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The Islamic Seminaries At The Holy Shrine

1. Madrasa Bala Sar:
This Islamic seminary is located on the western part of the shrine. On its north are the Shabistans of the Gowharshad Mosque, on its east Dar-us-Siyadah, on its south is Dar al-Vilayah, and on its west it leads to the corridor of the Do-Dar Islamic Seminary.
According to the book, Matla-ush-Shams, it was built in 800 A.H., during the Timurid period. The grave of Mirza Abul Qasem Babur, the son of Baysunqor Mirza the son of Shahrukh Mirza, is under the dome located on the eastern side of this Islamic seminary.
The two-storeyed school has four Ivans. In the eastern Ivan an inscription in stucco in Thulth style, gives the date 1091 A.H., suggesting that the Islamic seminary was renovated during the reign of Shah Sulaiman Safavi. Inside the madrasa beautiful tile-work has been installed.

2- Madrasa Do-Dar:
Do-Dar Islamic Seminary is also located on the western part of the holy shrine. On its north is the Bast Shaykh Baha'i, on its east is the Madrasa-i Bala Sar, on its south is the Dar al-Vilayah Riwaq and on its west is the Islamic Republic Courtyard.
It was built in 843 A.H. during the reign of Shahrukh Mirza, on the orders of Amir Yousuf bin Amir Shaykh Ali bin Amir Timur, who was also known as Ghiyasuddin Yousuf Khaja Bahadur.
The school has two domes, underneath which poetic verses has been written on tiles in beautiful inscriptions. Under one of the domes is a grave, over which the Ayat al-Kursi (The Holy Quran 2:255) is engraved. The grave is believed to be that of the builder of the madrasa.
The school has some of the most beautiful and attractive tile-work and inscriptions. It has two floors and several chambers. It was renovated in 1088 A.H., on the orders of Shah Sulaiman Safavi.

3-Madrasa Parizad
When the Gowharshad Mosque was under the construction on the orders of Gowharshad Agha,the wife of the Timurid Sultan,Shahrukh Mirza, one of the maid-servants of Gowharshad Agha by name Parizad started the construction of a madrasa which is located north of the Bast Shaykh Baha'i and adjoined to Gowharshad Mosque.This Islamic seminary became famous as Madrasa Parizad.

4-Madrasa Nawab
During the reign of Shah Sulaiman Safavi, one of the nobles in Mashhad by the name Syed Abu Saleh Razavi constructed an Islamic seminary in the Bala Khiyaban adjoined to the holy shrine and became famous as "Madrasa Nawab". Beside this Islamic seminary there is a historical mosque known as Haj Mulla Hashem Mosque. Madrasa Nawab and the Haj Mulla Hashem Mosque has been renovated on a grand scale recently by the Astan Quds Razavi.

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