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The famous Islamic scholar, Seyyed Ne'matollah al-Jaza'eri

Compiled by: Syed Ali Shahbaz
On 23rd of the Islamic month of Shawwal in 1112 AH, the famous Islamic scholar, Seyyed Ne'matollah ibn Abdullah al-Jaza'eri, passed away in Shushtar, Khuzestan Province, southwestern Iran, at the age of 62. He was a polymath in theology, science of hadith, exegesis of the holy Quran, and Arabic literature, and made every effort to promote the teachings of the Prophet's Ahl al-Bayt.
After preliminary studies in Hoveiza, he moved to Shiraz, where for nine years he studied under the leading ulema including Shaikh Ibrahim, the son of the famous philosopher, Mullah Sadra Shirazi. To pursue higher studies he went to the Safavid capital Isfahan, where his teacher was the celebrated Allamah Mohammad Baqer Majlisi.
After 8 years he left for Iraq but because of the restrictions placed by the Ottomans did not stay there for long. On return to Iran, he was appointed the Shaikh ol-Islam or Chief Religious Scholar of Shushtar, where he breathed his last. He trained many scholars and was a prolific writer.
His works include "al-Anwaar an-Nu'maniyah", "Qissas al-Anbiyya" (Accounts of the Prophets), "Madinat-al-Hadith", "Hedayat al-Mo'menin" and a commentary on "Sahifat as-Sajjadiyya", the famous collection of supplications of Imam Zain al-Abedin (AS), the 4th Infallible Successor of Prophet Mohammad (SAWA).

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