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What is Nafs Lawwamah?

By: Ayatullah al-Uzma Nasir Makarim Shirazi in Tafsir Namuneh
Translated from Farsi into English by: Fatima Zabeth Beenesh

(The human conscious which criticises the mans misdeeds, if a man commits any sin he always thinks about the severity of that sin. This window Nafs i-Lavvame enters the man towards the self assured conscious Nafs i-Mutmainna that wipes of all the dirt from the soul and bring him to compensate and renew inner self).
Another definition is the cursing of the people their inner selves while viewing the judgment day. The believers curse themselves as why they did not performed more good acts, the unbelievers blame themselves why they selected the way of blasphemy, polytheism and sins.
Yea this court of justice of inner self has so much greatness and admiration that the Majestic God swears by that soul and gives it exaltation. It is one of the essential elements that save the man. In the condition that the conscious must be wide awake and does not get weak and pathetic by committing the multiple sins.
This point is also interesting that the vow upon the judgement day and the cursing of inner self where all of you will be raised on the judgment day and reach to the punishment of your deeds.
It is noteworthy that it declares promise upon the judgment day, as the matter of resurrection is certain to that extent that before the deniers of it too we can solemnize the swear at the name of the judgment day.
Then it adds: Does the man thinks that we are not going to gather their bones ?


Yea, we are able even to bring his fingers systematic and appropriate as it was initially created.

In a narration it is quoted that one of the polytheists who was living in the neighbourhood of the Holy Prophet peace be upon him. His name was Ali ibn Abi Rabiya. He came to the Holy Prophet peace be upon him and asked him how the judgment day is? And when will it be going to happen? And then he added: That judgment day even if I see it with my own eyes still I will not attest it and I will not bring faith in you. Is it possible that God may gather these bones once again? It is impossible.
Here the above ayat descended and replied him hence the Holy Prophet peace be upon him stated about this immovable and resolute enemy and said: O my Protector and Provider God get me away from the terrible neighbour.
Same as this ayat it is observed in other ayaat of the holy Quran such as in The Sura e Yaseen ayat we read: One of the deniers of judgment day grasped a piece of decayed bone in his hands and told the prophet peace be upon him: who will give life to these bones as they have got rotten.

This term indicating that these deniers of the judgment day were never had believe upon their own words they relied only upon the their own baseless guess and presumption.
But let us see why specifically it is stressed upon the subject of bones? This is for the reason that the bones are more durable than the other parts of the body. Hence when it gets rotten and got mingled with the soil and its particles dispersed, the hope of its return to its initial form is impossible in the view of the superficial people.
Secondly the bones are the important parts of the body as the pillar of the body is formed by the bones. And the entire movements from one place to another and the activities, the intensity, the multiplicity, forms and sizes are counted among the marvels of the creation. The value of single spinal bone gets evident when it becomes worthless then we observe that the whole body of man is paralysed.

It means the fingers or the tips of the fingers. In both the features, it is indicating that the Holy God not only draws together the bones but it returns them into its initial face. And each and every small, minute bone of fingers is arranged accurately in its own place. More than that the Honourer God brings appropriately and returns back even the tips of his fingers into its initial form.
This term may be delicately indicating the lines of the finger tips of the human beings as it is said: they are the people hardly ever can be seen whose line of finger tips are similar. Or in other words the intricate and complicated line impressions, presents at the finger tips of every man, it is his recognition. Hence in our period the knowledge of finger lines had changed into the information and with the help of it many of the criminals had been acknowledged and many of the crimes detected. It provides adequately the recognition of the criminal for example a burglar when enters in a room or a house, and touches his hand to the door handle or the glass of the room or the lock or trunk and lefts the effects of his finger lines upon these things. Immediately that sample is saved and compared by the history of the criminals and the robbers and the culprit is arrested.
In the next ayat one the true reasons of denying the judgement day is indicated: it is not like that the man has doubt about the gathering of the bones of dead bodies and giving live to them. But the purpose of his denying is for the reason that he wants to continue his sins in his entire life.

By denying the judgment day he wants to gain every kind of freedom for his waywardness, sins and cruelty for the satisfaction of his pseudo and fake desires and before the creation of God he wants to be free of any responsibility and duty. As the faith in the judgment day, the justice and impartiality of the Sovereign God is the great blockade before every sin and rebellion for him. He wants to hold this reign in his own hands and to break all the obstacles and to be free in all his practises.
This matter is not only related to the bygone period, even today one of the reasons for the inclination towards the materialism is the denial of the commencement of the life and the resurrection day, freedom for the practise of all the evils and responsibilities, to break every divine law else the reasons of the lives commencement and the judgment day is evident.
After that it adds: Hence he asked when is the Day of Judgment?

He asks this question to refuse the facts to run away from the responsibilities and to clear his way for the rebelliousness.
This point is to be noted that they do not want to know the advent of the resurrection day. But this question is the beginning of their denial of the judgment day.

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