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The Elixir of Self-Building

Love is the elixir of self-building and enrichment. Love of God Almighty cures all moral vileness entirely and presents all good attributes as a whole to the lover. The elixir of love makes the lover so enamored of the beloved that every other association with anything and anyone also except God is broken off.
In the Whispered Prayer of lovers, which is attributed to Imam Zayn al-Abidin(A.S.), we read:
"My God, who can have tasted the sweetness of Thy love, then wanted another in place of thee? Who can have become intimate with Thy nearness, then sought removal from thee? (Bihar al-Anwar, XCIII, 160; Mafatih al-Jinan; The Psalms of Islam (Al-Sahifat al-Sjjadiyya), IX, 77:218.)
Love is charming and when it is settled in the soul,
It closes the door of heart to everything other the beloved.
And in a hadith attributed to Imam al-Sadiq (A.S.), we read:
"When the radiance of love of God shines on the heart of a devoted person, it delivers him from any other preoccupation; anything but remembrance of God is darkness. The lover of God is the most sincere of God's servants, the most truthful in speech, and the most faithful to vows and commitments."
In the first stage of detachment, the carnal soul [i.e., the soul that bids to evil] dies and the human rational life begins; and its highest stage the eye of heart enlightens by the light of meeting with Allah and man attains the highest degree of monotheism, which is the status of ulu'l ilm. We read in Munajat-i Shabaniyya:
"My lord! Grace me with the highest stage of detachment [from all things] toward Yourself, and enlighten the eyes of our hearts with the light of its looking [directed toward] You."(Bihar al-Anwar, XCV, 99.)

The Elixir of Love
Written By:
Muhammad Rayshahri

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