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The Islamic Centre of England (ICE), London

The Islamic Centre of England (ICE) is based in London, a city of immense cultural heritage, a place of knowledge & learning and a nucleus of Information and media. It was founded in December 1995, under the supervision of Ayatullah Mohsen Araki who is the Centre's Director. During this brief period of three years it has rendered phenomenal service towards propagation of Islam. Its distinguished scholars, teachers and researchers have performed anchor role in advancement of religious education. The Centre is fully equipped with extensive library material—including books, journals and magazines laden with the knowledge of Islamic ideology, philosophy and jurisprudence.
The Centre consists of various sections dealing with research, teaching, public relations, publications and consultancy in issues concerning all religious aspects. A detailed list of the various activities/functions run and organized by the ICE, is given below.

The Centre offers consultancy service for religious inquiries on all aspects of Islamic life. The people from all over the world send their questions through letters, fax, phone-calls and the Internet. These inquiries are forwarded to Ayatullah Araki, who replies them accordingly.
The Centre also offers services for various social occasions like, wedding, funeral, divorce and writing/interpretation of wills. The counseling service is offered on large number of religious, social and economic issues.

The ICE caters for a variety of social functions. It holds conferences and seminars on the varied aspects of human life. It also organizes workshops, colloquia and discussions on the contemporary issues of significance. It makes special arrangements for prayers and dua. Whether it is an occasion of celebration or a day of commemoration, ICE is always willing to offer people not only advice but also the practical help.

ICE running multidimensional programmes on education and training. The section dealing with education offers courses on computer training, language learning (English, Arabic, Persian etc), photography, calligraphy and fine arts.
The students have wide-range of subject to opt. The Centre offers facilities to all who are interested to learn Qur'an and Fiqh. Educational discussions are arranged where ethics, philosophy, logic and divinity are the subjects of common interest.
Address: 140 MAIDA VALE, LONDON, W9 1QB, P.O. BOX 8148, LONDON NW6 7ZS, UK
TEL: + (44) 20 7604 5500 FAX: + (44) 20 7604 4898 E-MAIL: icel@ic-el.org

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