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The prominent Iranian Islamic scholar, Muhaddith Noori

Compiled by: Syed Ali Shahbaz
On 18th of the Islamic month of Shawwal in 1254 AH, the well-known Islamic scholar and theologian, Mohaddith Mirza Hussein Nouri, was born in the northern Iranian city of Nour in Mazandaran. Following the completion of his preliminary studies, he strove to scrutinize the vast hadith literature and became an authority in this regard.
On 27th of the Islamic month of Jamadi as-Sani in 1320 AH, the prominent Iranian Islamic scholar, Mirza Hussain Noori Tabarsi, popularly known as Muhaddith Noori, passed away at the age of 66 years in holy Najaf and was laid to rest on the right side of the entrance to the Mausoleum of Imam Ali (AS). Born in the town of Noor in Mazandaran Province in a religious family, he studied in Iraq under leading scholars including Ayatollah Shaikh Morteza Ansari.
He was an authority on Islamic sciences, including hadith, exegesis of the Holy Qur’an, theology, and biography of ulema. He groomed numerous students, including Shaikh Abbas Qomi, the author of the famous prayer and supplication manual, "Mafatih al-Jinaan" (Keys of Paradise). A prolific writer, Muhaddith Noori wrote many books including "Najm as-Saqeb" on the Imam of the Age, Imam Mahdi (may God hasten his reappearance). Among his works is the voluminous book "Mustadrak al-Wasa'el”, in which he has collected 123,000 hadith of the Infallible Imams on the line of Shaikh Hur al Ameli’s “Wasa'el ash-Shi'a".

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