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Hazrat Fatema az-Zahra (SA): the First Victim of Terrorism in Islam

By: Seyyed Ali Shahbaz
We are once again on the threshold of the tragic 3rd of Jamadi al-Akher, the day that revives for the faithful, memories of the “Burning Door” and its Victim, who sacrificed her life in defence of the message of her father and the mission of her husband.
Although we do not know where actually lies in Medina the unmarked grave of the Siddiqat al-Kubra (the Most Truthful Lady), whose house no longer stands in the Prophet’s City, let alone any sign of the burning door that was flung upon her, the fact cannot be denied that Fatema az-Zahra (SA) remains the Barometer of Faith, according to which the faith of every Muslim, including the companions of her father is determined.
In other words, to show reverence for the Lady who is the central figure of the revelation of the Verse of Purity (holy Qur’an 33:33) is passport to paradise, while any animosity towards her is a sure fall in the fathomless depth of hell.
“Fatema is a part of me; whoever hurts her hurts me, and whoever hurts her displeases God.”
This is among the undeniable statements of Prophet Muhammad (SAWA), recorded by all those claiming to be Muslim. Moreover, the authoritative books of both the Sunnis and Shi’ite Muslims, state in clear terms that the Mercy unto the whole creation (Rahmat al-lil-alameen), used to salute at the doorstep of her daughter every morning for several months after revelation of the Verse of Purity, by addressing the household as “O Ahl al-Bayt”.
The person who speaks on God’s command and who unlike ordinary mortals does not follow whims and desires, was practically demonstrating to the people of Medina and to all posterity, the sanctify of the threshold of Fatema (SA), her husband Imam Ali (AS), and her sons Imam Hasan (AS) and Imam Husain (AS).
Alas, no sooner did he depart from the mortal after conveying to humanity the universal message of Islam, including the vital issue of divinely-decreed succession to the Seal of Prophethood, we see an unruly group of his companions creating a rowdy scene on the blessed doorstep of Fatema (SA).
They are armed with swords and daggers. They are indulging in the first known act of terrorism in the history of Islam by self-styled Muslims. They are using crowbars and igniting fire to burn her sacred door, demanding that the whole house along with the children will be reduced to ashes unless she deliver to them her husband for forced swearing of allegiance to the clique that has usurped political leadership of the Muslims after the scandalous event of Saqifa Bani Sa’da in gross violation of the proclamation of Imam Ali (AS) as the Prophet’s Vicegerent at Ghadeer-Khom, less than three months ago.
She reminds them of God’s commandments and the explicit instructions of her Father. Her pleas fall on deaf ears. They finally batter down the flaming door upon her, pinning her to the wall and fracturing her ribs, resulting in miscarriage and martyrdom of the Prophet’s unborn grandson, Mohsin.
After the passing of a millennium and four centuries, it is still not difficult to imagine the horrible scene, although we will never fully know the magnitude of the tragedy; the agony felt by Fatema; the pain in her hands when they were whipped by the rascal Qunfuz as she clung to the raiment of her husband to try to prevent his being dragged under drawn swords to the court of the self-styled caliph; and the grief of her four small children – sons Imam Hasan (AS) and Imam Husain (AS) and daughters, Hazrat Zainab (SA) and Omm Kulthoum (SA).
Only the Imam of our Age, who will rise as Qa’em al-Mahdi (AS) to fill the earth with the global government of peace, prosperity and justice, after weeding out oppression and terrorism, is fully aware of the tragedy that befell his ancestress.
In the meantime, could the terrorists among the companions of the Prophet be considered Muslims, when the fact of the matter is that Islam is the message of peace and harmony, as is evident by the exemplary life of the Prophet, his daughter, and the Imams of his household?
Similarly, could the first terrorists (“Salaf” or progenitors of the modern day terrorists), who stormed the door of the divine revelation that Fatema’s (SA) threshold undoubtedly was, and with whom the Prophet’s daughter was displeased right until her departure from the mortal world, be considered true and loyal companions of the Prophet?
It is for the ulema and Islamic researchers to provide answers to these crucial questions on the basis of the Book of God and the Sunnah of the Messenger of God, if not, the Muslim World will continue to be plagued by terrorists, who when they call themselves “Salafis” and slaughter Muslims, are simply following the satanic ways of the “Salaf” (progenitors) that had martyred Fatema Zahra (SA), while claiming to be companions of her father, since faith in Islam had never entered their hearts blackened by decades of idolatry and sinful life.

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