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Prophet Hazrat Sulaiman (A.S.)

Translated by Fatima Zabeth Beenesh from the Farsi book "Tarikh i-Anbiya az Adam ta Khatam" by Husain Imadzadeh
He was born in 1154 b c . in quran his name was mentioned at 16 places. sulaiman a.s. in 1186 b c was seated on his throne and addressed :O people be aware ,God the exalted ,taught me the languages of birds and endowed me the kingship of the whole world and enlightened me by acquainting me the linguistic signs of the animals.
This divine favours and affluences were gifted by god since the period of his father ,prophet hazrat dawood a.s. who by acquiring the highest status, monarchy, virtuous children and getting well acknowledged by the tongue of the birds and animals left the world in elated spirits.
After the death of his father suleiman a.s wore a ring on which ism e azam the greatest name of god was lettered .The multitudes of birds used to move and fly And gather over his head and were performing circumambulations around him like butterflies and seeing him all the animals were running towards hazrat Suleiman a.s.
In the right side of the Suleiman a.s the human beings and on his left side the angels were used to move always.
One day hazrat Suleiman a.s addressed the angels and told them: built such an imperial chamber in which all my court men, legislature, parliament and retinue could be assembled at a time. each and every body gathering there could be seated with comfort.
The head of the angels came and laid out a plan of a structure and presented it to Suleiman a.s which was 25 kilo meters in length and breadth.
He ordered his chamberlains to bring pearls from the seas and after a period of time silver, gold and gems were gathered. A throne was built with raw silver and under this throne a marble house of one farsang broad and long (farsang =6.24 km) was built ,in which 300 wives of suleiman and 700 female slaves were given home.
Then suleiman a.s ordered to plant 4 trees at the four corners of the throne.these trees were made of gold ,silver and corals and filled inside with musk.
At the right side of the throne 12000 seats made up of gold were arranged and at the left side of the it 12000 silvery seats and 12000 crystal seats in front and in the back side 12000 iron seats were laid out .
All the ministers were seated at the right side, asif barqia who was the prime minister was seated in front of them all. At the left side, all the jins were made to sit whose head was ifrith.in the back side, all the tribulnals and counsels were seated whose head was asthakharji.
Suleiman accessed on the throne. the birds gathered upon his head in such a way that a shade was made over him and he was protected from the sun.
The wind which was under the control of Suleiman a.s lifted upwards the throne along with the entire structure and the arrangements of his fellow creatures, very softly and evenly that nobody felt any jerk in this flight. This tour was carried on till a month .
Suleiman a.s commanded to built 1000 adytum of worship for the learned men and worshippers. The huge cooking pots and bowls of hard stones were manufactured to cook and serve food to the large number of people at a time. The people were used to gather there and have their meals. But Suleiman a.s never ate a single morsel of that food.
One day Suleiman was addressed by the almighty god: Suleiman demand anything you want. Your wish will be granted and i will do favour upon you.
There Suleiman said: My lord you have bestowed me the kingdom of my father in inheritance .and now i seek wisdom and insight from you, to amend the affairs of the people and guide them towards the right path.
The god answered him: o Suleiman as you did not asked me for wealth and long life. i will bestow you wisdom , insight and wealth so much that no human being had them before and even after you .No one will be able reach to such a status, position ,dignity and glory in the world.
God, the exalted gifted him wisdom, knowledge, prophecy and kingdom. Animals, demons, wild beasts, genies and fairies were made under the control of his commands.he was well acquainted with The languages of birds, insects and animals.
Dawood a.s got peace of mind with the kingship of Suleiman a.s. while he was climbing the stairs of his house of worship .when stepped on the first stair ,the angel of death arrived and captured his soul.
The eight sons of dawood a.s were named as 1- samu 2-sakhub 3-natan 4-suleiman 5-yakhayad 6-alyasha 7-nafaa 8-baqi. among them only suleiman a.s was born at baital maqdas. Dawood a.s observed the lights of spirituality, holiness and piousness were radiating from him.
After establishing his kingdom suleiman a.s started to execute the last wishes of his great father dawood a.s. abolishing the polytheists, the deniers of divine laws and unbelievers and to wipe them from the surface of the existence.
For this purpose the official authorities were sent to each and every city. asif barqia was appointed as his prime minister. he was mighty, experienced ,learned , army commander-in-chief.and grand vizier of the court affairs.
asif barqia was appointed as his prime minister of suleiman a.s. he was a mighty, experienced ,learned , army commander-in-chief.and grand vizier of the court affairs.
12000 combat skilled horsemen were Under the command of asif barqia the prime minister, who were among the highest rank in army of suleiman a.s .they were getting their daily food from the culinary department(kitchen) of the king.40.000 completely equipped horses were ready for riding in their stables .the king was providing their fodder from his granaries.
Asif barqia managed the state affairs with much ingenuity and strict administration of justice and suppressed the oppositions . he was very much influential and no one had the courage to stand against him.
Suleiman a.s started the construction of aqsa mosque in 1178 bc. When it reached its completion, the holy cask of prophets containing the stone epigraphs of moosa a.s , which he placed them in the holy casket along with the other entrusted valuables of previous prophets ,was brought. it was carried into the mosque with great dignity and glory.the angels on a golden divan installed the holy casket which was carried on by the gathering of their feathers and it was was placed upon their feathers and was conveyed into the aqsa mosque.
And suleiman a.s prostrated for thanking the god that he completed the aqsa mosque and got back the stone epigraphs of moosa a.s. , sacrificed cattles and feasted.
Hazrat Suleiman a.s after completing the building of aqsa mosque migrated to the tadhar and built a magnificent palace there whose relics are existing even today And brought the yemen and Hindustan under his possession. he took into his hands the dominions From the shores of the Euphrates to the borders of the Egypt along the vast areas of Syria and organized his kingdom.
And sent 550 rulers and ministers of the states to the conquered countries. Whichever land, suleiman a.s conquered he invited the people of that place towards the religion of moosa a.s.

A letter of Suleiman a.s to bilqis queen of Saba
Suleiman a.s wrote to bilqis as follows: 27:30 "It is from Solomon, and is (as follows): 'In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful: Innahu min sulaymana wa-innahu bismiAllahi alrrahmani alrraheemi
First he wrote his name and then the name of god. for the reason that if those people disrespect him that act would not dishonour the name of god. and invited the queen of saba towards submission to god.and emitted it to hoopoe who held it into its beak.
27:28 "Go thou, with this letter of mine, and deliver it to them: then draw back from them, and (wait to) see what answer they return"...
Ithhab bikitabee hathafaalqih ilayhim thumma tawalla AAanhum faonthurmatha yarjiAAoona
Hoopoe carried the letter to yemen and reached the palace of bilqis and saw her sleeping on her throne made up of ivory with golden nails and clamps, 20 meters high and 20 meters in length , possessing 70 golden parapets from one corner to another. And on every parapet there was a silvery bird with musk and ambergris filled into their stomach. so that when it breezes the queen enjoys its perfume.
Hoopoe alighted and dropped the letter on her lap and awakened her and flied back to sit at a corner.
When bilqis perceived a bird had brought a letter for her. She was frightened and called her secretary and told to read the letter.
She said: this letter is thrown on my chest. It seems that it contains an important matter. The letter is appearing extremely noble and majestic.
The counsels present there read the letter, written by hazrat Suleiman a.s.: In the name of most kind and merciful god, do not be a refractor and high-handed and come towards me and be obedient to me.
Bilqis he counsels: until now we are under the command of hazrat Suleimans a.s reign. May be Suleiman a.s means that we must follow his religion and be under the rules of his capital. although we are paying them the tribute. so What is your opinion about it?
She said: "Ye chiefs! advise me in (this) my affair: no affair have I decided except in your presence."
Qalat ya ayyuha almalaoaftoonee fee amree ma kuntu qatiAAatan amran hattatashhadoona
The entire body of counsels and bureaucrats said: whatever is the queens good purpose and intention. We are ready to obey and follow it wholeheartedly.
27:33 They said: "We are endued with strength, and given to vehement war: but the command is with thee; so consider what thou wilt command."
Qaloo nahnu oloo quwwatinwaoloo ba/sin shadeedin waal-amru ilayki faonthureematha ta/mureena
Bilqis said: as we are lacking in the warfare capabilities and maybe we become weak to encounter with the army of Suleiman a.s. it is better to send presents worth of the Suleimans a.s status. and i want to attend his miracle and ascertain his phenomenon. if he proclaimed it successfully, i will enter into his faith. And whenever he is unable to present his divination, then surely he is an avaricious king.and i am afraid ,in the case of not obeying him, maybe he is going to destroy our country.
27:34 She said: "Kings, when they enter a country, despoil it, and make the noblest of its people its meanest thus do they behave.
Qalat inna almulooka ithadakhaloo qaryatan afsadooha wajaAAaloo aAAizzata ahlihaathillatan wakathalika yafAAaloona
Bilqis summoned manzar bin amru who was a distinguished minister of their court. She ordered him to fashion a crown of diamonds, precious jewels and pearls. And make ready enormous quantity of musk and ambergris, the bricks of pure gold, 500 slaves 500 beautiful girls, All riding on Arabic horses to give Suleiman a.s a s a gift and gave her minister a big diamond as a present to Suleiman a.s. And to request the prophet to pierce a hole inside the diamond without the help of iron and fire. And soon he had to bring her the result of that meeting.
Manzar bin amru along with the presents left for the baitul maqdas .hoopoe informed that the representatives of bilqis were approaching towards the court of Suleiman a.s.
Suleiman a.s ordered the authorities to arrange a grand meeting. the ministers, tribunals , other officials and12000 army were stood on both sides of the highway. till 44 kilo meters on either side they were on foot .a broad square whose floor was made up of gold ,stretched to welcome the herald.
Manzar bin amru reached and seeing the grandeur and gorgeous dignity of suleimans empire ,overwhelmed and astonished him. And happened to see the floor of the square which was built up of gold , he felt ashamed.
They cast aside the gifts of bilqis. the representatives kissed the floor and went towards Suleiman a.s and assigned respectfully the message of bilqis to the Suleiman a.s.


Falamma jaa sulaymana qala atumiddoonani bimalin fama ataniya Allahu khayrun mimma atakum bal antum bihadiyyatikum tafrahoona
Topics discussed in this Verse: [Balqis] [Solomon:and Bilqis]
27:36 Now when (the embassy) came to Solomon, he said: "Will ye give me abundance in wealth? But that which Allah has given me is better than that which He has given you! Nay it is ye who rejoice in your gift!
Suleiman a.s said: If you want to help us with your meagre wealth, possessing such a splendour and glory we do not need your valuable gifts. it is better to return them back .convey my message and tell the queen of saba to submit towards god. else i will send an army that you have no strength and ability to challenge and fight us. you will be degraded and depraved. and will be thrown out of the country.
Manzar bin amru return with his companions and delivered the message and explained about the sovereignty, magnificence and prophecy of Suleiman a.s to the queen of saba.
Bilqis said: i will ask Suleiman a.s to bring forth a miracle to prove his prophecy. she dressed and adorned her male and female slaves in same makeup and attire ,to look identical and send them before Suleiman a.s.to identify them, wanted to pierce the diamond without any help and to fill the glass with water which is not from sky nor from earth.
The representatives of bilqis came to baitul maqdas to wish before Suleiman a.s for revealing his supernatural wonders. and appeared in the court of Suleiman a.s. saluted him and made all the slaves to stand before him. suleiman a.s separated them and identified the men and the women among them as they were all similar.
And ordered to fill the bottle with the perspiration of horses.then he pierced the diamond without any help with his spiritual power and returned the representatives of bilqis with rewards and honor.

Bilqis in baitul maqdas
Bilqis decided to travel to baitul maqdas and she started her journey. suleiman a.s said:is anybody ready to bring the throne of bilqis in the court before she had reached here.
An-Naml [27:38]

27:38He said (to his own men): "Ye chiefs! which of you can bring me her throne before they come to me in submission?"
Among the court men a person said: I will bring the throne , before you get up from your place. suleiman said I want the throne earlier than this.
Asif barqia, the prime minister said: before a blink of your eyes I will bring the throne here. The wise prime minister was aware of the ism e azam. Within minutes he caused to appear the throne.
Bilqis with 700 female slaves came out of her palace to meet Suleiman a.s.as her palace was situated in between the water body. so as a habit she thought that she too should have to cross the water to reach the palace of Suleiman a.s.
An-Naml [27:44]

27:44 She was asked to enter the lofty Palace: but when she saw it, she thought it was a lake of water, and she (tucked up her skirts), uncovering her legs. He said: "This is but a palace paved smooth with slabs of glass." She said: "O my Lord! I have indeed wronged my soul: I do (now) submit (in Islam), with Solomon, to the Lord of the Worlds."
Seeing her throne in the palace of Suleiman a.s bilqis suddenly indicated: who had brought my throne here? The female slaves said: it is not your throne. But it resembles it.
Bilqis said: no it is my own throne.
suleiman made bilqis to sit on her throne when she took her seat, there she recited:

My lord i have oppressed myself and now I am sUbmitting myself before Suleiman a.s and accepting my submission to the lord of universe.
Suleiman a.s proposed bilqis to marry him and asif bin barqia tied their nuptial knot by reciting their nikah. there were 700 female slaves and 300 wives in the palace of Suleiman a.s. he ordered to decorate the palace for bilqis. he built a palace for his newly married bride whose bricks were made up of silver and gold and walls were designed and ornated with gems, chairs and other furnishes were styled with gold. bilqis began to live with Suleiman a.s and was following the religion of moosa a.s.
She was travelling Everywhere with Suleiman a.s. they both journeyed sitting on the carpet. the wind was uplifting them and touring them on the oceans, deserts, islands, mountains and plains .at last he send bilqis towards her own country, yemen .every year ,till her last breath, she was sending her tributes to suleiman a.s and obeyed and carried out his commands.
Thirteen prophets were sent to the country of saba to guide and show the natives of saba, the right path. but as much as the prophets tried to enlighten them through the messages of heaven and the words of truth but they were failed. the people of saba proved themselves insane throughout history. by the acts of whom, hazrat isa a.s got impatient and disgusted and took to refuge on a mountain.

The debate of Suleiman a.s with the king ant
Suleiman a.s when reached the valley of ants. The king of the ants said: o my people run away from here and take refuge in your houses. May be Suleiman a.s impress you by the grandeur of his monarchy, extreme knowledge and dignity.
Suleiman a.s was passing with his army and sitting on a very specific throne. And His army was moving under the shadow of that throne.
They reached a valley where the ants were established a great city for themselves. Their kings name was adja who ordered his subjects, on the arrival of the throne that they soon must move away from there, in haste.
The wind remitted the message of the king ant to the hearing of the Suleiman a.s. he smiled and said: God wanted me to have a dialogue with the ants. He ordered the wind to bring down the throne and called the king of the ants and said: what evil have you seen in my army?
The king ant replied: o messenger of god do not get angry with me and do not scold me .you are a king and ruler and I am too a king and a ruler. God, the greatest, granted me four floors under the earth and in every floor there are 40 commanders in chief under my possession. And under every commander in chief there are four million ants. we can destroy any mightiest enemy by the will of God.
Suleiman a.s repeated again: why did you told them to run away?
The king ant said: there is a treasure under this land and man is very much greedy of gold, silver and gems. I got frightened that may be they dig the earth and make it upside down. And my army must not be put into the trouble.
Suleiman a.s asked him: from where did you have acquired this knowledge?
The king ant replied: do you feel that it is only you who had mastered the knowledge or obtained the insight of whole universe and it is in your possession only? The exalted god never allocates the entire wisdom, enlightenment and culture to one person alone.
Suleiman a.s expressed: to make you aware that I am learned person, do not you want me to teach you knowledge?
The ant uttered: I will ask you some questions. Suleiman replied: whatever you want to know, interrogate with me.
The king ant questioned: why did you demanded such a sovereignty from the almighty god which have not been acquired by any one till date .Does not this claim of yours giving the impression of covetousness? This envious nature does not suit the prophets. would not it been better to have one more king like you in this world?
Suleiman a.s got angry very much by the statement of ant. The ant said: yes the truth is always bitter. Why are you getting angry?
Then the king ant added: what more did you asked the omnipotent god?
Suleiman a.s responded: I requested the omnipresent god for a ring, under the shadow of its stone, exists the whole kingdoms of the world.
The king ant surprised and said: what does it mean under the shadow of its stone exists the whole kingdoms of the world.
Suleiman a.s repeated: then you tell me what does it means?
The king ant replied: it means that from the heaven to earth whatsoever God had bestowed upon you, its price is equal to the stone studded in the ring which is of no value and besides, this its quantity is also not big.
Then the king ant said: and what else did you wished from god?
Suleiman a.s: I wanted the wind to be under my command and take my throne where ever I want to go. And whenever I order, the wind accomplishes my edict within a short period of time.
The king ant expressed: O Suleiman a.s do you know, for what purpose this act is adequate and God, the exalted, by fulfilling your wish, what did he conferred you?
Suleiman a.s: please you say.
The king ant uttered: it is such that, with the help of this you will come to know the signs of your death very earlier.
Tears filled the eyes of Suleiman a.s and replied: yes, you are right.
Then the king ant stated: O Suleiman a.s your demand from the god, the greatest, was very little. If you would have forbearance and patience, He would have made his angels under your command. At some later time, the almighty god, in the period of the last messenger Muhammad Sava will command his angels to follow the orders of last prophet.
Suleiman A.s replied: How do you know the last messenger of God?
The king ant expressed: I know him and his name too .His is Muhammad sava , the last prophet of God and honour of all the messengers.
Suleiman a.s replied: Do you know more about him?
The king ant uttered: Yes I know. And Do you know that why you are called Suleiman?
Suleiman a.s replied: No
The king ant said: it means that do not give your heart to this world as it is only a passage .One day we all have to return from here.
Again Suleimans eyes brimmed with tears and said: you are very much wise please tell me some words of advice.
The king ant mentioned: O Suleiman, the exalted God, presents monarchy to those who are very compassionate and kind to the petty people and the citizens of the country. And every night those who makes themselves fully aware of the kingdoms people circumstances.
And Do you make yourself, every night fully aware of the living conditions and problems of the subjects of your kingdom?
Suleiman a.s uttered: no
The king ant mentioned: every day and night I walk among my people (ants) in order that if any of them is in trouble, solve their problems and sorrows personally. I never sleep at nights without doing justice and enquiring about my people.
Suleiman a.s got astonished and accepted the advices of the king ant. And praised profoundly the lord of the universe and extremely applauded the creation of the world which is eminently widespread.
As the Suleiman a.s wanted to take leave the king ant requested: This is not fair to leave you without being hospitable to you with whatever god had granted me.

Suleiman a.s accepted his invitation.
The king ant brought a leg of grasshopper and served it before Suleiman a.s. he smiled and said: I along with my soldiers are in such a large number, How can you serve us by only a leg of grasshopper?
The king ant replied: Yes I am serving you and your whole army with just one leg of a grasshopper.
Suleiman a.s and his army ate that grasshoppers single leg and get satiated and some of the leg was left too.
Sighting that Suleiman a.s knelt down for the prostration of god and thanked the greatest god and said: o God the nourisher, certainly I am a very weak slave of you.
After coming back, he spent forty days and nights in the worshipping of god.

The debate of Suleiman a.s with phoenix
The exalted God, according to his request, provided Suleiman a.s a completely perfect reign and prophecy of that time.
One day as usual Suleiman a.s was seating on his throne and describing about the divine decision of destiny and fate .Destiny can never be changed and the death never can be returned back.
Whatever is destiny of the man it is unalterable which have no decline.
A phoenix who was present there expressed: O prophet of God I do not believe you in this kind of judgement.
Suleiman a.s said: You bid me a big challenge. How destiny and death cannot be changed and stopped.
Phoenix uttered: I will change the destiny.
Suleiman a.s said: there is a king in the east and another king in the west both have a son and a daughter .By their destiny their son and daughter will meet each other and get married.
Phoenix retorted: And I am going to change their destiny.
Suleiman a.s replied: If you are unable to divert their destiny then I will punish you a severe punishment such that you will turn back in your senses.
Phoenix uttered: yes if I am unable to prove myself right then do according to your wish.
Suleiman a.s said: I want some witness and evidence on that context.
Phoenix said: The owl of ruins, crow, sparrow, the white legged wild crow and owlet. These birds are the witnesses of this agreement.
The Phoenix flied and reaches a country of west and saw a nurse looking after the baby girls. When they saw the Phoenix (a bird with extremely big feathers and nowadays become extinct) all of them ran away. One little infant girl remained in the cradle. Phoenix immediately snatched the baby girl into its claws and flied up and up in the expanse of sky and passed over the oceans.
There was a lofty Caucasus mountain and on its peak there was an extremely tall tree raised its head towards the sky .no bird was able to reach its height. Only Phoenix possessed the strength to reach there. It placed the baby girl on that tree safely and was taking the food of summer and winter for her. Phoenix was visiting Suleiman a.s as usual but never mentioned anything to Suleiman a.s about the baby girl.
Suleiman a.s came to know about the son of other king who had reached the age of maturity and perfection.
One day a thought knocked the mind of the prince of that king, he told himself: if I have succeed my fathers throne and remain ignorant as I am now .It will be an overmuch fault for me. It is better I must set out for a journey and view the wonders of the world and practice pious deeds and perform my pilgrimage. If I happen to die, at least someone will get the benefit from my good practises.
The prince called the traders and provided excessive commercial commodities and proceeded his journey towards the Egypt. When he reached the river Nile , he began to think: where is the fountain-head of the river and from which routes it passes and to which cities it provides its bounties.
And the prince began to walk along the river and reached a city in which there were numerous trees of fruits. The size of the grapes in those gardens was big like musk melons. There were so many bags of gold and silver, by the light of which the darkness of nights was turning into gleam of light.
When the prince reached there told his companions: what is the name of this place?
They wanted three days of respite to find out its name. The prince continued his journey with his companions in searching, researching and rejoicing, saw an old man was reaping his harvest. A portion of it was ripe and a part of it was unripe. The prince said: This is a very strange place, and then proceeded ahead.
And saw another person who was reaping a green field .As he went furthermore there he saw, in the stomach of a dog its puppies were barking. Then he proceeded forward and observed a tree whose fruits were shouting, come and pluck us. He went still more and saw a lamb sucking its mother as it was sucking it was getting thinner. A person as he was filling the pitcher more and more but the vessel was empty.
They met an old man. The Prince told him: tell us about the wonders of this city. The old man said: I have an elder brother he had better knowledge than me. The prince went furthermore. There he met an old man with white hair and asked him the same Question. The old man said: The man, who was reaping the raw crop, he was the angel of death who captures the soul of the young and the old. The dog in whose stomach puppies were barking, it is an example of children who speak in high pitch voice before their parent. And the tree whose fruits were shouting. They are the mothers who appeal the attentions of the strangers towards themselves.
The lamb that as much as sucks the milk gets thinner. They are masters and kings as much as their greed increases they oppress more and get less and less prosperity.
The person as he was filling his pitcher but it remained empty as before. He is a learned man who speaks about the solutions of the peoples problems. The people practice according to him but he himself never follows what he speaks.
The old man whom you met was my younger brother who because of irritating behaviour of his wife reached, the old age earlier. Whenever he comes home he gets sorrowful and while he goes away to deserts, he gets energetic.
But one of my sisters in law is very polite and courteous .whenever my brother is in trouble outside, as he returns home gets comfortable.
I have a very beautiful, pious and devoted wife. She is the cause of my young appearance. Otherwise I am oldest among them all but appear youngest of them.
And about the grapes of musk melon size and the bags of silver and gold. A man bought a house he got a treasure from there. He told the previous master of the house. Come and take your treasure. And he was retorting: no that treasure belongs to you. And For a course of time, on the matter of treasure they both opposed each other. The buyer was telling the treasure belongs to the seller and the seller was expressing that the treasure belongs to buyer. Finally they approached, the just and impartial king..
The king said: do you have sons and daughters?
They replied: yes we have.
The king said: Give in marriage one of your girls to the anothers son. And give the treasure to them and finish the matter.
They did the same, when they planted trees in that place. The yield of precious gems, gold and silver came into hands. The king ordered to keep safely these precious yields in a bag. In order the people see and reckon the result of his justice and judgement.
The prince passed that city too, and he proceeded pursuing the river Nile.
He met a man and asked him: O young man where are you going?
The prince replied: I am coming from eastern country and going to see where the river Nile ends.
The man said: You will reach a sea and watch the wonders.
Then he saw two beautiful and gorgeous birds sitting on a tree branch.
They were telling him: are you a poor man? The destiny of son of Adam became such that it had drawn him here.
They told a king is in west and another king is in east they will fasten their childrens nuptial knot. It is very amazing what Suleiman a.s had mentioned about destiny and fate. And we are observing the prince of east have reached the west.
When the prince raised his head he saw a nymph was sitting upon the tree. She was very much charming and pretty. He stared her with great wonder and thought such an attractive girl, how could she be able to come on such a tall tree that too on Caucasus Mountain.
The prince asked her: whose daughter are you?
She replied: I am the daughter of phoenix.
The prince told: But you are a human being and where is the phoenix?
She replied: He is in the court of Suleiman a.s.
They both married there and soon became parent of a child.

The argumentation of hazrat Suleiman a.s with phoenix.
Hazrat Suleiman a.s called everybody to appear in his court and summoned the phoenix too and said: O phoenix now do you believe in the superior and eminent God that whatever the destiny and fate predestined by Him never changes.
The phoenix replied: I believe in God but I deny the destiny and fate.
Hazrat Suleiman a.s said: How will you change the destiny?
The phoenix replied: About the girl you said, I kept her in such a place that no man can reach there.
Suleiman uttered: Go and bring the girl here.
The phoenix came to take the girl. She said: you cannot take me like this .carry me along with the skin in which I am living since so many years. The phoenix carried her with the skin and placed it before the Suleiman a.s.
When the skin was opened three human beings came out of it. The phoenix felt ashamed and believed in the destiny and divine order. Flied back and lived on mountain Caucasus and no one saw the phoenix after that.
This argumentation proves that the divine order and destiny can never be changed. The divine decree and ability is reached to on, according to his capacity for achievement.
Then Suleiman a.s told to the birds who were companions of Phoenix: all of you are immoral.
And Told to owlet: your days will be changed into nights and all the birds will become your enemy.
And to the owl, expressed: your house will be built in ruins. And your food will be the dead bodies.
And to the white legged crow revealed: Your job is more uglier than others.
Then Suleiman a.s ordered the prince: Rule the kingdom, at the place of your father.
And send the prince towards the west.

The mosque of Suleiman a.s
This mosque was built by granite stones, its doors were made up of ebony wood and the pillars were erected by marble stones.
It had three gates; one gate is called bab e rahmat the gate of blessings, other one was named bab e Dawood a.s The gate of Dawood a.s and the third one is called bab e Muhammad saw The gate of Muhammad saw.
He built another mosque inside the mosque whose stones were of gold and silver and installed the lanterns of gold. And in each lantern it was kept, deep red night glowing garnet, to brighten the nights.
A tomb was built upon it. It was painted with red sulphur mixed with other materials in order that its illumination could reach till one farsang (6.24 kilo meters).A particular space was established to place the stone plates of taurat scripture.
And the washrooms were made outside the mosque.

Masjid e Aqsa
Two mosques were built in the baitul maqdas. The first was built by prophet Dawood a.s. The second mosque was more largely built by hazrat Suleiman a.s. It was constructed by much more material and means.
As Prophet Ibrahim a.s was ordered to construct Kaba on the foundation laid by Prophet Adam a.s. likewise Suleiman a.s was commanded to erect a splendid mosque in baital maqdas on the foundation laid by Dawood a.s.
DaWood a.s said: O my Lord, the Nourisher, How should I build this house? JIbril a.s had rendered its design to dawood a.s and he commenced the construction.
The mosque is 2500 metres in length and 1500 metres in breadth. The land of the mosque was purchased by paying the highest prize.
The voice and melody of dawood a.s was one of the wonders of the world. His gracious and sensuous voice was his recognition. Today the scientists of west are trying to record the sound particles of the Dawood a.s voice with their apparatus.

The City of baitul Maqdas
The capital of Palestine is called Quds. In the Islamic books its name is mentioned as baitul maqdas. And in Hebrew it is called Jerusalem. And in European it is called zjrozalam.
Since centuries this city was the centre of the Jew kings. It was the kingdom of prophet dawood a.s and prophet Suleiman a.s. And Hazrat Isa a.s was born in baitul ham some kilometres away from baitul maqdas. According to the belief of the astrologers Isa a.s was crucified there. And today the Christians built a grand church at the place of his birth.
The city of Quds that is baitul maqdas, is the sacred place for the Muslims too. As for a period of time it was kiblah, a direction to face while worshipping, of the Prophet Muhammad Sava. He was observing namaz facing towards its direction. He was ascended To Meraj from masjid Aqsa to the seventh heaven.
Baitul maqdas is the only Holy place which is respected by Jews, Muslims and Christians all together. The followers of these three religions do assert their believe for this place and worship there.
The city of Quds came into the hands of Muslims at the period of hazrat Omar And after a century of the crusade wars, this place which was in the possession of Europeans, in 6th century Salahuddin Ayyubi captured back from the possession of Christians and handed it to the Muslims.
The city of Quds is a mountainous and a pleasant region. It is 8000 metres high from sea level. This place has a specific spirituality and purity. Baitul maqdas is on the south west of Almit Sea, between Jordan and Palestine.
Masjid Aqsa was built by prophet Dawood a.s and prophet Suleiman a.s ten centuries before Christ. Orientals writes: Suleiman a.s selected the temple of Muriya for his worshiping. The Jews made this place their kiblah, a direction to face, while worshipping.
The Christians pays respects to this location as it is near the birth place of Christ. Before that the Romans used to believe the location of hanging rock as The God of birth and adore it.
It is told that the honourable messenger had prayed namaz on that rock .It was raised towards the sky. The power of the Muhammad sawas feet made that rock to elevate from the ground and hang in the air. Even today this stone is hanged since centuries. This century a pillar was built under that stone, so that seeing it the people seeing it do not get frightened.
Jews and Christians say: THis is the same rock where Ibrahim a.s wanted to sacrifice his son. Dawood a.s and Suleiman a.s were giving sacrifices on that same spot.
This rock is standing two meters above the ground. The hanging rock is situated in the centre of Aqsa mosque. A wooden octagonal fence was erected around it.
Two spots were named after the messenger of Allah and prophet Ibrahim a.s. They are caves whose roof is hanging rock. These places were the worshiping ground of Dawood a.s and Suleiman a.s. Nowadays there are three adytum by the name of the messenger of Islam Muhammad sava, dawood a,s and Suleiman a.s.
The area of baitul maqdas is 500*400 matres and it has eight gates.1- Bab e Nabi 2-Bab e Mehrab Maryam 3-Bab e Sahyun 4-Bab e Hashimi 5-Babul Valid 6-Bab e Ibrahim 7- Bab e Umme Khalid 8-Babur Rahmath.
There are the graves of many prophets like hazrat Suleiman a.s, yaqub a.s and yusuf a.s and resting place of their families and relatives.

The Wailing Wall
In masjid aqsa towards Bab e sahyun it is a wall by the name The Wall of Suleiman which was built by hazrat Suleiman a.s. It did not change a bit. The Jews an hour after mid day till sunset visit this place. They recite supplications, weep a lot and seek the forgiveness of God.

The Aqsa mosque, today.
Its area is 55*80 metres Wide. 634 hegira, the first Muslim who added in this structure of the mosque is Isa bin Abu bakr bin Ayyub who built a large facade in its north. He was the king of Damascus, for seven gates ,seven sheds were made with notched edges. People enter through these gates.
Baitul maqdas was square in shape. The platform of aqsa mosque is situated in the south of hanging rock. The parapets are the important monuments. The Europeans believe that it was the stable of prophet Suleiman a.s.
The cradle of Isa a.s, the adytum of maryam a.s, the pillars of Aqsa mosque, the spot of Pegasus Buraq, the library of Aqsa mosque, the pulpit of Qazi burhanuddin, the adytum and domes belonged to the period of Abdul malik bin marvan.
The Dome of meraj 597 hegira, the stairs of qatabanian period 887 hegira,
The schools around the mosque, the Mansuri caravanserai and other historical monuments are the tourist attractions.
The prayers of Suleiman a.s on the completion of baitul maqdas.
Hazrat Suleiman a.s constructed Baitul maqdas. When the structure was completed a celebration was conducted and sacrifices were performed. Suleiman a.s recited the prayers.
Wahab bin manbah writes from kab al ahbar: when Suleiman a.s was commanded to build baitul maqdas. This great prophet with enormous pomp and glory started the construction of the house of God. The courtiers, Geniis, Human beings, fairies, young and old served this house. However the foundation was laid down but the building was not getting erected.
Suleiman a.s got aggrieved, called his vizier Asif barqia and sought his advice.
Asif barqia commenced the construction by the name of Ism e azam. The buildings work began to proceed. The diamonds were cut. The central part of the divine house was completed. And decorated with gems, Gold and silver. The kings were visiting to watch the divine house. A desire was developing in their hearts to build such a structure.
A day arrived when the entire craftsmen completed their work and left the place. Hazrat Suleiman a.s invited all, to celebrate the occasion of its successful completion. He was eminently joyful on the fulfilment of his divine duty. In the celebration sweets, sherbet and sugar-plums were distributed in large quantity. Sacrifices were made and food was prepared for the people out of that offerings. When all the people finished their food, Suleiman a.s thanked the god and said:
O God I ask you for five wishes.
1- If sinners come to your house and ask for forgiveness, erase their sins and forgive them.
2- If an ailing person comes for cure at your doorstep. Grant them sound health and well being.
3- If the needy and destitute comes to you accomplish their obligation and return them mirthfully.
4- If anyone begged for rain. Kindly send them the blessings of rain.
5- If the debtors come at your threshold, pay their debts so that they become delighted.
And said: the sign of accepting my prayers is your approving my sacrifice.
At that period, like Adam a.s they too were following the custom, to leave their offerings upon a mountain. If the offering was accepted by the God almighty, a fire was descending from the sky and burning that offering. Hazrat Suleiman a.s sacrificed a goat and kept it on an upper chamber of baital maqdas. ANd requested God to accept his prayers. His prayers were accepted. A smoke of fire came near the offering which was soft and hot, snatched the offering and disappeared.
Hazrat Suleiman a.s became cheerful and glad that whatever wish the people seek from God in Baitul Maqdas it would be fulfilled.

Asif Bin barqia
He was the torch of Guidance and possessed the book of knowledge. He was vizier of Hazrat Suleiman a.s and became the successor of prophets. Asif was pious worshipper with bright conscious and enlightened heart. He owned the lights of divine favours. He was taught Ism e Azam .until one knows, how and where to use this knowledge, god never bestow them without any reason
When Asif barqia came to learn the Ism e Azam till then the Jews acquired their supremacy over the generation of dawood a.s.
Many of his people were killed. Asif was defending them. At the time of his death .With the command of God he made his son Safura his successor. And he handed over to Safura, the holy casket with entire entrusted valuables of messengers and died.

-Safura bin barqia-
After Asif, Safura, on the command of God, began his mission to invite the people towards truth and conducting amendments and improvements among them. He Guided Bani Israil and showed them the right path.
at the time of death, he was commissioned to convey the entrusted valuables of messengers and Ism e azam to manbah and made him his successor.

-Manbah bin safura-
After Safura, his son Manbah came into power .he was the contemporary of the king Ardashir Isfandyar of Iran. The city of Astagar was built in his period. He was a spiritual leader. At the time of his death He too granted the entire entrusted valuables of messengers to his son Hindu and left the world.

-Hindu bin Manbah-
Hindu was the successor of Manbah. He protected the ancestral legacy of messengers. At the time of his death he emitted the entire entrusted valuables of messengers to his son Asfar.

-Asfar bin Hindu-
Asfar became the torch bearer of Bani israil .the believers became his admirers. He was the contemporary of shaharzan. asfar at the last moments of his life handed the entire entrusted valuables of messengers to his son aman.

-Aman bin asfar-
He too followed the footsteps of his forefathers. And protected the entrusted valuables of messengers, At the time of his death, he gave the cask of the messengers valuables to his son Ishaq, by the command of almighty God.

-Ishaq bin asfar-
By the order of God, the greatest, Ishaq protected the Ism e azam and took its advantage to help the people. And at the time of his death, by the decree of God handed the cask of messengers valuables to his son aem.

Aem bin Ishaq-
As an heir of his ancestors, he protected the Ism e azam and deposits of messengers and submitted to zakaria at the time of his death. Likewise the deposits of messengers passed through the hands of prophets, messengers and apostles and reached in the hands of prophet hazrat Zakaria a.s.

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