth do you part with? How at all can you make a deal with God whereby you may get a reward after your death? It requires a lot of effort to make God mould his mind. You, by yourself cannot do it.
Therefore, if you have done a good deed, thank God in prostration and say: If I was left to myself, I would not have been able to make a deal with God selflessly and honestly. It is God Who inclined your heart and gave you good thoughts. Do not show your obligation or favor to the needy who extended his hand to you for help. Never imagine that you have done a great deed.

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