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Shi'ite Authors On Teacher-Student Relationship

Many a report have been on record about the Imams from the Ahl-al-Bayt(A.S.) which imply important points relating to the relationship between a teacher and a student.
The first one to write a book on this subject Muhammad bin Mas'ud al-'Ayyashi who wrote Kitab-ul-'Aalim-i-Wal Muta'allim which has been referred to by Ibn Nadim. Al-Ayyashi died during the third century.
Al-Muhaqqiq Khawaja Nasir-ud-Din Tusi also wrote a brief treatise on this subject which has been published.
He died in 672 A.H.
Shaikh Maitham al-Bahrani wrote a treatise on Aadabul Bahth (Criticism and discussion).
He died in 679 A.H.
Shahid-uth-Thani Shaikh Zain-ud-Din bin Ali al-'Aamili wrote Munyat-ul-Murid Fi Aadab-il-Mufid-i-Wal-Mustafid. It is a big book very comprehensive and has no parallel. Although the book was about the benefactor (al-Mufid) and the beneficiary (al-Mustafid), but he has put together all the fundamentals of Ethics and Morals. He was martyred in 966 A.H.

Hasan al-Amin,Shorter Shi'ite Encyclopaedia

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