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Al-Mahdi Institute, Texas, USA

Al-Mahdi Institute is an Online Islamic Learning System. We use WEBEX video conferencing to provide interactive classes. Ulama teach these courses at set timings and all sessions are recorded and sent to participants in case they missed a session. We have trained around 300 students so far in Arabic for Qur'an, Recitation, Tafseer, Logical Understanding of Islam, Preparation for Marriage, Selection of Spouse, and Building Self-Esteem in Children and Adolescents.
You can sign up for any course by selecting from Courses tab or Course Schedule tab. You can either take Live or Pre-Recorded courses. Most courses are 16-sessions long and the fee is $80 paid through PayPal.

Our Organization
Al-Mahdi Institute is a religious, educational non-profit corporation in the state of Texas providing interactive learning opportunities to serve the needs of the North Texas Muslim community, with a particular focus on the youth. Through our courses and workshops, we also strive to educate Non-Muslims about the Pure Islam, and facilitate unity between all Muslims on the basis of common faith.
Al-Mahdi Institute would like to unequivocally state that we are an independent educational, non-profit organization in accordance with section 501 (c)(3) of the IRS tax code.
- Al-Mahdi Institute is funded solely by the donations of individual Muslims in America.
- Al-Mahdi Institute has no ties or links whatsoever to any domestic or foreign entity or organization.
- All funding we receive is used within the local community to forward the education of Muslims living in North Texas.

Islamic Scholar ('Aalim)
All of the activities of Al-Mahdi Institute are conducted under the guidance of H. I. Maulana Shamshad Haider, who is an Islamic scholar and a professional counselor.

Organizational Structure
The Organizational Structure of the Al-Mahdi Institute is comprised of three major bodies: Supervising ‘Aalim, Board of Trustees and Board of Directors. The Supervising ‘Aalim oversees all activities of the Al-Mahdi Institute. The Board of Trustees is comprised of five Islamic Scholars (‘Ulema) who provide additional guidance and oversight. The Board of Directors, who are appointed by the Supervising Alim perform the organizational functions under his guidance.

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