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An Account of some Senior Companions

Hayat Al-Qulub Vol. 1,
By: Allamah Muhammad Baqir Al-Majlisi

Ibn Babawayh has narrated from Kariza bin Salih that he said: I heard from His Eminence, Abu Zar that he said that the Messenger of Allah (S) mentioned three points about Amirul Momineen (a.s.): That even if one of them had been in my favor, I would have preferred it over the world and whatever is in it. First: O Allah help him and seek help through him only and help him and take revenge from his enemies.
Indeed he is Your slave and the brother of Your Messenger. Then Abu Zar said: I testify that Ali is the Wali of Allah and the brother of the Messenger and his successor. Then Kariza said: This testimony gives him precedence on all Muslims like Salman Farsi, Ammar Yasir, Jabir bin Abdullah Ansari, Abul Hasheem bin Taihan, Khuzaimah bin Thabit Zul Shahadatain, Abu Ayyub Ansari and Hashim bin Atba Naufal (r.a.), who were senior companions of the Prophet.
Through reliable chains of narrators, it is reported that people asked Amirul Momineen (a.s.) about His Eminence, Abu Zar. He said: He was having the knowledge of truth and he had tied up its end secretly in such a way that nothing can be lost from it. Then they asked him about Huzaifa. Ali (a.s.) said that he well remembered the names of the hypocrites. Then they asked him about Ammar. He said: he was such a believer whose bone marrow was filled with faith. And he used to forget errands and when people reminded him, he used to remember immediately.
Then they asked about Abdullah bin Masud. He said: He recited the Quran and it was revealed before him. People asked him about Salman Farsi. His Eminence said: He achieved the knowledge of the formers and latters. And he is an endless ocean of knowledge and he is from us, Ahlul Bayt (a.s.). People said: O Amirul Momineen (a.s.): Tell us about yourself. The Imam said: I was such that when I asked a question the Holy Prophet (S) used to bestow knowledge and when I was silent he initiated the discussion.
Moreover, it is narrated from Habba Arafi that Abdullah bin Umar found ten persons arguing about Ammar. Each was claiming to have eliminated him. Abdullah said: You are fighting to get priority in going to Hell. Because I have heard from the Holy Prophet (S) say that the killer of Ammar, one who plunders his weapons and one who removes his garments, will all go to Hell. It is also narrated that when His Eminence, was killed, people came to Huzaifa and said that Ammar has been killed and people are debating whether he was on the right or not, so what was his opinion? Huzaifa said: I have heard from the Holy Prophet (S) that he repeated thrice: Abul Yaqzan is firm on the nature Islam and he will not leave it as long as he lives.
It is also narrated from Ayesha that the Holy Prophet (S) said: When Ammar is given two choices, he opts for one which is the most difficult.
It is mentioned in Qurbul Asnad, through correct chains of narrators from Imam Jafar Sadiq (a.s.) that the Messenger of Allah (S) said: Allah has commanded me to love four persons. Companions asked who they were. The Holy Prophet (S) said: One of them is Ali Ibn Abi Talib (a.s.), and then he fell silent. Then he said: The Almighty Allah has commanded me to love four persons. Who are they, asked the people. He replied: Ali Ibn Abi Talib (a.s.), Miqdad bin Aswad, Abu Zar Ghiffari and Salman Farsi.
It is narrated from Imam Jafar Sadiq (a.s.) through authentic chains of narrators that when the Almighty Allah revealed the following verse:


Say: I do not ask of you any reward for it but love for my near relatives[568]
the Holy Prophet (S) arose and said: O people, the Almighty Allah has made a duty incumbent on you with regard to me. Will you fulfill it? No one replied. The Prophet returned without any assurance. The Messenger of Allah (S) again came to his companions the next day and asked the same question but again he did not receive any response. On the third day the Messenger of Allah (S) repeated the same question.
When no one responded, the Holy Prophet (S) said: O people, whatever the Almighty Allah has made incumbent on you with regard to me is not from gold, silver or any edible item. Then the people said: Then tell us what it is? The Holy Prophet (S) said: The Almighty Allah has revealed this verse and has made love of my Ahlul Bayt (a.s.) as the recompense of my prophethood. Then the people said: We accept. After that Imam Jafar Sadiq (a.s.) said: By Allah, this promise was not fulfilled by anyone except the following seven persons: Salman, Abu Zar, Ammar, Miqdad, Jabir bin Abdullah Ansari, freed slave of the Prophet, known as Thabeet and Zaid bin Arqam (r.a.).
Ali bin Ibrahim has narrated through authentic chains of narrators from Imam Jafar Sadiq (a.s.) that:

Surely (as for) those who believe and do good deeds, their place of entertainment shall be the gardens of Paradise.[569]
This verse revealed in praise of Abu Zar, Miqdad, Salman and Ammar (r.a.) and the Almighty Allah has fixed Jannatul Firdos as their final abode.
Ibn Babawayh and Shaykh Mufeed etc. have narrated that the Messenger of Allah (S) said: Allah has commanded me to love four of my Companions and He himself loves them. Companions asked: Who are they, we all like to be from them? The Holy Prophet (S) said: They are: Ali Ibn Abi Talib (a.s.), Salman, Abu Zar and Miqdad.
Ibn Babawayh has narrated from the Messenger of Allah (S) through authentic chains of narrators that Ammar Yasir used to say in the Battle of Siffeen: I have fought thrice under this banner in the service of the Prophet, and this is the fourth time. By Allah, if these people kill me, or take us to date orchard of Hijr, even then we will continue to believe that we are on the right and they are wrong.
Moreover, it is narrated from Imam Ali Reza (a.s.) through authentic chains of narrators that the Holy Prophet (S) told Amirul Momineen (a.s.): Paradise is eager for you, Salman, Abu Zar, Ammar and Miqdad.
Through authentic chains of narrators, it is narrated from Amirul Momineen (a.s.) that His Eminence, said: Five persons have precedence in faith: I am the first among Arabs, Salman is the foremost among Iranians, Suhaib is the first among Romans, Bilal is the first among the Abyssinians and Khabab from the Copts.
Through authentic chains of narrators, it is narrated from Imam Jafar Sadiq (a.s.) and Imam Ali Reza (a.s.) that love and Wilayat of those believers is obligatory who after their Prophet didnt make any changes in the Caliph of Allah and the religion of Allah. For example: Salman Farsi, Abu Zar Ghiffari, Miqdad bin Aswad Kindi, Ammar bin Yasir, Jabir bin Abdullah Ansari, Huzaifa bin Yaman, Abu Haitham bin Taihan, Suhail bin Hanif, Abu Ayyub Ansari, Abdullah bin Samit, Ubadah bin Samit, Khuzaimah bin Thabit, Zul Shahadatain and Abu Saeed Khudri and those who walked on their path and performed deeds like them.
It is narrated from Amirul Momineen (a.s.) that the world was created for the following seven persons, for whose sake the inhabitants of the world get their livelihood and through their auspiciousness rain falls, and only through their sake are the people helped. And they are: Abu Zar, Salman, Miqdad, Ammar, Huzaifa and Abdullah bin Masud (r.a.). After that His Eminence said: I am their Imam and chief. And it them alone who were present at the funeral prayers of Fatima Zahra (s.a.).[570]
Through authentic chains of narrators, it is narrated from Imam Ali Reza (a.s.) that the Messenger of Allah (S) said: Ammar will be on the right when he will be killed between two armies. One of them would be on my religion and Sunnah and the other would have gone out of the pale of religion.
It is mentioned in Tafsir Imam Hasan Askari (a.s.) that when the Holy Prophet (S) came to Medina, the Jews, who were enemies of Allah, came with Abdullah Bin Surya to His Eminence (S). Ibn Surya asked His Eminence (S): O Muhammad, what is the condition of your sleep? Because we know about the sleep of prophets. His Eminence (S) said: My eyes sleep, but my heart is awake. Abdullah said: That is right, now tell me whether the child is created from the father or mother? His Eminence (S) replied: Bones, muscles and veins are from the father and flesh, blood and hair from the mother. He said: It is so.
Then he asked: O Muhammad, how is it that sometimes a child resembles his maternal uncle and not the paternal uncle? And sometimes he resembles his paternal uncle and not the maternal? He (S) said: He resembles one whose fluid is dominant over the other. Abdullah said: That is right.
Then he said: O Muhammad, how is it that some have issues and some dont? His Eminence (S) said: When the sperm becomes red and turbid, a child cannot be conceived and when the sperm is clean, a child is conceived. Then he asked: Tell me, what your Lord is? Allah revealed Surah Tauheed. Ibn Surya said: It is right. Now one point is left, if you give me the right answer, I shall bring faith on you and obey you. Tell me, which angel brings the divine commands to you? His Eminence (S) said: Jibraeel (a.s.).
He said: This angel is our enemy who arrives with battles, severity and calamities of war. Our ambassador is Mikaeel (a.s.), who brings peace and happiness for us. If angel Mikaeel (a.s.) brought Allahs commands to you we would bring faith. Mikaeel used to make our kingdom strong whereas Jibraeel destroyed it, that is why he is our enemy. Salman Farsi (r.a.) asked: How did this enmity begin?
He replied: Yes, Salman, he has always been inimical to us. It was the time when Allah revealed to His prophets, that an unfortunate person will destroy Baitul Maqdas and in that time also we got this information. And Allah brings one command after another, as He likes, and does what He wants. When we came to know about Baitul Maqdas, our elders sent a man, whose name was Daniyal; he was a prophet at that time. He was very famous and a strong fighter in Bani Israel.
He was sent to search out that person and eliminate him; he was also sent with a lot of wealth and many things. When he went in his search, he found a man in the city of Babel who was very thin and weak. Our man wanted to kill him, but Jibraeel (a.s.) forbid it and said: If he is the one Allah has appointed to destroy you, you will not be able to subdue him and if he is not such, why do you want to kill him?
Our companions agreed and returned to us again and informed us about it. Nebuchadnezzar became very strong and after becoming a king, came to fight us and destroyed Baitul Maqdas. That is why we consider Jibraeel our enemy. Salman (r.a.) said: O! Ibn Surya, you dont use your common sense and are misguided. See, your elders selected a man to kill him, how was his action? Allah had informed His prophets in His books that Nebuchadnezzar will become a king and he would destroy Baitul Maqdas.
Now they intended to falsify Allahs apostles and their information and blamed them; or they accepted Allahs information and wanted to overwhelm Allah. Those who went to fight Nebuchadnezzar were infidels. How is enmity possible from Jibraeel (a.s.)? He (Jibraeel) restrained him from falsifying divine prophecy and overwhelming Allah. Ibn Surya said: Indeed Allah informed through His Apostles, but He erases whatever He wants and sets up what He likes.
Salman (r.a.) said: If it is so, then do not believe in any information of Taurat; first or last, because Allah erases what He likes and sets up whatever He likes. Hence, it is also possible that Allah might have cancelled the prophethood of Musa and Harun (a.s.); and what they informed you that it will occur, may not occur and what they informed will not occur, may occur.
In this way their saying that such and such thing occurred, may not be true for it might not have occurred. And Allah has promised you reward but may be He cancels it and also erases the chastisement. Because Allah erases whatever He likes and whatever He wants to establish, He does. At last, Salman (r.a.) said: You are unaware of the meaning of:

Allah makes to pass away and establishes what He pleases.[571]
Because you are disbelievers and falsify the divine messages and you have gone out of the pale of religion.
Then Salman (r.a.) said: I witness, that those who are enemies of Jibraeel are also enemies of Mikaeel and they both are enemies of those who are inimical to them and they are at peace with those who are at peace with them. Then Allah revealed the following verse in support of Salmans (r.a.) statement:

Say: Whoever is the enemy of Jibraeel[572]
O Muhammad, tell them, those who are enemies of Jibraeel (a.s.) because he helps the friends of Allah against their enemies and he descends with Alis greatness by the command of Allah they are My enemies and I am also their enemy.
ٗ ٗ ٰ

for surely he revealed it to your heart by Allahs command[573]
How Jibraeel (a.s.) brought this Quran on your heart by Allahs command?

verifying that which is before it[574]
That verifies all the heavenly scriptures that descended before it

and guidance and good news for the believers.[575]
And it guides the misguided ones and it is a good news for those who believe in the prophethood of Muhammad and Wilayat of Ali and the other Imams (a.s.), who are, in fact, the true friends of Allah.
After that His Eminence (S) told Salman (r.a.): Salman, Allah has verified your words and Jibraeel (a.s.) says from Allah that Salman and Miqdad are two brothers, who sincerely love you and your brother, your successor and your chosen one, Ali Ibn Abi Talib (a.s.) and they are from your companions just as Jibraeel and Mikaeel (a.s.) are from the angels. One who bears enmity with one of them, both are his enemies. And one loves both of them and you and Ali (a.s.), they love him.
And one who bears enmity to Muhammad and Ali and their friends, they are his enemies. And if the people of the world had sincerely loved Salman and Miqdad, just as angels of the empyrean and the heavens love the two and Muhammad and Ali (a.s.) and their friends and enemies of their enemies, because of this, Allah would not have punished any of them.
It is mentioned in Ihtijaj from Amirul Momineen (a.s.) that he said: When the Holy Prophet (S) passed away and I buried him after giving him shroud and bath and began to collect the Quran, and when I concluded it, I held the hands of Fatima, Hasan and Husain and went to the houses of all the companions of Badr and those who had precedence in faith and adjured them of my right and asked for their help, but except for four persons, no one accepted it and they were Abu Zar, Salman, Miqdad and Ammar and according to another report, twenty-four persons paid allegiance to him.
Imam Ali (a.s.) told them to shave off their heads the next day and come to meet him fully armed and that they should swear that they will not forsake him till death. But no one arrived the next morning, except for Salman, Abu Zar, Miqdad and Ammar. Imam Ali (a.s.) called the people in this manner for three consecutive nights but except for these four persons no one responded.
Through authentic chains of narrators it is narrated from Salman that: When Amirul Momineen (a.s.) concluded the shrouding and funeral bath of the Prophet, he called me, Abu Zar, Miqdad, Fatima, Hasan and Husain. He stood in front of us and we formed a row behind His Eminence and we prayed the funeral prayer of the Messenger of Allah (S) in this manner. Ayesha was in the same room but Jibraeel had closed her eyes and she could not see us.
It is narrated from Asbagh bin Nubatah that Abdullah bin Kawwa asked about the companions of the Prophet. Amirul Momineen (a.s.) said: Whose circumstances do you want to know? Abu Zar Ghiffar, he replied.
Imam Ali (a.s.) said, I have heard from the Messenger of Allah (S) that he said: The green sky has not shaded and the dusty earth not borne the weight of any speaker more truthful than Abu Zar. Then he asked about His Eminence, Salman (r.a.). He said: Salman is from us, Ahlul Bayt (a.s.) and how can the earth bring anyone else one who is like the Hakim Luqman? He was cognizant of the former as well as the latter sciences. Then the inquirer asked about Ammar.
Imam Ali (a.s.) said: He was such that his flesh and blood the Almighty Allah has prohibited for the fire of Hell. Then the inquirer asked about Huzaifa bin Yaman. Imam Ali (a.s.) said: He was such that he knew the names of the hypocrites and if you ask him about the divine penalties, you will find him aware and intelligent. Then the inquirer said: Please say something about yourself. Imam Ali (a.s.) said: I was such that when I asked a question the Holy Prophet (S) used to bestow knowledge and when I was silent, he initiated the discussion.
According to some authentic reports, a group of people came to Imam Ali Reza (a.s.) and said: We are Shia of Amirul Momineen (a.s.). Imam (a.s.) did not allow them audience and they were not able to meet the Imam for a long time.
When at last they were permitted, they complained why they were denied access to him for so many days. Why should I not have stopped you when you falsely claimed to be Shia of Amirul Momineen (a.s.), while the truth is no one is Shia of Amirul Momineen (a.s.) except Hasan, Husain, Salman, Abu Zar, Miqdad, Ammar and Muhammad bin Abi Bakr. They were such that they did not disobey the Imam in anything.
Shaykh Tusi has narrated through authentic chains of narrators from Husain Asbat that he said that he heard from Amirul Momineen (a.s.) when he was busy in the Battle of Siffeen: O Allah, if I come to know that Your pleasure lies in that I throw myself from this mountain, I will do it. And if Your pleasure lies in that I lit a fire and jump into it, I will do that also. And I am not fighting the Syrians except for Your pleasure. And I hope that You will not make me despair of that which I have decided.
Sayyid Ibn Tawus has narrated from Sunni channels from Anas bin Malik that the Messenger of Allah (S) said: Paradise is eager for four persons of my Ummah. But the awe of the Prophet prevented me from asking him who they were. So I went to Abu Bakr and asked him to inquire from the Prophet.
Abu Bakr said: If I will not be from those four, Bani Tamim will condemn me. So I went to Umar and asked him to ask the Prophet. He also said that if he is not from the four, Bani Adi will ridicule him. After that I went to Uthman and requested to make this inquiry. He also said that if I am not from the four, Bani Umayyah will condemn me.
At last I came to Ali Ibn Abi Talib (a.s.) who was watering his orchard. I said: The Messenger of Allah (S) has said that Paradise is eager for four persons. I plead you to ask the Prophet who the four are? He said: By Allah, I will indeed ask him about it. If I am from those four, I will thank the Almighty.
If I am not from them, I will ask Allah to make me of them and I will love them. Thus Imam Ali (a.s.) set out to make the inquiry and Anas followed. When they came to the Prophet, they saw that the head of the Prophet was in the lap of Dahiya Kalbi. When Dahiya Kalbi saw Amirul Momineen (a.s.) he stood up to pay respect and said: Take your cousins head, as you are more deserving of it.
When the Holy Prophet (S) awoke and found his head in the lap of Ali (a.s.), he said: O Ali, perhaps you have come to ask something? He said: May my parents be sacrificed on you, when I came here, I saw your blessed head in the lap of Dahiya Kalbi. So he arose and after greeting me said: Take your cousins head in your lap. The Holy Prophet (S) said: Did you recognize who he was? Ali (a.s.) said: It was Dahiya Kalbi. The Holy Prophet (S) said: He was Jibraeel, who addressed you as Amirul Momineen.
Imam Ali (a.s.) said: May my parents be sacrificed on you, O Prophet of Allah, Anas told me that the Prophet has said that Paradise was eager of four persons from my Ummah. So please tell us who the four are? The Messenger of Allah (S) pointed to Amirul Momineen (a.s.) and said thrice: By Allah, you are the first of them. Then Amirul Momineen (a.s.) asked him: May my parents be sacrificed on you, who are the other three? The Holy Prophet (S) said: They are Miqdad, Salman and Abu Zar.
Ibn Idris has through authentic chains of narrators narrated from Mufaddal that he asked Imam Jafar Sadiq (a.s.) about a group of people who had apostasied from faith after the passing away of the Prophet. I was mentioning each name and the Imam was saying: Be away from me. Till I mentioned the name of Huzaifa bin Masud. The Imam continued to say that. Then he said: If you want to know about those who were not haunted by the least doubt, they were Abu Zar, Miqdad and Salman.
Ayyashi has narrated through authentic chains from Imam Muhammad Baqir (a.s.) that when the Messenger of Allah (S) passed away from the world, except for the following four persons all had become apostates: Ali Ibn Abi Talib (a.s.), Miqdad, Salman and Abu Zar. The narrator asked what the Imam says about Ammar? Imam (a.s.) said: If you ask about those who never had an iota of doubt, they were only these three.
It is mentioned in Tafsir Imam Hasan Askari (a.s.) that the Holy Prophet (S) turned towards his companions and asked: Has anyone of you today given any benefit to your believer brother employing your rank? Ali (a.s.) replied: O Allahs Messenger! I have done so. The Holy Prophet (S) said: Describe the event. Ali (a.s.) said: Today I happened to pass by Ammar Yasir who was apprehended by a Jew, who had loaned him thirty Dirhams. Ammar complained to me: Dear brother of Allahs Messenger!
This Jew has apprehended me only to harass and disgrace me and that too only because I befriend you, Ahlul Bayt (a.s.). Kindly use your rank and position and get me released. I intended to request that Jew to favor Ammar with kindness, but Ammar (r.a.) spoke up: Dear brother of Allahs Messenger! Your honor in my eyes and heart is much more than that you make recommendation to him, who would never reject your word, even if you ask him to give feast to the whole world.
Please just request Almighty Allah to help me to return his money and protect me from seeking loans in future. So I raised my hands to the sky and prayed: O Allah! Please fulfill Ammars need. Thereafter I said to him: Pick up any stone or brick in front of you from the ground and it will turn into gold by Allah for you. So he picked up a stone weighing a few kilograms. It became gold in his hands.
Then he asked the Jew: How much do I owe you? He replied: Thirty dirhams. He was asked how much in gold coins? He replied: Three Dinars. Ammar (r.a.) prayed to Allah Almighty: O Lord! Kindly make this gold soft so that I may slice it off and give to this Jew. Allah softened the metal. He took off three Mithqal gold and gave it to that Jew. Then looking at the remaining gold, he said: O Allah: I have heard that You have said in Holy Quran:
ٰ. ٰ
Nay! man is most surely inordinate, because he sees himself free from want.[576]
I dont wish to be that much wealthy. Therefore, O Allah: for the sake of one, for whom You made this stone, gold, please return it to its original form. So it became a stone and Ammar (r.a.) threw it away and exclaimed: O dear-most brother of Allahs Messenger! Your friendship in this world and Hereafter is enough for me.
Upon hearing this, the Prophet of Allah (S) said: Ammars contentment made even the angels wonder. They described Allahs glory. Allahs mercy continues to rain on him from high heavens. Then turning towards Ammar Yasir (r.a.) he said: O Abal Yaqzan: Good news for you. You, in honesty, are Alis (a.s.) brother and are the most high ranking in his friendship.
You are among those who will be killed due to your devotion for him. You will be killed by a rebellious group and in this world, your last provision will be some uncooked milk and your soul shall join with the souls of Muhammad and his progeny (a.s.). You are, in my sight, among the desired Shias.
It is mentioned in the same Tafsir that when Muslims suffered a great shock in the battle of Uhad, after a few days some Jews met Ammar Ibn Yasir and Huzaifa Ibn Yaman and said: See how much you grieved on the day of Uhad? And the battle of Muhammad (S) is like that of kings who are worldly persons. Sometimes he wins and sometimes he loses.
If he were a prophet, he would not have been defeated; he would have been victorious every time. You should give up his religion. When Huzaifa (r.a.) heard this, he said: Woe on you. I am not sitting with you and not talking with you or hearing your arguments. I am afraid of my belief and soul because of you and I am running away from here; and saying this he went away from there.
And Ammar (r.a.) continued to sit there and said to them: O Jews, Muhammad had taken promise from Muslims on the day of Badr that if they observe patience, they will succeed. So they were patient and got victory. In Uhad also, they were promised victory on being patient but they took to cowardice and opposition, so they had to suffer. If they had obeyed and remained patient and not opposed the order of His Eminence (S), they would never have been defeated and indeed succeeded.
The Jews said: O Ammar, if you obey Muhammad, would you gain an upper hand on the chiefs of Quraish in spite of your thin shin bones? Ammar (r.a.) said: Indeed, by one except whom there is no deity, who sent Muhammad as a true prophet, His Eminence (S) has filled me up with excellence and knowledge, because he taught the excellences of his prophethood and excellence of his brother, successor and best of creation after him, and explained and ordered me to be obedient to his purified progeny and also that I should pray through their sake in difficult times.
Then Ammar said: If the Prophet orders me something and I do it with full concentration, obeying the Prophet; indeed I shall be able complete it. So much so, that if the Prophet orders me to bring the sky down to the earth and carry the earth to the sky, then indeed Allah will give me strength despite my thin shinbones to obey his orders. On hearing Ammars arguments, the Jews said: It is not so, O Ammar. By Allah, the status of Muhammad is lesser near Allah, contrary to what you say and your status is also lesser near Allah and Muhammad, than what you claim.
At that time, forty hypocrites were also present among the Jews. Ammar (r.a.) stood up from there and said: I have fully conveyed the proof of Allah and advised you also but you dont like it. And Ammar (r.a.) returned from there and came to His Eminence (S). His Eminence (S) said: O Ammar, I know everything about you two. Huzaifa (r.a.) came here running to save his religion from Satan and his companions and he is one of the true believers of Allah and you have struggled in the religion of Allah and are also a well-wisher of Muhammad (S) and you are also included among warriors in the way of Allah.
The Prophet, Ammar and Huzaifa were discussing this, when the Jews who were talking with Ammar came there and said: O Muhammad, your friend says that if you order him to raise the earth to the sky and bring the sky to the earth and if he has faith and is obedient to you, Allah will definitely help him. If you are a prophet, we dont want more. If Ammar (r.a.) picks up this rock, despite his thin shinbones it would be enough for us. At that time the Prophet (S) was outside Medina and that rock was lying before him. It was so huge and heavy that even two hundred men would not be able to move it.
The Jews said: O Muhammad, if Ammar tries to lift this rock, he cannot even move it and if he lifts it, his shin bones will break and his body will disintegrate. His Eminence (S) said: O Jews! Dont underestimate Ammars shinbones, because they are heavier than Mount Thawr, Mount Basir, Mount Hira and Mount Abu Qubais; rather heavier than the whole earth and all it has. And on account of reciting benedictions on Muhammad and Aale Muhammad, things heavier than this rock have become light; like the empyrean, which seems light on the shoulders of eight angels, even though before that numerous angels could not lift it.
After that His Eminence (S) said to Ammar (r.a.): O Ammar, believe in my obedience and pray: O Allah, for the sake of Muhammad and Aale Muhammads excellence give me strength to lift this rock, make it easy for me just as You made it easy for Kalib bin Yohanna to pass over the sea and he crossed it on horseback, because he prayed to Allah through Muhammad and Aale Muhammad. Ammar (r.a.) prayed thus, placing faith in the Prophet and lifted the rock and exclaimed: Allahs Messenger, by One Who sent you as a true Prophet, this rock seems lighter than a twig in my hands.
Then His Eminence (S) pointed to a mountain, three miles away and told him to throw that rock on the top of that mountain. Ammar (r.a.) threw it in the air and that rock rose up high and fell down on the peak of that mountain. After that the Prophet said to the Jews: Have you seen Ammars strength? They said: Yes. Then His Eminence (S) said to Ammar (r.a.): Go to the mountain peak, you will find a rock heavier than this one.
Bring it to me. Ammar (r.a.) took a step to move, the earth drew close together and in the second step, he reached the mountain peak, picked that rock and in the third step came back to His Eminence (S). The Prophet (S) told him: Throw it hard on the ground. Seeing this, the Jews ran away in fear. Ammar (r.a.) threw it with force on the ground and it disintegrated and dispersed in the air. After that His Eminence (S) said to the Jews: O Jews! You have seen the signs of Allah, now you must accept faith. Some Jews believed and some were overpowered by wretchedness and remained deprived of faith.
Then His Eminence (S) said: O Muslims! Do you know what this rock is like? They said: No. The Prophet (S) said: By One Who sent me as a true prophet, when one of our followers, whose sins are many times more than the earth, mountains and the sky, seeks forgiveness and renews the Wilayat of us, Ahlul Bayt (a.s.) in his mind, his sins hit against the ground harder than this rock was hit. Besides, there is a man whose worship acts and obedience is like mountains, seas, skies and earth but he does not believe in our Wilayat; his worship acts and devotion will be thrown away as Ammar (r.a.) threw the rock and it dispersed in air.
When he will be brought in the hereafter, he will find nothing good in his record of deeds and his sins will be greater than skies and earth and his account will be taken very severely and he will remain in chastisement forever.
When Ammar (r.a.) got this much strength that he threw the rock with full strength on the ground and broke it into small pieces, he said: O Allahs Messenger, allow me to fight the Jews and destroy them. His Eminence (S) said: O Ammar, Allah says:
ٰ ٖ

but pardon and forgive, so that Allah should bring about His command[577]
That is His chastisement, victory of Mecca and other things that He has promised.
In the mentioned book it is narrated from Imam Zainul Abideen (a.s.) that the verse:
ٗ ۗ

And among men is he who sells himself to seek the pleasure of Allah; and Allah is Affectionate to the servants.[578]
was revealed about the good companions of the Prophet whom the people of Mecca oppressed and tortured so that they may recant their faith of Islam. And they were: Bilal, Suhaib, Khabbab, Ammar bin Yasir and his parents. Bilal was purchased by Abu Bakr bin Abi Qahafa in exchange for two black slaves. When he came to the Prophet, he paid more respects to Amirul Momineen (a.s.) than he was respectful to Abu Bakr. So a group of mischief makers said: O Bilal you have shown thanklessness and caused disrespect of Abu Bakr who is your master, who had purchased you and set you free from the infidels.
Although Ali has not done any such favor on you and you respect him more than Abu Bakr, it is nothing but thanklessness. Bilal said: Is it necessary for me to respect Abu Bakr more than the Prophet? They said: How can we say this? Bilal said: This statement opposes your previous saying that I cannot honor Ali (a.s.) more than Abu Bakr, because he has purchased and emancipated me.
They said: The Holy Prophet (S) and Ali is not equal, because the Prophet is most excellent of all the creatures. Bilal said: Ali is also in the view of Allah better than all after the Messenger of Allah (S), because when the roasted bird was brought for the Holy Prophet (S) he prayed: O Allah, send me one who is most beloved to You so that he can share this bird with me. So Ali (a.s.) arrived and joined him.
And Ali is most resembling the Prophet because the Almighty Allah made him as his brother in religion; therefore Abu Bakr cannot hope from me that which you people state, because he knows that Ali is superior to him and Ali has more right on me. It is so because it is Ali who saved me from divine punishment. And due to his love and for considering him superior to others I became eligible for perpetual bounties of Paradise.
Imam (a.s.) said with regard to Suhaib: He used to tell the infidels: I am an old man and my company with you will not give you any advantage and neither will my separation harm you. Therefore take away my money and leave me on my religion. So the infidels took away all his belongings. The Holy Prophet (S) asked: How much wealth did you possess? He said: Seven thousand dirhams. His Eminence, asked him if he had surrendered that amount willingly. Suhaib replied: By the one who has sent you with truth.
If the whole world had been of pure gold and I had owned it all, I would have given it all just to glance at your elegance and the face of your brother and successor, Ali Ibn Abi Talib (a.s.). The Holy Prophet (S) said: You have made the treasurers of Paradise helpless to be in your favor for the wealth the Almighty Allah has given you in exchange of the wealth you sacrificed, because no one except Allah can encompass all that.
Imam (a.s.) then mentioned the merits of Khabbab bin Aras that when infidels tied him in heavy chains and put an iron collar in his neck, he beseeched the Almighty Allah in the name of Muhammad and his Purified Progeny. The Almighty Allah through their Barakat made that chain into a horse on which he mounted and converted that iron collar into a sword which he wore and came out of that place.
When the infidels saw him in this condition, no one dared to approach him and he used to say: Whosoever from you likes may come to me and see how I prayed in the name of Muhammad, and Ali and his Progeny and I know that if along with this faith, I hit this sword on Abu Qubais, it will also split into two. Thus none of them approached him and he came to the Holy Prophet (S).
Then Imam (a.s.) explained about the mothers of Yasir and Ammar that they had observed patience in order to seek the pleasure of Allah till the infidels martyred them after a severe torture.
Regarding Ammar he said: Abu Jahl was harassing him when the Almighty Allah made the ring of his finger so tight on his finger that he fell down due to the pain and He made his garments so heavy on his body that they became heavier than a coat of mail. So Abu Jahl asked Ammar to release him from this trouble because it is only due to the strange phenomena of Muhammad.
Ammar removed the ring from his finger and took off his clothes. Abu Jahl said: Now you dont remain in Mecca or you would cause embarrassment to me and say that you have taken off my ring and garments. So Ammar set out for Medina. When he came to the Prophet, companions said: Khabbab was freed through the miracle that was shown for him. What is the reason that your parents were tortured till death?
Ammar said: It was the command of that God who saved Ibrahim from the fire and involved Yahya and Zakariya to be killed. The Messenger of Allah (S) said: You are very intelligent. Ammar said: Only this much is sufficient for me in knowledge that you are the Messenger of Allah and the best among His creatures, and that your brother, Ali is your successor and Caliph and he is the best of those who will survive you.
And your statement and his statement is truth. And your behavior is truth and I know that the Almighty Allah has not given me good sense except to remain devoted to you in the world and the hereafter. The Messenger of Allah (S) said: You are right, Ammar, and indeed the Almighty Allah will strengthen the religion through you and cut off the excuses of the careless ones and expose the malice of the enemies, when you will be killed by a group of those who have rebelled from their rightful Imam.
Then he said: O Ammar, reach to the level of excellence due to knowledge, and increase your knowledge so that your excellence increases. Because when a man goes out to seek knowledge, the Almighty Allah calls him from the Empyrean: Welcome O slave, do you know what position you are seeking? You are trying to be like proximate angels. I will indeed fulfill your wish and complete your mission.
Shaykh Mufeed has narrated through authentic chains of narrators from Imam Muhammad Baqir (a.s.) that he said: I heard Jabir Ansari say: If Salman and Abu Zar are made alive again, and they see the group who claims the love of Ahlul Bayt (a.s.) they will say that they are liars. And if the claimants of your love, see people like Salman and Abu Zar, they would indeed exclaim that they are insane.
Kulaini etc. have narrated through authentic chains from Imam Jafar Sadiq (a.s.) that faith is having ten levels. And Miqdad was on the eighth level, Abu Zar was on the ninth and Salman was at the tenth level.
It is narrated from Imam Musa Kazim (a.s.) in Ruzatul Mawaizeen etc. that on Judgment Day a caller will call out from the Almighty Allah: Where are the close companions of Muhammad bin Abdullah, who did not break their oath of allegiance and who remained faithful to their covenant as long as they lived? Salman, Abu Zar and Miqdad will arise. Again it will be announced: Where are the close companions of successor of Muhammad, Ali? Amr bin Hamaq Khuzai, Mitham Tammar, Muhammad bin Abi Bakr and Owais Qarni will arise.
It is mentioned in the same book that a person asked Imam Muhammad Baqir (a.s.) what he said about Ammar. Imam (a.s.) said thrice: May Allah have mercy on Ammar. He fought Jihad on the side of Amirul Momineen (a.s.) and was martyred. The narrator says that I thought to myself that there cannot be anything greater than this.
Imam (a.s.) said: Do you think he can be like those three: Salman, Abu Zar and Miqdad? Its a pity, its a pity. The narrator said: Did Ammar know that he would be martyred that day? Imam (a.s.) said: On that day when he saw that the battle was raging and becoming more intense and more people were being killed, he separated from all and came to Amirul Momineen (a.s.). He asked: Is it time for my martyrdom? Imam Ali (a.s.) said: Go back to your row.
Ammar asked this question thrice and every time Imam Ali (a.s.) gave the same reply. Finally he said: Yes. So Ammar the brave came back to his row and began to fight valiantly, saying: I will meet my friends today who are from Muhammad and his group.
Moreover it is reported in the same book from the Holy Prophet (S) that he said: Paradise is eager for three persons.
Who are the three? asked Amirul Momineen (a.s.). He replied: You are the first, then it is Salman Farsi, indeed there is no arrogance in him. He is your well wisher, so you must consider him as your friend. Third is Ammar bin Yasir; who will be on your side on many occasions and on each occasion his good deeds will be more, his effulgence will be great and his reward will be more.
Moreover, Imam Jafar Sadiq (a.s.) has mentioned that there is a noble from every family and the noble from the worst family is Muhammad bin Abi Bakr.
Furat bin Ibrahim has narrated from Imam Jafar Sadiq (a.s.) in the exegesis of the following verse:

Except those who believe and do good, so they shall have a reward never to be cut off.[579]
that His Eminence, said: This verse was revealed about Ali Ibn Abi Talib (a.s.), Salman, Abu Zar, Miqdad and Ammar (r.a.).
It is narrated in Ikhtisas that Hamza bin Isa asked Imam Jafar Sadiq (a.s.) about the four persons about whom the Holy Prophet (S) had stated that Paradise was eager for them. Imam (a.s.) said: Yes, they are Salman, Abu Zar, Miqdad and Ammar. The narrator asked: Who is the best of them? Imam (a.s.) replied: Salman. After a moment he again said: Salman possessed such knowledge that if Abu Zar had that knowledge he would have become infidel.[580]
Through authentic chains of narrators, it is narrated from Imam Muhammad Baqir (a.s.) that Jabir Ansari said: I asked the Messenger of Allah (S) about Salman Farsi. The Prophet said: Salman is the ocean of knowledge and no one can reach to its extreme end.
Salman is exclusive in every knowledge. Allah hates one who hates Salman, and loves one who loves him. Jabir asked what the Prophet said about Abu Zar. The Prophet replied: He is from us, Allah hates one who hates him and loves one who loves him. Jabir asked what the Prophet said about Miqdad. The Prophet replied: He is also from us, Allah hates one who hates him and loves one who loves him. Jabir asked what the Prophet said about Ammar.
The Prophet replied: He is also from us, Allah hates one who hates him and loves one who loves him. Jabir says that I took the leave of the Prophet and came out so that I could give them the glad tidings of what the Prophet had said. Again the Prophet called me and said: O Jabir, you are also from us. May Allah hate one who hates you and may He love one who loves you. Jabir says: I asked: O Messenger of Allah (S), what do you say about Ali? The Prophet said: He is the dearest to me.
I said: What do you say about Hasan and Husain? He replied: They are my souls and their mother, Fatima is my daughter. One who hurts her, hurts me and one who pleases her, pleases me. I hold Allah as a witness that I am at war with one who is at war with them and I am at peace with one who is at peace with them. O Jabir when you want to supplicate Allah and you wish Him to accept your supplication, you must supplicate through their names, because these names are the favorites of the Almighty Allah.
Shaykh Kishi has narrated through authentic chains of narrators from Imam Muhammad Baqir (a.s.) that Amirul Momineen (a.s.) said: The earth has become straitened for seven persons through whom the inmates of the earth receive their sustenance and through who they are helped. Among them are Salman, Miqdad, Ammar and Huzaifa.
Amirul Momineen (a.s.) says that I am their Imam and it is they who attended the funeral prayer of Fatima. Moreover, through authentic chains, it is narrated from Imam Jafar Sadiq (a.s.) that people become deviated after the Messenger of Allah (S) except for Salman, Abu Zar and Miqdad. Then they were joined by Abu Sasan, Ammar, Shatita and Abu Amr thus they were seven persons in all.
It is mentioned in Ikhtisas through authentic chains of narrators from Imam Jafar Sadiq (a.s.) that the Holy Prophet (S) said: O Salman, if your knowledge is revealed to Miqdad, he will become a disbeliever, and he told Miqdad, If your patience is presented to Salman, he will be become an apostate.[581]
It is narrated from Salman Farsi: One day I came out of my house after the passing away of the Messenger of Allah (S) and met Amirul Momineen (a.s.) on the way. His Eminence, said: Go to Fatima, she has received a gift from Paradise which she wants to share with you. So I came to the honorable lady.
She said: Yesterday I was sitting at the same spot yesterday in a pensive mood and the door was closed and I was thinking that we have been deprived of divine revelation and the angels have stopped visiting our home. Suddenly the door opened and three girls entered; such that no one must have seen more beautiful, delicate and fragrant than them. I stood up and asked: Are you from Mecca or Medina?
They said: O daughter of Prophet, we are not from the folks of the earth. The Almighty Allah has sent us to you from Paradise. We were very much eager to visit you. I asked the name of the one who seemed to be eldest of them and she replied: Maqduda. I asked why she was named thus? She replied that because I am created for Miqdad bin Aswad. Then I asked the name of the second girl.
She said: My name is Zarra. When I asked why she was named thus, she said that she had been created for Abu Zar Ghiffari. I asked the third and she said: Salma. I asked the reason she said that she was named thus as she is created from Salman Farsi. Lady Sayyidah says that after that those girls took out some dates for me which were as big as a bread. Whiter than snow and more fragrant than musk.
Salman says that Lady Fatima gave one of the dates to me and said: Break your fast with this date today and bring the seed to me tomorrow. I took it from her and returned. Whenever I passed a group of companions they used to ask if I was carrying Musk, and I always replied in the positive. When I broke the fast with it, I could not find any seed in it. The following day I came again to Lady Fatima and stated that there was no seed in it.
She said: How it could have any seed, because it was from the tree that the Almighty Allah has created in Paradise due to the supplication that my respected father has taught to me, and which I recite every morning and night. Salman said: Please teach it to me also. She said: If you want that you should not have fever as long as you remain alive you must recite the following supplication regularly. It is as follows: In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. In the name of Allah the light. In the name of Allah light of the light. In the name of Allah light upon light. In the name of Allah Who is the controller of the affairs. In the name of Allah, the One Who has created the light from the light. Praise be to Allah, the One, Who created the light from light.
And sent down the light upon Tur in a written book in a scroll that is spread in a limited quantity upon the delighted prophet. Praise be to Allah, the One having celebrated power and by the pride which is well-known. And upon all sorrows and joys I am thankful. And may Allah bless our chief Muhammad and his purified progeny.
Salman says that he learnt it and taught it to more than a thousand people of Mecca and Medina who were sick with fever. All of them were cured of their illness by the leave of Allah, the Exalted.
[568] Surah Shura 42:23
[569] Surah Kahf 18:107
[570] The author says: This tradition requires interpretation: Perhaps it implies that if they had not supported Amirul Momineen (a.s.) that day and all had pledged allegiance of Abu Bakr, the Almighty Allah would have sent chastisement on the people and no one would have survived. And whatever is mentioned in this report about Ibn Masud is opposed to other reports that condemn him and there is doubt in his integrity.
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[580] It is very likely that he would not have understood the secrets of that knowledge and he would have denied it, and it would have led to his infidelity.
[581] These traditions tell us about the level of the knowledge of those personalities, therefore no one should harbor doubts about them which could lead one to sin.

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