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The painful moment of death

By: Ayatullah al-Uzma Nasir Makarim Shirazi in Tafsir Namuneh
Translated from Farsi into English by: Fatima Zabeth Beenesh

As we are aware many a times the noble Quran stressed upon the moments of death specifically the moment when our soul leaves the body. And warns that every human being pass through these moments in life. Sometimes it is called
سكرت الموت
It is defined as intoxicated and puzzled state of t death.
غمرات الموت
It means the intensity of death.
It means the soul reaching the throat or bones near the throat.
On the whole it is it is under stood very well that those moments, contrary to the entire materialistic concept are the hard and painful moments. Why it should not be? Whereas those moments are the moments when the man transfers from one world to another world.
Same as when he was transferred from the state of foetus to the earth which occurred in much pain and hardship. Same way transferring to another world too he will go through the same circumstances.
But according to the Islamic traditions these moments passes conveniently upon the true believers where as for unbelievers it is thorny and ruthless. It for the reason that the desire to meet the Lord and his endless eternal blessings which is filled with mercy and kindness.
He becomes so much unaware of himself that they will not feel the pain of the moments of leaving the world.
Where the second group by the shock of the punishment, the pain of leaving and getting far away from the worldly life to which they were extremely attached. And in other words the pains of moments of transferring to another world will increase.
In a hadis from Imam Zainul Abedin alaihis salam we read, when asked about the death he said: Death is for the believer is just like changing the dirty filthy dress full of insects and opening the heavy chains and iron collars, changing them into the best dresses and the most rosy perfumes, the most comfortable carriages and the most luxurious residence and as for the unbeliever is like taking out the costly and fine dress to the dirty and rugged dress and to change the residence from the fine-looking mansions to the horrifying houses and the major tortures.
In another Hadis from Imam Sadiq alaihis salam we read that someone requested him to define about the death, imam said: for the believer it is like a sweet- smelling perfume he smell it and a state like sleep overcomes him and he gets relief from all the pain. And for the unbeliever it is like a sting of snake, scorpion and much more painful than that.
Any way death is a window towards the eternal life. Hence in a narration from Imam Ali it is stated that who said: Every house have a door. The door of here after is death.
Yea to concentrate upon it deeply breaks the lusts of man and ends long desires and wipes the rust of ignorance from the mirror of the heart. Hence in a hadis we read: Remembering the death kills the rebellious lust inside the man and erases the roots of the ignorance from his heart. And strengthens the heart by the promises of the Protector God and make the attitude of man mild and gentle. Destroys all the signs of carnal desires in man and extinguish the fire of the greed in man. Discredit the world in the eyes of man. It has a meaning to the words told by the Holy Prophet Muhammad Peace be Upon Him who said: One hour of thinking is better than the worship of one year.

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