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Prophet Nuh(A.S.), the Great Messenger of Allah Almighty

Translated from Farsi into English by: Fatima Zabeth Beenesh
The verses in Quran descended about the prophecy of Nuh a.s (Noah) which described the head of the infidels from the tribe of the Nuh a.s said: We believe you a human being like ourselves not more than that. The people who follow you are the poor and down trodden of the society. In any case we never find you more capable than us and we will not admit you as our prophet from God but we believe that you are a lier.
Nuh a.s asked his people: What are you stating? While you are viewing the true signs of my prophecy still the fact is hidden from you. Is it not an ignorance that I am insisting upon your well being and kindness of God, instead you expressed for me your hatred.
O People! Be aware, I did not wished from you money or estate, my reward is near the God. I will never keep myself at a distance with those however they are poor and worthless in your view. They have the superiority to meet the God and in my sight you are foolish, as you believe them base and degrading.
Then Nuh a.s added: O people! If I make myself away from those morally excellent and God fearing people, God will get angry with me. Then who will help me to get rid of the Gods wrath. Why do not you take any guidance from my sermons?
Nuh a.s further said: I am not claiming that I possess a treasure from the God nor I am aware of the Gods hidden knowledge. I am not stating that I am an angel of God.....
God moulded those believers, to excellence among others who shed the tears in the love of God. He knows better their sincere hearts more than me and He loves them most. If I value them low and worthless as you think then I will be reckoned among the cruel of the world.
The people of Nuh a.s expressed: O Nuh! You had a great deal of quarrel and dispute with us. At the moment bring us the torment of God which you had promised us.
Nuh a.s declared: If God wills that torment will reach and you will be unable to get escape from it.
The preaching of Nuh a.s did not left any effect on their hearts and they denied him with utmost animosity.
In Sur e Nuh the Almighty God said:

71:1 BEHOLD. We sent Noah unto his people. [saying:] "Warn thy people ere grievous suffering befall them!
O Nuh! Certainly we send you towards your people as a Warner before the agonizing torment of God encloses them.
71:2 [And Noah] said: "O my people! I am but a plain warner to you, [sent to tell you] -
Hazrat Nuh a.s announced: I manifest before you about the occurrence of the peril.
71:3 that you should worship God [alone] and be conscious of Him. "Now do pay heed unto me, -
71:4 so that He may forgive you some of your sins, and grant you respite until a term known [to Him alone]: but, behold, when the term appointed by God does come, it can never be put back - if you but knew it!" -
Hazrat Nuh a.s instructed them: Worship God and be pious and obey Him. So that He forgive your sins. Be aware when the punishment of God starts to encompass us, any time it can take place.
71:5 [And after a time, Noah] said: "O my Sustainer! Verily, I have been calling unto my people night and day -
71:6 but my call has only caused them to flee farther and farther away [from Thee].
71:7 And behold, whenever I called unto them with a view to Thy granting them forgiveness, they put their fingers into their ears, and wrapped themselves up in their garments [of sin]; and grew obstinate, and became [yet more] arrogant in their false pride. -
71:8 "And behold I called unto them openly; -
71:9 and, behold I preached to them in public; and I spoke to them secretly, in private; -
71:10 and I said: "'Ask your Sustainer to forgive you your sins - for, verily, He is all-forgiving! -
71:11 (Asad) He will shower upon you heavenly blessings abundant,
71:12 and will aid you with worldly goods and children, and will bestow upon you gardens, and bestow upon you running waters.
71:13 "'What is amiss with you that you cannot look forward to God's majesty,
71:14 seeing that He has created [every one of] you in successive stages?
71:15 "'Do you not see how God has created seven heavens in full harmony with one another,
71:16 and has set up within them the moon as a light [reflected] and set up the sun as a [radiant] lamp?
71:17 "'And God has caused you to grow out of the earth in [gradual] growth; and thereafter He will return you to it [in death]: -
71:18 and [then] He will bring you forth [from It] in resurrection.
71:19 "'And God has made the earth a wide expanse for you, -
71:20 so that you might walk thereon on spacious paths."
71:21 [And] Noah continued: "O my Sustainer! Behold, they have opposed me [throughout], for they follow people whose wealth and children lead them increasingly into ruin,
71:22 and who have devised a most awesome blasphemy [against Thee], -
71:22 and who have devised a most awesome blasphemy [against Thee], -
O Lord! I invited my people day and night towards monotheism but by their bad luck they did not accepted me. They were running always,to avoid me. Whenever I was calling and inviting them for the forgiveness of their sins. They were casting fingers in their ears and covering the head with the cloak. They were adamant not to hear the voice of the Just God. As much as they were arrogant and prideful, the same way I was persistently in a loud voice inviting them towards Almighty God.
I was explaining them hidden and openly the secrets of salvation. I told them to ask for pardon and forgiveness before God and plead for the excuse of sins as certainly He forgives. He is one who sends rains and ceaselessly helps us with material and children.
And I preached them and instructed: God will provide a house for you in the Heaven in which the streams are flowing. When God is providing so much, why do not you have hope for his blessings? Why you are not in fear with His appalling presence when He is the one who gave you existence generation after generation.
Nuh a.s added: Your God made seven floors of sky one upon another. Created the Moon a means of illustration and brought the Sun into form as a earth illuminated lamp.
He is a God who had grown the plants and then will return them back. He gave recycle to all the yields. The Omnipresent God caused the earth to be your resting place so that you can enjoy your endeavours rightly and go for expeditions.
Finally Nuh a.s beseeched the God: O Lord! These people are rebellious. They have no abundance ј in their wealth and children. These people are ill mannered, full of pride and haughtiness.
In Sur e Araf God addressed: Al-A'raf (The Heights)
7:59 INDEED, We sent forth Noah unto his people, and he said: "O my people! Worship God alone: you have no deity other than Him. Verily, I fear lest suffering befall you on an awesome Day!"
Al-A'raf (The Heights)
7:60 The great ones among his people replied: "Verily, we see that thou art obviously lost in error!"
Al-A'raf (The Heights)
7:61 Said [Noah]: "O my people! There is no error in me, but I am an apostle from the Sustainer of all the worlds.
Al-A'raf (The Heights)
7:62 I am delivering unto you my Sustainer's messages and giving you good advice: for I know [through revelation] from God what you do not know.

Al-A'raf (The Heights)

7:63 Why, do you deem it strange that a tiding from your Sustainer should have come unto you through a man from among yourselves, so that he might warn you, and that you might become conscious of God, and that you might be graced with His mercy?"

Al-A'raf (The Heights)

7:64 And yet they gave him the lie! And so We saved him and those who stood by him, in the ark, the while We caused those who had given the lie to Our messages to drown: verily, they were blind folk!
His people said: O Nuh you had an excessive disputes, a lengthy discussions and great quarrel with us. If you are right then pray for the torment which you promised us.
Nuh a.s replied: Truly the calamity of God will encircle you. If He decides it for you then you cannot cease it, all my preaching are leaving no effect upon you.
God addressed: I saved Nuh a.s and those who were within his ship and drowned those who declared the signs of God untrue. Surely they are inwardly blind and black hearted.
The Almighty warned them: If God wills he can persuade you and destroy you. He is the one who created you and His entire creation will return to him.

2-Prophet Hazrat Nuh a.s
1642-2592 years after Habuth
It is written in Sur e Hud
Nuh a.s was sent revelation by God that his people will never bring faith in him and they will not join him except a handful of people who already brought faith in him. He was told not to get aggrieved with his righteous deeds.

11:25 AND INDEED, [it was with the same message that] We sent forth Noah unto his people : "Behold, I come unto you with the plain warning
11:26 that you may worship none but God-for, verily, I fear lest suffering befall you on a grievous Day!"
11:27 But the great ones among his people, who refused to acknowledge the truth, answered: "We do not see in thee anything but a mortal man like ourselves; and we do not see that any follow thee save those who are quite obviously the most abject among us; and we do not see that you could be in any way superior to us: on the ,contrary, we think that you are liars!" -
11:28 Said [Noah]: "O my people! What do you think? If [it be true that I am taking my stand on a clear evidence from my~ Sustainer, who has vouchsafed unto me grace from Himself - [a revelation] to which you have remained blind-: [if this be true,] can we force it on you even though it be hateful to you?
11:29 "And, O my people, no benefit do I ask of you for this [message]: my reward rests with none but God. And I shall not repulse [any of] those who have attained to faith. Verily, they [know that they] are destined to meet their Sustainer, whereas in you I see people without any awareness [of right and wrong]! -
11:30 ( And, O my people, who would shield me from God were I to repulse them? Will you not, then, keep this in mind? -
11:31 "And I do not say unto you, `God's treasures are with me'; nor [do I say], `I know the reality which is beyond the reach of human perception'; nor do I say, 'Behold, I am an angel'; nor do I say of those whom your eyes hold in contempt, `Never will God grant them any good'- for God is fully aware of what is in their hearts. [Were I to speak thus,] verily, I would indeed be among the evildoers." -
11:32 [But the great ones] said: "O Noah! Thou hast contended with us in argument, and hast [needlessly] prolonged our controversy : bring upon us, therefore, that with which thou dost threaten us, if thou art a man of truth!" -
11:33 He answered: "Only God can bring it upon you, if He so wills, and you shall not elude it: -
11:34 for, my advice will not benefit you -much as I desire to give you good advice - if it be God's will that you shall remain lost in grievous error. He is your Sustainer, and unto Him you must return." -
11:35 DO SOME, perchance, assert, "[Muhammad] has invented this [story]"? Say [O Prophet]: "If I have invented it, upon me be this sin; but far be it from me to commit the sin of which you are guilty."
11:36 AND THIS was revealed unto Noah: "Never will any of thy people believe except those who have already attained to faith. Be not, then, distressed by anything that they may do, -
It is written in Sur e Nuh the prophet Nuh a.s said: O God the Providence! Never leave alive unbelievers on the earth. If you leave a single infidel among them he will mislead your human creatures. Their children will acquire the misdeeds, adultery and lewdness of infidels.

It is written in Sur e Hud
The ayat which is written about the ship of the Nuh a.s: O Nuh! Erect a building of a ship before my eyes and act according to the revelation which I descend upon you. And do not recommend about the unbelievers. They are tyrant and they must be drowned.
Nuh a.s raised the building of a ship; the people of his tribe passing from there were gathering around and making mockery of him.
Nuh a.s stated: If you are ridiculing me, like you, soon we too will make fun of you. O My people: Soon you will face the result of refusing the verses of God. Within a short period of time Gods torment will inflict upon you and dissolve you forever, wait until the execution of his order.
Eventually the oven blazed then I ordered Nuh to mount in the ship with his followers and a pair of every creature. Leave those who went fast in blasphemy and those accompanied them. Except a small number of people, no one will bring faith to you.
Nuh a.s said: Mount on the ship by the name of God when it moves and stands. Undoubtedly my God, the Nourisher is alive and merciful.
The ship was about to start for its journey in mountain high waves. Nuh a.s called his son who was standing near the ship and said: My son! Come and ascend on the ship with us. Do not be among the unbelievers.
His son replied: I will take refuge upon the peak of a mountain, to save myself from drowning.
Nuh a.s warned him: Today no one is secure from destruction except those who obeyed the God and He will be only merciful upon them.
Meanwhile a wave broke down between them and he was submerged in the water. When the entire number of Nuhs tribe flushed in the floods the God addressed: O Earth! Swallow back your water O Sky! Take back your rains. By the command of the God the ship came to stand on the Mountain Judi. The tyrants are away from the blessings of God.
Nuh a.s pleaded: O my Lord! He was my son and a member of my family, your promise is true and just, you are the best judge and ruler.
He was addressed by the Omnipotent God: O Nuh! Your son was not the member of your family as his deeds were indecent and vicious. Do not ask anything which you do not have any knowledge about it. I inculcate the truth to you that do not be among the ignorant.
Nuh a.s beseeched for the pardon and said: O God the Provident! I seek refuge to you, for what I have appealed to you and possess no knowledge. If you do not forgive me and refuse to have mercy upon me, I will be among the most deprived.
Nuh a.s was addressed by the Almighty God: Get down from the ship by reciting my name. I had blessed you all the bounties and for the people who accompanied you. The infidels at the earliest will taste our painful chastisement.

10:71 AND CONVEY unto them the story of Noah-when he said unto his people.

The name and address of Nuh a.s
The name of Nuh a.s was Abdul Jabbar or Abdul Gaffar or Abdul Rahman or Abdul malik or Abdul Ala bin Lamak bin Mathushalakh bin Akhnuj bin Yazur Mahlail bin Qinan bin Anush bin Shees bin Adam.
His mother was Qinush binte Rakeel.
He was called Nuh a.s as he was reciting mournful songs for the sins of his people. Nuh a.s was born 1642 years after Habuth (descent of Adam a.s from Heaven) of Adam. The reason for his name was that he was a reciter of mournful songs Nuh was inviting the people towards One God through his mournful songs and he was mournful of their incessant sins.
At the time of floods he was 940 years old. He got sons at the age of 500 years by the names of Haam , Sam and Yafis.
Nuh a.s was called the venerable old man of the prophets ی ی as no prophet was lived a long age like him after Adam a.s. After the calamity of floods he lived for 350 years and totally he lived for 1290 years. His grave is in Najaf Ashraf in Iraq.
In Majmaal Bahrain ی it is written about Nuh a.s that he lived for 2500 years.
In the volume Kanzul Adeeb ی it was mentioned that the age of Nuh a.s was 1000 years and Taurat (Torah) writes his age 950 years.
He was the prophet with high and magnanimous spirits . He was fully aware of the logical reasons, powerful and clear sighted in the debate. With all these virtuous qualities he invited people for 950 years and except a few number of people no one accepted his faith. He was protesting the people with the excellence of morals, patience and tolerance. They were accepting his reasons but refusing his religion.
In that period idol worshipping was at its peak and intensity. The unwise people believed the idols, a means of obtaining their benefits and warding off their evils. They based every affair of their life to a certain idol. They were exclusively following their passionate desires.
The idols of Vad- Savaa- Yaghus- Nasar- Yaooq were from the period of Nuh a.s reached the Bedouin Arabs which were demolished by the command of the last messenger of God Muhammad SAVA by the holy hands of Amirul Mominin Ali a.s

50:12 [Long] before those [who now deny resurrection] did Noahs people give the lie to this truth, and [so did] the folk of Ar-Rass, and [the tribes of] Thamud
50:13 and Ad, and Pharaoh, and Lots brethren,
50:14 and the dwellers of the wooded dales [of Madyan], and the people of Tubba: they all gave the lie to the apostles - and thereupon that whereof I had warned [them] came true. -
In the description of the Nuh a.s it is written that he was carpenter with wheatish complexion, gentle face, long head, big eyes, slender legs, fat body, a large navel and a long and wide beard. His height was tall with corpulent body. He was enthusiastic, furious and zealous.
Generations of the people were coming and going and as much as he was inviting them towards monotheism they were incessantly declining him. In their last wish they were writing their descendants for not accepting the sermons of that old man (Nuh).
In a narration it was told by hazrat Sadiq a.s that he was 1500 years old and got his prophecy at the age of 850 years. For 200 years he built the ship. Lived for 500 years after the calamity of floods.
While he was sleeping under the sun, the moment Izrail a.s (angel of death) reached to seize his soul. Nuh a.s requested: Give me that much time that I bring myself into the shade from the sun.
Then he got up and moved into the shade and said to the angel of death: I felt now that the period of my whole life was just equal to these moments of my moving from the sun into the shade.

3-Prophet Hazrat Nuh a.s
1642-2592 years after Habuth (descent of Adam a.s from Heaven)
The Almighty God selected the Nuh a.s to guide the people towards monotheism. His people were idolaters and possessing a large number of idols. They were occupied themselves in the carpentry for the cause of their superstitions and and engaged in carving the immense number of idol figures.
Idol worshipping is the sign of the meanness, ignorance and imprudence. How a wise man with a common sense allow his conscious, by carving a piece of wood, to think it his God. The most servile people are those who wish to solve their problems through the stone and wood which they themselves figured and shaped it out.
Hazrat Nuh a.s in his young age was watching the idol worshippers, he was laughing upon them like an old father .He used to tie the idols to a rope and pulling them in the lanes and bazars.
He preached the people for 950 years and in that period only 40 women and 40 men joined his faith.
Some specified his period of preaching was 950 years and some counted that number as his entire age including his preaching.
Hazrat Nuh a.s was climbing on the skirt of the mountain and upon the heights he was inviting the people towards the One God. His voice was reaching from east to west and announcing: there is no God except Allah and I am the messenger of Allah.
The headstrong and obstinate idolaters, for not hearing the messengers voice were keeping their fingers in their ears with much hatred,
Sometimes whenever they were catching hold of Nuh a.s, they were beating him to the verge of death. But after recovering his consciousness Nuh a.s again was revealing the truth to them and announcing: O people the God is One and He is the originator of the entire creatures.
Once when he was descended from the skirts of the mountain, the people had beaten him so much that he got fainted, they wrapped him in a coarse carpet and carried him to his house. He was unconscious for the three days and then regained his health.

71:5 [And after a time, Noah] said: "O my Sustainer! Verily, I have been calling unto my people night and day -
71:6 but my call has only caused them to flee farther and farther away [from Thee].
He painfully solicited: O God day and night I had invited my people towards you but they run away with me by abusing you.
The angel Jibril a.s approached him and said: The Almighty God is revealing that your people will not bring faith more than these faithful people.
But Nuh a.s was performing his duties and in the same manner and struggling with the infidelity and idolatry of the unbelievers. He was inviting the people towards the One God by bringing logical reasons, arguments and explanations. On the contrary it was of no effect upon their hearts.
ی ی
On the black hearted people it is of no use to preach
As the iron nail never enters into the hard stone
The cold blooded crowd gathered around Nuh a.s and said: O Nuh! you and your companions have no value for us. We do not prefer you above us and you are not better than us in the wisdom and ability. We are not less capable than you in the matter of materials and far sightedness in life. You and your associates are totally liars .
But Hazrat Nuh a.s still calling the people by presenting the proofs and facing all the abuses and as usual he continued his mission with all his strength and enthusiasm. His people too with all their enmity expressed their grudges against him.
He sermonised them: The one who is most pious is nearest to God.

Surat Al-Ĥujurāt (The Rooms) -

49:13 Verily, the noblest of you in the sight of God is the one who is most deeply conscious of Him. Behold, God is all-knowing, all-aware. -
More than nine centuries there was conflicts and protests between Nuh a.s and the unbelievers among his people, between truth and falsehood, between monotheism and polytheism, between virtues and vices, between enlightenment and ignorance.
Whenever Nuh a.s was complaining about the people, God! The Creator of the universe was bidding him to observe patience, perseverance, tolerance and lenience while facing the teasing and tortures of his people. He was the prophet with high and magnanimous spirits .

Disappointment of Nuh a.s in the Guidance of this people

71:26 And Noah prayed: "O my Sustainer! Leave not on earth any of those who deny the truth:
71:27 for, behold, If Thou dost leave them, they will [always try to] lead astray those who worship Thee, and will give birth to nothing but wickedness and stubborn ingratitude.
For 950 years Nuh a.s invited generation to generation, preached each person from childhood to adulthood towards the one God but it left no effect on their hearts. He cursed them and begged the Almighty: O God! Impose upon them such a painful punishment so that not a single person among them is left alive.
This is a genuine narrative teaches us lesson about the human life. How the preach and sermon did not left any effect upon the stone hearted people? 950 years is not a short period, may be almost 10 generations had passed in achieving that purpose. They were mysterious people who did not brought faith in God.
Nuh a.s warned and threatened them about the descent of a punishment but all his efforts went waste. He lost his patience and cursed them: O Omnipresent God! If a single person among them is left alive he will misguide other human beings and make them corrupt too. They did not give birth except lewd and lecherous children.
When the people heard the curse of Nuh a.s they gathered and hugged their children and expressed: This man Nuh is mad.

The construction of a ship
Jibril a.s descended with seven dates and said: God! the Provident had accepted your prayers. At this moment plant the date seeds and leave them to grow into green trees.
And then the trees went dried, for ten times they became green and then got dried, then Jibril a.s instructed:
11:37 but build, under Our eyes, the ark.
Cut down the trees and shape the trunks into boards and create a ship and give its branches the shape of nails and attach the boards together. Likewise for consecutive years Nuh a.s was engaged in the construction of a ship.

54:13 but him we bore on that [vessel] made of [mere] planks and nails, -
While he was sawing the first slab, a name of Prophet Adam a.s was imprinted on it. On the second slab the name of Shees a.s (Heptullah) his son who was the successor of Prophet Adam a.s, on the third slab appeared the name of Idris a.s and on every slab a name of certain messenger of God was inscribed till 124 thousand slabs were cut and shaped. In the last slab the name of last prophet Muhammad SAVA appeared and Jibril a.s said: یʘ Now your ship is completed with the name of the last messenger of God.
Jibril a.s was the engineer of the ship and Nuh a.s was cutting, shaping and joining the slabs with nails till it reached to completion.
The length of the ship was 1000 cubits (an ancient linear unit based on the length of the forearm, from elbow to the tip of the middle finger, usually from 17 to 21 in. (43 to 53 cm). The breadth was 400 cubits; its height was 40 cubits.
The people were coming and watching him and laughing upon his creation and calling him names. As the ship was on the land near a mountain there was not any sign of water, sea or ocean there.
They were asking him: What are you doing with that ship on the dry land?
He was replying: God the Almighty is going to send water from the sky to kill you all and I with my entire followers will sit in the ship so that not to get any harm of the calamity.
The people of Nuh a.s were giggling on him.
11:38 And [so Noah] set himself to building the ark; and every time the great ones of his people passed by him, they scoffed at him. [Thereupon] he said: "If you are scoffing at us-behold, we are scoffing at you [and your ignorance], just as you are scoffing at us.

The completion of the ship
Mainly they were three floors in it. The first floor was for wild and fearful animals. The second floor was for beasts of burden and livestock (the horses, cattle, sheep, and other useful animals and birds). The third floor was for Nuh a.s Himself and his companions.
One of the apostles of hazrat Isa a.s wished before the Prophet Christ to give life to one of the followers of the Nuhs a.s and to inquire about the ship.
Hazrat Isa a.s gave a stroke with his stick on the ground, a white beard man came out and they requested him to describe about the ship of Nuh a.s. The man informed them all about the details of the ship and hazrat Isa a.s told the bearded man to return back and the man went back after convaying the information of the ship and the floods.
Nuh a.s was addressed by the Omnipotent God: When you will observe the signs of calamity, immediately ascend upon the ship with family and the followers. And take with you every pair of animals till then wait for the commencement of the order of Almighty.
Nuh a.s built 90 houses for the animals and he was ordered:

11:40 We said [unto Noah]: "Place on board of this [ark] one pair of each [kind of animal] of either sex, as well as thy family -except those on whom [Our] sentence has already been passed -and all [others] who have attained to faith!"-for, only a few [of Noah's people] shared his faith.
The clouds turned out stormy and Nuh a.s warned the people that all of them were going to be killed,
54:11 And so We caused the gates of heaven to open with water pouring down in torrents, -
54:12 and caused the earth to burst forth with springs, so that the waters met for a purpose pre-ordained:
54:13 but him We bore on that [vessel] made of [mere] planks and nails, -
Except those who converted to monotheism. Else the entire human beings and the animals will be going to destroy and wipe out soon.
When the traces of floods started the Kaaba ascended upwards. Nuhs wife was baking the bread in a earthen oven; water began to gush out from it. That oven was situated on the right side of the tomb of the Kufa Mosque. The lady rushed in haste to inform the Nuh a.s. He with his companions soon went and settled down in the ship. Altogether their number was eighty men and women.
As-Saffat (The Rangers)
(37:77) 37:77 (Asad) and caused his offspring to endure [on earth];
They ascended on the ship on the first of Rajab and descended from it on the day of Ashura the tenth of Moharram and sailed in the ship for six months.
The Benevolent God selected Nuh a.s for his bright insight and high morals to guide the people.
Nuh a.s built the ship near the Mosque of Kufa with his own hands. According to the narration of hazrat Imam Muhammad Baqir a.s the ship was completed in 80 years. This statement rejects the others who mentioned more than 80 years for its building. The ship of Nuh a.s was equipped with all the needs of a house.

4-Prophet Hazrat Nuh a.s
1642-2592 years after Habuth

The floods and storms by the curse of Nuh a.s
As the floods down pour gushed into the high and low springs of the earth, covering the hills, low lands and the entire deserts, destroying the total number of peoples abodes except the Kaaba.
Nuh a.s mounted the ship with the slogans of Takbir, Allah o Akbar ǘ and reciting the praises of God. The water raised the ship and the blowing of wind moved the vessel. Hazrat Nuh a.s recited:

11:41 "Embark in this [ship]! In the name of God be its run and its riding at anchor! Behold, my. Sustainer is indeed much-forgiving, a dispenser of grace!" -
In the name of Almighty God we move and by the command of God we stand. All the rebels, miscreants and disbelievers were flushed in the rage of floods. The high rise waters were throwing, rolling and beating the disbelievers into the deserts, plains and mountain rocks and giving them the painful answer of all their mockeries. The entire inhabitants of infidels slept in the lap of death and for forty days and nights the tears of rain poured on the earth and Nuh a.s was watching from the elevation of the ship.

Intercession of Nuh a.s for his son
The son of Nuh a.s by the name Kanan Yafa who was coordinated with the disbelievers and the prophet Nuh a.s prayed the God to save him and requested: He is the member of my family.
God replied him: He does not belong to your family, your family member is one who accompanies you in your believe. Do not ask me the wish that which you are not aware of it.
Kanan with all his arrogance, ignorance and haughtiness ran to climb the mountain skirts and thinking he was saving his life. When Nuh a.s called him towards the ship, he replied: I do not need the ship.
A mountain high wave rose up between them and threw him in the waters of flood.
The ship moved in the water for six months, it halted when no man and region of infidels and polytheists was left alive. The ship of Nuh a.s stopped on the first of Nouroz on Mountain Judi.
The Mountain Judi and the River Euphrates were near the Kufa. The Earth sucked the waters and the ground dried up, the mountains and plains appeared. Hazrat Nuh a.s got down the ship and said:

23:28 All praise is due to God, who has saved us from those evildoing folk!
Some said the day of Naoruz and Ashura were coincided at the time of Nuhs floods and storm cessation.
Two animals were created in the ship; the first one was pig, as the excessive excrements were creating the trouble for the boarders of the ship. Nuh a.s beseeched and God addressed him: Go and hit on the back of Elephant. He obeyed and performed as ordered. A pig originated and consumed all the filth and refuse.
And the other animal was cat which came into being in the Nuhs ship. The rats were piercing a hole in the ship. At this Nuh a.s moaned to God for the life of ships lodgers was came into risk. He was addressed by God: Go and rub on the back of the tiger, there a cat came into existence and caught the rats. These two animals disembarked from the ship along with the other animals.
Hazrat Nuh a.s lived for forty days on the mountain Judi after the ship was halted. The companions of Nuh a.s constructed a village, even today that village is famous by the name ی Suk Samanin (market of eighty) and they established the city of Babul. And from the children of Nuh a.s Haam, Sam and Yafis survived and carried his traditions.
By Sam Arabs and non Arabs came into creation and mostly the prophets were from the descendants of Sam with white complexion, they were usually virtuous, knowledgeable and scholars. Nuh a.s gave Sam the central part of the world such as Baital Maqdas, River Nile, River Euphrates, Sihon and Gihon.
By Haam all the people with black complexion came into existence.
The descendants of Yafis were the people of China and Japan Yajuj and Majuj were among them.
37:77 and caused his offspring to endure [on earth]; -
37:78and We left him thus to be remembered among later generations:
37:79 Peace be upon Noah throughout all the worlds! -
37:80 Verily, thus do We reward the doers of good
37:81 for he was truly one of our believing servants: -
37:82 [and so We saved him and those who followed him] and then We caused the others to drown.
Ash-Shu'ara [26:119]

26:119 So We delivered him and those with him, in the Ark filled (with all creatures).
Ya-Sin [36:41]

36:41 And a Sign for them is that We bore their race (through the Flood) in the loaded Ark;
As-Saffat [37:140]

37:140 When he ran away (like a slave from captivity) to the ship (fully) laden,
Al-Qamar [54:13]

54:13 But We bore him on an (Ark) made of broad planks and caulked with palm- fibre

Do the children become the victims of floods?
The question in this regard comes across the scholars that the infants and weaklings had committed which kind of sin to become the victims of event and they had been killed in the floods. Were they have been punished for the sins of their parents and fore fathers?
In this matter some believe that the custom of God is that when the calamity occurs the good with the bad, big and the small suffer the harms together. The misery is stretched not for a group of people but it is for the common man of the nation.
Those who have this kind of thinking state that so often children suffer from the various diseases and die in spite of not committing any sin and no one is aware of its spiritual reason.
Al-Muddaththir [74:31]

and none can know the forces of thy Lord, except He and this is no other than a warning to mankind.
These believe is against the logical reason and the answer for the doubt, which the other nations also define that the Benevolent God is not at all malevolent for any person or nation.
Ar-Rum [30:41]

30:41 Mischief has appeared on land and sea because of (the meed) that the hands of men have earned, that ((Allah)) may give them a taste of some of their deeds: in order that they may turn back (from Evil).
The nature of the self existing God is to bless His creation, all in all favours them benefits for their well being, conclusively tyranny is not from Him. God never inflicts the death and annihilation for the society until or unless in the process of replacements of unwise peoples power and to punish them by the outrageous divine revenge, it is not a tyranny but to save the humanity and divert them towards the path of perfection and truth.
For the nations of Nuh a.s, Lut a.s, Samud, Aad and the companions of Rass and so forth as in the beginning the God repeatedly warned and granted them respite by logical reasons and presented them complete proofs but the words of truth were leaving no effect in their hard and unclean hearts.


The kindness of God always compromise with us
When we cross the limits He makes us disgraceful

5-Prophet Hazrat Nuh a.s
1642-2592 years after Habuth (descent of Adam a.s from Heaven)
Many years before the floods while Nuh a.s was building the ship, the Almighty God began to cease the birth of newborns and made the mothers infertile. He stopped the birth of infants to save the children from the calamity of floods.
Hence at the time of floods of Nuh a.s there were no small children.
It is mentioned that previously Najaf was a Mountain when the son of Nuh a.s Kanan took refuge on that mountain and refused to join the Nuh a.s in the ship. God addressed the mountain: You had given refuge to the one who drove himself away from God.
That mountain shattered and transformed into soft sands and scattered in the desert, later that desert was called Najaf.

Was the flood of Nuh a.s Global?
The scientists, historians, researchers discoverers discussed in this subject that whether the flood of the Nuhs period was Global or was it occured merely in a part of the earth or a half part of the Asia where Nuh a.s was dwelling.
Some of the scholars believe that the floods were covered the entire world. And a group of them mentioned that it was occurred only in the area where Nuh a.s and the unbelievers lived and they were killed in the calamity.
As-Saffat [37:77]

37:77 And made his progeny to endure (on this earth);
The history is dark to present any justification for events of Nuh a.s and the heavenly scriptures too did not describe the occurence of floods widely. By the curse of Nuh a.s the floods happened and left no region and not even the animals. The entire living existence became the morsel of floods and storm.

The intercession of Nuh a.s was it only for His son?
Here a psychological question arises that, was Nuh a.s wished the God for the forgiveness of his biological son? How his son under his brought up and training could not become cultured and among the believers. Why did his son became a person who refused to obey his father? Since centuries this was the subject of the discussion for many among the scholars.
The most complicated part of the human life is to train and give rise ones own child and seed a plant of right offspring and nurture it. The matter of feeding and educating and the effects of the companions of the child in the society had the role in bringing the prosperity and as well as the adversity in his life.
The pages of history, the children of the prophets and the character of the saints with bright and firm reasons are assisting us in confirming our believe.
Concerning the son of Nuh a.s Quran evidently thus mentioned: O my Lord the sustainer,
Hud [11:45]

11:45 And Noah called upon his Lord, and said: "O my Lord! surely my son is of my family! and Thy promise is true, and Thou art the justest of Judges!"
To answer him God addressed: Hud [11:46]

11:46 He said: "O Noah! He is not of thy family: For his conduct is unrighteous.
The cause of prophecy is to save the humanity and God stated: He is not among your family as his deeds are inhuman he must have believe in the prophecy of Nuh a.s.
But why Nuh a.s was failed to inculcate in his son the divinely believe and could not save him from the infidelity?
Some historians stated that he was not his son but he was the grandson of Nuh a.s his (Daughters son).
Some scholars mentioned that the wives of Nuh a.s and Lut a.s were not pious and God fearing. They were of weak faith and the sons were belonged to their wives those prophets were not their biological father and they were not related as their grandson either.
66:10 For those who are bent on denying the truth God has propounded a parable in [the stories of] Noah's wife and Lot's wife: they were wedded to two of Our righteous servants, and each one betrayed her husband; and neither of the two [husbands] will be of any avail to these two women when they are told [on Judgment Day], "Enter the fire with all those [other sinners] who enter it!"
Those to ladies (wife of lut a.s and Nuh a.s) in many matters of life went against their husband and practised against them. In Taurat both the wives of the prophets were accused of Infidelity which is fallacious. They disobeyed their husband in the matter of love and divinely faith only. And if we say that they were ill character before their marriage but according to the divine laws it is not suited for the prophets to marry a woman who had a filthy past.
A group of people said: Faithlessness is worst than blasphemy and Nuhs wife was faithless and the sin which is unpardonable is Faithlessness. They believed that the son belonged to Nuh a.s but the brought up and training of the mother who had believed in wrong path left such an impression on the son that it made him astray and out of the right way Thats why Nuhs intercession was not accepted by God.

Nuh a.s was exclusive in certain practices
Unlike the messengers who arrived before the Nuh a.s, this messenger of God was given by God 15 important things.
1- He was the first prophet who came with divine laws.
2- He was the first prophet who called the people towards the Lord.
3- The first prophet who warned the people.
4- He was the first who punished his people for their misdeeds.
5- He was the first man who lived a very prolonged life.
6- He was the first person who was fit, healthy and full of strength till his last breath.
7- He was the first prophet whose offspring remained in the world.
8- He was the first prophet to whom the people troubled and tortured him.
9- He was the first prophet whose people went astray and away from the right way.
Az-Zariyat [51:46]

51:46 So were the People of Noah before them for they wickedly transgressed
10- He was the first prophet who took oath from his people.
Al-Ahzab [33:7]

33:7 And remember We took from the prophets their covenant: As (We did) from thee: from Noah
11-He was the first prophet whom God send inspirations.
An-Nisa [4:163]

4:163 We have sent thee inspiration, as We sent it to Noah and the Messengers after him.
12-He was the first for whom the earth got split apart.
13-He was the first whose companions thanked the God.
Al-Isra [17:3]

17:3 O ye that are sprung from those whom We carried (in the Ark) with Noah! Verily he was a devotee most grateful.
14-He was the first prophet who was blessed with Salam.
Hud [11:48]

11:48 The word came: "O Noah! Come down (from the Ark) with peace from Us, and blessing on thee and on some of the peoples (who will spring) from those with thee: but (there will be other) peoples to whom We shall grant their pleasures (for a time), but in the end will a grievous penalty reach them from Us."
15-He was the first prophet whose generation will remain till the day of judgement.
The people of the world had taken three things from three prophets.
-Patience from prophet Ayyub a.s. 2- Thanks giving from prophet Nuh a.s

17:3 O We carried (in the Ark) with Noah! Verily he was a devotee most grateful.
3- Jealousy from the sons of prophet Yaqub a.s.

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