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Date of birth of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) and miraculous events of that time

Hayat Al-Qulub Volume 2,
By: Allamah Muhammad Baqir Al-Majlisi

It should be known that the Imamiyah scholars have reached consensus that Prophet Muhammad (S) was born on 17th Rabiul Awwal. Others say the date was 12th Rabiul Awwal, some of whom also think it was 8th or 10th Rabiul Awwal. A few of them also think it was in the month of Ramadan. Muhammad bin Yaqub Kulaini (r.a.) has said that when the Holy Prophet (S) was born, twelve nights of the month of Rabiul Awwal had passed; that the day was Friday and the time when sun was declining. It was the year in which the army of elephants came to destroy the Kaaba and the invaders were killed by pebbles.
According to another narration the time was daybreak. Forty years before his appointment as Allahs Messenger, his mother had became pregnant in the day of Tashriq[18] in the house of Abdullah bin Abdul Muttalib at the middle Jamarah, and His Eminence, was born in Mecca in defile of Abu Talib in the house of Muhammad bin Yusuf in the right side room and Khizran mother of Harun Rashid separated that room from that house and turned it into a mosque wherein people offer prayers.
It seems that Kulaini has resorted to Taqayyah (dissimulation) and made it appear like the belief prevalent among others. The author of Adade Qawiyyah has said that the birth of the Holy Prophet (S) had taken place fifty-five or forty-five days or thirty days after the destruction of the elephant army on Friday, 17th Rabiul Awwal at daybreak. Some say on the same day.
Most of them say it was the same year. Sunnis say the Holy Prophet (S) was born on Sunday when nine years of the rule of Nausherwan were yet left. Some say the Holy Prophet (S) was born during the time of Hurmuz bin Nausherwan. Tabari has said that 42 years of Nausherwans rule were over.
This statement is supported by a narration wherein the Holy Prophet (S) is reported to have said: I was born during the reign of Nausherwan Adil (the just). It is also said that it was the 20th, and according to some 1st or 20th or 28th of Shabaat Rumi and that it was the 17th day of the month Vay of the Persians and that the star Aqrab was shining from the constellation of Qamar. Abu Mashar says that the indicator of Prophets birth, Jaddi was in the 20th stage and that Saturn and Jupiter were in the sign of Scorpio.
Mars was in its place in Aries and Sun in Taurus and Venus at the point of Pisces and Mercury too was in Hoot. Moon was in Libra and Gemini and Zanab Qaus and that His Eminence, was born in his house and gave that house thereafter to Aqeel bin Abu Talib. Then Aqeel sold it out to the brother of Muhammad bin Yusuf bin Hajjaj. He annexed it to his own house.
During the time of Harun, his mother Khizran separated it from the house of Muhammad bin Yusuf and turned it into a mosque and till now it is in the same condition and people visit it. Ibn Babawayh has narrated that the mother of Holy Prophet (S) became pregnant in the night of Friday the 18th of Jamadiul Akhir.
Then quoting a reliable proof he has described from Abu Talib that Abdul Muttalib had said: One night I was asleep in Hajare Ismail when suddenly I saw a very strange dream. Next morning a soothsayer saw on the road that I was shivering so much that my hair was moving on my shoulders. Observing me in this changed condition he asked: O Arab chief! What has happened to you that your complexion has changed? Have you met with an accident? I said: Today, when I was asleep in Hajare Ismail, I saw in my dream that a tree grew from my back and extended up to the sky and its branches spread from east to west and from that tree a radiance burst out which was 70 times brighter than the sun. The Arab and non-Arab bowed before that tree. Its light and height was ever increasing.
A group of Quraish wanted to dig out that tree but when they approached it, a handsome nicely dressed youth caught hold of them, broke their backs and pulled out their eyes. When I intended to extended my hand to pull up a branch from that tree the youth cried out to me: You have no share in it. When I said this is my tree and how is it that I have no share in it? He replied: Its share holders are those who have clung to it.
I woke up terrified after this vision. When the soothsayer heard this dream the color of his face also changed and he said: If you are telling the truth, a boy will be born from your loins who will own east and west and he will be a prophet. Then Abdul Muttalib asked Abu Talib: You try to be the youth who was assisting him. Abu Talib always used to describe this dream after the prophethood of His Eminence, saying: By Allah, that tree was Abul Qasim, the Amin.[19]
Ibn Shahr Ashob has related that when Mamun came to know about the vast knowledge of Hakim Eezadkhaah in astrology he once asked him: Despite all this knowledge, why do you not put faith in a prophet? He replied: How can I believe in him when his falsehood has come before me before he is born in such astrological sign wherein no prophet can ever be born. A knowledgeable scholar was present there.
He said: I am well versed in astrology. He is true because the scholars are unanimous on the fact that he was born in the horoscope of Mushtari (Jupiter) Utarud (Mercury), Zuhra (Venus) and Mirreekh (Mars) and one who takes birth in this horoscope must die instantly and even if he remains alive, he should die within seven days. But that prophet was born at that moment and yet remained alive for 63 years and this also is one of his miracles.
Upon this he (believer) and Mamun named him Eezadkhaah that is Masha Allah. In short, the view of Mushtari (Jupiter) is a sign of knowledge, wisdom, intelligence etc. And the view of Utarud (Mercury) is the sign of fineness, elegance, charm, eloquence and sweetness and the effect of Zuhar (Venus) is a sign of beauty, delight, cheerfulness, elegance, attraction and fragrance and the influence of Mirrekh (Mars) is a sign of martyrdom, anger, powerfulness and victory.
So Allah combined all these graces in His Holy Prophet (S). Some astrologers have mentioned that the horoscope of prophets is Sunbalah (virgin) and Meezaan (Libra) and the horoscope of His Eminence, was Libra. Some have said it was Samak (Fish) and Raamah. Ibn Babawayh has, through authentic chains of narrators, narrated from Ibn Abbas that: My father Abbas has said that when my brother Abdullah was born there was, on his face a light like the light of the sun and seeing that my grandfather Abdul Muttalib exclaimed that the status of this son will be very high.
Then one night I saw in dream a white bird that came out of the nose of Abdullah, flew upto the east and the west and then returned and sat down on the roof of Kaaba. At that time all the people of Quraish prostrated before it and looked at it with astonishment. Suddenly there arose a light which filled up the sky and the earth and the east and west. When I awoke, I described all this to a soothsayer woman of Bani Makhzum. She said: O Abbas! If you vision is true, a son will be born from the loins of Abdullah who will subjugate the east and the west.
Abbas says: Ever since I remained in search of a wife for Abdullah until he was married to Amina. She was the most beautiful and graceful among all Quraishi ladies. After His Eminence, Abdullah expired, the Holy Prophet (S) was born to Amina. I saw a light on his forehead. I took him in my arms and smelled musk from him and I became fragrant like a bag of musk.
Amina (r.a.) said: When I experienced labor, I heard many voices in my house which were not like the voices of human beings.
Then I observed a flag of heavenly silk brocade which was attached to a handle of ruby and it had filled up the space between the earth and sky and a light was spreading upward from the head of His Eminence, (S) which had brightened the sky whereby I could see the palaces of Syria which, due to the excess of radiance resembled flames of fire and I saw birds like sand-grouse all around me with their wings wide open and I saw a lioness passing by, said: O Amina! How may strange things the soothsayers and the idols will have to see from your sons!
Then I saw a tall youth more handsome than all others and his dress was the best of all. I imagined he was Abdul Muttalib. He approached me and took up my son in his lap and put his saliva in the childs mouth. He had, with him, a golden plate studded with emeralds and there was also a comb. He ripped my sons belly open, took out his heart, picked up a black dot therefrom which he threw away. Then he took out a bag of green silk. From that bag he brought out a kind of white grass and filled it in my sons heart, placed it back at its place, drew his hand over my sons belly and talked with him.
My son also talked with him but I could not follow the talks except that man at last told my son: Be in the protection and security of Allah, verily I have filled your heart with faith, knowledge, confidence, and courage. You are the best of creation. Successful is he who will follow you and woe unto him who opposes you. Then he took out another white silken bag.
From that bag he brought out a finger ring and pressed it between his shoulders, whereby its mark rose up on the skin and then he said: My Lord has commanded me to blow the holy spirit in your heart. So he blew that spirit in the heart of Muhammad (S) and dressed him in a shirt telling him: This will protect you from all calamities. O Abbas, these are the things which I saw with my own eyes. Abbas says: I uncovered the shoulders of Muhammad (S) and read the words of the seal and I had been keeping this a secret until I forgot them and I accepted Islam; thereafter the Holy Prophet (S) himself reminded me of it.
It is narrated from Imam Jafar Sadiq (a.s.) that the cursed Iblis used to go upto the seventh sky to hear the heavenly talks. When Isa (a.s.) was born, he was prevented from going upto three skies. But he was going upto the fourth sky. When the last Prophet Muhammad (S) was born, Satan was prevented from reaching all the skies and they (the Satans) continued to be driven away by shooting stars.
Observing this the Quraishi people said: According to what we have heard from People of the Book, the time for the destruction of the world and of Judgment Day has approached. Amr bin Umayyah who was the most knowledgeable of his time said: If one of those prominent stars through which people know about the time of heat and cold falls down you should understand that the time of destruction of the world has arrived.
But if those stars remain at their station and other new stars appear, it is the sign of manifestation of something very strange and wonderful. On the day the Holy Prophet (S) was born, all the idols in every part of the world toppled, the palace of the king of Iran Kisra shook and 14 turrets came down and the river Sawah which was being worshipped by the polytheists dried up and became salty and the valley of Samawaah, which did not have any water got filled up to the banks and the fire of the fire temple of Persia, which was burning continuously for the last thousand years, extinguished totally.
On that very night the Magian scholars who were very knowledgeable saw in their dream some Arabian camels pass through the Tigris River dragging tough Arabian horses and rushing into their cities and the arch of Kisra broke up into two and tumbled down and the water of Tigris began to flow in his palace. The same night a light rose up from all round Hijaz which lit up the entire world.
The thrones of all kings have fallen down that morning and all the kings became dumb and were unable to speak and the knowledge of all soothsayers had became dull and the magic of all magicians had failed and every soothsayer was separated from his twin and Quraish were accepted as leaders of all Arabs.
People called them the family of God as they were the neighbor of the house of Allah (in Mecca). Amina (r.a.) says: When the Holy Prophet (S) was born, he put his hands on the ground raised his head to the sky and looked all around. A kind of radiance appeared from his body which lit up everything. In that light I saw the palaces of Syria and in its midst I also heard a voice as if someone was saying:
The best of creation is born. Name him Muhammad. When the newborn was brought to Abdul Muttalib he took him in his arms and said: I praise and thank Allah who blessed me with such a handsome son who surpasses all children. Then he put in the childs neck an amulet containing the names of the pillars of the Kaaba and composed a poem praising the newborns grace. At that moment Satan called his entire progeny.
They came up to him and asked: What has made you so restless? The devil replied: Woe unto you. Throughout this night I was observing changes in the sky and the earth. Surely some great event is to occur because, ever since Isa (a.s.) went up to the sky such change was never observed. So all of you spread out and find out what has happened. The satans dispersed and soon they returned and reported: We could not find anything. The cursed one said: Now it is only for me to find out the great happening.
Then he left and passing through the whole world approached the Holy Kaaba. He saw that the house was surrounded by angels all around. He tried to enter Kaaba. The angels challenged him saying: O cursed one! Go back. He ran away from there, became small like a sparrow and entered from the direction of Mount Hira. Angel Jibraeel scolded him saying: Get out of here. He said: O Jibraeel! Please let me know just what has happened in the world last night.
Jibraeel (a.s.) said: Last night Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah (S) was born. He asked: Will I get any benefit from him? He was informed in the negative. Then he asked: Do I have a share in his blessings? He was informed in the affirmative. Then he said: I am happy.
It is mentioned in another tradition that Amina (r.a.) says: When I conceived the Holy Prophet (S), no sign of pregnancy appeared in me and I did not experience those conditions which other women normally experience in this period. Once I saw in my dream that a man came to me and said: You have been carrying the best of creation. When the time of the birth of the Holy Prophet (S) arrived he was delivered very easily. I did not experience any pain.
His Eminence put his hands on the ground and came down. At that moment, I heard the voice of an announcer: You have delivered the best man, give him in the protection of the Lord for being safe from every oppressor and every jealous. According to another narration he said that when the Messenger of Allah (S) was born he prayed as follows: I seek refuge by the One from the mischief of every jealous one whether he stands or sits or blows for trying to corrupt and every rebellious creature that spies from every ambush spot on the way.
In short, after his birth, the Holy Prophet (S) grew in one day as much as other children do not grow even in a week. And in one week he grew up so much as others grow in one month.
Laith bin Saad says: Once I was sitting near Muawiyah. Kaab bin Ahbar was also present. I asked him. What have you read in your holy books about the signs and events of the birth of the Holy Prophet (S)? Have you found his grace therein? Kaab looked at Muawiyah to ascertain whether he was happy with his speaking or not. Kaab said: I have read seventy-two books which were revealed from heavens. I have also read the Books of Danial (a.s.).
All these books contain the description of the Holy Prophet (S) and the birth of his progeny and in all of them his name appears very clearly. Angels did not come down at the birth of any prophet except that of Isa (a.s.) and Muhammad (S). So also the curtains of the skies were never lifted for any woman except for Maryam (a.s.) and Amina (a.s.). And no angels were ever appointed for any woman but at the time of the pregnancy of Isa (a.s.) and Muhammad (S).
The sign of the pregnancy of Muhammad was that the night on which Amina conceived, an announcement was made in all the seven skies giving glad tidings in the words: Congratulations to you, O Amina, the Royal Pearl, the embryo of the Holy Prophet (S) has settled in the shell of your charity, piety and gracefulness. This pleasing news was broadcast throughout the universe to such an extent that there was no walking or flying creature that did not become aware of the birth of the Holy Prophet (S). On the night of the birth of the Holy Prophet (S) 70000 palaces of pearls were built and named palaces of the holy birth.
All the gardens of Paradise were decorated and all their residents were told: Be happy and continue to prosper as the Prophet of your friends is born. Every Garden of Paradise smiled in response and will continue to smile till Judgment Day. And I have heard that there is a fish named Tamusa which is the biggest of them all and it has a thousand tails. Its back is so large that cows larger than the earth numbering 700000 walk on it simultaneously.
Everyone of those cows has 70000 emerald horns. That fish has no feeling of the walking of all those cows on its back. That fish made movements happily on hearing the news of the birth of the Holy Prophet (S). Had Allah not calmed it, the whole world would have overturned.
And I have heard that on that day there was no mountain which did not congratulate another and all raised the slogan of: There is no god except Allah and that all the mountains had bent to honor mount Abu Qubais on account of the birth of the Holy Prophet (S). And the trees along with their branches and fruits were praising Allah due to pleasure caused by the birth of the Holy Prophet (S). Seventy columns of various lights were raised between the earth and sky none of which resembled the other.
The soul of Adam (a.s.) was given the glad tiding of the birth of the Holy Prophet (S) when the beauty of His Eminence, multiplied seventy times due to the happiness. The bitterness of death, at that time, faded away from his throat and the Hauze Kauthar overflowed with pleasure and it flung out from his bottom seventy thousand palaces of pearls and rubies to be sacrificed on the Holy Prophet (S) and Satan was tied up in chains in a fort for forty days and its plank was drowned in water for forty days and idols fell upside down and began to cry and wail and a voice rose from the Holy Kaaba: O people of Quraish! Unto you has arrived one who gives glad tidings and warns of chastisement and with him is eternal honor and unending benefit.
He is the last prophet. And we have read in divine scriptures that his progeny is after him, better than all others in the world and the people of the world will be protected from divine chastisement so long as any one of them exists. Muawiyah asked: O Abu Ishaq! Who are in his progeny? Kaab said: They are the sons of Fatima (a.s.). On hearing this, the color of the face of Muawiyah changed and he began to fiddle with his beard.
Then Kaab continued: And we have also read about her two sons whom oppressors would kill; that those who will be thus martyred are two sons of Fatima (a.s.) who will be killed by the worst of creation. Muawiyah asked: Who will kill them? He replied: A man from Quraish will kill them. Upon this Muawiyah became restless and roared: Get away from me if at all you want to be safe. Then we came back.
It is related through reliable chains that Imam Jafar Sadiq (a.s.) said that Fatima binte Asad, mother of Amirul Momineen (a.s.) went to Abu Talib and gave the good news of the birth of the Holy Prophet (S). She also described strange things about the wonderful birth. Abu Talib said: After thirty years a son will be born to you too who will be like this newborn in every aspect, except prophethood.
Shaykh Kulaini has through reliable chains, related from the same source that at the time of the birth of the Holy Prophet (S), Fatima binte Asad was with Amina (r.a.). One of them asked the other: Do you see what I can see? One asked: What do you see? The other replied: The radiance which is rising and spreading everywhere from east to west. In the meantime Abu Talib (a.s.) arrived and asked what strange things were being discussed? Fatima binte Asad spoke about that radiance. Abu Talib asked: Do you want me to give glad tiding to you also? Abu Talib said: A son will be born to you too who will be the legatee of this newborn.
It is mentioned in yet another narration that Abu Talib performed the Aqiqah ceremony of the Holy Prophet (S) on the seventh day of his birth and invited his entire family. They asked: What is this all about? He replied this is the Walima feast of the Aqiqah of Ahmad. People asked: Why is he named Ahmad? He said: Because those in the heaven will praise him.
Kulaini and Shaykh Tusi (r.a.) have related through reliable chains from Imam Jafar Sadiq (a.s.) and Imam Muhammad Baqir (a.s.) that the morning following the night in which the Holy Prophet (S) was born, a scholar from People of the Book came in the assembly of Quraish which was being attended by their chiefs including Hisham, Walid son of Mughira, Aas bin Hisham, Abu Zajrah bin Abi Amr bin Umayyah and Utbah bin Rabiah.
That Rabbi asked: Has a son been born last night in your tribe? They said: No. He said: A boy must have been born whose name will be Ahmad and he also should have a sign like a dark grass. The people of the book, especially the Jews, will be killed by his hands. May be that boy is already born. You may not be knowing about it.
When the assembly dispersed, they made inquiries and it was known that Abdullah bin Abdul Muttalib has got a son. That scholar was then called and told that he was right and that a boy was indeed born. He asked: Was he born after I described or before that? They said: Before that. He said: Please take me to him as I want to see him. When people took him to Amina (a.s.) he said: Please bring out your son so that we may also see him.
She said: By God! my child is not like all other boys but immediately after birth he put his hands on the earth and raised his head to the sky when a radiance emanated from his head and I could see in that light the palace of Basra in Syria and saw an announcer announcing in the space that the leader of the people is born - so recite: I give him in refuge of Only One God from the evil of all jealous ones, and name him Muhammad. The Rabbi said: Show me that boy. Amina (a.s.) brought His Eminence, (S) before him.
He uncovered His Eminences back and shoulders, observed the seal of prophethood and fell down unconscious. When he came to his senses people asked him: What happened to you? He replied: Prophethood is removed from Bani Israel forever (till Judgment Day). By God, this is the boy who will kill them. When he saw that the Quraish were pleased at what he was saying he said: By God, he will overawe you in such a way that it will be remembered by the whole world.
Ibn Shahr Ashob and author of Anwar and others have narrated from Amina (a.s.) that: When the time of the birth of Muhammad (S) arrived I experienced a kind of dreadfulness. I saw a white bird which rubbed its wings against my heart and my fright was removed. Then I saw some women as robust like tree trunks who approached me. Fragrance of musk was emanating from their bodies and they had adorned extremely clean heavenly clothes.
They began to talk with me. Their talking was different from that of human beings. They held cups of flint glass full of drinks of Paradise. They said: O Amina, drink this. Congratulations to you on the birth of Muhammad (S) who is the best of all the earlier and the latter beings. When I drank some of that drink, the radiance which was on my face flared up and covered my entire physique.
I then saw a white thing like silk that had surrounded the earth and the sky. And I heard the voice of an announcer who was saying: Take up the best of human hands. Then I looked at the earth and from east to west and observed some silk flags tied with red ruby attached to the roof of Kaaba covering both the earth and the sky.
When the Holy Prophet (S) was born, he turned to the Kaaba and performed a prostration and began to supplicate God raising his hand to the sky. Then a white cloud came down and covered the Holy Prophet (S). Then came the voice of an unseen announcer: Make the Holy Prophet (S) tour the east and west and show him all the seas so that the entire creation may know his name and appearance.
When the cloud went away, I saw that the Holy Prophet (S) is wrapped in a cloth whiter than milk and beneath which is a green silken soft bedding. There are some keys of pearls in his hands and someone is saying Muhammad has acquired the keys to victory, bounty and prophethood. Then another cloud came down from the sky and made the Holy Prophet (S) less visible to me than before.
Then another voice struck my ears saying: Make Muhammad tour the east and west and present him to jinns, humans, birds, animals and angels and grant him the serenity of Adam (a.s.), compassion of Nuh (a.s.), friendliness of Ibrahim (a.s.), tongue of Ismail (a.s.), elegance of Yusuf (a.s.), auspiciousness of Yaqub (a.s.), voice (melodious) of Dawood (a.s.), piety of Yahya (a.s.) and kindness of Isa (a.s.).
When that a cloud dispersed, I saw that the Holy Prophet (S) holding a silken cloth, which was enveloped firmly and someone was saying: Muhammad (S) has taken the entire world in his possession. Then I saw three persons whose faces dazzled like the rising sun. One of them had a silver flask and a musk pod. The other held a plate of green emerald having four drinks studded on all sides with pearls.
Someone was saying: O Wali of Allah! this is world, take it up. Then His Eminence, accepted its middle part. Somebody said: He took up the Kaaba. The third man had a white silken cloth rolled over his hand. He opened it and brought out a ring the brightness of which dazzled the eyes. Then they bathed the Holy Prophet (S) seven times with water from the flask. Then they put a seal between his shoulders and spoke to him and he also replied to them.
Then each one of them took the Holy Prophet (S) in his wings. One who did all the aforesaid things to the Holy Prophet (S) was Rizwan, the treasurer of Paradise. Then they went away telling the Holy Prophet (S): O possessor of the good of this world and the hereafter, glad tidings to you. According to another narration Abdul Muttalib says: During the night of the Prophets birth I was asleep near the Holy Kaaba.
I saw the Kaaba rise up with its base from the earth and prostrate in the direction of Maqame Ibrahim, then it got up straightened and said: Allahu Akbar, My Lord and the Lord of Muhammad Mustafa has purified me from the filth of the polytheists and unbelievers and the idols fell down trembling. Then I saw many birds gathered near the Kaaba and the mountains of Mecca bent to the Kaaba and a white cloud was near Aminas room. I ran to Aminas apartment and asked: Am I dreaming or I am awake? Amina said: You are awake.
Then I asked: What happened to the radiance which was visible on your forehead? She said: It is now in the son born to me. He is held by some birds. The birds are not giving me my son and this cloud is over my head ever since this child is born. I said: Bring my son so that I may also see him. Amina said: The birds will not give me the child for three days. How will you see it? Upon this I drew out my sword and cried: Bring my child, otherwise I will kill you. Amina said: They are in the apartment. Now you may do what you like.
When I tried to enter the room a man came out said: Please go back now. Until all the angels see the child no man can see him. Upon this I trembled and came out again. It is mentioned that the Holy Prophet (S) was born circumcised and his umbilical cord was also cut. Abdul Muttalib used to say: This son of mine has a very great status. Amirul Momineen (a.s.) is reported to have said: When the Holy Prophet (S) was born, all the idols around the Kaaba toppled and a voice came from the sky at sunset:


The truth has come and the falsehood has vanished; surely falsehood is a vanishing (thing).[20]
The whole world lit up that night and every rock and tree expressed pleasure and whatever was in the world and sky began to praise Allah and Satan ran here and there saying: Muhammad is the best among all creations, and most honorable of all human beings and the greatest in the entire universe.
Shaykh Tabarsi has, in Ihtijaj, written that Imam Musa Kazim (a.s.) said: When the Holy Prophet (S) came out of the womb he placed his left hand on the ground and raised his right hand to the sky and moved his lips to confess the Oneness of Allah and a radiance spread out from his holy tongue in the light of which Meccans saw the palace of Basra and its surroundings in Syria and they also saw red palaces of Yemen and its surroundings and the white palaces of Persia and its surroundings.
On the night of the birth of the Holy Prophet (S) the entire world had become bright to such an extent that jinns, humans and devils; all were terrified and exclaimed that some astounding event has taken place on earth. The angels were seen coming down on earth in big group and going up in the sky and praising God. It was seen that the stars were floating in space. All these were the signs of the birth of the Holy Prophet (S). The accursed Satan, Iblis tried to go up the sky to ascertain the cause of all these wonderful happening because in the third sky there was a point where he and all his companion devils used to go and hear the conversation of angels. But when they reached there, they were driven away with shooting stars.
Ibn Babawayh etc. have narrated: On the night of the birth of the Messenger of Allah (S) the palace of Choesroe was rocked and its fourteen arches crashed, the water of the Sawah river dried up, the fire of the temple of Fars that they worshipped, was extinguished. The greatest scholar of Fars saw in dream that some hostile camels are dragging Arabian horses and crossing the Tigris and spreading in the Persian lands.
When Choesroe saw this, he placed the crown on his head and sat upon the throne, summoned his officers and ministers and told him all that had occurred. Meanwhile news was received that the fire of Fars temple has gone out. This increased his agony, whereas the scholar said: O king, I saw a strange dream, and he related his vision. What is the interpretation of this dream? He said: A significant event has definitely taken place in the west.
Choesroe wrote a letter to Noman bin Mundhir the king of Arabs and asked him to dispatch an Arab scholar as he wanted to consult him in an important matter. On receiving the letter he sent Abdul Masih bin Amr bin Hayyan bin Nafila Ghassani. The king narrated all the events. Abdul Masih said: I have no knowledge about this dream and this secret but my uncle, Satih, lives in Damascus and he can explain the interpretation.
Choesroe said: Go and ask him and then tell me what he says. When Abdul Masih reached there he had already died. Abdul Masih greeted but received no reply. So he recited some couplets that conveyed that he had undertaken a tiring journey from a distant land to ask this great personality about something.
Is he deaf that he cannot hear what the chief of Yemen says? Or is he dead and death has come suddenly upon him?
O one who know the matters dont you know who these people are? O one who removes the grief of the faces that are full of sorrow.
A noble of the Sunan locality has come to meet you. And his mother is from the Aale Zeb bin Hujn tribe.
He rides the old, strong and blue she-camel. He is generous and very broad chested.
He has come with a message from the Persian emperor, Choesroe. Neither he dreads the lightning nor the change of times.
The strong she-camel, leaving the earth behind is taking me to the Tur and conveys me to the hard ground.
So much so that she is weak because of the arduous journey and the wind envelops her with swirling dust.
It seems that due to the speed the sandy dust of the dunes will fall upon me. And now I have lost hope.
When Satih heard this he opened his eyes and said: Abdul Masih mounted a camel and after covering the stages of journey reached Satih at a time when he (Satih) is being transferred to the grave. The Sasanid king has sent him to find the truth behind the quaking of the palace, the going out of the fire-temple, the dream of the greatest scholar and the drying up of the Sawah river. O Abdul Masih, the time has come when it (Quran) will be recited in excess and a prophet who always carried a small staff will arise.
The streams of Sawah will be full of water and the sea will dry up. Damascus and Persia will go out of the control of their rulers and the same number of kings will rule as the number of the arches of Caesar and Choesroe have fallen. After that their rule shall decline and whatever has to happen will indeed happen. After saying this Satih died and Abdul Masih recited the following couplets: Do it as you have a firm determination and you do what you will. No separation and change should weaken your resolve.
If the king of Bani Sasan tries to do he will have to give them up because it is the time of difficulties and calamities.
And it is possible that those people may say farewell to their place when their strength declines before the ferocious lions.
And in these places live the dear Behram and his brothers and Hurmuzan, Saboor and Saboor.
And people are born of different mothers having no attachment to each other. Thus they should know that if he is deficient and becomes helpless, he would be disgraced.
These people belong to the same mother. If they see wealth and riches, they will through the unseen become safe and dominant.
And the good and the bad are found together. Thus everyone follows the good and keeps away from the bad.
After that Abdul Masih returned to the king of Persia with utmost speed and narrated all that Satih had told. Choesroe said: It would be a long time when fourteen kings from among us complete their reigns. But it so happened that ten of those kings passed only in four years and another four completed their reigns till the time Uthman.
Satih was born during the floods of Iram and lived till the reign of King Zi Nawas which came to be more than thirty centuries. He lived in Bahrain. Abdul Qees says that he belonged to his tribe while the Azd say he was from them. And most tradition scholars say that he was from Azd. But nothing is known about his father. However his descendants say that they are from the Azd tribe.
Qutub Rawandi has related that people asked Ibn Abbas about Satih to which he replied: God had made him of only flesh. They used to carry him on date branches wherever they liked. In his body there were no bones save in head and neck, nor were there muscles. He was being rolled up at neck just as cloth is being wrapped. No organ of his body could move except his tongue. He had made a thing like canvas from the skin of tree and brought it to Mecca.
Four persons from the Quraish came to him and said: We have come to visit you. We have come to know about your perfection in knowledge. So kindly inform us about the things to happen in our time and in future. He said: After you, a group will come who will acquire all kinds of knowledge. They will break idols, overpower the people of Iran and will acquire their wealth and property by way of booty.
They inquired about that group. He replied: By the Lord of Kaaba, they will be born after you and they will worship Allah believing strictly in His Oneness. They will give up worshipping idols and devils. They asked in whose progeny will they be? He said: They will the best in the progeny of Abde Manaf. People asked: From which city will they get out? He said: By the God who is eternal they will go out from this very city of Mecca and they will guide people to the worship of Only One God and to right path and good conduct.
Sayyid Ibn Tawus has, through his chains of narrators, narrated from Wahab Ibn Munabbah that Kisra, the king of Iran had built a wall on Tigris River at much expense and constructed therein a seat which was unique. It was his general court. He used to sit therein with his crown on his head. 360 magicians, soothsayers and astrologers used to be present in his court. Among them was an Arab astrologer named Saib who was sent to him by Bazan, the ruler of Yemen.
He seldom erred in issuing judgments. Kisra used to consult these persons whenever he confronted any problem. When the Holy Prophet (S) was born or appointed as a prophet, Kisra, while walking up saw that the ceiling had broken from the middle and swept away in the water of Tigris and that the palace was flooded and he exclaimed: My rule is over! and became very gloomy. Then he called the soothsayers and astrologers, told them what he saw and asked them to ponder over it and to tell him the cause of it.
Saib was also present among them. All their intelligence and knowledge of astrology and soothsaying proved fruitless. That night Saib was sitting on a hillock spellbound when he saw a lightning dazzling in the direction of Hijaz. It then advanced continuously and covered the entire east and west.
When day broke he saw a green garden under his feet. He said: Whatever I am seeing means that a king will appear in the direction of Hijaz whose rule will extend upto the east. Due to him the earth will become more populous than during the time of the king. Then he and all other soothsayers and astrologers came together and said: Now it seems to us that magic and soothsaying etc. are useless. Our knowledge has vanished.
Perhaps some heavenly event has happened. May be some prophet has arrived or he may arrive soon and because of him the rule of this king will vanish. But if we tell this to the king he may kill us. So we will keep it a secret. It will, however, manifest in some other way. After such consultation they came to the king and told him: We have pondered over all this and concluded that the foundation of your palace and the dam of Tigris were laid in an inauspicious moment; people had erred in fixing the time and that is why this damage has occurred.
Thus a good and auspicious moment must be found out to lay the foundation so that such a thing may not recur in future. Then they found a good time and laid the foundation of dam on Tigris and it was completed in eight months at a very huge expense. Then again they found out a good moment when the king sat on its upper part. A nice carpet was spread and many kinds of flowers were arranged all around.
When he sat thereon with satisfaction, the foundation of the palace got uprooted suddenly and he got drowned in the river along with his palace. People fetched him out of water when he was almost breathing his last. When he recovered, he again gathered astrologers and soothsayers and said: I have endeared you and am spending money like anything for you and you are joking with me and deceiving me. Then he decapitated around a hundred of them. The people said: O King!
Just as the men before us made error so did we. Now we will calculate again and build the palace according to new calculations. Again a lot of wealth was spent for eight months to build another palace. But the king could not sit therein with ease. A rider arrived and no sooner than he entered, the palace broke down into pieces and went down in water. Kisra also was drowned. That rider was sitting on water. People dragged out Kisra who had a little life in him.
The king finally warned them Now I will kill all of you. I will trample you all with elephants unless you tell me the truth. So they said: O King! Lo, now we tell you the truth. When you had told about this, all of us had thought over it deeply. Our knowledge has failed us. We understood that these things have occurred due to some heavenly incident. A prophet must have been born or is about to be born. But for fear to our life we could not tell this to you. The king said: Woe on you. You should have informed me earlier so that I could have done something to prevent the calamity. Then he gave up the idea of building the palace.
Shazan bin Jibraeel (a.r.) has, in the book, Fazail narrated that one month after Ali (a.s.) was conceived, mountains, trees, earth and skies congratulated one another. In the meantime Abdul Muttalib and Abdullah (a.s.) went to Medina where they had to halt for fifteen days. His Eminence, Abdullah expired there. The ceiling of the house split and a caller called that the great man has departed from this world in whose loins was the seal of prophethood (last Messenger of Allah), who is immortal.
When two weeks passed after the said conception, Allah ordered an angel to announce in the skies and the earth that all should recite Salawat on Muhammad and his progeny and to seek forgiveness for his followers. Three months had passed when Abu Qahafa was returning from Syria. When he reached the outskirts of Mecca his camel laid its head on the ground (prostrated). Abu Qahafa hit with a stick on the camels head, yet it did not raise its head. He exclaimed: I have never seen a she-camel like you. Suddenly a caller called upon him: O Abu Qahafa! Do not beat this animal for not obeying you.
Do you not see that the entire creation except the mountain, the tree, the sea and the sky are prostrating before their Creator to thank Him because three months have passed since the conception of the Ummi messenger. Very soon you will see the idol-worshippers lose and they will be sent to Hell by the swords of the Prophet and his companions. When four months passed, an ascetic who lived on the road to Taif left his monastery to visit Mecca to meet his friend called Habib. On his way he saw a child prostrating. When people were lifting him up he was again falling down in prostration.
When Habib intended to lift that child, an invisible caller called: Let him be there as he is. He is offering thanks to Allah as four months have passed since the conception of the beloved and the selected of the Lord. When five months passed and Habib returned to his house of worship, he saw that it was shaking and he also noticed that, on all the altars was written: O worshippers! Put faith in Allah and His Messenger Muhammad (S) as the time of his appearance is near. How fortunate is one who believes in him and woe unto him who denies him. Upon this, Habib said: I heard and I believed.
I will not deny him. In the sixth month, the residents of Yemen and Medina went to their respective festival grounds. They used to go there few times in a year, gather there under a tree, eat, drink, enjoy and worship that tree. Once when they had gathered near that tree, a terrifying voice came out of it: O people of Yemen and Yamama! O idolaters!

The truth has come and the falsehood has vanished; surely falsehood is a vanishing (thing).[21]
O wrong-doers! The time of your destruction has arrived. They became fearful and returned to their homes hastily. In the seventh month, Sawab bin Qarib came to Abdul Muttalib and said: Last night I had a vision in a state of slumber, that the doors of the sky are open and angels are descending from the sky saying: decorate the earth as the time of the arrival of the grandson of Abdul Muttalib, that is, Muhammad (S) is near and he will possess sword and arrow (arms). I asked: Who is he? I was told that he will be Muhammad bin Abdullah bin Abdul Muttalib bin Hashim bin Abde Manaf.
Abdul Muttalib said: Keep this dream a secret. When eight months after conception passed, a fish of the big sea called Tamboosa stood upright on its tail. The sea became stormy and an angel said to the fish: Be quiet, you have created upheaval in the water. The fish said: On the day My Lord had created me, He had ordered me that: When I create Muhammad bin Abdullah in this world, you must pray for him and his followers. Now I have heard angels congratulating one another on the birth of Muhammad (S). That is why I have made a movement. The angels said: Be still and pray.
When nine months passed, Allah ordained the angels of every sky to go down to the earth. Ten thousand angels came down and every angel carried a shining lamp which was burning without oil. The scripture on every lamp read: There is no god except Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. Those angels gathered near Mecca saying that this light is the radiance of Muhammad (S). Abdul Muttalib was aware of all these events, but he had kept them secret.
During that whole month stars kept moving in the sky and meteors were shooting in the space. When nine months elapsed Amina told her mother, Barrah: Please do not allow anybody to come near me. I want to mourn my husband in a closed room and to dampen the fire in the heart. Barrah said: My dear daughter! Weeping over such a husband is permissible. It is oppressive to prevent you from that. So Amina entered a room, lighted a lamp and shook the walls by her wailing voice. During that time her labor began.
She intended to run and open the door but could not open it despite much effort. So she returned and sat down, then she felt frightened. Suddenly she saw the ceiling split and four Houries came down. The room got lit up with the light of their shining faces. One said: O Amina! Dont be afraid, you will not be troubled; we have come to serve you. Amina became unconscious and when she recovered she saw that the Holy Prophet (S) (newborn) had placed his shining forehead on the ground and raising his forefinger, he was reciting: There is no god, except Allah.
The Prophet was born on Friday at dawn, 17th Rabiul Awwal when seven thousand nine hundred years, four months and seven days had passed since the demise of Prophet Adam (a.s.), and according to another report, nine thousand nine hundred years, four months and seven days. Lady Amina found the newborn prophet clean and pure.
Kohl was found applied to his eyes. A light emanated from his holy face which went up piercing the ceiling. Lady Amina saw in that light the holy sanctuary and high places around it and also tall places. A lightning flashed which brightened every house the residents of which, in the knowledge of Allah, were to believe in the true religion.
Idols throughout the world toppled down. When the accursed Satan observed all these things in the universe he gathered his progeny, threw dust on his head and said: I have not seen such a calamity ever since I was born. This night a child is born whose name is Muhammad bin Abdullah. He will remove idol worship from the world and invite all to worship Only One God. His descendants also threw dust on their heads and all of them fled to the sea number four and continued to weep for forty days.
Then the aforesaid Houries wrapped the newborn Prophet in heavenly clothes, returned to Paradise and gave the glad tiding of his birth to angels. Jibraeel and Mikaeel came to the earth and entered Lady Aminas room in the form of two youths. Jibraeel had a golden plate and Mikaeel had a flask of agate. Jibraeel picked the holy baby and Mikaeel began to pour water thus bathing him. Then they told Lady Amina: We are giving a bath to His Eminence, not to clean or wash him because he is already Tahir (Pure) and Mutahhar (Immaculate) but for enhancing his radiance and purity. Then they applied heavenly perfume to the babe. Various voices were heard at the door.
Jibraeel said: Angels from all seven skies have arrived to salute the newborn Prophet. That room expanded by the wish of Allah. Waves after waves of angels were entering saying: Assalamu alaika yaa Mahmud, assalaamu alaika yaa Ahmad, yaa Haamid. When one-third of the night passed, Jibraeel, by the order of Allah, brought four flags, installed the green one on mount Qaf. On it was written: There is no god except Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, in white words and in two lines.
They planted the second flag on mount Abu Qubais. That flag had two pennants. On one was written: There is no god except Allah. and on the other There is no religion except the religion of Muhammad bin Abdullah. They fixed the third flag on the roof of Kaaba on which was written: Tuba (Paradise) is for one who believed in Allah and in Muhammad and the pit (of Hell) is for one who rejected the message he brought from his Lord. They installed the fourth flag on the Baitullah. On it was written: None is victorious except Allah and victory and help is for Allah and Muhammad (S).
Then one angel announced from mount Abu Qubais: O people of Quraish! Believe in Allah and His Prophet and on the light sent by us. Then Allah sent a cloud over the Kaaba and it sprinkled musk and ambergris. The idols which were in Kaaba slipped towards Hajr and fell face down. Then Jibraeel brought a red lantern and hung it on the door of Kaaba. It was glowing without oil. Then a light arose from the face of the Holy Prophet (S), which went up, reached the sky and lit up all the houses of the believers.
On the same night there appeared a drop of blood in the Taurat and Bible and Zabur wherever Prophets name was written because the Holy Prophet (S) was an armed prophet and it was found written, on the altars of every monastery and convent: Beware, the unlettered Prophet is born.
Then Amina came out of the room and told about all the strange events to her parents. When Abdul Muttalib was given the good news, he came to the Holy Prophet (S) and saw that he was praising and hallowing God in the most lucid and eloquent manner. Then Allah sent a white silken tent whereon was written:
. .
In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. O Prophet! surely We have sent you as a witness, and as a bearer of good news and as a warner. And as one inviting to Allah by His permission, and as a luminous torch.[22]
That tent remained in the same state for forty days. When a mans unctuous hand touched it, it was lifted up in the sky. Had it not been so, it would have remained till Judgment Day. When Bani Hashim and the chiefs of the community saw the tent and observed the sprinkling of musk and ambergris, the flashing of lightning and nearby strange voices, they went to the monk and described these events to him. Habib said: You know that my religion is different from yours. You may believe me or not, I state the truth. These are the signs of a Messenger of Allah who is to appear soon. We have seen his attributes in all Divine scriptures. He will remove idol-worship and invite people to worship Only One God. All kings and tyrants will surrender before him. Woe unto those who disbelieve, they will be destroyed.
The next day Abdul Muttalib took the Holy Prophet (S) and went to Kaaba. When they entered it the Holy Prophet (S) said: In the name of Allah and by Allah. The Kaaba spoke up with the order of God: Peace be on you O Muhammad, and the mercy of Allah and His blessings. And an invisible caller called:

The truth has come and the falsehood has vanished; surely falsehood is a vanishing (thing).[23]
On the third day, Abdul Muttalib purchased a cradle of willow and decorated it with various kinds of jewels and silken cloth overlaid with gold and hung a necklace of pearls in it so that the Holy Prophet (S) may play with them like other babies. But when the Holy Prophet (S) used to wake up he used to recite Gods names on these pearl beads. On the fourth day, Sawad bin Qarib came to Abdul Muttalib who was seated near Kaaba encircled by Quraish nobles and Bani Hashim.
He said: I have heard that a child is born at Abdullahs who shows strange things, I would also like to see him. He was famed in Arabia because of his vast knowledge and people had complete trust in his words. So Abdul Muttalib went to Aminas house and inquired about the Prophet. It was told that he was resting in a cradle.
When Abdul Muttalib lifted the cradles screen a lightning flashed and blew out of the ceiling. Both Abdul Muttalib and Sawad put their hands on their eyes. Then quite involuntarily Sawad rubbed his eyes on the soles of the Holy Prophet (S) and said to Abdul Muttalib: I make you witness that I put faith in this child and testify to all that he is to bring from God. Then he left after kissing the Prophets face. When the Holy Prophet (S) was one month old everyone who saw him thought that he was one year old. Praises of God were heard constantly from his cradle. When the Holy Prophet (S) became two months old, Aminas father expired.
The author of Anwar has narrated that before the birth of the Holy Prophet (S), soothsayers, demons and magicians had spread much lawlessness and misguidance and they displayed strange things. The satans used to go up in the skies to hear the talks therein and to narrate them to the soothsayers. Two soothsayers were very prominent in Yamama, and far advanced than others of their time. One of them was Rabi bin Azn who knew more than all others. Another was Washaq bin Wailah Yamani.
Satih was created by God in a very strange shape. He was mere flesh. There was not a single bone in his body except in his head. He was being rolled up like a cloth. When his body was opened it was dropped on a mat of palm leaves. At night he slept only for a few moments and kept staring at the sky. When called by the kings he was carried in a box and he used to tell them secrets and mysteries and foretell the future. He kept lying on his back and no part of his body could move except his eyes and tongue.
One night he lay on his back and stared at the sky when all of a sudden, he saw a lightning flash, which brightened the entire universe; then stars began to fall dispelling smoke. They (stars) were descending, colliding with one another and vanishing in the earth and this terrified him. Next night he told his slaves: Take me down as I feel confused, perhaps my death is near, and a very hard event is likely to occur. I imagine that the Hashemite messenger is about to appear.
That morning he gathered his relatives and the people of his community and told them: I am observing wonderful things and strange happenings and hence I intend to know about it from all royal soothsayers. Than he sent some messengers and wrote a letter to Washaq who replied: I have also observed what you saw and its consequence will be soon become apparent. Satih also sent a letter to Zarqa, queen of Yemen, who was also a learned soothsayer of that area and preceded all others in magic and astrology.
She had very sharp eyesight and could easily observe things from a distance of a three-day journey. If an enemy intended to attack, she used to inform her people about it a few days in advance and they could defend themselves. When Satih wrote her a letter and the messenger left she could see him three days before his arrival. She told her people: A rider is coming and I can see a letter in his turban.
Three days thereafter the messenger arrived and delivered a letter to her. She said he has brought bad news. Satih has inquired about effulgent light and radiance etc. By the Lord of Kaaba, the time of peoples death and orphaning of children has come. From the sons of Abde Manaf, Muhammad will be the undisputed Messenger.
Then she wrote in reply that these are the signs of the appearance of the Hashemite Messenger. Be alert after reading this letter and give up negligence. Proceed to Mecca without any delay. I am also going there where I may meet you and both of us may inquire into it. If he is already born, we will conspire to kill him and put off his light before it spreads.
When Satih got this letter he wailed aloud and started immediately for Mecca telling his companions: I am going to a fire; if I will be able to put it off, I will return, otherwise, I bid you farewell forever as I will go to Syria from there. When he reached Mecca, Abu Jahl, Shaibah, Atba and Aas bin Wail came forward to welcome him with a group of Quraish and said: O Satih, surely you have come for some great purpose. If you need anything it will be provided. Satih replied: May God bless you. I do not require anything, but I have come to inform you about what has happened and what is to happen according to Gods will.
Where are the leading personalities of your age who deserve all praise; that is, where are the sons of Abde Manaf? I have come to give them the glad tidings of the arrival of an announcer of good news and a warner, whose illuminations are about to appear soon. Where are the brave lions of Abdul Muttalib? The Quraish did not like these words so they returned. Then Abu Talib and other sons of Abdul Muttalib came to him when he was seated near the Kaaba. They decided among themselves that they would not tell him anything about their forefathers and ancestry etc. so as to guess his knowledge.
Abu Talib presented his sword and spear to the slave of Satih and then he went to Satih. Before the slave could say anything, Abu Talib greeted him and he reciprocated. Then Satih asked: To which Arabs group do you belong? Abu Talib replied humorously: To Bani Hamh. He said: O elder, come near me and rub your hand on my face. When Abu Talib put his hand on his face he said: By God, you are the possessor of good morals and keeper of promises. You have gifted your linear spear and the Indian sword to my slave.
Verily you are the best of your community. The progeny possessing the best morals will be born to you and to your brother. Surely you and your companions belong to the Hashemite race who are noble and the best of all and you are the uncle of the selected prophet whose praise is mentioned in scriptures. Do not hide your race from me, because I recognize you and your ancestry very well. Abu Talib was astonished at this and he said: Satih, you have told the truth and described factual attributes.
Now inform us about the things to happen to us in our time. Satih said: By the Only One God Who is eternal and Who raised the sky without pillars, a son will be born very soon at Abdullahs who will guide people to reason, righteousness and benevolence and destroy idol-worshippers and his cousin will assist him in this; who will also possess grandeur and dignity and will bring the deniers to their senses by his sharp sword. And doubtlessly, O Abu Talib, you will be his father.
Abu Talib said: We would like you to narrate some attributes of that Messenger. Satih said: Well, hear the true events from me. Very soon a high ranking prophet will be born for describing whose attributes the tongue of Satih is dumb. He will neither be very tall nor very short. His head will be round. There will be a sign between his two shoulders. He will wear a turban. His prophethood will continue till Judgment Day. He will be the chief of Tahama. Light will radiate from his face even in darkness.
When he would smile the whole world will become bright through the whiteness of his teeth. No one has ever been born who can equal him in shape or culture. His talk will be sweet and nice. No will equal his piety, humility and worship. There will not be even an iota of pride and haughtiness in him. Whenever he will speak, he will speak the truth. If questioned, he will give the right answer. His birth will be noble and clean. His genealogy will be pure and purifying. He will be bliss for all worlds. The universe will shine due to his light. He will be kind to faithful and generous to his companions.
His name is mentioned in Taurat and Injeel. He will give justice to the poor and possess miracles. His name is Ahmad in the heaven and Muhammad on the earth. Abu Talib said: Please describe the virtue of one about whom you said that he will assist and help him. Satih said: That gentleman will also be a leader. He will kill lions, lead the righteous and take revenge from deniers. He will put the polytheists to death and frighten the most deadly enemies.
He will always remember God in battlefields. He will be the vizier of Muhammad Mustafa (S) and a leader of his followers after him (after the Prophet). His name, as mentioned in Taurat is Barya, in Injeel it is Ilya and in his community, Ali. Then Satih kept quiet and contemplative for some time. Then, looking at Abu Talib, said: O leader and great man, put your hand once more on my face.
When Abu Talib placed his hand on his face he sighed a painful sigh and said: Abu Talib, hold the hand of your brother, Abdullah as your good fortune is manifest. I congratulate you for your high status and grandeur because both branches of greatness will sprout from your tree. Muhammad will be from your brother and Ali will be from you. Thus Abu Talib was very pleased and this information soon spread in Mecca. Abu Jahl said: This is the first calamity to befall us from Bani Hashim.
You have heard the talks of Satih about the sons of Abdullah and Abu Talib both of whom will corrupt our religion. Abu Talib announced: O Quraish, remove enmity, anger and gloom from your hearts and do not deny what is said by Satih as we are fountainheads of every nobility and greatness manifested in Mecca. The sign of what Satih has said is also manifest.
Everything predicted by him will come to pass and nothing will be contrary to it. Then Abu Talib led Satih to his house and accorded him great honor and respect. The fire of jealousy raged more in the heart of Abu Jahl and he began to conspire and some bad characters also joined him. When Abu Talib came to know about it he went to Abtah and dispersed the gathering of mischief-makers through words of advice as well as warnings.
Then he gathered them all near Mecca, where Manba bin Hajjaj stood up and said: O Abu Talib! We have no doubt about your greatness, honor and status. Your grandeur, guidance and nobility are well-known, but we wonder over your understanding. How do you put faith and believe in what a soothsayer has said? Perhaps you do not know that they spread Satans deceptions and frauds. Bring him again before the gathering so that we too may test him. Perhaps his truth will be revealed and our doubts may vanish.
Abu Talib brought Satih before them and he proclaimed: O Quraish, what kind of disunity do I witness among you with reference to what I have said regarding the wise one who will break idols and who will humiliate the lying soothsayers. By God! I am not pleased with his appearance because, with the approach of his arrival, the knowledge of soothsayers will also be in danger and he also will prefer death. If at all you intend to testify my statements, call out your mothers and wives so that I may reveal some very strange things to you. People said: Perhaps you possess the knowledge of the unseen.
He replied: No, I have a Jinni as a companion who hears the conversation of angels and then tells me about it. So they gathered all Meccan ladies in a mosque except Amina and Fatima binte Asad whom Abdullah and Abdul Muttalib did not allow to go. When they arrived, Satih separated men and called the women to him, looked at them carefully and kept quiet. The ladies asked: Why do you not speak?
Satih looked at the sky and said: I swear by the Lord of the two sanctuaries that the two women are not among you now, one of whom is carrying a son in her womb who will guide people to the right path and welfare and another who is to conceive the king of the faithful, who will be the chief of the legatees of all the prophets of God and the inheritor of prophetic knowledge. Then those two ladies were also called. Satih looking at Amina and said after sighing and weeping: O owner of greatness and grace, by God, this is the lady who is carrying the selected Messenger of Allah (S). Then he called Amina and said: Are you not pregnant? She replied: Of course, I am. He said: Now my confidence has increased.
This is the best of Arab women who is carrying one who is the best of creation who will destroy idols. Woe unto the Arabs, surely the time of his arrival is near. His light is visible as if I am seeing his opponents who are slain and are lying in pools of blood. Fortunate is one who will testify to his prophethood and will believe in him because he will be ruling all over the world. Then he turned to Fatima binte Asad, cried loudly and fainted. After coming to his senses he said in a loud voice: By God, this is Fatima binte Asad, the mother of the Imam who will break idols. He will be so brave that he will defeat many stalwarts.
His intelligence will not be lacking in anything. No courageous man will ever be able to fight against him. He is the unique rider, the lion of God. His name is Ali. He is the cousin of the seal the prophets. Oh, I can see how many brave people have been subdued by him. When the Quraish heard this, they took out their swords and rushed towards Satih. Bani Hashim also drew out their swords to defend him. Abu Jahl said: Move aside so that I may kill this soothsayer and cool the fire raging in my heart.
Abu Talib attacked and wounded him in his head and he began to bleed. Abu Jahl cried: O tribal chiefs, dont be humiliated! Kill Satih, Amina and Fatima so that you may be saved from the evil described by this soothsayer. The Quraish attacked Satih in unison and Bani Hashim did not posses the strength to face this attack. In short it was a calamity, and the women took shelter in the Kaaba and there was a big noise.
Amina (a.s.) says: I was frightened on seeing the swords. Suddenly the child in my womb moved and a voice came out. Simultaneously all heard a roar in space which left all spellbound. All men and women fainted. Then I saw that the doors of the skies were open and a rider with a weapon of fire saying in a loud voice: You have no power enough to harm the Messenger of Allah (S). I am his brother, Jibraeel.
At once my fear turned into calmness and all of us returned home. Abu Talib held the hand of his brother Abdullah and went to sit in the Kaaba. Manba bin Hajjaj came and said: Thank Allah, your honor, grace and might has come to the notice of the world. But I request you to take Satih away from Quraish and cool the fire of mischief and unrest.
Abu Talib accepted and went to Satih, acquainted him with the state of affairs and sought excuse. Satih said: I know it, but when that messenger, the harbinger of good news and the warner arrives, convey my Salams to him and tell him that I gave glad tidings of his arrival but your community rejected it and drove me out. Very soon a woman is to come who will testify all my prophecies and add to what I have told.
Then Satih was tied to a camel and he went away. Bani Hashim also accompanied him to a short distance from Mecca. In the meanwhile they saw a woman rider approaching at speed. Satih said: Lo, O chiefs of Mecca! Zarqa Yemeni has arrived. Soon she approached them and said loudly: Quraish, I salute you a number of times. May your cities flourish! I left my place and came to your sanctuary to make you aware of some events which are to appear soon. Some very wonderful things will happen in your city.
Then she recited some poems whereby she testified the statements of Satih and said: I have come to congratulate you and instruct you to keep away from the evil of others. Utbah was also present there. He said: What you are expressing is horrible. You are foretelling our and your destruction. Zarqa said: O Abu Walid: By the grace of God, a Messenger will be appointed in this very valley who will invite people to good and righteousness and will prevent them from mischief and corruption.
Radiance will spread from his face. His name will be Muhammad. I am almost seeing him and after his birth, another boy will be born who will assist him and be closely related to him. He will destroy the enemies of his time and defeat the unfaithful stalwarts. He will prove courageous in battlefields and fight like a tiger.
His arms will be very strong. That brave and courageous man will be a friend of God and his name is Ali. Oh, Oh! The day I will see him will be very hard for me and when I sit attentively with him. Then she recited some poems of disappointment and agony and said: Alas, no use complaining about what is bound to happen. By the Creator of the sun and the moon, to Whom all will return, whatever Satih has told you is truth.
Then she looked at Abdullah and Abdul Muttalib closely. She had seen Abdullah earlier and already knew him. It was so because when, in the year in which Abdullah had gone to Yemen, before marrying Amina and before the light of prophethood was transferred from his forehead, he was living in a place in Yemen. At that time Zarqa had seen him and she had proposed to marry him.
Taking a bagful of gold coins she had rushed to Abdullah, saluted him and asked: To which Arab tribe do you belong? I have not seen anyone more handsome. He replied: I am Abdullah son of Abdul Muttalib who, in turn, is son of Hashim bin Abde Manaf, chief of nobles and who is generous to his guests. Zarqa said: My leader! Is it possible for you to mate with me once? I am present this bag to you and, along with it, gift you a hundred camels loaded with dates.
Abdullah said: Go away! How ugly your face is! Perhaps you are unaware of the fact that we are from those who do not sin. He drew out his sword and was about to strike when Zarqa fled from there humiliated. At that moment Abdul Muttalib entered and seeing Abdullah with a naked sword, asked what had happened. Abdullah narrated the details and Abdul Muttalib said that she was Zarqa Yemeni. She saw the radiance of prophethood on your forehead and recognized you.
She wanted to obtain that light. Thank God, He saved you from her evil. When Zarqa saw Abdullah she recognized him and understood that he was married as that radiance had gone away. She asked: Are you not the one I saw earlier? Abdullah said: Yes, I am the same one. She asked: What happened to that light which used to radiate from your forehead? He replied: It is now in the pious womb of my wife, Amina.
She said: Undoubtedly, only such a man can carry such radiance, and then said in a loud voice: O honorable and great people, the time of appearance of the prophet of the last era is near and nothing can be done to avoid what is destined. Todays time is over. Come to me tomorrow so that I may acquaint you with facts. The people departed from there and at midnight Zarqa came to Satih and said: I observe signs of that radiance. What do you think should be done?
Satih said: My end is near. I am leaving for Syria to live there until I die. I know that whoever will try to put off that radiance will be defeated and humiliated. I advise you not to try to kill Amina because the Lord of the earth and the sky is her protector. If you do not want to accept my word, go away, as I cannot cooperate with you in this matter.
Next morning Zarqa went to Bani Hashim, saluted them and said: Your hearts will shine when among you will appear one whose grace is mentioned in Taurat, Bible, Zabur and Furqan. Woe unto one who opposes him and lucky will be one who obeys him. Bani Hashim were pleased by this and Abu Talib said: O Zarqa! If you require anything, tell us so that we may fulfill it. She said: I dont need wealth from you and do not expect honor from you.
Of course, I only desire that you allow me to meet Amina so that I may testify from her those things which I have mentioned. When Abu Talib brought her to Amina, initially her legs trembled and her tongue became dumb. Then she showed her pleasure apparently, narrated some things about the newborn and returned.
But in her heart she was making plans to kill Amina. At last she cultivated friendship with a woman belonging to Khazraj tribe named Takna, who used to adorn Amina and other Hashemite ladies. Zarqa began to live with that woman every day. Once, Takna awoke in the middle of the night to find a man seated near Zarqa and talking to her. She heard that the soothsayer of Yemen had entered Tahama and she will soon repent due to her intention.
Hearing it Zarqa sprang up saying: You are my faithful lover. Why did you not come to me earlier? He said: Woe unto you. We are facing a big trouble. We used to go up to the sky to hear the talks of angels. Now we are driven away from there. We heard in the sky an announcer saying that God has decided to create the breaker of idols and propagator of God worship. An army of angels shot meteors at us and drove us away. Now the doors to the sky are closed for us. We have come to you to warn you so that you may desist. Zarqa said: Go away from here. I will try my best to kill this child.
That man recited a few couplets meaning: I have wished well for you. I know your efforts are futile. You will only earn punishment in both the worlds. Undoubtedly the Lord of the world will help His Messenger and protect him from the evil of every soothsayer and magician. After saying many such things, that man vanished and Takna heard it all.
Next morning she went to Zarqa and asked: Why are you so gloomy? She said: Sister, I do not want to hide my secret from you. The worry which drove me out of my country is this woman who is carrying a child who will break idols, humiliate soothsayers and magicians and destroy buildings. You dont know that to be patient on the internal fire is easier than being humiliated by enemies. If anyone helps me to kill Amina, I will fulfill her desire and make her rich. Then she took out a bagful of gold coins and threw it before Takna. Takna was overpowered by greed and she said: Sister! You have mentioned a very difficult job.
As I am the beautician of Hashemite ladies, perhaps I may be able to help you. Zarqa said: What you can do is that when you go to comb Aminas hair engage her in a conversation and suddenly thrust this poisoned dagger into her side. It will soon finish her. As you will have to pay blood money, I will pay it ten times on your behalf and try my utmost to save you. Takna replied: I agree. But you must, at that time, keep the men of Bani Hashim and all Meccans busy in talks so that I may fulfill your wish fearlessly. Zarqa said: It will be so.
Next day Zarqa invited all Meccan for a feast and arranged for enough quantity of wine, slaughtered many camels and kept them all busy in feasting. She told Takna: It is time now. Make full use of it and try your level best to finish the job. Takna went to Amina with that poisoned dagger. Amina gave her respect and gifts etc. and asked why she was late saying: Before this you were never late and you stayed with me most of the time? Takna replied: My lady, I have various anxieties and had you not assisted me, my condition would have been even worse. Come now, let me adorn you. Amina sat beside her and Takna combed her hair; then took out the poisoned dagger to kill her.
But as a miracle of the Holy Prophet (S) she felt someone grabbing her soul and the dagger fell down and a voice: Alas! came from that weapon. When Amina turned and saw the dagger, she shouted. Women came to her from all around and caught Takna and asked her: O cursed one! For what offense did you want to kill Amina? She replied: I wanted to kill her but thank God that He saved her from this evil. Amina fell down in prostration (thanking God). When the women asked Takna the reason for such a heinous deed she narrated the full story of Zarqa and told them to catch her before she gets out of your clutches.
With these words she died. This news spread all around and all young and old of Bani Hashim gathered there. All spread out to catch Zarqa. Abu Talib proclaimed that Zarqa should not be allowed to go out of Mecca. That cursed one also knew about all this and so she slipped out of Mecca at once. The Meccans searched for her everywhere but in vain. When Satih was informed of this, he ordered his slaves who brought her and he took her to Syria with him.
Amina used to hear voices of glad tidings continuously from the earth and the sky and she narrated them to Abdullah who asked her to keep all this confidential. Amina did not feel the burden of pregnancy at all. When the seventh month started, Abdul Muttalib called Abdullah and told him: Aminas delivery is near and we do not have enough money to celebrate the Aqiqah and Walima feasts in a nice way.
So you may go to Medina and purchase necessary things. Accordingly Abdullah went to Medina and met his Lord there. When Meccans knew this, all mourned him deeply.After this Qutub Rawandi has mentioned many miracles, many of which have already been described. Though Kitabe Anwar and Shazan are not as reliable as other books of tradition, we gave mentioned these miracles as they are supported by reliable traditions, though many have been discarded due to their length and repetition.
[18] The old name of the three days following the 10th of Zilhajj during the Hajj season.
[19] The author says: Perhaps that youth was Amirul Momineen (a.s.).
[20] Surah Bani Israel 17:81
[21] Surah Bani Israel 17:81
[22] Surah Ahzab 33:45-46
[23] Surah Bani Israel 17:81

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