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The Digging of Zamzam Well and Sacrifice of Janab Abdullah

Hayat Al-Qulub Volume 2, A Detailed Biography of Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.)
By: Allamah Muhammad Baqir Al-Majlisi

Shaykh Kulaini (r.a.) and others have narrated that there were two gold deer and five golden swords. When the tribe of Khaza won over the tribe of Jurham and they intended to take over the Sanctuary of Allah (Kaaba), the people of Jurham threw the said deer and the swords in Zamzam well and filled it up with earth and stones in such a way that no sign of the aforesaid things was at all visible so that they could not be brought out.
When Qusayy, the grandfather of His Eminence, Abdullah overpowered Khaza and regained the control of Mecca he remained uninformed about the Zamzam well till the time of Abdul Muttalib (a.s.) and he became the owner of Holy Mecca. For him, a carpet was laid in front of the Holy Kaaba. It was never done so for anybody else. One night when he was asleep near Kaaba he saw in a dream that someone was asking him to dig up Barrah. When he awoke, he could not follow what Barrah was. Next night when he slept at the same place the same man asked him to dig up Teebah. On the third night he was asked to dig Maznunah.
Finally on the fourth night he was instructed to dig up Zamzam well which would never dry up; no matter how much of it is served to hajis; to dig it at the place where a white crow came daily to eat ants. When Abdul Muttalib dreamt like that he followed its meaning and also found the location of Zamzam.
Then he told Quraish: During four nights, I have dreamt about the digging of Zamzam well which is our precious treasure. Let us dig it. As they disagreed, he began to do the job himself. At that time he had only one son named Harith who also helped him. When they felt it was hard to dig, he came to the door of Kaaba and prayed to Allah to grant him ten sons and vowed that he would sacrifice the dearest one of them in His path. Then he began to dig the well again until he saw the foundation stone of Ismail (a.s.) and understood that they had reached water.
He cried out “Allah is the Greatest.” Upon this the people of Quraish also repeated Takbir and said: “We are also partners in this treasure of grace and bliss; it cannot be reserved only for you.” Abdul Muttalib replied: “As you did not help me in digging it, it is now exclusively mine and my sons’ till Judgment Day.”
It is narrated through reliable chains from Imam Musa Kazim (a.s.) that when Abdul Muttalib concluded digging of Zamzam and reached its bottom, he perceived very bad smell from one direction of that well which made him fearful and made his son Harith go out. But His Eminence remained therein firmly and dug deeper for one hand length. Then he felt sleepy and he fell asleep. In dream he saw a beautiful, nicely dressed, cleanly clothed, tall, perfumed man who was asking him to dig more, “you will get booty, do not hoard it for your heirs but use it yourself. While the gold etc. is for you, the swords etc. are for others.
Your honor and prestige is higher among all Arabs because the Arab prophet (the leader of this community and his legatee will also be from your progeny and so also will be born all the wise men. The swords are their share. That messenger’s prophethood will become manifest one century after you. Allah will brighten the earth with his light (Noor), drive out the devils from earth, disgrace them after honor and kill them after making them strong.
He will disgrace the idols and will kill the idol worshippers wherever they be…Then from your lineage, after that prophet, his brother and vizier will remain. His age will be less. He will break idols and will be obedient to him in all affairs. That prophet will not hide anything from him. He will consult him in every important matter. When Abdul Muttalib woke up after having this vision he found six swords near him.
He took them up and intended to come out but thought that the digging was yet incomplete so he dug a depth of a paw length more and saw that the horns and the head of a golden deer had appeared before him. He took it out and saw that on its head was inscribed: “There is no god except Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah (S). Ali is the Wali of Allah; so and so is the Caliph of Allah.”
What was meant by the last phrase is that Sahibul Amr (Mahdi (a.s.)) is the caliph of Allah. Abdul Muttalib was about to come out of the well when the Satan appeared in the form of a snake and began to slip out of the well ahead of him. His Eminence, Abdul Muttalib gave it a blow of the sword which cut off its tail and then it disappeared. Now His Eminence, Qaim (a.t.f.s.) will kill it. His Eminence, Abdul Muttalib (a.s.) desired to, contrary to the dream, hang those swords on the door of Kaaba.
Then the following night he again saw in dream the same man saying: “O Shaibatul Hamd! Thank your Lord, who will very soon compensate you for your land and will make you famous through the world and make Quraish submit to you. Some of them will submit to you due to fear and some because of greed. Keep the swords in their place.” When His Eminence, woke up he understood that if the man is guiding him in visions is from Allah then it is a divine commandment and if he is a devil, then he must be one whose tail he had cut off.
Next night he dreamed that many men and children approached him saying: “We are among your children’s followers and we live in the sixth sky. Those swords do not belong to you. You should marry a woman from Bani Makhzum, then make matrimonial contracts with the girls belonging to all Arab tribes. Even if you do not possess wealth, you do have a high status.
No tribe will hesitate in giving you their girls in marriage. You may give these thirteen swords to the sons who will be born of that girl belonging to Bani Makhzum. Nothing more needs to be told you. Yes, one of those swords will disappear and remain hidden in such and such mountain. Its reappearance will be one of the signs of the appearance of Qaim Aale Muhammad (a.s.).”
After waking up, His Eminence hung those swords in his neck and went around Mecca. Meanwhile the best of those swords disappeared, which will reappear at the same place of the coming of the Qaim (a.s.). Then His Eminence, Abdul Muttalib wore Ihram for performing Umrah and entered Mecca, made twenty-one circumambulations carrying those swords and the golden deer.
While going round the Kaaba he was reciting: “My Lord, make Your word come true, prove my words right. Spread my description throughout the world, strengthen my arms…” Then he gave those swords to the sons of Makhzumiya. Out of those twelve swords one went to His Eminence, Prophet (S) and one each to all the eleven Imams upto Imam Hasan Askari (a.s.) and the sword of the twelfth Imam has gone in hiding in the earth and the earth will present it to His Eminence, Mahdi (a.s.) when he reappears.
It is mentioned in a reliable tradition that Ibn Fazal asked Imam Ali Reza (a.s.) about the words “I am the son of two slaughtered ones.” His Eminence said: Those two slaughtered ones are His Eminence, Ismail (a.s.) and Abdullah bin Abdul Muttalib. Ismail (a.s.) was that great son whose glad tiding was given by Allah to Ibrahim (a.s.). When he was busy performing Hajj with his son, Ibrahim told his son: “I have dreamt that I am slaughtering you.
Therefore think upon it and let me know what your opinion is.” He replied: “Dear father! Do as you have been commanded to do. Insha Allah, you will find me patient.” He did not say: “Do what you saw in the dream.” When Ibrahim (a.s.) was about to slaughter him, Allah made a black and white sheep his ransom, which could walk, graze, drink and so also see, pass water and drop dung in the darkness. Prior to that it was grazing in Paradise for forty years. It was not born from a mother.
Allah commanded ‘Be’ and it came into being. It was to become a ransom for Ismail (a.s.). Every sheep which is slaughtered in Mina becomes a ransom for Ismail (a.s.) till Judgment Day. The story of another slaughtered one is that once Abdul Muttalib, clinging to the door of Kaaba prayed that if Allah gives him ten sons, he will, as a gesture of thankfulness, sacrifice one of them in His path. Allah granted him ten sons. So he said: “Allah fulfilled my desire, now I must also keep my word.” So he gathered his sons, went to Kaaba with them and drew lots thrice.
On all the three occasions Abdullah’s name, father of the Holy Prophet (S), appeared in the lot who was the dearest to him. Then he laid him on the ground and intended to slaughter him. When the news reached Quraish chiefs, all rushed to him and tried to stop him. Women of Abdul Muttalib also came weeping and wailing and his daughter Atika said: “Dear father! Submit an excuse before Allah in the matter of your son.” He inquired: “How?”
Atika said: “Draw lots between these camels of yours grazing in the Sanctuary and your son and go on increasing the number of the camels every time until Allah is pleased.” Then Abdul Muttalib drew a lot between Abdullah and ten camels which came out in Abdullah’s name. Then he drew again doubling the number of camels. Again it showed Abdullah’s name. Likewise when he raised the number of camels upto hundred it came in their names.
All the Quraish raised the slogan of Takbir so loudly that hillocks of Mecca trembled. Abdul Muttalib said: “I will not give up unless the lots show the names of the camels three times.” Then he drew lots twice and it showed the names of the camels. Then Zubair and Abu Talib and his sister drew out Abdullah (a.s.) from under the hands of Abdul Muttalib. The radiant skin of Abdullah got scratched due to this dragging on the ground.
All of them snatched Abdullah and hugged him and kissed him. All tried to clean dust from the face of Abdullah. Then Abdul Muttalib sacrificed camels between Safa and Marwah and distributed the meat among all and did not prevent anyone from taking it. This was also one of the traditions established by Abdul Muttalib which Allah continued; that is the blood money of every Muslim would be one hundred camels in Islam.
According to another reliable and authentic tradition from Imam Muhammad Baqir (a.s.) the Messenger of Allah (S) said: “Abdul Muttalib had ten sons besides Abbas (a.s.).” Ibn Babawayh has given their names as follows: Abdullah, Abu Talib, Zubair, Hamza, Harith, Eedaaq, Maqoom, Hajal, Abu Uzza who known as Abu Lahab and Zaraar and Abbas. Harith was the eldest. Some have said that Maqoom and Hajal were one and the same person.
His Eminence, Abdul Muttalib had ten names: Kings of the times used to address him by these names: Aamir, Shaibatul Hamd, Saiyyidul Batha, Saaqiyul Hajj, Saaqiyul Ghais, Ghaisul Waraa fil Aam, Abus Shaadatul Ashrah, Abdul Muttalib, Haafir and Zamzam.
It is also mentioned in a reliable tradition that the very first lot which was drawn in the world was in the name of Maryam daughter of Imran; then for Yunus (a.s.). When Abdul Muttalib got nine sons, he vowed that if Allah gives him one more son he would sacrifice him in the Name of Allah. When Abdullah was born, he could not sacrifice him as the Messenger of Allah (S) was in his loins. So he brought ten camels and drew lots.
It came out in Abdullah’s name. He added ten more camels and drew lots again. It again came in Abdullah’s name. Then he went on adding ten camels every time until the draw showed the camels when the number was raised to one hundred. Abdul Muttalib said: “It is not fair on my part to act according to the only lot which is in my favor.” So he drew again twice and when it came in the name of camels for three consequent draws he understood that now Allah was pleased with him and then he sacrificed the camels.[12]
Ibn Abil Hadid and the author of Kitabul Anwar etc. have reported that when Abdul Muttalib found out the Zamzam well, the Quraish became very jealous. They said: “O Abdul Muttalib! This well belongs to our forefather, Ismail (a.s.) and therefore we also have a right over it, so make us also partners in it.” Abdul Muttalib replied: “Almighty Allah has granted this honor exclusively to me. You have no share in it.”
After a prolonged dispute he agreed to get the matter decided through a lady soothsayer who belonged to Bani Saad tribe and lived in Syria. Abdul Muttalib, accompanied by a group of Bani Abde Manaf, proceeded to Syria along with the Quraish. On the way, where there was no water, the water which was with the companions of Abdul Muttalib exhausted and Quraish refused to oblige them.
When thirst took a serious turn Abdul Muttalib said: “Let all of us dig our graves so that those who die could be buried and thus only one, the last one to die, would remain unburied in this wilderness. It would be better than a situation in which all of us might remain unburied.” They awaited their deaths, after digging the graves.
Then Abdul Muttalib said: “To sit waiting for death and not to try to find water would be like being despairing of the mercy of Allah. So let us get up and search. Allah may give us water.” So they got up, loaded their goods and Quraish also accompanied them. When Abdul Muttalib rode his camel, a freshwater stream began to flow from beneath the hooves of his camel. He exclaimed: “Allahu Akbar.”
His companions also raised the slogan pronouncing the greatness of Only One Allah and filled up their leather bags. Abdul Muttalib called the Quraishi tribes and said: “Look, Allah has given water to us. You may also drink as much as you want.” When the Quraish saw this generosity of Abdul Muttalib they said: “Allah has decided between you and us.” Now we need not go to the soothsayer for settlement. Henceforth we will never raise any dispute with you in the matter of Zamzam well.
The Lord Who gave you water in this desert has also given Zamzam to you.” Then they returned from there and reserved Zamzam for Abdul Muttalib. The author of Anware Hidayat has mentioned that when Abdul Muttalib reached the bottom of Zamzam well, he found two golden deer, many swords and armors. Then also Quraish asked for their share in it.
Abdul Muttalib decided to settle the dispute through lots. He took two yellow arrows in the name of Kaaba, two black arrows in his name and two white arrows in the name of Quraish, gave the six arrows to a man and made him enter Kaaba and drew lots. The result was: Two in the name of Kaaba for the deer, two black which were in the name of Abdul Muttalib for the swords and the armors and the two which were in the name of Quraish for none.
So Abdul Muttalib utilized the swords and armors himself, and hung the two big deer on the door of Kaaba for decoration. Then the governance of Mecca and the service of supplying water to Hajj pilgrims was reserved for Abdul Muttalib. Thereafter none except Hudi bin Naufal raised any dispute in this matter with him. He was the chief of Mecca before Abdul Muttalib, so he became envious of him.
One day he came to confront and said: “You were merely a boy among the boys of your community. You have neither a son nor any helper. You came from Medina all alone. Then how are you superior to us?” His Eminence became angry and retorted: “Do you taunt me for having few sons?” Then he gave a word to Allah that if He gives him ten sons he would sacrifice one of them to uphold His Might and Grace. “O Allah, grant me many sons and do not allow the enemies to laugh at me. Doubtlessly You are Unique and Needless.”
Then he began to marry women. He married six women and got ten sons from them. Every one of those women was very beautiful and prestigious in her community. One of them was Manah, daughter of Harith Kalabiya, second Samraati binte Aneedaq va Taleeqiyah, third Hajra Khazaaiyah, fourth Saad daughter of Habib Kalbiya, fifth Hala binte Wahab and sixth Fatima binte Amr Makhzumiya. Fatima had given birth to Abu Talib and Prophet’s father Abdullah. Some say Zubair was also born of Fatima and the other children were from different women.
His Eminence, Abdul Muttalib was making untiring efforts to serve the Holy Kaaba. Once when he was sleeping near the Kaaba he saw a dream and became restless next morning. He got up, drew his sheet and approached a group of soothsayers shivering. They asked: “O Abul Harith, what’s wrong with you?” He replied: “I dreamt that a bright chain sprang out from my back that dazzled the eyes. That chain had four angels one in the east, another in the west. One end was on the ground and the other was reaching the sky.
Then I saw two persons who were very handsome and graceful. They were standing under that chain. I asked one of them: “Who are you?” He replied: “I am Prophet Nuh (a.s.).” Another said: “I am Allah’s friend Ibrahim (a.s.) and we have come here to live under the shade of this holy tree. Lucky is one who resides beneath this tree and woe unto one who stays away from it.”
The soothsayers said: “O Abul Harith! This is glad tiding for you. You will get a thing which will be exclusively for you and none will have any share in it. If your dream is true, a son will be born to you who will invite the residents of the east and west to the religion of Allah. He will be a blessing for one group and punishment for another.” Abdul Muttalib became much happy and said: “Who is to possess the light of my forehead?”
Once, Abdul Muttalib went on a hunt all alone; where he became very thirsty. Then he saw a very clean and sweet spring of water which had stagnated in the midst of a clean rock. He drank some water from it which was sweeter than honey and cooler than ice. He understood that it was heavenly water which had arrived for him. After returning from there he mated with his honorable wife, Fatima Makhzumiya who was more noble, virtuous and pious, than all others.
It resulted in the conception of Abdullah, the father of the Holy Prophet (S) and the radiance which was in the forehead of Abdul Muttalib was transferred to Fatima. When Abdullah was born, that Noor began to spread from him to such an extent that all corners of the sky became bright. His Eminence, Abdul Muttalib became very happy due to the passing of the Noor to that virtuous and chaste lady. All soothsayers and People of Book became active. They were aggrieved by this. Rabbis had a gown which they claimed to be the gown of Prophet Yahya (a.s.) that he wore at his martyrdom and it contained stains of his blood.
The Jews had read in their holy book that when a drop of blood would fall out from that gown it would be the time when a prophet would be born soon who would wage Jihad with his sword. They went to that gown and saw blood oozing therefrom. They understood that the time for appearance of the prophet of the last age had approached; so they became very sad. They sent a group to Mecca to inquire about the birth of that prophet.
His Eminence, Abdullah was growing very fast. His one day’s growth was equal to the growth attained by other boys in two months. People used to come to see him in groups and were astonished to observe his elegance and radiance. The behavior of the Jews with His Eminence, Abdullah was just like that of the brothers of Yusuf with His Eminence, Yusuf (a.s.). When Abdul Muttalib got eleven sons, he remembered his vow. He called all his sons and arranged dinner for them.
After they had dined he said: “Dear sons! You know that all of you are very dear to me. I cannot bear even if a thorn troubles you. But Allah’s right upon me is greater than yours. I had vowed to my Lord that if He gave me ten or more sons I would sacrifice one of them in His way. Now Allah has bestowed me good sons like you. So what is your opinion about my vow?” Upon this all kept quiet and began to look at one another.
Finally Abdullah, who was the youngest of them all, said: “Dear father! You are also our ruler and we are your sons. We will obey whatever your command is. Allah’s right over you is higher than ours on you. We are obedient to Allah and will be patient. We are also obedient to you and are happy with Allah’s wish and we seek Allah’s protection in opposing your decision.” At that time Abdullah was only eleven years old. Hearing these words of his good son, Abdul Muttalib wept very much and thanking him turned to others, asking them what did they thought? They also said: “We have heard and we have obeyed. We are prepared even if you intend to sacrifice all of us.”
Abdul Muttalib blessed all of them and said: “Go to your mothers and let them know what I have said to you. Also tell them to wash your hands and faces and apply antimony to your eyes and to bid you goodbye after dressing you in clean clothes, as if you were not to return to them.” When the boys conveyed this painful news to their mothers they began to cry in grief and continued it till the next morning. In the morning, Abdul Muttalib put the chador of Adam (a.s.) on his shoulder, put on the shoes of Sheeth (a.s.) in his feet, and wore the finger ring of Nuh (a.s.) and came out of his house with a sharp dagger in his hand.
Then he called every one of his sons from the houses of their mothers. All of them arrived dressed in the best dresses except Abdullah whose mother was sure that only her son was worthy of going to Allah’s court and that the draw would come only in his name and so she was not separating him from her. Abdul Muttalib went to the house of Fatima, Abdullah’s mother, held Abdullah’s hand and brought him out. Fatima clung to him and Abdullah clung to his father. Abdul Muttalib was drawing Abdullah towards him and the child’s mother was preventing him crying and complaining.
Abdullah was advising his mother: “Dear mother! Please leave me and allow me to go with my dear father so that he may do to me whatever he thinks fit.” At last, Fatima became extremely gloomy and she tore her collar saying: “O Abul Harith! This act of yours is such that no one has ever done in the world. How will you be able to slaughter your own dear child with your own hand? And if you at all want do so, leave Abdullah as he is the youngest of all. Have mercy on his childhood and respect the radiance emanating from his forehead.”
When she saw that her wailing had no effect on Abdul Muttalib she embraced her child closely to her bosom and said: “Allah forbid. May the radiance on your head never be put off. I do not know what should I do? If only I had become blind before this and been buried in earth. I am, my dear son, separating you from me by force and have no hope of your coming back.” Upon this Abdul Muttalib became restless; tears flowed from his eyes and his complexion changed; his legs stopped walking. Then Abdullah spoke: “O my merciful mother, allow me to go with my father. If Allah has selected me for being sacrificed in His path, I am most fortunate. I will submit my life again and again, and if he selects someone else from us, I will return sorrowfully to you.”
Then Abdul Muttalib arrived in Kaaba with all of them. All men and women of Quraish gathered and began to weep and wail. Jews and soothsayers became happy thinking that perhaps the light of prophethood will be extinguished. They did not realize that no one can ever blow out the light of Allah. Holding a very sharp dagger in hand Abdul Muttalib began to draw lots in the names of his sons. He was praying: “O Lord of Kaaba and Sanctuary and Sustainer of angels and Creator of universe, for the sake of Your Noor, remove every darkness from us with Truth and decide this matter as none can ever reject what You have decided.
The weak have no shelter except in You. You are Almighty and Omnipotent. Needs of the needy can never be fulfilled but only by You the Needless. My Lord! You know what Promise I gave You and what my vow is. Now I have brought all of my sons in Your service so that You may select whom you want please. If You please grant patience and peace to the elders as their patience is more amidst troubles and the younger are mostly pitiable. O Lord of Kaaba and the Rukn and the Maqam and O Sustainer of the earth, skies, sea and mountains and O sender of clouds and rain, remove difficulty and trouble from the boys.”
Thereafter he wrote the name of every one of his sons on every arrow and put them in the Kaaba and also sent his sons in the Kaaba. The mothers of the boys began to weep and wail aloud and the entire audience also wept. Abdul Muttalib was falling down due to old age and again getting up with the power of spirituality saying: “O Lord! Declare Your judgment soon.” People were raising their heads and crying restlessly waiting to see in whose name the lot was to appear. Then suddenly all saw that the man who was drawing lots came our carrying with him Abdullah who was covered in a chador hanging by his neck.
His color was getting yellow like the sun and was trembling like the lamp of the morning hours. He was the worthiest of all for being sacrificed in the court of the Lord. That man told Abdul Muttalib: “The draw has come out in the name of this bright son. Now you may slaughter him if you please or leave him.”
Upon this Abdul Muttalib fell down unconscious and all of his brothers came out of the Kaaba weeping. Abu Talib was weeping more than all others and he was kissing the bright face of his brother wailing: “I wish I could live till the time I could see your worthy son grow up who is the heir of this Noor and whom Allah has made superior to the entire creation and through whom He will clear the earth of every dirt and impurity of blasphemy and idol worship, who will destroy the soothsaying of soothsayers.”
When Abdul Muttalib regained consciousness, he heard the noise of weeping men and women all around him. He observed that Fatima, Abdullah’s mother was throwing dust on her head and beating her breast. All this also could not weaken his decision. He thought of holding the hand of Abdullah to lay him on the ground for slaughtering. The elders of Quraish and the sons of Abde Manaf clung to him.
Abdul Muttalib told them: “Woe unto you, you cannot be more merciful to my son than me. But I cannot leave him unless I carry out my Lord’s command regarding him.” Clinging to Abdullah, Abu Talib was saying, “Dear father, sacrifice me instead of him but leave him.” Abdul Muttalib said: “I cannot contravene my Lord’s commandment. I will slaughter one in whose name the arrow was drawn.” Then elders of Quraish requested Abdul Muttalib to draw lots once again saying that perhaps it might show something else.
When they all urged much the lot was drawn again. Once again it drew in Abdullah’s name. Abdul Muttalib said: “Now obeying the Divine order has become absolutely obligatory and now there is no question of any recommendation.” So he brought Abdullah (a.s.) at the altar and Arab elders stood in rows behind him. Abdul Muttalib tied up Abdullah’s hands and legs and laid him down on earth. When Abdullah’s mother saw this, she rushed crying to her relatives. They rushed to Abdul Muttalib when the dagger had almost reached the neck of Abdullah. At that moment, angels in the sky made noises spreading their wings.
Jibraeel and Israfeel prayed to Almighty Allah when they got a revelation: “My angels! I am aware of all this and I know everything. I have tested the faith of My servant so as to make his patience known to the entire world.” At that moment ten men belonging to Fatima’s tribe advanced barefoot and bare head with naked swords in their hands, clung to Abdul Muttalib and said: “We will never allow our sister’s son to be slaughtered. It will be possible only after you kill all of us.” At that time Abdul Muttalib raised his head to the sky and said: “My Lord! You see that these people are not allowing me to obey Your order and are preventing me from fulfilling my vow. So decide between me and them as You alone are the best judge.”
Then a wise community elder, Akram bin Aamir came forward and suggested a plan that lots be drawn between Abdullah and camels. The next day Abdul Muttalib ordered that all of his camel be brought. Abdullah was adorned with the best fragrant dress and brought to the Holy Kaaba. Abdul Muttalib prayed: “O Allah! Your Command is effective and Your Will prevails.” Then he drew a lot and it came out in Abdullah’s name. Then ten camels were added in the lot of camels praying: “My Lord! If my prayer is not being answered because of my sins, You are the Most forgiving and the remover of all difficulties. Please have mercy on us and give us grace.” Then he drew the lot again. Again it showed Abdullah’s name.
He added ten more camels and prayed: “My Sustainer and My Pardoner! My Lord! Every allowance and denial is only from You and only Your will prevails over all. I have done something unwise due to my ignorance. I am hopeful of Your pardon. Please forgive me and do not disappoint me. Again the lot drew in Abdullah’s name.” When the number of camels to be slaughtered reached ninety and every time the lot drew in Abdullah’s name, Abdul Muttalib dragged his dear son towards him for slaughtering him.
All around him began to scream and complain when Abdullah himself exclaimed: “My dear father! Be ashamed of the Lord and do not disobey His order and make no delay in sacrificing me and hasten it up so that I may remain patient at His will. Tie my hands and feet firmly so that I may not be able to convulse. Also hide my face so that compassion may not overcome you. And draw back your clothes so that the stains of my blood may not multiply the sorrowfulness in your heart. My dear father! After my passing away, do not be careless about my dear mother and leave no stone unturned in appeasing and consoling her, because I know that she will not live longer after my departure. I also request you to feel happy at the will of Allah and not to remain so gloomy.”
Hearing these words from his son, the heart of Abdul Muttalib overflowed with restlessness and sorrow. He laid down Abdullah, put his radiant forehead on earth and made his dagger reach the neck of his son when all the elders of Quraish once again rushed to him and kissed his feet and requested him to draw lot once more.
They also promised that if it showed Abdullah’s name they would not recommend any more. So again a lot was drawn between Abdullah on one hand and a hundred camels on the other. This time it indicated camels. So all screamed with joy, rushed to Abdul Muttalib and snatched away Abdullah from his hands and congratulated him and Fatima ran up and took Abdullah in her arms and began to thank Allah tearfully.
At that time Abdul Muttalib said: “It is not justice on my part to spare Abdullah if the lot shows his name on nine occasions and of camels only once.” So he drew the lots again twice and on both occasions it showed camels. An announcer announced from the midst of Kaaba: “Allah has accepted your prayer and soon the leader of the pious, the Holy Prophet (S) will be born from his progeny.”
The Quraishi leaders said: “O Abdul Muttalib! Congratulations for this blessing from Almighty Allah. The unseen announcers are giving you glad tidings regarding your son.” Then Fatima (a.s.) took her son to her house. Arab tribes from all around arrived to congratulate the Sayyid in Mecca. Since then the blood money of every man was fixed at one hundred camels.
When Jews and soothsayers were disappointed and they saw Abdullah safe, they began to conspire for his detention. One of their conspiracies was that they arranged a feast at the place of one of their chiefs named Reebaan where they mixed poison with food which they sent through some women to the house of Abdul Muttalib as a gift to Fatima.
Fatima asked: “Who are you?” They replied: “We are among your relatives in the progeny of Abde Manaf. We are very pleased due to the safety of Abdullah. We have prepared this food on this happy occasion. This is your share therefrom.” When that food was brought before Abdul Muttalib he asked: “Wherefrom has it come?” Fatima (a.s.) said: “Your relatives have cooked it to celebrate the well being of our beloved son.
They have sent this as our share.” When Abdul Muttalib intended to eat from it, the food, as a miracle of the Noor of the Holy Prophet (S) spoke up: “Do not eat me as I am poisoned.” Then they realized that it was a conspiracy, so they buried that food. When His Eminence, Abdullah became adult, the Noor of the Holy Prophet (S) appeared on his forehead and nobles from all around came and offered their daughters in marriage to him and to benefit from his beauty and light as he was unique in his elegance and grace.
During the day the path he traversed became fragrant due to the good smell emanating from his body. At night, buildings all around were brightened by the radiance of his holy face. Meccans used to call him ‘Lamp of the House of Allah’. In short, the prophetic radiance was destined for the virtuous lady Amina binte Wahab with whom His Eminence, Abdullah got married.
The cause of this blissful marriage was that when the scholars of People of Book observed the signs of the appearance of this most intelligent person all of them gathered in Syria and discussed about the birth of the Prophet of the last age. Then all proceeded to their most aged and experienced scholar in Jordan. He asked: “Why have all of you come and why you look so much worried?”
They replied: “We have read in our holy books about the virtues of the prophet who will be helped by angels and who will destroy our religion. We have come here to consult you in this matter. Perhaps you may suggest some idea to prevent the appearance of that man.” He said: “One who intends to prevent what Allah has decided is ignorant. Whatever you have seen and read will surely happen and it cannot be prevented. One of his relatives will be his vizier who will assist him in every matter.”
They were shocked at the discourse of that learned man. One of them named Heuba, who was very bold and haughty disbeliever. He got up and said: “This man has become very old and hence his intellect has weakened. Do not listen to his words. I say that a tree which is uprooted and thrown away cannot become green. It is advisable to kill the man from whose loins the said prophet is to be born and then stop worrying about him.
The plan is that you should purchase some goods and go to Mecca under pretext of trade where your aim will be fulfilled. I will also accompany you. Dip your swords in poisoned water and prepare for the journey.” Those cursed fellows accepted the suggestion of that unlucky denier. They bought goods for Mecca and proceeded for that city.
When they approached the holy city, they heard the voice of an unseen announcer saying: “O the most unlucky persons! You are going to the best city and are intending to harm the best man among Allah’s creation! A man who tries to overturn the Divine Designs returns to hellfire and ends up as a loser in the world as well as the hereafter. They were bewildered and were about to return, but Heuba made them go ahead through his satanic talks. The cursed fellows were inquiring about His Eminence, Abdullah (a.s.) from every one who met them on the way. People were all praise for Abdullah’s beauty and virtues which doubled their enmity and jealousy.
Then all of them entered Mecca and showed their goods to traders demanding a high price so that they might not purchase and they could stay there for a long time. They were awaiting for an opportunity to fulfill their evil designs. One night Abdullah saw a dream and described it to his father, Abdul Muttalib. He narrated that some monkeys waving naked swords were attacking him until he was lifted up in the air.
Then a fire came down from the sky and it burnt down those mischievous monkeys. Abdul Muttalib said: “My dear son! Allah will always protect you from every calamity. Many are anxious of you because of the radiance shining on your forehead. But even if all on the surface of this earth join hands they will not be able to harm you in the least because this radiance is the Noor of the Prophet of the last age and Allah is its protector.”
Abdul Muttalib and Abdullah used to go hunting on many occasions but those deniers were not able to confront Abdullah for fear of Abdul Muttalib. Once Abdullah went alone. Heuba went to his companions and said: “Here is a good chance. Abdullah has gone for hunting all alone and this is an appropriate time.” When Abdullah was slaughtering his hunted animal in one of the caves, the Jews surrounded him from all sides and closed all passages of escape. When Abdullah saw that they intended to kill him, he raised his head to the sky and prayed weeping to Allah; the knower of the open and the hidden.
Then he turned to the Jews and asked: “Why do you want to kill me? By Allah! I have never harmed anyone of you nor have I grabbed any of your wealth, neither have I killed anyone of you.” The cursed fellows did not reply to any of his questions. They attacked him suddenly and jointly. Abdullah took the Holy Name of Only One Allah and shot four arrows towards them.
When four of them were killed, the unbelievers began to make excuses and said: “Why are you killing us? We are not confronting you. One of our slaves has run away. We are searching him. We mistook you for him. Abdullah laughed at this mischievous lie and, taking up his bow, intended to ride off when they attacked him again.”
Some began to throw stones and some attacked with their swords. Abdullah also confronted them very courageously and felled many of them. But when he became very tired he jumped off his horse and took support of the mountain rock. The oppressors began to stone him but they dared not approach him. At that moment when they had surrounded Abdullah, Wahab Ibn Abde Manaf came up to that valley. Seeing the big number of the Jews he feared and rushed back to Mecca and cried out to the Quraish asking them to rush to the help of Abdullah who was surrounded in a valley by the enemies.
All men of Bani Hashim took up swords, rode their horses without saddles and rushed to that mountain, saw that Abdul Muttalib, Abu Talib, Hamza, Abbas and other men of Bani Hashim had entered that valley. At that time Abdul Muttalib said: “My son, this is the meaning of the vision which you had seen in a dream.” The Jews understood that they were not likely to remain alive so they began to flee. Some hid themselves in a narrow pass when, by the command of Allah, a rock fell on them and killed them. Many of them were caught.
When people intended to kill them, they said: “Allow us some time so that we may settle our monetary accounts with Meccans. Thereafter you may do whatever you like.” So they were tied up and brought to Mecca. Meccans stoned and cursed them. Then Abdul Muttalib sent some of them to Wahab by way of thanks.
When Wahab went to his wife, Barrah he said to her: “Today I observed some strange things in Abdullah, son of Abdul Muttalib, which were never observed in anybody before even in the bravest of Arabs. Allah has given him a unique beauty and grace which none in the world has ever seen or heard.
I saw that when Jews surrounded him, angels were descending from the sky.” Then he said: “Please go to Abdul Muttalib and talk to him. Perhaps they will accept our daughter, Amina for marriage with Abdullah and allow us also to share their grace.” Barrah said: “O Wahab! Almost all chiefs of Mecca and surroundings have offered their daughters but they did not accept. How will they accept our daughter?” Wahab replied: “I have today established one of our rights on them by informing them about Abdullah. They may, due to it, consider our request about our daughter.”
Barrah came to Abdul Muttalib’s house. He said: “Welcome, today your husband has done a favor to us. Let us know if you have any need so that we may fulfill it.”
Barrah said: “O Abdul Muttalib! He has sent me to you. He wants that the radiance of Abdullah to be transferred to his daughter, Amina. We have no other need. I offer Amina to you as a gift.” Abdul Muttalib looked at Abdullah and said: “My son! Even though you have not accepted daughters of some kings, this girl belongs to your family. No other girl can equal her in wisdom, piety, chastity, honesty, beauty, grace and perfection.” Abdullah remained calm and did not express dislike. Then Abdul Muttalib said to Barrah: “We accept your offer and take your daughter, Amina for Abdullah.”
That night Abdul Muttalib took Abdullah to Wahab’s house and began to talk about marriage. At once, the Jews imprisoned in Wahab’s house took undue benefit of this engagement, broke their ties and ran away to their houses. As they were unarmed at that time, they began to pelt stones on them (Bani Hashim). But as a miracle of the Noor of the Holy Prophet (S), the stones boomeranged on them and broke their heads and chests.
The brave persons also took out their swords and, taking intercession of the Noor of the Holy Prophet (S), attacked the deniers and killed them all. After the end of this ugly incident, Abdul Muttalib told Wahab: “If Allah wills, we and you will perform this marriage in the presence of our people, next morning.”
Next morning, Abdul Muttalib took his sons, family members and relatives with him. Wahab also gathered his kith and kin. When people from both sides gathered, Abdul Muttalib gave a nicely worded eloquent speech saying: “I praise Allah like the praise of the thankful. The praise of which He is worthy for the bounties, which He has granted to us. He granted us the shade of His Holy Sanctuary and allowed us to reside in it.
He poured love for us in the hearts of His slaves and He gave us superiority over all communities. He protected us from all calamities and hardships. I praise Almighty Allah who made marriage permissible and adultery unlawful for us. Know that our son, Abdullah demands the hand of your daughter, Amina for this much dower. Do you accept?” Wahab replied: “Yes, we agree and we accept.”
Then Abdul Muttalib told the audience: “Be witness to this.” Then Abdul Muttalib gave a feast to all the residents of Mecca and its surroundings for four days. After the night of consummation of Abdullah with Amina, at the time of sunrise, the Creator of the universe commanded Jibraeel and he (the angel) announced in Paradise that the means of the arrival of the great prophet who is to give glad tidings as well as warnings, the shining moon have been completed.
“That prophet will order good and prohibit evil and call My servants to good and to follow the truth. He will be My Mercy on My creation. He will be perfectly honest and trustworthy. His light of guidance will spread throughout the universe. Glad tiding of grace and bliss is for one who will be friendly with him and one who will nurture enmity against him will get the severest chastisement. He is one whose holy and pious clay was presented before you prior to the creation of Adam. His name in the sky is Ahmad and in the world, Muhammad (S) and in Paradise, Abul Qasim.
Upon this the angels rained the slogans hallowing and pronouncing the greatness of the Only One Allah. They opened the doors of Paradise, closed the gates of Hell, the Houries popped their heads out of their heavenly apartments, birds of Paradise began to sing the praise of the Lord Creator of space and time.
Then Jibraeel came down to the earth with one thousand angels and conveyed the glad tiding of the conception of the friend of the Lord Creator throughout the universe. So much so that the good news reached the guardians of the seas and mountains and clouds and all the residents of the universe even upto the seventh strata of the earth.
Everyone of them who loved one selected by Allah got His Mercy and one who envied, deprived himself of divine grace. They (angel) chained the devils and prevented them from hearing the news of heavens, driving them away from every door of the sky hitting them with missiles of meteors. Next day, which was a Friday as well as the day of Arafat, when Abdullah was busy taking a walk with his father and brothers in the field of Arafat they became very thirsty. There was no water in that sandy land. Suddenly there appeared a stream of pure water which astonished all.
At once they heard the voice of an unseen announcer saying: “O Abdullah! Drink this water.” Then Abdullah understood that that the stream had appeared for conception of that beloved of Lord Creator. At that very moment he hurriedly rushed back to his tent and asked Amina: “Please get up, take a bath, wear good clothes and apply fragrance as you are, shortly, to become the treasurer of the Divine Radiance.”
So she at once became pregnant with the embryo of the chief of all prophets and that Noor was transferred from the loins of Abdullah to the womb of Amina. Amina (r.a.) says: “When Abdullah was upon me, a Light came out of him which brightened all the skies and the earth.” Thereafter the same radiance dazzled from the forehead of Amina (r.a.) like the image of sun. Ibn Shahr Ashob has narrated that there was a woman named Fatima, daughter of Marrah, who had read many books about the past prophets and religious scholars.
Once His Eminence, Abdullah passed by her. That lady asked him: “Are you the one whose ransom of a hundred camels was paid by your father?” He replied: “Yes.” She said: “How nice if you contract a marriage with me and mate with me only once.” I will give you one hundred camels in exchange. But His Eminence, Abdullah did not pay any attention. After the holy sperm settled in the womb of Lady Amina (a.s.), Abdullah once again, passed by that woman but he did not find the earlier desire in her.
When he asked the reason, she said: “The thing for which I wanted you was destined by the Almighty Allah for another lady and she has already been fortunate to get it.” It is mentioned in a tradition that when Amina got married to Abdullah, two hundred women died of despair. When the time for the transfer of that radiance from Abdullah arrived, it dazzled so much that nobody was able to look at his shining face at night.
All the rocks and trees he passed bowed down to him, saluting him. It is said that when His Eminence, Abdullah proceeded to Paradise, the age of the Holy Prophet (S) was only two months. According to one narration he was seven month old. Yet another report mentions that he was not born till then. When Lady Amina (r.a.) expired, the Holy Prophet (S) was four years old. According to another saying he was six and according to yet another tradition he was two years and six months old. Her end came at Abwa which is situated between Mecca and Medina.
When His Eminence, Abdul Muttalib passed away, the Holy Prophet (S) was eight years, two months and ten days old. It is mentioned in Shia and Sunni narrations that one night the Holy Prophet (S) came to the grave of his dear father, Abdullah, offered two units of prayer and called him. The grave opened.
He observed that His Eminence, Abdullah was sitting in the grave and that seeing the Holy Prophet (S) he (Abdullah) said: I testify that there is no god but only One God and that you are His Prophet and Messenger.” His Eminence, asked: “Who is your Wali?” He inquired: “My son: Who is your Wali?” The Holy Prophet (S) replied: “This Ali (a.s.) is my Wali.” Then Abdullah said: “I testify that Ali is my Wali.”
Then His Eminence, said: “My son: Go back to your garden where you had been.” Therefrom the Holy Prophet (S) went to the grave of his dear mother and repeated the same things. That grave too opened and the Holy Prophet (S) observed that Amina was sitting therein saying: “I testify that there is no god but only One God and that you are His prophet and messenger.” He asked: “Who is your Wali?” She inquired: “Who is your Wali?” He said: “This Ali bin Abi Talib is my Wali.” Amina (a.s.) said: “I testify that Ali (a.s.) is my Wali.” His Eminence, said: “Please return to your garden.”[13]
Shazan bin Jibraeel Qummi, Ibn Babawayh and Shaykh Tabarsi (r.a.) have also narrated with little difference and much agreement. Shazan has said that during the days of Abdul Muttalib (a.s.) there was a king in Yemen known as Saif bin Zuyazan. He had captured Mecca and had appointed his son as the governor. Abdul Muttalib took some chiefs of Bani Hashim with him and proceeded to Yemen so as to meet him and to ask him to be kind to the residents of Mecca.
When they reached Yemen they came to know that the king was in his palace named Wardi and that according to his habit he lived in Amadan palace during spring where he remained busy in luxury for more than forty days. At that time no one was allowed to approach him. The garden attached to the Amadan palace had a gate also in the direction of the forest.
Guards were posted at every gate. When Abdul Muttalib arrived at the said gate and asked permission to enter, the guard said: “In these days the king remains in privacy with his mates and women and no one is allowed to go there. If he sees you, he will kill us also along with you.” Abdul Muttalib gave him a purse full of golden coins saying: “Please don’t prevent me from going in, the question of my death is more important to me and as for you, I will recommend to the king that you will not be harmed.”
When the eyes of the guard fell on the red golden coins, he forgot his black blood and restlessness and could not stop His Eminence, from entering. When Abdul Muttalib entered that garden, he saw that the Amadan palace was in the middle of that garden and that various kinds of flower plants were planted all around it and a clean water canal was flowing around it and Saif, was staring happily at the flowers resting on a pillow in his palace. When he saw Abdul Muttalib, he angrily asked his slaves: “Who this man, who has entered this garden without my permission? Bring him to me at once.”
The slaved rushed and took Abdul Muttalib to the king. Abdul Muttalib observed that the palace was decorated with all kinds of jewels besides gold and silver and extremely beautiful slave girls stood in rows on all sides. There was a pillar of red agate near the king’s seat and a cup of ruby on top of that pillar full of musk wine. On its left was a glass of red gold. The king had a naked sword on his lap.
He asked Abdul Muttalib: “Who are you?” He replied: “I am Abdul Muttalib son of Hashim son of Abde Manaf,” and he described his ancestry right upto Adam (a.s.). The king asked: “O Abdul Muttalib! Are you the son of my sister?” He replied: “Yes, because Saif belonged to Aale Qahtan and Aale Qahtan was the brother’s progeny and Aale Ismail was sister’s progeny.” Then Saif gave much respect and honor to Abdul Muttalib and shook hands with him and seated him beside him and asked the reason of his arrival.
His Eminence, replied: “We reside in the neighborhood of the House of Allah and we are serving that House. We have come to congratulate you for your victory over your enemies.” He wished well for the king who became very happy and made Abdul Muttalib and all of his companions stay as his guests in the hall of entertainment and gave them much respect. He fixed some amount for feast every night.
One night he called Abdul Muttalib in privacy, sent away his companions so that no one would know about their talks and said: “O Abdul Muttalib: I want to tell you a secret which I have never told anybody as, in my opinion, you alone are worthy of knowing it. I want you to keep it secret till the time of its manifestation arrives.”
Then Saif said: “In your city there is a very beautiful child with a well built physique and extremely beautiful and unique stature. There is a mark between his shoulders. He will arrive in the land of Tahama. Allah will put the crown of prophethood on his head. Clouds will provide shade to him. He alone will be the intercessor of humanity on Judgment Day.
There are two seals of Messengership between his shoulders wherein it is inscribed: There is no god except Allah. Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. Allah has called both of his parents to His fold of Mercy. His grandfather and his uncle are nourishing him. His signs are shining like full moon in the holy books of Bani Israel. Almighty Allah will make a group of we, Yemenis his helpers and assistants. Allah will make his friends win and disgrace his enemies. He will break idols and silence the fire temples.
His words will be full of wisdom. His deeds will show justice and equity. He will order good and will do good himself. He will forbid evil and remove them. If I remain alive till his arrival, I will go to Medina, his capital, with my armies to assist him. Had I not feared that enemies would destroy him, I would have publicized everything about him and would have at once invited all the Arab tribes to side with him. I imagine that you are his grandfather.”
Abdul Muttalib said: “Your guess is correct.” He said: “You are most welcome, you have honored us with your arrival here. I make you a witness that I have believed in that Prophet and that whatever he has brought from His Lord is Truth.” Then he sighed thrice sorrowfully saying: “How good it would have been if I had been living in his time and sacrificed my life for helping him.
O Abdul Muttalib! Try your best to protect him because his enemies are many, especially the Jews whose jealousy is very bitter. And also beware of your community as they too will envy, harass and harm him.” Abdul Muttalib saw many white hair in the beard of Saif. Then Saif bid good bye to Abdul Muttalib and said: “Do come with all your companions tomorrow to my court so that I may arrange a special feast in your honor.”
Next day, His Eminence, Abdul Muttalib put on nice clothes, applied scent and went to Saif’s court. The king made him sit near him with much respect. Abdul Muttalib said: “O King, yesterday I observed white hair in your beard but I cannot see so now!” The King said: “I apply hair dye.” It is said that Saif was the first man ever to apply dye. Then the king sent all of them to the bath and also sent dye for them and they all applied it.
Thereafter he gifted to every one of them a purse of gold coins, one slave, one slave girl and one pair of clothing and also the total of all that to Abdul Muttalib. According to another report each one was given ten slaves, ten slave girls, two Yemeni robes, a hundred camels and ten pounds of silver tinged with musk and ambergris and tenfold of all that to Abdul Muttalib.
Then he called for his horse, Uqaab and his mule, Ashhab and camel, Ghazba and handing them over to Abdul Muttalib said: “When your grandson matures, give these gifts to him. Till then these things are a trust with you. Whenever I rode Uqaab for hunting or war I was successful. If I ever returned from an enemy riding this horse, no one could harm me. I have traveled in numerous hills, vales, plains and forests riding on this mule so happily that I never wished to get down from it. Please present these gifts to your forthcoming grandson and convey my regards to him.”
Abdul Muttalib responded: “I accept with hearty pleasure.” Then Abdul Muttalib departed from Saif and returned to Mecca. He used to say: “I am not as happy with these gifts because they are all to perish. But I am very happy about the grace for me and my grandson, which are everlasting and you will know everything about him very soon. When the Meccans came to know about the return of Abdul Muttalib, their chiefs rushed to welcome him and the Holy Prophet (S) also walked a little with peace of mind and poise and sat down on a wayside rock.
When the companions and friends arrived, Abdul Muttalib asked them: “Where is my chief and commander Muhammad (S)?” They replied: “He is waiting for you in the way.” When Abdul Muttalib approached him (Muhammad) he got down from his horse, took up His Eminence, (S) in his lap, kissed his forehead and said: “My dear son! Saif bin Yazan has sent this horse, this mule and this camel as gifts for you and has also sent Salams to you.” His Eminence, prayed for his well-being and rode the horse which began to gallop happily.
It is narrated that the lineage of that horse was Uqab, its father Nizoob it’s father Qaabil, its father Bataal, its father Zaadurraakib, its father Alkifaah, its father Aljanah, its father Mauj and its father Maimoon was from Reeh and Reeh was by the Word of Allah, born without a father and a mother. When the Prophet was eight years, eight months and eight days old, his grandfather, Abdul Muttalib fell seriously ill.
According to his wish, he was laid on a board and brought near the curtains of the Holy Kaaba. His nine sons sat all around him weeping. The Holy Prophet (S) also arrived and sat near Abdul Muttalib on the board. The cursed Abu Lahab intended to remove him. But Abdul Muttalib scolded him: “O Abdul Uzza! You will not remove the enmity against this selected servant of Allah from your heart!”
Then, turning to Abu Talib he made many recommendations concerning Muhammad (S) and emphatically advised all his sons to give utmost respect and honor to Muhammad (S) saying: “Very soon his greatness and grandeur will come before you.” Then he became unconscious. On regaining consciousness he addressed Quraish chiefs: “Do I have any right over you?”
All responded: “Why not? You have a right on all of us, big or small. May Allah give you a good reward and make death easy for you. You were a very good elder and commander for all of us.” Abdul Muttalib said: “I wish that all of you should give utmost respect and honor to my son, Muhammad (S) and to consider him your leader, to respect his rights and to honor him fully.” All responded: “We heard and we accepted sincerely.”
Then Abdul Muttalib began to breathe his last. He took up Muhammad (S) in his lap and said: “O my lucky and graceful son! Do not get separated from me. I feel peace and rest so long as you are with me.” With these words his lucky soul flew away towards the Most Merciful Allah.
According to authentic reports, Imam Ja’far Sadiq (a.s.) is reported to have said: “The Almighty Allah had orphaned his dear Prophet and he called up his parents in his childhood so that obedience of none but Only One Allah be incumbent on him and so that only Allah’s right may remain on him.”
[10] The Arabs used the word Khaalu to mean maternal uncle as Allah has also said in verse 61 of Surah Noor: “There is no blame on yourself ...that you eat from…your maternal uncles’ houses…
[11] A lentil
[12] The author says; It appears from the act of Abdul Muttalib that may be the sacrifice of sons was permissible in the Shariat of Ibrahim (a.s.). It is also probable that it might have been exclusively for Abdul Muttalib who might have got a revelation.
[13] The author says that these narrations show that the parents of the Holy Prophet (S) had faith in the Oneness of God and also in the Messengership of the Holy Prophet (S) and that their calling in the grave was to make their faith perfect by the attestation of the Wilayat of Ali bin Abi Talib (a.s.).

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