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The courageous religious leader, Ayatollah Seyyed Abu値-Qasem Kashani

Compiled By: Syed Ali Shahbaz
On March 13, 1962 AD, the courageous religious leader and well-known political figure of Iran痴 contemporary history, Ayatollah Seyyed Abu値-Qasem Kashani, passed away. He attained the status of Ijtehad independent reasoning based on Holy Qur誕n and Hadith at the Najaf Seminary at a young age, simultaneous with his struggles against British colonial rule over Iraq, in the company of other ulema.
He was expelled from Iraq by the British, and on arriving in Iran, he launched his struggle against British colonial infiltration, which led to his imprisonment for several years. Following his release, the people of Tehran elected him to the parliament.
With Ayatollah Kashani痴 support for Dr. Mohammad Mosaddeq and the continued struggles of the Muslim Iranian nation, Iran痴 oil industry was nationalized and Mosaddeq was chosen as the Prime Minister. But, when the Shah appointed the British stooge, Qawwam os-Saltaneh, as the premier; Ayatollah Kashani issued a statement and called on the people to enter the scene.
As the result, the July 21, 1952 uprising took place. The terrified Shah removed Qawwam and Dr. Mosaddeq was once again instated as the premier. Following the US-staged coup in 1953 and Shah痴 return to Iran, his agents put Ayatollah Kashani under surveillance until his demise on this day, after his lifelong struggles against the colonialism.

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