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Words of the Living Imam of the Age to guide you to Heaven

1. Truly, the Almighty Allah has not created human beings and all creation without any purpose, and has not let them free without any responsibility
Note: a) I have not created the Jinn and the mankind but to serve & worship Me (Zariat 51:A56)
b) Worship Me, this is the straight path(S 36:A61)
c) The HONOR of being Your servant is sufficient for me and the PRIDE that You are my Lord is enough for me. You are as I love You to be, so MAKE me as You like me to be. (Ali A.S)
d) It is Wisdom which makes you worship God, the Compassionate and thereby earn His paradise. Imam Sadeq (A.S)
e) We could not worship You. O God! as much as You are worthy of being worshipped. (Mohammad (S.A)
f) Whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth glorifies God, the Sovereign, the Holy, the Mighty, the Wise. (Juma’h 62:1)
Creations of God are countless both animate and inanimate, visible and invisible, trillions of angels all over the universe glorify and worship God, then why has God created men and made His worship obligatory ? Well, God does not benefit from our worship and glorification. He is beyond all necessity; it is We who benefit by obeying and worshiping God, for thereby we attain perfection in conduct and character and get spiritually near to God (Liqha allah) and this is a heavenly blessing for us because all mankind by obeying God’s messenger(S.A) and Imams(A.S) shall enter God’s paradise and live there eternally.
g) The skeptic Arabs told Mohammad (S.A) that they will worship his (S.A) God for a year provided that he also worship their idols for the next year. Thus every alternate year they will worship their idols .The holy messenger was asked by God in the surah e Kaferoon” Tell them (the skeptics): “For you your religion (idolatry)and for me my religion (Islam)(lakum deenokum wa lee a deen )
There is no compulsion in religion( La Ikraha fid Deen).Man is free to be atheist, skeptic, polytheist or Muslim and there lies their test and trial and hence there is the day of Recompense, heaven and hell for administration of perfect justice by God, the most Exalted Sovereign.
2. Indeed this world is never devoid of a divinely appointed authority (holy prophet or Imam) either manifest or in concealment.
Note: a) There is a firm promise of messengers in the holy Quran: When God took a solemn promise from the messengers (e.g. Abraham, Ismael, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Jesus (A.S) surely what I have given you of the Book & wisdom, should a messenger come to you thereafter confirming what is with you, YOU SHALL BELIEVE IN HIM AND HELP HIM. God asked: “Do you affirm & accept My solemn covenant in this regard?”
They (all messengers) replied: “We do affirm”.
God said: “Then bear witness & I (God) am also among the witnesses with you. Then whoever turns away after this, it is they who are the transgressors.”(S3:A81-83).
God’s messengers will be regarded as transgressors if they do not help His final messenger. But Jesus (A.S) who is alive will help Mohammad (S.A) by helping his last successor, Imam Mahdi (A.S).Thus Jesus will actually fulfill his solemn promise or covenant with God.
Jesus (A.S) representing all the messengers will help Imam Mahdi (A.F) in establishing the kingdom of Justice of God throughout the world. Thus this covenant in the holy Quran will be fulfilled after the emergence of Imam Mahdi & Jesus (A.S).
b)The reason for concealment. God has said:”O believers! Do not ask about things which if made known to you, you will be hurt (Maieda5:A101)
c) Remember on the day (of judgment) We will summon every group of people with their Imam (Isra 17:A71).
Some people will gather with the Imams appointed by God and most people with Aemmat al kufr i.e. the political leaders who deceived people by misinterpreting the holy Quran & disregarding hadith e thaqalayn.
Imamat will continue as long as Quran is there, i.e. up to Doomsday because Etrat, the talking Quran and the silent holy Quran are inseparable although messengership has been terminated by God.
d) One who dies without cognizance of Imam of his time is as if he has died in the age of ignorance (as idolater).
Remember that Imam Mahdi (A.S) is the Imam of the present age, and therefore we should have his cognizance.
(The holy messenger (A.S)
3. God has bestowed Mohammad (S.A) with His messengership as a grace and mercy for the world and has culminated his best blessings and bounties through him. God appointed him as His last messenger and sent him for the entire humanity.
Note: a) They (Mohammad & Ale Mohammad) are the best of all people (Bayyenah 98:A7)
b) You have in God’s messenger a GOOD exemplary model (for the pious believers in God and the Hereafter). (S33:A21)
c) I am sent as God’s messenger for perfection of conduct & character of mankind. (Therefore Mohammad (S.A) is the greatest blessing of God for all mankind )
d)Indeed you (Mohammad SA) are at the zenith of good conduct
(Qalam 68:A4)
e) When people’s intelligence and wisdom attains perfection to know the Sender of messages (God) then they can recognize His messengers (A.S) as well.
4. If you crave for divine guidance and admonition you shall be blessed with it. Seek and you shall find, so lock the door of such queries which do not help you. (Do not bother to know that which does not enlighten you.)
Note: a) He (God) is with you wherever you may be; and God sees what you do. (Hadid 57:4)
b) One can have cognizance of God from God Himself. You can recognize God through His Power & Might over everything.
c) Ali (A.S) has said: “I see God before everything, with everything & after everything” i.e. God can be seen by heart everywhere and with everybody although invisible.
d) Indeed God & His angels shower blessings upon the prophet (Mohammad S.A) O! You who have faith! always bless him with salawaat and salaam ,a worthy salutation .(Ahzab 33:56)
God taught the holy Messenger (S.A) that in the daily compulsory prayers (salaat) all Muslims should say ‘Tashahhud’ that is “I bear witness that Mohammad is His servant & His messenger O, my God! send blessings upon Mohammad and Ale Mohammad” ’Hence if someone doesn’t bless ‘Ale Mohammad (the Imams) it will be disobedience to God. So then how can God accept one’s salaat?
5. O God! Protect us against blindness after divine enlightenment and from going astray in spite of divine guidance and from fatal vicious deeds and cunning ruinous plots.
Note: a) A person is really blind if he cannot see God, in spite of all His glaring signs and His Might.
b) Whoever has been blind in this world shall be Blind in the Hereafter. (Isra17:72)
On the day of resurrection We shall raise him blind
(Taaha 20:124)
He will say: “My Lord! Why have you raised me BLIND though I used to see?” God will say: “So it is .Our message & Aayaat came to you, but you forgot them, and thus you will be forgotten today”.
c)Intrigues & plots against the Messenger(S.A) & their successors, the Imams(A.S) by satanic forces were responsible for deviations in God’s heavenly religion &its splitting into many sects .All religions from God are but one ,although God changed some laws to suit different times. The finalized religion for perfection of mankind was brought by God’s last messenger (S.A) for the entire universe & shall last up to end of this world
6. Quest of knowledge contrary to the divine sacred knowledge of the holy family (Ahle bayt) of the best messenger (S.A) is like rejecting the divinely appointed Imams.
Note: a) Keep us on the straight path, the path of those whom You have blessed. (S 1:6&7)
The straight path is the one finalized by God and followed by Mohammad (S.A) & the sinless Imams, who never worshipped idols. They are the most blessed ones by God and are presented as the best models to be followed by all mankind.
b) Certainly We wrote in the Zaboor (the Psalms of David) after Remembrance, that My righteous servants shall indeed inherit the earth (Anbiya21:105)
The Imams (A.S) who were weakened by the usurpers will be granted power and inherit this earth after the respite for Satan is over.
c) O My people! Remember Allah’s favor upon you when He appointed prophet as His divine guide among you … and gave you what none of the nations were given.(S5:A20)
The greatest favor of God for a people is His divine guides i.e. the messengers& the Imams.
d) Love for us (Imams)is faith and hatred against us is faithlessness (Imam Sadegh A.S)
e) O God! Let me have cognizance of Your guiding authority (Hojjat) lest I should be in the dark about my religion & go astray.
7. Our hearts are receptacles of God's divine Will, hence when He intends we the Imams too intend the same.
Note: a) And you (Imams) do not wish unless it is wished by God.
(Insan 76: A 30)
b) You did not kill them, it was God who killed them (in the battle of Badr) & you did not throw when you threw (sand into eyes of enemy) but God had thrown. (Anfaal 8: A 17)
You are the powerful hand and tongue of God, and let your faith defeat your suspicion and doubts.
c) You (Imams) act according to God’s intentions.
(ziaarate jameah kabira)
The holy messenger’s (S.A) and the divine Imams’ (A.S) complete reliance on the acts of God and His orders for performance of their duties is the secret that they act according to His command; and their perfect trust in that secret constitutes the origin of all their actions.
d) Be with God & govern the hearts, otherwise with your own freewill you can choose to be with Satan & do whatever you like, you can even help tyrant rulers and become fuel for hell as you can never escape punishment on the Day of Recompense.
8. Indeed we are not heedless about your conditions nor can we forget you (your needs and supplications).
Hence every one of you should perform that which wins our love and abstain from all things that arouse our hatred and wrath.
Note: a)Imam Reza (A.S)was asked to explain the hadith that Ali(A.S)divides people into those going to Heaven & to Hell, The Imam(A.S) replied :”Those who love Ali(A.S) will go to Heaven & those who are enemies of Ali (A.S)will go to Hell.
b) If you love God, obey me (Mohammad S.A) then God will love you. (Aale I’mran3:A29) Love is worthy when it is accompanied with obedience to God & His beloved Messenger (S.A) and the sinless Imams (A.S).
c) Indeed my Lord is Merciful, Affectionate. (S Hud 11: A 90)& He is the Forgiving, the Loving (Wadud) (S Burooj 85: A 14)
Love begets love .God’s love is in every heart therefore love & obey God & His divine guides, who are the best blessings of God for you.
9. So nothing separates us from them except their offensive and detestable actions that confront us.
Note: a) A cause of separation from Imam Mahdi (A.F) is that people are not worthy of living with him without purifying themselves from sins which offend him. Imam Sajjad (A.S) has said that all efforts for forgiveness of one sin are futile if it were not for God’s boundless Mercy.
God says: O you who believe! Beware of sins, be pious and fear God’s punishment & seek the Means of Nearness to God) (S5:A35).
Of course, the fourteen sinless guides are the best Means to intercede for forgiveness from God, so do not displease them. God has said:”As for My sincere servants you (Satan) shall have no authority over them (S17:A63).
Satan has said: If you respite me until the Day of Resurrection I will surely destroy his (Adam’s) progeny, all except a few. (S17:A62) .So we should guard ourselves against Satan and please Imam Mahdi(A.F)and thus hasten his appearance.
b) This world is a prison for a faithful believer whereas it is a paradise for a faithless skeptic.
10. Indeed there is no family relationship between the Mighty and Majestic God and anyone whosoever.
Note: a) Jesus (A.S) was born without a father by Virgin Mary (A.S) It was a miracle indeed. But Adam (A.S) was created without father & mother, so also the first and foremost pairs of all animals and birds just by the Will of God (Kun fa Yakun). Whatever God intends it happens soon or late. Jesus (A.S) never claimed to be a son of God. It is a false accusation from those who mutilated the divine heavenly religion. So God sent His last messenger (S.A) for correction of deviations in Judaism and Christianity. Jesus (A.S), Ezra & angels are not sons and daughters of God.
b) The fourteen sinless souls, who are closest to God, never claimed to be God’s relatives.
c)When Muslims recite ziarat of Imam Husain (A.S) they say, Salaam on you O Jesus, the Ruhullah! meaning the soul created by God & not the soul of God. God created Adam from dust in the image He had in Mind, then He made him alive with a soul newly created by God which did not exist from eternity like God, so Ruhullah is like Baytullah (the house of God built by Abraham A.S) is attributed to God, who is everywhere and does not need a house nor a wife and a son. God is above all needs and necessities.
11. Truly the right is with us and within us .No one else can declare this except a cunning liar and no one else can claim this except an astrayed mercenary person who misleads others.
Note: a)Hadith of the golden chain : Imam Reza (A.S) has quoted a hadith from his ancestors, the seven Imams & the holy messenger(S.A) & from Gabriel that God has said: “THE KALEMAH THERE IS NO GOD EXCEPT ALLAH” is My fortress &whoever enters My fortress is secure against My punishment” and then Imam Reza (A.S) added it is a conditional statement & I am one of its conditions. i.e. Without recognizing the Imam no one can enter the fortress of God. Satan, who has firm belief in God & in the Hereafter had recited the Kalemah of oneness of God for thousands of years, yet he could not enter God’s fortress because of his pride in denial of superiority of Adam (A.S). The crafty worldly politicians because of their pride have like Satan, misled people by not recognizing the excellence of the sinless Imams and the present twelfth Imam Mahdi (A.F)
b) As for those who desire the life of this world & its charms and beauties We will recompense them for their performance therein, and they will not incur loss in it (in this world).
They are the ones FOR WHOM THERE SHALL BE NOTHING IN THE HEREAFTER BUT FIRE, and what they accomplished in this world is in vain and what they perform is of no value( in the Hereafter)
( Hud11:A 15-16)
12. The Mighty and Majestic God will not let down right but will exalt it to perfection and will not tolerate evil (indefinitely) but will surely destroy it completely.
Note: a) Tell them the Right has come and Evil has vanished. Indeed Evil is bound to vanish. (Isra 17: A 81)
b) “Ali is with the Right & the Right is with Ali (A.S)
(the holy Messenger S.A)
c) O Ali without you it would not have been possible to recognize the true believers after you,… You are the guiding light for the blind at heart and the strong cord of God (Habl ullah) and God’s straight path (the holy MessengerS.A)
d) Where is Mahdi (A,S) the destroyer of the buildings of polytheism and hypocrisy? Where is Mahdi(A.S) who will bring honor for the friends and abase the enemies? O God! Establish the Right and destroy the Evil by his presence (Dua e Nudbah)
e) And certainly Our word has already gone beforehand in favor of Our servants, the Messengers, that surely they shall be the assisted ones and indeed our troops shall be the victors
(Saaffaat 37: A171-173)
Soon they will see Our punishment when Mahdi (A.F) emerges
13. A) And indeed I am the saviour for all inhabitants of this earth. I am the one who shall fill this world with justice, just as it gets replete with tyranny & hypocrisy.
B) I am the protected and reserved divine authority of God on His earth
Note: a) And all of you cling to the cord of God. (the fourteen sinless guides) and be not divided( into sects).(AleEmran3:A103)
Jews, Christians and Muslims got divided into many sects in spite of the fact that the highway that leads to God is only one that is the straight path to which God has guided through all His messengers, Imams and heavenly books like Torah, Bible and Quran. This indicates how hypocrites have diverted people from the highway in their own interests, in disobedience to God.
And remember God’s blessings on you when you were enemies, then He united your hearts (with love) so you became brethren with His blessings and you were near the precipice of fire of hell then He saved you from it. (Aale E’mran3:A103)
Hypocrites divided Muslims into more than 70 sects such as shia, sunni, sufi, jabri, qadri and so on and into subdivisions like nusairi, ismaili, shafeie, maleki, hanafi, hambali, wahhabi, zindiqi etc. These divisions were based on ‘divide and rule’ policy of the hypocrites. The ignorant people followed the hypocrites instead of clinging firmly to the cord of God, i.e. messenger and his sinless successors the imams(A.S)as declared by the holy messenger of God on many occasions.
b) We sent our messengers with clear evidence (miracles) and we sent down with them the (heavenly) Book & the Balance (Almizaan, for weighing the righteous and evil deeds) that men may maintain JUSTICE. (Hadid 57:A25)
c)The inhabitants of the entire world ,tired of evil and tyranny and thirsty for justice will gather around Imam Mahdi (A.S)and help him in erasing oppression and despotism from the surface of the earth with no discrimination for wealth, power, age, language, color of skin and native land. except piety which makes a person most honorable near God. At first 313 persons, representatives of the Imam, will gather around him from all over the world followed by 10000 men when Imam Mahdi (A.S)will emerge and uprise announcing: “I am the last divine authority (Baqiatollah) to guide you”.
Thus God will revive His religion and provide you with power and all facilities to establish His universal rule of justice. Human knowledge will progress so much that the Imam (A.S)could demolish all factories of modern atomic weapons.
People close to the twelfth Imam (A.S)will possess more knowledge than the minister of King Solomon who brought throne of the Queen Sheeba in a wink’s time from Yemen to Palestine.
14. I am the final successor of the last messenger of God
I am the upholder of right in the present age.
I am the Mahdi (the divinely appointed guide)
Note: a) O you who have faith! Answer the call of God and the call of his messenger when he summons you to that which will GIVE YOU LIFE. Know that God intervenes between a man and his heart ,and towards HIM you will be resurrected(Anfaal 8:A24 ) One who turns a deaf ear to God and his divine guides is spiritually dead and the one who knows the real purpose of life is really alive.
b) And from amongst them WE APPOINTED IMAMS to guide (the people) by Our Aayaat. (Sajdah 32: A 24)
It is God who appoints Imams like His messengers and the whole world cannot elect an Imam. Imamat will continue up to emergence of Imam Mahdi (A.F).
c) Imam Baqir (A.S) has said that the twelfth Imam (A.S) is called Mahdi because God informs him about the unseen and on that basis he will give verdict for beheading the murderer without any witnesses.(as God changes his laws to suit the era of Imam Mahdi’s reign)
d) The holy messenger (S.A) has said: “This Husain is Imam, son of Imam, brother of Imam and ancestor of nine generations of Imams, the ninth of whom is Qaem (A.S) who will uprise and fill the entire earth with justice after it had been replete with tyranny and oppression.
15. Through me the Mighty and Majestic Allah shall remove all the troubles and calamities from my household and my lovers and followers (shias).
Note: a) Shia is used in the sense of friend and follower in the holy Quran in many Aayaat e.g.: Indeed Abraham was among his lovers (Shia) when he came to his Lord with a sound and peaceful heart. (Saaffaat 37:A83)
The holy prophet has said that Abraham (A.S) was mystified by observing a number of lights emitted from Throne (Arsh).God told him these are lights of the fourteen sinless ones and mentioned their names and God said the sea of illuminations close to them are the shias of these fourteen individuals, then Abraham (A.S) beseeched God to include him with their Shias. Hence the above Aayat was revealed in the Quran (Arbaoon,by Mohammad bin Abil Favares )
b)Salman e Farsi , Abuzar Ghaffari, Meisam e Tammar, Mighdad and Ammar e Yaser were all shias of Mohammad (S.A) and Ale Mohammad(A.S)and they were considered as true Muslims with no hypocrisy as attributed to the political Muslim companions of the holy messenger. Salman e Farsi was at the tenth stage of faith so he was declared as a member of the family by the holy Messenger (S.A)
c) Imam Baqir (A.S) has said those who claim to be shia should know that shias are our friends and followers. They are 1.pious 2.obedient and they can be recognized by their 3.humbleness 4.uprightness, 5.trustworthiness, and by their 6. remembrance of God, their 7.salaat 8. fasting 9.kindness to parents 10. respect for the rights of neighbors 11. their assistance for the poor and the disabled, 12.sympathy for the destitute 13. loving behavior towards orphans, 14.truthfulness 15. recitation of the holy Quran, and acting according to all commandments and laws in it 16. True Shi’as control their tongue and use it in the best manner for beneficence 18. wish the best for all the servants of God and 19. give shelter to their friends.
16. I am the Avenger (for seeking vengeance) against enemies of God.
Note: a)God is Almighty Avenger. (Aale I’mraan 3:A4)& (5:A95).
God’s vengeance will begin after uprising of Imam Mahdi (A.F) and Satan’s respite will be over.
b) God has kept you (Mahdi A.S) in reserve for assisting the religion, and for strengthening the believers and for vengeance against the disbelievers.
c) Where is the avenger of the blood of the messengers and the sons of the messengers? Where is the avenger of the blood of the martyr of Karbala? (Dua e Nudbah)
d) God is proud of Imam Husain (A.S) who was steadfast in his test in life and He utilized not only his life but even death to serve his purpose .He sacrificed everything, his dear children and friends and supporters to revive True Islam of God by rejecting allegiance to the cursed tree in Quran (Bani Umayyah i.e AbuSofyan, Moaviah, Yazid etc.) and by preferring martyrdom in the imposed battle in Karbala. All those who are blind to appreciate the heroic sacrifice of Imam Husain (A.S) shall be with their Imam (Yazid) on the Day of Judgement and not with Imam Husain (A.S) the chief of youths of paradise.
e) O you who believe! Whoever from you turns back from his religion (Islam)God will bring a people (God’s messenger put his hand on Salman e Farsi and said, “ From his country”) whom He loves and who (Persians) love Him, humble towards the believers and stern against the unbelievers, striving hard in God’s way without fearing the blame from any accuser. That is God’s Grace which He showers on whomever He wishes and God is Magnanimous, All Knowing (Maedah5: 54).
17. Truly, there were none of my ancestors with pressure on him for demand of allegiance to a contemporary satanic ruler.
Note: a) The Imams prudently saved Islam from being nipped in the bud They preferred martyrdom, sacrifice & suffering in prison but did not give up their right and freedom to oppose the satanic hypocritical Muslim rulers. Thus they never disgraced the honor of God & His venerable messengers, like Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus & Mohammad (S.A)
b) Surely those who swear oath of allegiance to you, do but swear allegiance to God, the hand of God is above their hands, so whoever breaks his oath of allegiance it is to the detriment of his own soul(Fath 48 :A10).
Therefore all those who broke their oath of allegiance to Ali (A.S) have broken Allegiance to the Messenger (S.A) and to God as well. The holy Messenger (S.A) had declared; “To whomever I am Master, Ali is his Master”.
c) After the murder of Osman the third khalifa, Ali (A.S) was chosen by the people as their fourth khalifa. Talha and Zubair had sworn allegiance to Ali (A.S) but they were covetous for Khilafat so they broke their oath of allegiance and fought the battle of Jamal against Ali (A.S).Ali (A.S)regarded the position of an elected Khalifa as not even worth his worn out old shoe. The divine Imamat is far superior to the elected Khilafat. The role of people is to be obedient to God his messenger and the divinely appointed Imams.
18. And I will emerge when I emerge there will be no yoke of allegiance on me, nor subjection to any satanic rebellious power.
Note: a) When Imam Mahdi (A.S) emerges, Jesus (A.S)will descend on earth and assist him .He will advance him to lead prayers and follow behind him( for congregation prayers) (Amaali Sk.Saduq)
b)The greatest hindrance for emergence of Imam Mahdi (A.S) is that people lack decency and civility and are not befitting and worthy of his presence. God can make Imam Mahdi (A.S) appear whenever He likes, even without any predicted signs, if people yearn for him earnestly and purify their souls to obey him.
c) Revolution in Iran by a person from Qom, (Imam Khomaini) who ousted the autocracy of 2500 yrs, is a sign of emergence of Imam Mahdi (A.S) (Beharol Anvaar volume 57 p. 216)
A few other signs for reappearance of Imam (A.S) are as follows:
1) This world will be filled with tyranny and oppression.
2) Uprising of Sufyani
3) Uprising of Yemeni
4) An outcry or shriek from the sky around the world
5) Changes in climate throughout the world etc.
d) I (Jesus) didn’t tell them take me and my mother for two gods besides Allah except what You had commanded me…. as long as I was among them but when YOU had taken me away (to the fourth heaven) YOU Yourself were watchful over them
(S 3: 55&59)(S5 :116,117)
So Jesus is not dead but kept alive to help Imam Mahdi (A.S) for vengeance against God’s enemies.
19. Well the time of my emergence for deliverance of this world from evil depends upon the will of God and all those who foretell the exact time of my emergence are liars.
Note: a) Oracles & those who predict ones future are liars, because God changes the destiny of a person according to his good deeds and supplications especially on the night of destiny (Lailatol Qadr), also due to prayers by his parents friends and relatives; therefore future of everyone is not predestined but is changeable by God. Hence Exact time of emergence of Imam Mahdi (A.S) is unknown and depends upon God’s discretion and is foretold by liars only.
b)Allama Iqbal says you are a living being and free to choose and not controlled by stars so those who foretell the entire life of a person from his birth star are mistaken. Those who lay the blame of all crimes and sins on predestination are misguided by Satan and they will definitely be punished as they themselves are responsible for their devilish and sinful life.
The Imams (A.S) have explained that there is neither 100% compulsion by fate nor 100% freewill but the truth is golden mean between the two extremes.
20. When God will permit us to announce the Truth, Right shall get manifest and Evil shall be destroyed.
a) And We desired to show favor to those who were abased on the earth and to make them Imams and to make them the heirs and to establish them on the earth ( Qasas 28 Ayat 5)
God has appointed Imams from the progeny of Ibrahim, such as Ismaiel, Isaac, Jacob, Moses (A.S) and Mohammad (S.A) etc. Similarly God appointed 12 Imams from the progeny of Mohammad (S.A) the last of them is the present Imam Mahdi (A.F) who is kept alive like Khizr (A.S) and shall inherit this earth and establish universal kingdom of justice of God.
b) Inheritance from the holy Messenger (S.A) (Such as the holy Quran and Vilayat) is with you. Eventually all people will return to you (Imam) for divine guidance; and the final verdict that separates truth and falsehood is with you.
(Ziyarat e Jameah Kabirah)
c) So truth is that which makes you (the Imams) pleased and gratified and evil is that which makes you wrathful
(Ziyarate Aale Yaseen)
d) Nothing would triumph from evil but that (Imam Mahdi (A.S) shall destroy it completely (Duae’ A’hd)
21. Indeed God is Patient and it is you who are in a hurry.
Note: a) One of the best creations of God and a great blessing on earth is Imam Hussain (A.S) the chief of youth in paradise. He was brutally martyred along with his children, kith and kin, and his supporters by his enemies. Yet God was extremely patient. Why did He allow such a great tragedy? Two Aayaats of the Holy Quran answer this question.
1) Let not those who disbelief think that Our granting them respite was better for their souls. WE GIVE THEM RESPITE THAT THEY MAY ADD TO THEIR SINS AND THEY SHALL HAVE A DISGRACEFUL PUNISHMENT until the vicious are distinguished from the virtuous
(Ale I’mran 3: 178)
2) Indeed THOSE WHO VEX GOD AND HIS MESSENGER are denounced by God in this world and the Hereafter and GOD HAS DISGRACEFUL PUNISHMENT READY FOR THEM. Those who are responsible for vexation to faithful men and women undeservedly they are certainly guilty of false accusation and manifest sin.
(Ahzab 33: 58 -59)
God gives them a very long rope before punishment.
b) Mohtasham, a well known poet from Kashan, had written everlasting verses about Imam Husain (A.S) Once he wrote a verse and could not compose the second verse.
“Although God’s Exalted Self is free from sorrow” (first verse)
Imam Mahdi (A.S) inspired him to write the second verse as follows: “God is in heart and no heart is without sorrow” (second verse)
c) You (Imams) are the door for test and trial of people and you were patient in bearing all calamities that you had to face in upholding the side of God so as to save us from approaching the precipice of destruction and fire of hell. (Ziyarat e Jameah Kabirah)
22. Pray to God immensely for hastening my emergence & deliverance, for truly therein lies the deliverance of you all.
Note: a) God has said: “When my servants ask you about Me, I am near to them, I answer the supplication of the suppliant when he prays to Me. So they should RESPOND to Me & have faith in Me (that I answer their prayers) so that they may attain uprightness.
Supplication and praying to God for help & guidance is the heart and core of worship. God alone can change the inevitable destiny. When Imam Mahdi (A.S) prays for his quick emergence his prayers is always conditional i.e. subject to approval by God’s wisdom & discretion.
b) O My God! Show me his wise & pious countenance & his glorious and gleaming forehead and feast my eyes with a glance at him and hasten his deliverance and make his emergence easy .O My God! Hasten his emergence for us. Indeed they regard it as distant but We see it as quite near (Dua e A’hd).
Time is relative, and what we consider as distant is actually near in God’s sight.
c) Sincere Prayers may repel misfortune, distress, disaster & even death.
d) I pray to God to sustain Me with Vengeance for your blood with the Imam from your progeny (the twelfth Imam Mahdi A.F)the best guiding authority, the manifest, and who speaks nothing but Truth.
(Ziarate A’ashura).
23. Well the way of deriving benefit from me during my concealment is similar to benefiting from the SUN when it is hidden from the eyes by clouds.
Note: a) Satan who is a jinn , is present all over the world. He misleads the progeny of Adam (A.S)by corrupting their thoughts. Satan and jinns are mostly invisible. Imam Mahdi (A.F) although invisible like the sun behind the clouds, is of immense benefit to us and is a great blessings of God for us against Satan.
b) Whatever benefit we derive in this life is from the unseen God, Who is the real source of guidance through His divine guide Imam Mahdi (A.F) for the present era up to the end of this world. Imam Mahdi (A.F) is the mercy of God for our wellbeing .He is loved and obeyed by all momins all over the world and is present in their hearts until he becomes manifest for all (like Hazrate Khizr) by the Will of God.
24. Well concerning fresh problems &events (during my concealment) refer them to experts in our narrations as they are my authority on you and I am God's authority upon them.
Note: a) Every person consults a specialist for special problems, similarly, during the major concealment of Imam Mahdi (A.S) learned experts in religion (Marajae Taqlid) are specialists for guiding the Muslim nation in all affairs as representatives of the Imam (A.S). Religion guides mankind in physical as well as spiritual affairs. God’s heavenly religion governs and controls all activities of mankind in domestic, social, economic, educational, psychological, political, administrative, legal, judicial and defensive affairs. Otherwise human rights in all these fields would be trampled down by the skeptics. So the most capable religious expert called’ Wali e Faqih’ as representative of the Present Imam(A.S)governs the Muslim nation and he shall hand over his dominion to Imam Mahdi (A.F) when he emerges by the will of God along with Jesus (A.S)and Khizr(A.S) who will help him in establishing justice all over the world.
b) The universal kingdom of justice of God can never be established by anyone else but Imam Mahdi (A.S).A number of persons will falsely claim to be Mahdi but when the respite given to Satan comes to an end God the Most Patient and the Just Avenger shall bring about Raj’at ie. the minor resurrection prior to the major resurrection of all mankind. In minor resurrection those persons who had sincerely wished to help the twelfth Imam (A.F) before their death, shall be resurrected by God.
25. And make us your model and aim in life with all love for our clear & manifest customs and manners.

ote: a) It was revealed to the holy Messenger (A.S) by God, “Tell them: I do not ask of you any compensation except love of my near relatives (Shura 42:43).
The holy Messenger (S.A) had no need for compensation by 'Ummah' for the pains incurred in reforming the polytheist idolaters to civilized Muslims, it was rather 'Ummah' that would be rewarded by God if they love and obey the nearest relatives of the holy Messenger (S.A) viz, Fatema, Ali, Hasan and Husain (A.S) …
Those who disobey God by not compensating Mohammad (S.A) for his incessant troubles in the divine mission deprive themselves of spiritual blessings from God and the divine guides the Imams.
b) Imam Sadeq (A.S) has said: "One who loves us is with us". (Love is empty and on tongue only if without obedience to Imams (A.S)).
c) The ‘Sunnat’ and conduct of all the divinely nominated Imams is exactly like the Sunnat of the holy Messenger (S.A) without any changes and therefore superior to sunnat and innovations of all others. The Ummah should get united by clinging to the cord of God up to Doomsday, i.e. they should hold fast to the fourteen sinless personalities and get united to help Imam Mahdi (A.S).
26. Regarding your possessions & wealth, we never accept these unless your purification is ensured (against avarice .etc.)So whoever likes may pay his dues (with freewill) and defaulters may sever from us. Whoever consumes anything from what belongs to us has surely filled his belly with fire and he shall be cast into hell.
Note: a) And know that whatever things you gain, a fifth of it is for God and the messenger and for the near relatives and the orphans and the destitute and the travelers (who are in need) (Anfaal 8:41)
If a person pays Khums i.e. 20% of his excess wealth every year to a 'Marja-e Taqleed', then he will have good fortune from God in the remaining 80% of his wealth. The 'Marja-e Taqleed' will distribute khums according to the divine laws.
b) Khums, Zakaat and charity purify a person from spiritual pollution such as avarice, miserliness, hoarding etc. Hoarding wealth without paying khums, zakaat and charity is a cause of robbery and crimes and murders. Inordinate attachment of a person to his wealth and property drowns him into avarice, which brings pain like pangs of death.
c) After a number of oaths, it is said in the holy Qur'an: 'One who purifies his soul will surely succeed, and the one who pollutes it will surely fail' (Shams 91: 9, 10), so one should purify his soul by paying khums regularly every year.
d) The God fearing shall be spared from the blazing fire. THE ONE WHO GIVES HIS WEALTH TO PURIFY HIMSELF without expecting a reward from anyone but to please his Lord, the Most Mighty, he will soon be pleased (Layl 92:18).
27. Surely, Almighty God is He, Who created everybody and distributed provisions for their sustenance. Indeed God has neither physical body nor does He transmigrate into a body. Nothing is like Him & He is All-hearing and All seeing.
Note: a) God is Light of the heavens and the earth. (Noor 24:35)
God's Light is present in the darkest night and it is invisible but it expels darkness from every heart with the exception of those who are blind and deaf to God's messengers and Imams.
b) No light is like God's Light. (Joshan-e Kabir).
c) “God created everything but not from anything that existed before.” (Fatema Zahra SA).
Every mass is convertible to energy, so mass is nothing but energy. All this universe and everything in it is created merely by God's intention. And by His intention God will resurrect every dead person even though decayed to dust.
d) God is without any need or necessities. He does not need a body. He has no ears, but He hears thousands of supplications in a number of languages from all over the world at one and the same time and without any confusion, He is All-Hearing; and also All-Seeing without eyes. Furthermore God can make anything speak, even a particle of sand. God used to speak to Moses (A.S) but His voice emitted from a tree. God does not need a mouth, tongue and lips to speak with.
The holy Qur'an says: “Hand of God is above their hands”
(Fath 48:10) It is an allegorical statement to help us understand the attribute of God. It means God is most powerful. There are many such allegorical statements in Qur'an which are misunderstood , as God has no Body and nothing can accommodate or contain God, hence transmigration (tanasukh) of God from one body to another is meaningless. Nearness to God is not physical but spiritual.
28. O the Hidden in spite of His perfect manifestation and the Manifest in spite of His perfect concealment.
Note: a) Imam Ali (A.S) 'the Gateway of Knowledge' has said: "I see God prior to everything, with everything, and after everything" It means:
1. God is the Ever-Existing First and Primal Existence prior to everything.
2. God’s Ingenious Creative Ability is reflected in everything i.e. He is with everyone wherever one may be. You can see God in every direction and in every creation with your heart and mind. Hence nothing is as manifest as God.
3. God is the Everlasting Last, after everything has perished. On the Doomsday, all living being the jinn and the people, all angels and all the universe will be doomed. Nothing but God and God alone will be there and then He will create all the Universe again by His mere intention.
b) God knows all the hidden details of everything, and even our thoughts and intentions. God is present everywhere, i.e. He is Omnipresent but God's Own Self is Hidden and invisible for the eyes. No one has ever seen God. Moses (A.S) used to speak to God, but when he asked God to make Himself visible to him (God told Moses (A.S) 'You cannot see Me. But look at the mountain, if it remains firm in its place then you will see Me'. But when God illuminated the mountain (Tur-e Sina) with his Glory, He crumbled it. It was shattered to pieces, which means God cannot be seen by eyes so the claim of Sufis that they see God with their eyes is but denial of God’s statement in the holy Quran:“Eyesight comprehends Him not (la tudrekohol-absaar). (Ana’am6:103)
Hence God is Hidden and can be seen by all with their heart only.
29. Nothing excels 'Salat' (prayers) for rubbing Satan’s nose on the ground. Hence say prayers and make Satan rub his nose. Prostration in gratefulness to God is the most necessary of all rites and customs and traditions.
Note: a) God says in the holy Qur'an 'And whoever disregards My remembrance (salaat, Qur'an, prayer, etc) surely his shall be a wretched life (ma’eeshat an zanka) and on the day of Resurrection We shall raise him blind' (Taha 20:124).
b) Ablution, (wuzu) is necessary for salaat even after taking a bath, because physical cleanliness is not sufficient, spiritual cleanliness is attained by seeking nearness to God by saying:“Qurbatan il-Allah” in wuzu, tayamum and ghusl, Nearness to God is spiritual not physical.
c) When Imam Mahdi (A.F) was born, a light dazzled the eyes of his aunt, Hazrat e Hakimah, daughter of Imam Mohammad Taqi (A.S), who witnessed that the baby (Imam) prostrated to God in the direction of Ka'bah. It is said he recited the Surah e Qadr as well.
d) One should not travel on Fridays until performing the Friday congregational prayers, which is equivalent to a Hajj. Salaat is a strong pillar of religion and it prevents a person from sin and crime and helps in attainment of piety and excellence of conduct and character.
e) When a person performs his daily prayers promptly in time, angels help him in his worldly affairs. Timings of Salaat differ according to geographical location of a country. Countries located on the equator differ in the length of days and nights from those near the North and South Poles, where each day is six months long i.e. one day and one night per year.
f) During the period when women are exempted from prayers for a few days every month, they may recite supplications to God, or Qur'an excepting the Aayaat which necessitate obligatory prostration. The lapsed salaat may not be performed by them after attaining the normal state
30. In fact, we have comprehensive knowledge of all your affairs & conditions and no information about you remains hidden from us.
Note: a) God, the only Knower of the Unseen and the hidden does not disclose His knowledge of the unseen to anyone except the one He approves of as Messenger. (Jinn 72:26, 27)
The approved ones by God for knowing the unseen are Mohammed (S.A) and his sinless successors, (the Imams) from the progeny of Abraham up to the last Imam Mahdi (A.F).
When God tested Abraham with certain kalemaat (difficult commandments, like throwing him into fire, sacrifice of his son Ismaiel etc.)he fulfilled them and God said “Surely I will make you an IMAM for people. Abraham asked “And from my posterity? God replied “My promise does not include the unjust (in your posterity) (Baqarah 2:124)
The brothers of Joseph (A.S) were unjust and threw him into a well. The political rulers can never be compared to the Imams who are far superior to them. Mohammad (S.A)in the posterity of Abraham through his second wife ‘Sara’ and all the 12 Imams were sinless & just.
Surely, God chose Adam and Noah and the descendants of Abraham (as Imams) and the descendants of I’mran Mary & Jesus as superior to the inhabitants of the world (Aale I’mraan3:33)
b) A letter was written by Imam Mahdi (A.F) to his fourth Nawwab, Ali bin Mohammad as-Samarri. He was asked not to recommend anyone as his replacement and he should be prepared to return to God after six days. Samarri died on the sixth day as foretold by the Imam (A.S).
c) Imam Mahdi (A.F) can travel from one place to another with his companions in a wink's time, without being seen by others.
d) When Imams can obtain the knowledge about their death, why do they not take measures to prevent it? Well, the Imams submit to God's decision because no one is wiser than God. If Imam Husain (A.S) had died while sleeping in his home, he would not have become an eternal hero through his sacrifices and martyrdom to perpetuate the true Islam of God.
31. The divine values predestined by the Mighty & Majestic God cannot be subdued, and God's Will cannot be waived off, and nothing can precede or surpass God’s favour.
Note: Imam Sadeq (A.S) was asked, whether the Aayat 26 of Surah-e Aal-e I’mraan: 'O God Sovereign of all kingdom! You give sovereignty to whomever You wish…..' includes tyrants and usurpers (such as Bani Umayyah)?
The Imam replied that God has appointed us to govern the Ummah (to establish universal kingdom of justice of God) but the hypocrites usurped this position from us. Suppose a person steals your shirt and wears it, he is a thief, and YOU are the real owner of that shirt. Similarly, the usurpers are like robbers and they can never subdue the divine values of God. Eventually, Satan's respite will be over and God's Universal Kingdom of justice will be established by Imam Mahdi (A.F) assisted by Jesus (A.S) and all faithful believers.
This life is a test and trial for all mankind. Those who help and serve or even agree with the tyrant satanic usurpers shall be with Satan in the Hereafter and not in Paradise with God's divine guides.
32. Had God made his prophets &Imams always victorious and if there were no difficulties &tests & trials for them, people would have considered them as gods in addition to the only One Mighty and Majestic God, Moreover, their Greatness which is revealed by their patience in difficulties, and their valour and self sacrifice in trial, would not have been manifested to all.
Note: a) Surely, those who disbelieve in the Aayaat of God and murder the Messengers (AS) unjustly and kill those people who command justice, inform them of a painful punishment.
(Aal-e I’mraan 3:21)
b) How can I assess your charming tests and trails, you (divine Imams) sacrificed your lives submitting to God's goodwill. You were patient (in whatever had befallen on you) in upholding the side of God. (Ziarat-e Jameah-e Kabira)
c) True victory is to be victorious in the sight of God. Martyrs are alive and really victorious although regarded as vanquished by the materialistic lot.
d) You (Imams) are the gateway for testing people.
(Ziarat-e Jameah-e Kabira)
People who are deceived by hypocrites and do not support the Imams sell their lives to support crafty Rulers and fail in their test for recognizing the Imam of their time.
e) Imam Husain (A.S) replied to Moaviyah's letter as follows: "I see that you have Killed Yourself and degraded your faith (religion) and you have humiliated the Muslim Nation. If I could wage holy war against you, it would be the best service I could do for God."
(Imam Husain (A.S) was bound to the signed agreement of the peace treaty between Imam Hasan (A.S) and Moaviyah (L.A) as a signatory, and he remained patient till the opportune moment as decided by God).
33. Fatima Zahra,the daughter of God’s messenger (S.A) may God bless her father ,family and descendants, is a model & embodiment of all virtues for me (i.e. Imam Mahdi(A.F).
Note: a) Indeed God created Jesus (A.S) without a father whereas He created Adam (A.S) without father & mother He created Adam from dust and by His mere intention He made him alive with a, created, soul. Therefore this controversy led to a challenge as described in the holy Quran as follows:“Come let us call our sons and your sons, and Our Women And Your Women and our nearest persons and your nearest ones then let us Pray Earnestly To God For His Wrath And Punishment For The Liars” . (S3:A59-60-61)
Fatima (S.A) was the only woman chosen for this challenge. This manifests her excellence over all women in Islam; similarly it manifests Excellence of Ali (A.S), who was chosen by the holy Messenger (S.A) for mobahila as the only nearest person (like his soul).
Seeing the nearest relatives of the holy messenger (S.A) i.e. Fatima, Ali. Hasan & Husain (A.S) the doubting party declined to denounce them and accepted to pay an annual tax.
b) The Holy Messenger (S.A) asked Imam Ali (A.S) about his opinion regarding Fatima Zahra (S.A). Ali (A.S) replied that 'She is a good companion giving importance to spiritual values in life'. Fatima (S.A) is regarded as an embodiment of all virtues so she is the best model for all believers (momins).
c)The Virgin Mary (S.A) is loved and respected because of her single relationship as the mother of Jesus (A.S) ; but Fatima Zahra(S.A) is loved and respected because of her triple relationships, viz (1) she was the only daughter born after ascension (Me'raj) of the last Messenger of God (S.A) who was the best blessing for all the world. (2) She was the wife of the first Imam Ali (A.S) responsible for continuation of Imamat in the posterity of Mohammad (S.A) up to Doomsday; She sacrificed her life for the Imam of her time in defense of the Right of Ali (A.S). (3) She was the mother of Imam Hasan (A.S) and Imam Husain (A.S), the chiefs of the youth in Paradise, and nine sinless Imams in the lineage of Imam Husain (A.S) the last of whom is Imam Mahdi (A.F) who after a long concealment will establish the kingdom of justice of God on earth. Therefore God said 'Lou la Fatima ma Khalaqtokuma', i.e. if Fatima was not in My Mind I wouldn't have created both of you (Mohammad (S.A) and Ali (A.S)).
34. In paradise there is no pregnancy for women, nor child birth, nor menstruation nor ‘nifas’ nor pain & trouble of bearing a child as God has said: “and therein (paradise) shall be whatever their souls desire and whatever delight the eyes”. (Zukhruf43: 71)
When a believer likes to have a lovely child, God creates him without pregnancy and labor just like Adam, whom He created in the desired features & the image He had in Mind.
Note: a): The 'jihad' for a woman is to be a good wife for her husband, (Husne Taba’ul) obedient to God and she should take good care of her children and house.
b) Married women will be in paradise with their husbands if these loving couples were obedient to God in this world.
c) If a woman considers four wives for a man as illegitimate she is skeptic; as God has permitted four wives if her husband maintains justice between them. Thus obedience to God regarding multiple wives will prevent adultery, and homosexuality which are prevalent and legalized in some countries in the west in disobedience to God. They should await the same fate as that of the faithless lot of Lut (A.S).
35. Be humble and easy of access and sit at the threshold or door of your house and comply with the requests of the people and fulfill their needs and necessities and We shall assist you.
Note: a) Humility is the Zenith and culmination of God's blessings (wa bit tawaazo' tatimm an -ne'mah). Ali (A.S)
b) No ancestry is like humbleness and no dignity is like knowledge and cognizance (la hasaba kat-tawaazo' wa la sharafa kal-i’lm), Ali (A.S)
c) Pride is a bad quality for men. Pride was the cause of Satan's refusal to humiliate himself by prostrating for Adam , so he boasted: 'I am from fire and you are from dust', (Ana naari wa anta teeni)
(Sermon 192, Nahj ul-balagha)
d) Abundance diverted you until you visited the graves,
(Alhaakum ot takaasur hattaa zurtum ol maqhaber)
(Takasur 102: 1- 2)
Abundance of wealth and number of relatives was a cause of pride in Arabs. Two Arab tribes visited their graveyards and counted their dead ones in the graves to take pride in their superiority in numbers. But God says "The most honorable amongst you near God are the most pious ones." (Inna akramakum i‘nd-Allah-e atqakum) (Hujuraat 49:13)
e) Richness and wealth should not make a person proud. God tests a person both in richness and poverty. One who considers God as the master and owner of all things considers himself as a trustee of God and spends his wealth as desired by God for good purpose e.g. helping the needy and general public welfare; then God increases his wealth so much that he does not wish to have any more, yet he is humble and not at all proud. Whereas a rich person who is proud and spends his wealth in gambling, bribery and corruption, crimes and addiction may get bankrupt or become a prey to robbers and terrorists.
In poverty, if a person leads a pious life with contentment, merriment and thankfulness and is humble, Paradise is his reward. Whereas those who become thieves and criminals or become arrogant with ill- gotten wealth fail in their test in life.
36. O God! For the sake of Thy infallible prophet, Thy firm commandments, Thy captivating prohibitions and this venerable grave of Imam Husain (A.S) who was martyred brutally, and people assemble there as pilgrims of the sinless Imam resting in heavenly peace, do expel the grief that I have in my heart and efface for me the evil from inevitable destiny (by hastening Imam Mahdi’s emergence and vengeance if wisdom and discretion of God approves it).
37. Alas’ the sinful traitors truly murdered pristine Islam by murdering you (Husain A.S) as they forsook the true spirit of prayers & fasting, and shattered the prophetic traditions & divine commandments, and demolished the pillars of faith. They distorted the meanings of the Aayaat of Quran and acted against the Aayaat by martyring Imam Husain (A.S), they barbarously hurried in enmity and oppressive transgression. When they martyred you (Husain A.S), they made the holy prophet (S.A) seeker of revenge for your holy blood, (by Imam Mahdi’s emergence ) Once again the holy book of the Mighty and Majestic God was abandoned, and truth was crushed by treachery when the traitors prevailed over you &martyred you. Your death resulted in the death of sincerity in 'takbir'and'tahleel' and in vanishing of what was prohibited & permitted by God, and in disappearance of right interpretation and right deduction from the holy Quran .After your martyrdom, alterations & mutilations of divine values were apparent, and faithlessness, insignificance of divine laws, vain carnal desires, willful misguidance, cunning plots & vicious evils became clearly perceptible.
(takbir=Allaho Akbar &Tahlil=la ilaha illal Lah)
38. I weep every day & night for you (Imam Husain (A.S) and instead of tears, I weep blood for you.
Note: a) weeping blood means intense grief. Imam Mahdi (A.F) will be relieved from this grief when by intention of God he will emerge and establish kingdom of justice of God.
b) Imam Mahdi (A.F) weeps tears of blood because of Imam Husain’s tragic calamities in Karbala. Like Zainab (S.A), he admires Imam Husain’s refusal to obey God's enemies & Husain’s preference for martyrdom in honor of God & His chosen messengers like Noah, Abraham , Moses , Jesus and Mohammad (S.A) through whom God gradually revealed His divine laws to suit different times such as in Torah, Bible and Quran and finalized His universal religion Islam , which means complete submission to God and peace for the faithfull.
39. Have you not heard that God, the AlMighty, has said: “O the believers! Obey God &obey the Messenger (S.A) and the Commanding Authority(ÇáÇãÑ Çæáí) from amongst you!”
(Nisaa 4: 59)
Isn’t there any command of God that would not last up to the day of Resurrection? Surely the commanding authority (Çæáí ÇáÇãÑ) would last up to the end of this world). Do you not see that God , the Mighty the Majestic, has made shelters ( the divine guides ) for you to take shelter therein , and sent messages (ÇíÇÊ) for your guidance right from Adam (A.S) to the one who had appeared in the recent past (ie. Imam Hasan Askari A.S)?
Whenever one banner disappeared another banner appeared in its place & when one star vanished another star sparkled. So when God, the Mighty the Majestic, called his soul (Imam Hasan Askari AS) back towards Himself, you presumed that God has severed the Medium (æÓíáå) between Himself and His creation. Nay it has never been so, nor shall it ever be so till the Known Hour approaches and the commanding Authority of God, the Mighty the Majestic, emerges although they (the skeptics) dislike it.
Note: a) From the Aayat 59 of sura Nisa every wise person will infer that people would be regarded as disobedient to God and disobedient to God’s Messenger (S.A) if they obey a commanding authority indiscriminately. People should judge the commanding authority before obeying him. They should not obey the commanding authority if he is disobedient to God, the Mighty the Majestic. They should never sever from the true Medium (Imam Mahdi A.S) between God & themselves.
b) Every organization is well organized as long as an expert is there to direct it. Similarly the living computer i.e. human brain created by God controls all parts of a human body and is prevented from sins & crimes as long as it follows the rules of conduct of God’s messengers, who are so pure that they do not give way even to any doubt and suspicion and obey God sincerely. Hence it stands to reason that God’s messenger (S.A) must be succeeded by a divinely appointed guide or Imam as a living model up to the end of this world for perfection of human character and for prevention of devilish misguidance.
c) Actually the names of the divine Imams were announced by Mohammad (S.A), and Ali (A.S)was declared as his successor on many occasions but the step mother of Fatima (S.A)waged war against the Imam of her time , Ali (A.S)(the battle of Jamal)
d) Satan begged God for respite up to the day of Resurrection,
but he was respited up to the Known Hour, which is known to God alone and it could be sometime after the emergence of Imam Mahdi (A.S)when Satan will be killed.
Amiral Momineen Ali (A.S) told Imam Husain (A.S): “O Husain, the son in your ninth generation will up rise for truth and manifest the real religion from God and spread Justice throughout the world.
Imam Husain (A.S) asked him: "Would that happen really?" Ali (A.S) replied :" Yes ,By God! Who made Mohammad (S.A)his messenger and distinguished him amongst all creations, but after his concealment and astonishment (during the era of his concealment ) no one remains steadfast on his religion except the sincere ones, who have all aimed perfect hearty conviction, those from whom God has taken pledge for our vilayat love & mastership, and on whose heart is inscribed faith and who are helped by God with a soul from Him. (Bihar ul Anvar Vol 51 page 108-161.ÇÑÝÚ 43-44 )

A supplication from Imam Mahdi (A.F)
40. O God! sustain us with goodwill for obedience & piety
from sin, for intentions with sincerity , and for cognizance of thy nobility & excellence.
And dignify us with right guidance and stability and integrity
And adorn our tongues with truth & wisdom and veracity
And fill our hearts with knowledge and sublimity.
And guard our stomachs from the suspected & forbidden foods & gluttony.
And withhold our hands from robbery& tyranny,
And restrain our eyes from infidelity & immorality.
And plug our ears to slander & futility,
O God! Bless our elite with admonition and piety,
And the students with endeavor and authority,
And the audience to comply with divine laws, & oratory,
And the muslim patients with recovery and tranquility,
And the dead ones with compassion and mercy,
And our old ones with peace and dignity,
And the youth with repentance; and apology,
And the women with bashfulness and chastity,
And the rich with bounty, generosity and humility,
And the poor with contentment, patience and serenity
And the warriors with help and victory,
And the prisoners with release, ease andtranquility
And the chiefs with justice and clemency,
And the subjects with equity and good conduct,
And bless the Hajis and pilgrims with sufficiency, and help them perform every obligatory duty in the Hajj and Umrah ceremony & formality with the Beneficence and Mercy. O The Utmost Merciful of all with thy Mercy.

Translated by Syed Zainulabedin Razavi, Tehran, Iran

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