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The smiling and the grim faces on the scene of Day of Judgment

By: Ayatullah al-Uzma Nasir Makarim Shirazi in Tafsir Namuneh
Translated from Farsi into English by: Fatima Zabeth Beenesh

In these ayaat once again the topic turns towards the description of the resurrection and defines about the other aspects of the judgement day and same way the reasons of refusing that day and said: it is not like that the reason of the judgment day are hidden .But In fact you love this transient and temporary world.


For this reason you leave the judgment day

The reason for denying the judgment day is not the doubt in the ability to rearrange the rotten bones from the dispersed soil but your rigorous attachment to the worldly life, lusts and rebellious desires cause you to cast away any type of obstacle in our way. Since accepting the judgment day and the divine deeds and leaving the acts which are prohibited by God, which created many hurdles in their way hence they raise to reject the basic fact and totally leave the hereafter.
As we stated before one the important reasons to bent towards the materialism and rejecting the Source of Peace, God, the commencement of life and the judgment day and getting the freedom without any limitations, terms and conditions before the yearning for pleasures, lusts and every type of sin. Not only in the past but in the todays world too this term is clearly obvious in its true meanings.
In fact both these ayaat stress upon the matter which is mentioned in the previous ayaat and said:

But man desires to continue in sin.

He asks: "When will be this Day of Resurrection?"
Then described the condition of the believers and the evil unbelievers on that day and in this manner said: Some faces are on that day delighted, smiling, luminous and beautiful.

It means a special kind of cheerfulness which is cause by the excess of the blessings and the comforts provided to man with contentment, beauty and illumination. That is the complexion of the cheeks proclaims how they are sink in the divine favours. In fact they are similar to the things which are mentioned in the ayat 24 of Sura e Mutaffifin.

You will recognize by the radiance of pleasure in their faces.
This in the matter of materialistic contributions but in the matter of the spiritual gifts it is said: They look only towards the sparkling entity of Majestic God.

Looking at their Lord,
A glance with the eyes of soul with the help of the presence of the inner self, the view where they are absorbed in the entity of the unique complete perfect grace and gets such a spiritual pleasure which is indescribable, a single moment of it is far more superior and higher than the entire world and whatever existed in it.
The truth is to be noted that this ayat gives the meaning that they observe only and only him not other than him.
Therefore in some of the narrations in the definition of this ayat it is mentioned: they look upon the mercy, blessings and rewards of Compassionate God. Seeing all these is same as seeing the entity of Holy God.
Some of the ignorant people indicated the above ayat as viewing the Mighty God and said: We will sight the Majestic God with the same visible eyes.
While for this kind of seeing, it becomes essential for the Creator God to be physical that needs place, a particular bodily shape and condition. We know very well that his entity is far away from all these contaminations.
It is repeatedly stressed in the various ayaat of the Noble Quran such as in the ayat 103 of Sura e Anam we read:

Vision perceives Him not, but He perceives [all] vision;
Anyway, one who have a little awareness of the Gracious Quran and the Islamic education they confess about this fact.
For the word
They bring some other definition and mentioned the believer only have expectations from the Provider God they not even rely upon their virtues deeds they are constantly wait for the mercy, benevolence and blessings of God. There is no inconvenience for the believers there. They wait there in complete peace.
We will end this discussion with the meaningful hadis of great prophet pbuh: When heavenly people enter the paradise, the Provider God will declare: Anything you want which I have to increase for you?
They will reply: O the Sustainer God, you granted us everything, did not you brightened our faces (by blessing us every superior thing). Did not you enter us in the heaven? Did not you saved us from the eternal fire.
At that moment all the veils gets aside. And they cite the God with the inner eyes of soul. At that situation nothing is more beloved to them than that sight of the great Forgiver God before them.
In front of them they are the people who have grim and wrinkled faces.

Means the gloomy and wrinkled faces, it is the reflection of the man while facing the chastisement, misery and awkwardness he expresses. And views hid deeds file empty with virtues performances, full with the evil deeds, he gets severely distressed and disheartened. They face change gloomy.
They know the dreadful punishment that will inflict upon them and break their back.

Any way this indicates the heavy back breaking punishments which are waiting for them in the hell.
While the previous group (the righteous people) are waiting for the favors of the Benevolent God and ready to meet the beloved God.

No, when (the soul) reaches to the collar bone (i.e. up to the throat in its exit),

And it will be said: "Who can cure him and save him from death?"

And the dying one is certain that it is the [time of] separation

And leg will be joined with another leg (shrouded)

The drive will be, on that Day, to your Lord (Allah)!

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