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How to make Property in Heaven

By: Fatima Zabeth Beenesh
These are the basic deeds which brings us nearing God
1. Every day recite "Salavat" as much as you can and provide water to the public.
2. The best deed is to give food to people, give clothes to the needy people and the third best way is to bring to friendly terms in between two people who were friends before but later whose relationship got effected and soured due to some reason.
3. The cause of our living is to bring every moment ourselves nearer to God. We must only love God and may God help to love him like a lover.
4. I believe first we have to love the Holy Quran and then read this book as this book is a neighbor in the heaven. Love towards the Holy Quran makes us understand the depth of the Holy Quran and act according to it.
5. Help those near ones who need our help though it may be a meager support. This little help may rescue us from the trap of mishaps and encourages us towards God.
6. Mind the words that you use, hold the tongue tightly as this is the most important factor which built our life or destroy it. People love to criticize others but they have no courage to hear the same words about their personality which is expressed by them to others. These bitter words becomes alive in the form of snakes or scorpions in our grave and on the judgment day and punishes us at every stage. Whatever comfort we give to others at least with our words they take a real face and give us comfort in this life and here after.
7. Always be alert every moment to deal with God.Give every moment of your life to God then see how He makes you His companion in this mortal world and the life in heaven.
8. Every moment our spiritual leader and teacher 'Imam Zamana alaihis salam' the Awaiting Saviour is watching us. Be alert, be loyal to him, always feel his presence and work only for him like a soldier. He is our savior and with his help we can get nearer to Almighty God and become his neighbor in heaven. If we go single before God he never accept us until we hold someones hand who He loves and then go before God to ask him for a wish.

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