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Alulbayt Foundation

Alulbayt Foundation was established in 1404H / 1983 in order to:
1. To support the Hawzas (i.e. Islamic educational institutes) and the cultural class by the most important resources and references.
2. To provide a careful examination of our late-scholars' compilations.
3. To consult and to keep a close contact with respected figures, experts, and specialists on one hand, and to develop youthful scientific talents on the other.
The collective research, which the Foundation has adapted as an innovative system of work resulted in the winning of Book-of-the-year prize in the Islamic Republic of Iran for four years, for the following books:
• Mustadrak Al-Wasa'el (by Al-Noori).
• Jame Al-Maqased (by Al-Karaki).
• Wasa'el Al-Shia (by Al-Hur Al-Ameli).
• Muntaha Al-Makal (by Abu Ali Al-Ha'eri).
In 1992 the Foundation won the prize of Best publishing and research center in Iran.
The Foundation has branches in the sacred city of Mash-had, Damascus and Beirut. Each branch has its own role.
The Foundation has gone a long way in establishing relationships with more than 400 scholastic and cultural centers, organisations and institutes in more than 60 countries around the world.
The Foundation has effective contributions and participations in many scholastic and cultural conferences, like:
• Al-Imam Al-Reza (peace be upon him) conferences,
• Nahjul Balaghah conference,
• Al-Sheikh Al-Mufid conference,
• Al-Sheikh Al-Ansari conference,
• Al-Faidh Al-Kashani conference, etc…
It has also many participations in international books exhibitions, which was held in Iran, Egypt, Syria, Qatar, Oman, United Arab Emirates and Morocco.
Rafed net for cultural development: In order to catch up with the fast technological rhythm of the internet, Alulbayt Foundation initiated the project of Rafed.net in 1418H in Arabic, English and Persian. In addition to the internet, the project made use of intranet, and included different themes including: Quran, Hadith, history, jurisprudence, beliefs, Islamic law, children, women, magazines, events and occasions, etc…
Turathuna magazine: Willing to present the Shia school of thought in its original form, and to develop new talents, the Foundation published a seasonal magazine called (Turathuna) in 1405H/1984. Uptil now 70 issues have been published.
Turathuna magazine is distinguished for being numbered internationally. It is also indexed by the well-known Lebanese magazine (Al-Fahrast).
Turathuna magazine has relations with more than 400 centers in more than 60 countries around the world.
The Foundation has published until now about 50 titles spreading over 200 volumes, including:
• Mustadrak Al-Wasa'el,
• Wasa'el Al-Shia,
• Jameh Al-Maqased,
• Tathkeratul-Fuqaha,
• Mustanad Al-Shia,
• Thikra Al-Shia,
• Madarek Al-Ahkam,
• Riyad Al-Sa'el,
• Nihayatul-Diraya,
• Qurb Al-Isnad,
• Muntahal-Makal,
• Manhajul Makal,
• Naqdul-Rijal,
• Dala'el Al-Sidq.
There are also books that are under checking like:
• Tafsir Al-Tibyan (by Al-Toussi),
• Majma' Al-Bayan (by Al-Tabrasi),
• Tiraz Al-Lugha,
• Sharh Nahjul-Balagha (by Ibn Al-Maytham),
• Al-Alfain,
• Mishkatul-Nur.
Due to the important and distinctive location of London, Alulbayt Foundation has opened a new branch in this city to make a liaison with the head office in Qum. Also, it demonstrates the activities of scholastic and cultural centers related to the office of Ayatollah Al-Sayyed Al-Seestani (may Allah grant him long life) in the holy city of Qum.
The office of his eminency has established many scholastic and cultural centers that are active in many fields, and below are just a few of them:
• Al-Risala center, Beliefs research center, Al-Mustafa center: Each of these centers works independently in the field of beliefs.
• Alulbayt net in Qum, Imam Reza (a.s) net in Mashhad, Al-Imam Al-Mahdi (a.s.) net in Asfahan, Al-Imam Al-Sadiq (a.s.) net in Tehran, Al-Imam Al-Jawad (a.s.) net in Ilam: These networks actively provide information through the internet.
• Professional libraries of Al-Tafsir and Quranic sciences, Hadith sciences, Fiqh and Usul, Philosophy and scholastic theology (Al-Kalam), literature, history.
It is worth mentioning that each of the History and Literature libraries alone consists of nearly 50,000 books among 200,000 books for all libraries.
• Imam Ali (a.s.) Foundation translates known Islamic titles to world languages.
• Islamic heritage revival center is concerned about collecting, copying, and preserving manuscripts.
• Dar Al-Zahra is concerned about women issues.
• Astronomical research center.
• Al-Imam Al-Sadiq (a.s.) center is concerned about Islamic medicine studies.
• Information Resources Foundation is considered one of the biggest Islamic information databases, and it plays a great role in Islamic works in Arabic, English and Persian.

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